Typologies (types, categories) of Unusual (strange, weird, bizarre) Dreams

by results : false-awakening, lucid, recurring, prognostic (prophetic), epic, serial (progressive), mutual http://www.dreammoods.com/dreaminformation/dreamtypes/

by technique : false-awakening "is difficult to arrange". Instead 1) : enter painting [a Taoist technique], rotate (spin) one's body [IASD technique]. In black dreams, "move around feeling things". Rely on inanimate objects which crawl and give off tingling (electric) sensation. Heed triads of companions (slim women and pet-animals). 2) WILD (entry into false-awakening-like scenario) of one's bedroom will be into Type-2-false-awakening-like eeriness. Leave TV playing while sleeping in order to induce false-awakening with strange TV program, for dream of T>ai-c^i (Tensegrity) exercise [N.B. Tensegrity exercises while awake are done while watching pertinent Tensegrity videotape on TV]. 3) Switching places with a "cyclic being" [of "beaded curtain"] in order to achieve very (hours) long remembred dreaming : gaze at hands in order to induce dream-persons to take one's self by the hand; then "you can even separate yourself from the dream person and simply observe." 4) While "shouting obscenities", "activate a "panning" mode, where you are scanning along"; but development of group (collective, by practitioners, in order to arouse collective-superconsciousness) gazing at "women's crotches". 5) While visions are being witnessed, contemplate only the sentiments ("happiness, etc.") : thereupon cometh a visionary "vast space" scene of "discernable fibers of light. It has a distinct shape ... . There's usually an accompanying voice. As an example, I might be looking at a shape that ... had been blown up to about 2 feet wide by 1 feet high, and was made entirely out of fibers of light, but with well defined boundaries, perhaps even an encasing membrane." http://www.sustainedaction.org/Explorations/Lawton_five_types_dreaming.htm

by locality : outer space; very high (hundreds, or a great many, miles) over a planet (including the Earth); from somewhat high (thousands or hundreds of feet) above the ground (hovering over the sea, or looking down from a mountaintop or from the top of a very tall aedifice); within a cavern

by view of sky : seeing sun, moon, or stars; seeing clouds or rainfall or rainbow or aurora-borealis

by photic visual contents : persons (or beings or objects) become transparent, are luminous, or emit rays of light

by auditory contents : persons (or beings or objects) give insurrectionary speeches to audiences of multitudes of persons; persons (or beings or objects) emit singing, chanting, or music

by olofactory contents : smelling perfumes or flower-odors

erotic : watching groups of couples performing sexually; performing sexually oneself with one's spouse in public view


automatic methods for tabulating reports of dreams : "word-search template to analyze the reports " by means of "a computer program (and database) designed for this purpose." http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/20/opinion/sunday/data-mining-our-dreams.html?_r=0




"Type, speak or answer questions to record your dream the moment you wake up" http://discovershadow.com/