"elementals working with the etheric doubles of humankind and all elementals working with the etheric bodies of inanimate objects. The "violet devas"". http://jksalescompany.com/dw/elemental.html

a visionary stream "with the violet of the rainbow ... then the colors fade" (Ploutarkhos : Delay of the Divinity 566B, as cited in RS, p. 38)

isles (of the blessed) "under the variegated light constantly changing" (Ploutarkhos : Daimonion of Sokrates 590C-F, quoted in RS, p. 45)

Frederick E. Brenk : Relighting the Souls. Stuttgart : Steiner, 1998. http://books.google.com/books?id=EA17XO5SeU4C&pg=PA38&lpg=PA38&dq=

"The fifth element, Life, is rather unique and a bit harder to quantify than the others. This element is the essence of life; quintessence, perhaps mana. Entra, the fifth born child of Orran’sulani and Nydoini is the Goddess of Life. Her realm is the Maze of Dreams, which is also the home of the fae, whom she rules over. Her people are the Nafod, which were incarnated with the souls of Nymphs and exist in three forms; the Ochae’nafod, incarnated with the souls of Nymphs and bonded to animal species, which they can transform into; the Dra’nafod, incarnated with the souls of Dryads and are bonded to trees, which they can shape-shift into in order to hide; and the Marfod, incarnated with the souls of Nereid and inhabit the oceans of Aserra alongside the Mariel. Entra also adopted the Fayl’Idayn and incarnates them with the souls of Faeries, granting them to use of Fae magic, whereas the Nafod use Life Elementalism." http://forum.aserra-rpg.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=353

"The Unified Godhead is no more than the Archangel of the Element with an extra dimension added to it, thus the four letters of Archangelic name are made into five letters and a new name. The four dimensions of the Archangelic Intelligence thus become the five dimensions of pure spirit, the quintessence. The additional letters that cause this quality of quintessence are E H, A and P, and when joined to form a word, they spell the Enochian word H-E-A-P, which translates as song of eight, or eighth song. The number eight symbolizes the octagram that is used to generate the Elementals as well as the empowerment of earth (life), and a song is but an incantation. The Unified Godhead and the Godname Pair are linked to each other through the expression of the Elemental Power as it manifests and affects those who are living in the flesh." A Treatise On Elemental And Talismanic Magick 1-10 http://www.gnosticstar.org/library_pdf/Elementals_doc.pdf