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Artemisia vulgaris "Mugwort also enhances the dream state and can bring about powerful, multi-dimensional, Alice-in Wonderland type dreams."

"Mugwort gave me great dreams ... . ... The lucid dreams I had were unlike any I've had before".

"Many mugwort users have reported the dream pillow method to be highly effective : the effects kick in as they enter the hypnagogic pre-sleep state, generating sensations of floating or rising upward that can translate into a lucid dream or even an out of body experience!"

Asparagus cochinchinensis "a dream inducing herb or Oneirogen. Many people including Taoists report having lucid dreams in which they are flying or soaring through the sky."

"Ajos Sacha (Mansoa Alliacea) Information??? -".

Mansoa alliacea -- "Ajos Sacha (Mansoa Allicea AKA Adenocalymma alliaceum AKA Pseudocalymma Alliaceum) from Peru. I read a fascinating report of using it rituallistically in the Peruvian Amazon ..., which induced strong lucid dreams".

"Found one report on ... the Spirits of the plants began to reveal themselves in my dreams. They were very powerful dreams and the people I met in them told me they were Curanderos."

Salvia divinorum

Calea zacatechichi &


with galanthamine, one "should not take huperzine A."

book -- Drugs of the Dreaming: Oneirogens


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Heimia salicifolia (sinicuichi) (These long brown leaves (like dry grass) are very different in appearance from the short green leaves offered by other suppliers. Cannot be the same species.)

Calea zacatechichi the sjhort ?ProductUID=1468&ProductCode=DHL-1OZ

Undlela ziimhlophe - Silene capensis &

Entada rheedii