Oneirogenic Nutritional-Supplement Combinations


YOHIMBINE (extracted from Yohimbe)

"ADVANCED LUCID DREAMING : Techniques and Resources".

"GPC Choline - acts as a precursor to acetylcholine and works synergistically with Galantamine to give excellent odds of becoming lucid, especially having a Wake Induced Lucid Dream (WILD). It causes dreams to be exceptionally vivid and LONG.  When using Galantamine/Choline and GPC together, the combination often results in giving your lucid dreams a soundtrack, meaning you will be hearing music playing while you are dreaming.

Yohimbine- I know it sounds weird to use yohimbine  for lucid dreaming yet this lucid dreaming supplement acts as a very powerful trigger to lucid dreams and you only require to take anywhere from 0.35 to 0.75 milligrams which are extremely low and safe doses. Yohimbine pills normally contain anywhere from 2.5 to 9mg which for triggering lucid dreaming are EXTREMELY high doses and would not allow you to fall asleep. Yohimbine has a profound effect on lucid dreams making dream vividness and memory outstanding plus improving attention, focus and working memory. The fact that Yohimbine strengthens the connection between dream memory and waking memory helps to ensure that you carry out your entire set of dream experiments while within the dream."


"Mechanism of action:
1) alpha-2 adrenergic antagonist
2) MAO inhibitor ...

Yohimbine boosts level of norepinephrine strongly and also increases levels of serotonin, melatonin and dopamine slightly.
Serotonin promotes NREM sleep and suppresses REM sleep. However slightly elevated level of serotonin may help to become lucid.
Melatonin is a sleep hormone. The more melatonin you have, the easier you can fall asleep. However high level of melatonin suppresses REM sleep.
Dopamine is needed to create dreams and it does so even outside REM. High level of dopamine results in more confidence in dreams and more "adventurous" dream content.
The most distinctive effect is
high norepinephrine level. Yohimbine is the only supplement that boosts norepinephrine significantly afaik. High level of norepinephrine results in improved memory and good intellectual abilities. Not only it helps to remember dreams after awakening, but it also helps to remember dream tasks within the dream.
However if the level of norepinephrine is too high, an overflow appears and norepinephrine flows from the brain into the blood. While in blood, norepinephrine increases blood pressure and blood flow. This overflow effects is used to combat impotence. Several negative side effects appear together, too.
If you want to use Yohimbine for LDing, you need to avoid the overflow effect. Therefore the dose for LDing is much smaller than typical therapeutic dose, usually less than 1mg.

Thomas Yuschak:
Advanced Lucid Dreaming - Power Of Supplements

Comments :
... Yohimbine ... is much cheaper than Galantamine and it doesn't cause desensitisation of acetylcholine receptors, so it is worth to consider even if you already use Galantamine or other supplements with success."

Thomas Yuschak : Advanced Lucid Dreaming - Power Of Supplements.

Part 2, Chapter 12 (pp. 93-98) : "Yohimbe".

p. 96 "Galantamine initiates REM sleep which initiates the effects of the Yohimbine. Once lucid the norepi[-]nephrine improves attention, focus and, working memory ... far more than with Galantamine alone."

Part 1, Chapter 5 (pp. 27-45) : "Neurotransmitter and Dreaming".

p. 30 "St. John's wort ... can simultaneously boost serotonin, dopamine, and norepi[-]nephrine levels".

p. 27 "Acetylcholine is a key lucidity trigger. Another ... is ... norepi[-]nephrine which is ... why serotonin must be used indirectly to aid in lucid dream enhancement.

p. 45 "Norepi[-]nephrine can act as lucid dream trigger if ... used synergistically with A[cetyl]Ch[oline]."

p. 31 "serotonin based dreams are caused by the REM rebound effect". "serotonin dreams ... seem to be harder to remember".

p. 33 "Serotonin ... does not pass the blood-brain barrier. However, the amino acid Tryptophan and its metabolite ... (5-HTP), from which serotonin is synthesized, can and do pass the blood-brain barrier."

p. 34 "Elevated dopamine levels tend to make people euphoric ... and more alert."

p. 35 "increasing dopamine levels during sleep can have a dramatic effect ... making dreams more vivid, longer in duration and ... This is true even though the increased dopamine levels do not have a significant impact on REM sleep." {Actually, the dreams are merely better-remembred.}

p. 24 "when L-dopa (... increasing the dopamine within the brain) is administered to patients during the night hours, dream frequency and vividness are greatly increased even though there is no corresponding increase in REM sleep. {Waking-time memory of dreams, and of their vividness, is what is increased.}

p. 25 "damage to specific areas of the frontal lobe [of the cerebrum] obliterates dreaming but spares the REM cycle". {What it obliterates is waking-state memory of dreaming (but not necessarily the activity of dreaming).}


GALANTHAMINE (extracted from Daffodil), ingested along with other substances

Assessing the perceived differences in post-Galantamine lucid dreams vs. non-Galantamine lucid dreams INTERNAT J OF DREAM RESEARCH 9.1 (2016). Summary : "ingesting galantamine significantly enhanced length and vividness".

"Galantamine and Alpha GPC : The Ultimate Lucid Dreaming Combination".

"Lucid Dreaming Pack – Enhance Your Dreams". "Galantamine (30 Capsules), L-Theanine (100 Capsules), 5-HTP (100 Capsules), Alpha GPC (60 Capsules) and Huperzine A (100 Capsules)."

"Top 5 Lucid Dreaming Supplements". "Calea zacatechichi: Known as “the dream herb,” Calea Z. is from Oaxaca, Mexico and has been used for centuries by Chontal shaman/dreamers as a cure-all and a “voyaging” aid.

Mugwort: This gentle herb in the sage family (Artemisia vulgaris) is used to help remember dreams. It has a gentle aromatic effect. It has a long European history of use also as a midwife’s herb due to its ability to stimulate blood circulation; in ancient Greece it was associated with the power of the moon. Traditionally mugwort is enjoyed as a tea and an incense.

Silene Capsensis: This root from South Africa has considerable anthropological evidence as a lucid dream aid, but its active compounds have not been discovered yet. Historically, Silene Capensis has been used by the Xhosa people during initiation rites. Women initiates take the root, and then report their dreams to diviners. In the West, it has had a mixed reputation, with many reporting no effects whatsoever.

Choline: This is an amino acid that also promotes acetylcholine, therefore enhancing the expression of REM sleep. It’s cheaply found as a Lecithin supplement, but is also present in some common foods such as bananas, onions, soybeans, potatoes and plantains. Choline is believed to elongate dreams, as well as help with remembering them. Many people have found that choline and galanthamine taken together are a solid cocktail for promoting lucid dreaming.

Galantamine: This has become known as the “lucid dreaming pill.” Galantamine is an alkaloid synthesized from a couple plants, including the red spider lily and common daffodil bulbs. The natural compound has been used for centuries in Europe; its memory-enhancing properties are hinted at in Homer’s Odyssey."

"9 Lucid Dreaming Supplements To Help You Reach Inside Your Dreams".

"Wild 90% Success Rate Supplement Combination".

"Arginine, Bupleurum, Choline, Enzymes (to help with acid from all the pills), Galantamine. Ginger (to help with the nausea from the Galantamine), GPC, Green Tea, Hops, Huperzine, Licorice Root, Mucuna, Ornithine, Phenylalanine, Skullcap, Valerian, and Yohimbine."


Effect of Substances Which Interfere with Dream-Enhancing Substances

"Galantamine, unlike Huperzine-A, acts on special acetylcholine sites on neurons called Nicotonic Receptors. Yes, these are what nicotine works on also. It appears that for many people Huperzine-A actually inhibits dream recall and can even block Galantamine’s efficacy if they are taken together ... . ... The problems with using Galantamine alone are that many people get a bad headache after taking an effective-sized dose for lucidity induction, and worse, it can be difficult to fall back-asleep after taking Galantamine (and I recommend Galantamine be used alongside the WBTB method of induction). The headaches are mitigated by taking choline along with the Galantamine—this gives your brain the raw materials to manufacture new acetylcholine and avoid some of the brain-fog which could ensue. ... What I found was that Galantamine can be complemented by taking it with several choline sources, including Alpha-GPC and CDP-Choline; not only do these help replenish choline stores to normal levels the following day, they also directly affect circuits involved in both REM-sleep and waking-like thought. ...

What about Melatonin? It’s good for sleep, even useful for REM-rebound, but not for taking alongside a direct REM-stimulator like Galantamine. Dreams get “blocked.” This brings up a good point: It is very possible to take supplements which temporarily inhibit REM-circuits but then instigate a REM-rebound hours later. The popular nootropic AlphaBrain can do this; my own formulas called Noo Brain and Day’s End can do this. ... Yuschak offered the idea of taking a trilogy of formulas for lucidity to instigate the REM-rebound, one for direct REM-stimulation (along with the WBTB method), and then a racetam supplement the following day to counter any tolerance build-up issues. ...

Theanine is the component in tea which buffers the harshness of caffeine. Calming yet awakening. With the Galantamine, the cholines, and Theanine in the proper ratios, Lucidimine was born. ... Some people take Lucidimine before bed at night, rather than with the WBTB method. Some people ... take it during the day."



30 Veg Capsules, each containing: