Sleepwalking & Dreamwalking (with suggestions for achieving and developing them)

So-called “spirit-possession” [which is a phrase usually used to denote not – as would be the grammatically correct meaning – one's possessing a spirit, but rather] consisting of the temporary possessing (i.e., temporary occupancy) of one's material body by a “possessing-spirit” while one' own self is temporarily (viz., until waking) absent from the material plane-of-existence (but praesent instead in and traveling in another plane-of-existence), is characteristic of sleepwalking (one's material body being then walked abroad by a possessing-spirit). The ordinary variety of sleepwalking is a somewhat rudimentary form of one's material body's being occupied by a spirit (divinity) – a variety wherein the possessing-divinity is refusing to communicate meaningfully (i.e., by means of neither writing, nor gesturing, nor speaking) with persons in an ordinary state of awareness in the waking-world. It is a state distinct from sleeptalking, which in turn is, like ordinary sleepwalking, a state wherein the divinity in occupancy of the material body is refusing to intercommunicate meaningfully (in this case, by refusing to respond to quaestions or to comments) with persons in an ordinary state of awareness in the waking-world who endeavour to communicate with the sleeptalker.

The reason for these willful refusals on the part of the occupying-divinity would most naturally be a neglect (on the part of the sleepwalking or sleeptalking person) to have obtained, while awake, formal permission for a prospective occupying-divinity so to communicate afterwards while in prospective occupancy of that person's material body. Such permission is to be obtained (by the person whose body is to be occupied) from the dream-officials of the appropriate governmental department of the dreaming-world – such permission can most easily and routinely be obtained through recommendation by some other person (i.e., an established so-called “spirit-medium” performing “spirit-mediumship”) already engaged on a regular basis in such communication. The alternative method (not involving intercession, in the dreaming-world, on one's behalf by an established expert “spirit-medium”) would entail prayer (such, as intercessory prayer on one's behalf by interested persons in a prayer-circle), with a “retreat” (by the person undertaking to commence the permission of a prospective possessing-divinity) for prolonged prayer at, perhaps, some isolated locality reputed to be visited by aspirants for establishing such communicating – such isolated localities commonly being (in Amerindian custom) a scenic upper edge of a bluff overlooking a brook, or (in the more extreme Bodish custom) a site for laying out of human corpses to be devoured by wild beasts.

Mutual-dreaming (experienced by persons -- generally mutual friends who have agreed to attempt to do so -- of mutually similar dreams simultaneously) is a rudimentary form of dreamwalking, where persons meet each other in a dream, generally a dream of a mutually agreed-upon location, and there engage in that dream in some activities whereof, after awaking, all participants can remembre such dream of meeting at such location, include remembring that which, specifically, each participant was engaged in, together with, perhaps, what each other participant said in that dream (and verified by such persons after waking). Such dreamwalking is characteristic of the “Sabbat (Esbat)” transvected meetings of witches in their subtle bodies as reported in the witchcraft-literature of the Renaissance (which is an extension of the witchcraft reported in the Romans empire by such writers as Loukianos). In order to be capable of thus dreaming-activities, permission must likewise be acquired from officials of the appropriate departments of the dreaming-world; here again, such permission is most readily and routinely to be obtained through the intercession of an experienced “spirit-medium” practicing “spirit-mediumship”. The alternative method would, again, entail prayer (such as, intercessory by others on one's behalf), and a similar retreat to an isolated locality.

In lieu of transmission of spiritual power by means of bodily praesence in a mutual locality, tranmission at a distance can be employed. This could be in the form of verbal communication over the telephone or by e-mail or by postal mail; an exchange of photographs may be involved (using a video-camera if via internet-telephone). In all such cases, the humans involved must be requaesting divinities (who may identify the persons involved by their voices, their handwriting, and/or their photographs) to enable the spiritual (psychic) empowerment; and such requaesting would usually be done humbly and with due thanking of such divinities involved, and the prayerful thanking of those divinities' divine assistants. Requaesting permission from, and thanking of, the guardian-angels (spirit-guides) of any mortals involved should also be included.

In order to start this process, one ought, with agreement of such of one's acquaintances as are agreeable, to decide which religious/spiritual/psychic organizations requaests for assistance in obtaining contact with divine worlds (especially in one's dreams) could be sought, and how to word such requaests. It might be suggested that the wording could include (after a title to the requaest and a salutation) to acknowledge heaven-given authority of the organization (and of its officers) as being duly transmitted from its founders, and received by the founders from the deities. Then (after having stated one's intent to abide by the rules of the organization) it is possible to ask for the persons receiving this communication to consent for their patron- [and/or matron-]deities to allow whatever spiritual abilities are available to come to the person making this requaest. Then it may be completed by thanking the persons (recipients of this requaest) who consent to this, and by inviting them to suggest any other persons who might be helpful along these lines for communicating with similarly. Also, somewhere within such a communication it might be asked, that if the organization is accustomed to expecting any persons making such requaest to put in a bodily appearance at a designated location at a designated time (as was usual historically before the modern era of easy and rapid postal mail and e-mail), then if they happen to know of any persons able (or willing) to convey blessings/initiations by mail and/or telephone, would they please suggest such specific persons to the writer.

Besides already-established religious/spiritual/psychic organizations to communicate withal, one may wish to organize locally a group of one's acquaintances of similar occult/mystic interests/propensities, to plan for a regular prayer-meeting (meeting virtually in cyber-space such as by e-mail or by telephone) in order to accustom persons involved in such prayer-meeting with the formalities of diction etc. involved in beseeching divinities on behalf of mortals (viz., whether on behalf of others or each other or of themselves). Among such formalities in the context of public prayer, to requaest (usually through one's guardian-angel or spirit-guide) spiritual assistance from a distance, in reference to religious/spiritual/psychic organizations whether known or unknown, whether on this planet or on any other planet(s), may be useful in setting the mood (of the group and of individual) for further development.

[written June 5 2013]