Somniloquy (Sleeptalking)


"sleep apnea, a condition in which the patient quits breathing for a few seconds from time to time throughout the night, can cause a person to show signs of sleep deprivation, including parasomnias like sleep walking and talking."

"sleep apnea can trigger arousal in people while they are actively dreaming -- if they don't wake completely, they may sleep talk and say a few words from the dream."

"I learned that I talk in my sleep on a trip down east with a friend 12 years ago. She told me that I talked in full sentences for long periods. ... My doctor referred me to a sleep apnea clinic. I have a CPAP machine which I have used for over 4 years."


"Sleep talking that is related to RBD or sleep terrors is much more dramatic. As a part of RBD, talking may be loud, emotional, and profane. Talking during sleep terrors tends to involve intense fear with screaming and shouting."

"REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD) and sleep terrors are two types of sleep disorders that cause some people to shout during sleep. Sleep terrors, also called night terrors, usually involve frightening screams, thrashing, and kicking. It's hard to wake someone having a sleep terror. Children with sleep terrors usually sleep talk and sleepwalk.

People with RBD yell, shout, grunt, and act out their dreams, often violently.

Sleep talking can also occur with sleepwalking and nocturnal sleep-related eating disorder (NS-RED), a condition in which a person eats while asleep."

"While it is possible to talk in REM sleep, it isn't as likely as at other stages."

"Pose a question while he or she is sleeping, and don't be surprised if you get a single syllable answer! ... Sleep talkers usually seem to be talking to themselves. But sometimes, they appear to carry on conversations with others."

"I speak aloud a thought that occurs to me during a dream. If there's someone nearby, and that person speaks to me, I respond back, in full fluency, though after waking I remember nothing of the conversation."

"What he does is he talks in his sleep which no big deal, I do that. What he'll do next is weird. He'll sit up open his eyes and talk to me. ... . ... he starts laughing and saying stuff. So I asked him what was he talking about. He laughed and told me he knew we would end up with this map. So I asked him what map. He opened his eyes looked right at me and said "have you ever heard there are no such thing as stupid questions?"" {Map of the dream-world?}" my comment : Is the map alluded to, a map of the dream-world? The ability on the part of a sleepwalker to carry conversation with another person in the waking-world is unusual enough, that such a sleepwalking sleeptalker might well have access to a map or maps of region(s) in the dream-world. I have at times seen maps during dreams, and though the maps were accurate (identical in geography with the corresponding countries in the waking-world) the place-names on them were all quite different from the names of those places in the waking-world (including being different from the antient names of those sites), a fact that I marvelled at while looking at the maps (knowing all the while that I was looking at them that I was asleep, dreaming).

"He was still sound asleep and he started having a full conversation with me. I know I must sound crazy, but the more he spoke, the more I realised he was speaking in third person, like 'Olly didn't like that'. When I asked him why he said that Olly wasn't there at the moment, that I was talking to 'blue'. He explained that blue was the mind and Olly the body." our comment : /Olly/ may represent Spanish /olla/, 'a jar, a pot', which the material body is often likened to in occult literature; while blue is usually regarded in the same literature as the color of the Higher Self, Overself, or Oversoul (i.e., Fravashi or Guardian-Angel).

"I sleep talk quite a lot and have been known to talk, shout, swear and sing. I've even been known to bark, speak in "tongues" and speak in a different accent." our comment : To "speak in "tongues" and speak in a different accent" is also known as to "speak in tongues of men and of angels" : such "unknown tongues" are likely to be those of the Nine Orders of Angels; while the "different accent" is that likely that of Otherworld (Otherwhere) entities. It could be instructive to make audio-recordings of such "unknown tongues"; for the very process of making the recordings would be likely to elicit from their source more specific information, such as the specific Order of Angels involved. Of course, the distinction between "speaking in tongues" while asleep, and "speaking in tongues" while awake, is that the sleeping variety must entail communication from Angels presiding in the dream-world counterpart of the heaven of that particular Order of Angels.

"My roommate, I believe went to Heaven last night. In her sleep she stated she did not want to live here anymore. She asked to go! She started singing ... . She then found herself in front of a beautiful lake. ... She chuckled and laughed loudly for at least one minute." our comment : To find oneself "in front of a beautiful lake" upon entering Heaven is usual. Once, when I entered Dream-Heaven directly from the waking-state (wake-induced lucid dreaming, abbreviated WILD) with a rushing motion, I found myself in front of a divine lake. This is entirely to be expected, in view of the fact that the Divine Glory is known speak in the "voice of many waters"( ).

"she will begin talking about something random like her love for certain foods. This is when i realize she is actually asleep. There are times when we carry on talking she sounds completely awake and i even ask her if she is asleep or not and she swears she is wide awake but moments later will cut off mid sentence and actually wake up and tell me she had been sleeping the whole time with no recollection of anything that was exchanged during her slumber. This happens nearly every night while on the phone and we can talk about anything, she converses just as if she were awake even bringing up her own topics if i stay silent for too long but she never remembers anything that we talked about and she tends to be more open and honest about some subjects she usually prefers not to talk about."

"Dion McGregor became a celebrity in the 1960s when his roommate began recording his nightly sleep talking monologues. Apparently they were hilariously detailed and explained what was happening in his dreams".

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"In her 'Sleep Talkin Man' blog, Karen Slavick-Lennard says that her mild-mannered husband Adam lives a colourful existence in his dreams. ... After hours of delight at his dead-of-night musings, Karen decided to start taping them and share them with the world."

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"if I am awaken in the middle of a particular dream, I find that the same dream continues when I fall back asleep."


"While me and my wife are sleeping we talk to each other and have the same dream. While we are talking I can see things before they happen."