personal names of Elementals

Itumo (salamander) lightning

Cargoste (sylph) -- jet stream

Pyrhum (salamander)



The Way of Four Spellbook Working Magic With The Elements by Deborah Lipp


gnomes appear as "mail-clad knights. They are clad in a kind of spiritual armour and this it is which presses outwards in their skin to arm them against the moonlight which so displeases them. But when the time of new moon approaches the gnome becomes transparent, wonderful to see, inwardly irradiated with a glittering play of colours."

with hollow "transparent globe" [helmet?]


sylphs amid mists should include "Hine-pukohu-rangi, the Mist Maiden" who came to "Uenuku-tawhana-i-te-rangi (Uenuku bow-like in the

heavens)" p. 59