Kriya-s for Kun.d.alini Yoga : an exposition

kriya-s ## 8-20 (cited from :- Satyananda Saraswasti : Kundalini Tantra. Bihar School of Yoga, Munger (India), 2nd edn 1996. p. 275-290)

#8 (pp. 275-6) manduki mudra

p. 275

"the frog's attitude ...

To a "baby boy" who resembled "a toad" (PhKh, p. 40)

p. 276

is to smell the aroma of the astral body which has a scent like that of sandalwood."

was applied "sandalwood oil" (PhKh, p. 39) in the city of Intapatthanakhon of the Isan.

PhKh = Wajuppa Tossa (translatrix, professoress at Mahasarakham University): Phya Khankhaak, the Toad King. Lewisburg : Bucknell U Pr, 1996.

#9 (pp. 276-7) tad.ana kriya

p. 276

"lift your body ... . {imitation of levitating?} Then drop your body ... . ...

{"Sky-clad women performed the terrific tANDava dance" : (fn. 4) "women dance a tANDya dance " ("MT").}

{When Aniruddha was levitated by Citralekha to her, US.A "dreamed that she was raped" (DI&OR p. 68).} {Are all levitaters of the material body dreamwalking abetters of rapists?}

p. 277

Practise this kriya a total of seven times."

{Taught by Parvati to US.A, "There are 7 types of Tandava." ("T")}

"MT" = Manasa-tarangin.i"

"T" = "Tandava"

DI&OR = Wendy Doniger O'Flaherty : Dreams, Illusions and Other Realities. U of Chicago Pr, 1984.

#10 (p. 279) [as compared with #11]

"a shining copper

{Much as the copper, whose corrosion is green [such that the copper heaven is that of the possibly green fruit olive (zaytun -- "ThH")],

so likewise is the reptile of #11 green -- cf. the copper serpents encountred by Taoist souls of the dead during their travel to the abode for souls of the dead.}

trident (trishul)".

{That of Poseidon, who contended for Attike with the goddess of the "olive-tree" (GM 16.c).}

"ThH" = "Third Heaven"

GM = Robert Graves : The Greek Myths. 1955.

#11 (p. 281) s`akti calini

"a thin green snake ..., with the mouth biting the end of the tail."

{Sometimes depicted as green ("N"), there is "the tsuchinoko putting its tail in it mouth and rolling along like a wheel"; they "are reported to have a particular odor like that of chestnut tree flowers. " ("Ts")}

"N" = "Notzuchitokage"

"Ts" = "Tsuchinoko"

#12 (p. 282) s`ambhavi

"The lotus flower is at sahasrara" [atop one's head].

{cf. blue waterlily blossom atop head of Kemetic god NFR-TMW; and because NFR-TMW "also had a lion or cat form, attributed to his mother" ("NGP"), therefore also do consider Maya depictions of a waterlily-blossom atop the jaguar's head.} {In the Taoist book The Secret of the Golden Flower, however, the flower atop the head is a chrysanthemum.}

"Your ascent will be like that of a caterpillar, climbing up inside".

{Hmon and Sandwich Islander souls of the dead encountre divine caterpillars during their journey to the abode for souls of the dead.}

"NGP" = "Nefertem, God of Perfume"

#13 (pp. 283-4) a-mr.ta pana

p. 283

"manipura {'jewel (semi-pretious stone) city'} chakra, where there is a storehouse of warm, sweet liquid.

{"to suck honey out of the crag" (Dbri^m 32:13).} {"with honey out of the rock I would satisfy thee." (Thilli^m 81:17)}

p. 284

... . ... drawing a quantity of this liquid up ... through the ... passage with the suction".

{at Tlaca-xipe-hualiztli : "pulque to be drunk through a straw (Sahagún 1950-1982:Book 2:52)." ("Cu&OOB", p. 5a)} {sucking beverage through tubes (CBM, p. 43)}

"Cu&OOB" = Karl Taube : "The Cuauhxicalli and Other Offering Bowls". MAYA ARCHAEOLOGY.

Sahagun 1950-1982 = Sahagún, Fray Bernardino de : Florentine Codex: General History of the Things of New Spain. Translated by Arthur J. O. Anderson and Charles E. Dibble. Santa Fe: School of American Research.

CBM = Codex Borgianus Mexicanus

#14 (pp. 284-5) cakra bhedana

p. 284

(The meaning of /cakra bhedana/ is 'wheel-piercing'.}

{For Pelops, Murtilos "removed the lynch-pins from the axles ..., and ... the wheels of his chariot flew off" (GM 109.j).}

p. 285

"introversion starts to occur".

{Afterwards, Pelops dismembered Stumphalos (GM 109.n), in whose name /stun-/ is cognate with /astound/.}

#15 (p. 285) su-s.umna dars`ana

"Imagine a pencil, and with that draw".

{These drawings resemble the architectural plans by the FreeMasonic "Great Architect of the Universe". [cf. also the book Poli-philo.]}

# 16 (p. 287) pran.a a-huti (infusing pran.a)

"the soft touch of divine hand lying on your head {as is commonly done in exorcism} ...

{Aequivalent to Maya Manik (gesturing Hand) is Aztec Mazatl (Deer) : cf. Mazatl at soft feathers atop god's head (CBM, p. 17 lower).}

will result in vibrations, shocks, jerks or tickling sensations which will course through you."

{the circumstance commonly resultant in astral projection : so, is projection always the result of being divinely touched by supernatural hands?}

#17 (p. 288) ud-thana

"You will see a black shivalingam

{black rubber ball with red snake (CBM, p. 21 lower)}

made of a smoky gaseous substance.

{red snake with its breath-vapor visible (CBM, p. 9 lower left)}

The bottom and the top of the lingam are cut off, and circled around it is a red baby snake."

{A lower branch and the upper trunk are being hewn off from a tree up which a red snake is climbing (CBM, p. 19 upper).}

#18 (p. 288) sva-rupa dars`ana (one's own form contemplation)

"Your body will start to become stiff. ... the body will continue to become stiffer and stiffer of its own accord." ["The head of the snake is very wide, having the same breadth as your body" (#17, p. 288), apparently indicating that the stiffness of one's body is imparted by the red snake.]

{A stiff red snake is being leaned on (as a walking-stick) by an old man (CBM, p. 55 upper left).}

#19 (p. 290) linga san~calana

"Eventually you will reach a stage where, on contraction, the astral body reduces to a single point of light." ['Point, dot' is, in Samskr.ta, /bin.d.u/ : "At bindu draw a crescent moon with a very tiny circle above it." (#15, p. 286)]

{A red snake being swallowed, while in the sky the moon is visible (CMB, p. 57 upper left).}

#20 (p. 290) dhyana

"The golden egg is luminous and glowing intensely; however, it does not give off any rays of light. ... This form, however, ... is your causal self."

{"black-winged Nyx (Night) laid a germless egg in the bosom of the infinite deeps of Erebos (Darkness), and from this, after the revolution of long ages, sprang the graceful Eros [Himeros the elder eros] with his glittering golden wings." (A:B 685sq-- "N")}

A:B = Aristophanes : The Birds.

"N" = "Nyx"

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