Montfaucon de Villars (Nicolas-Pierre-Henri) : Comte de Gabalis. Paris, 1670. rendered into English, The Brothers, 1914. [odd-numbered pages are translation; even-numbered pages are comments by Lotus Dudley]

Zoroaster was "son of the Salamander Oromasis and of Vesta" (Comte de Gabalis, LXXXV, p. 129); sister of Zoroaster was Egeria the divine wife of Numa Pompilius (ibid., p. 131); Numa Pompilius was "Son of the Sun" (ibid., LXXXVII, p. 134) {/OROMASi-/ < /AHURA-MAZda/?}

Numa Pompilius is aequated with Melki^-s.edeq (ibid., CIV, p. 143) on the ground of neither having used idols. According to Philon (Concerning Allegories of Laws 3:26), Melki^-s.edeq is the "logos" (ibid., p. 146).

cited from Cornelius Agrippa : Three Books of Occult Philosophy, lib. iii, cap.xi



ibid., XCII, p. 135 Zoroaster, by means of the name Jabamiah (recited 6 times), rejuvenated his father Oromasis’ human co-husband (who was sharing Vesta with him) [-- implying that "Jabamiah" was the secret name of that co-husband?].

{cf. Hindu myth about son who temporarily rejuvenated his father so that that father could indulge himself sexually with a woman}

ibid., p. 138 According to Porphurios : Cave of the Numphai (cap. 7), the goddess Nuks enticed Zeus to use honey.

ibid., XCIV, p. 137 Nymphs require of a mortal lover that he abstain from sexual intercourse merely with mortal women, but "give us leave to love as many of their number as we please."

{likewise expected of a mortal lover by an Apsaras?}


{cf. [Hellenic] /Zephuro-/ < */YABH-/ ‘fuck’ = /JABamiah/}

The Salamandre Mars was father (by Silvia) of Romulus, who "was carried away by his father in a fiery chariot as Zoroaster was by Oromasis." (Comte de Gabalis, XCVIII, p. 141)

According to Ploutarkhos : Isis and Osiris (cap. 47), "Oromasis was born from the purest light -- and being thrice increased withdrew from the Sun ..., and ... established ... the Dog Star." (ibid., p. 142)

Apollonios of Tuane was son of a Salamandre and a mortal woman (ibid., CVIII, p. 149); this Salamandre was named (according to Philostratos) Proteus (ibid., p. 150).

Merlin was son of a Salamandre and a mortal woman (ibid., CXI, p. 151).


"The elemental beings of fire are called salamanders. They serve under the direction of Oromasis and Diana to assist in the purification of the four lower bodies of mankind ... . The salamanders are fiery beings whose auras ripple with the rainbow rays of the causal body."

(Mark Prophet & Elizabeth Clare Prophet : Keys to the Kingdom and New Dimensions of Being. Summit U Pr. p. 132. )


salamandres in "St. Elmo’s fire"

WIKIPEDIA : Yan-gant-y-tan, Will-o'-the-wisp