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"If you are now—or have ever—had a series of dreams that are the same dream repeating itself, or the same dream with slight variations over time: Pay Attention! This type of dream—the recurring dream—is repeating itself and being recalled for a reason. Most often, a very important reason! ... Let’s agree to call the source from which our dreams emerge the 'Dream-Maker Within.' When our dream-maker continues to bring the same scenes, story, dream to us, many times, over time... the obvious suggestion is that we didn’t understand it or DO anything about it the last time. Our dream-maker is patient. So...., here it is, again! When the dream maker is so persistent, insistent, you can rest assured that the message being repeatedly imparted is of great significance to you. ... Often, with recurring dreams, the dreamer will notice slight variations on the theme, over time. This is occurring because—whether we consciously understand the purpose of the recurring dream or not—we are getting it on an intuitive level and we are responding, taking action, making changes in our daily lives in some way, as a result. Dreams do work in this way; they do us good service whether we remember them or not, or whether we understand them or not. Much is assimilated on the intuitive level. ...

Shirley MacLaine, in one of her current books, recounts a story of a recurring dream in which she is always being chased by a ferocious bear and always felt she was being outrun, couldn’t run fast enough. She always awakened terrified just before the bear was going to catch up with her. At one point she learned about the technique... of learning to become aware that she was dreaming (become lucid) and stop running but rather, STOP!, turn around and confront whatever it is that is pursuing and ask it what it wants. Ms. MacLaine achieved this the next time she had her recurring Bear-Chase dream. She stopped, turned around, put her hands on her hips and said: "Allright! That’s it! I’ve been chased around enough by you! Just what is it that you want?" At that point, the "ferocious" bear turned into a Sweet and Shy looking Yogi Bear type character, and with knees together and index finger in its mouth, said: "I don’t know! It’s your dream!"" (written by "Roberta Ossana ... a dreamworker and the Publisher/Editor of Dream Network, a Quarterly Journal (Since 1982) existing to "Evolve A Dream Cherishing Culture." For information:")

"Roberta Ossana lives in Moab, Utah. On the web, Roberta goes by the alias dreamkey2563u . ... Roberta Helen Ossana, age 78, Moab, UT Background Check ".

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her autobiography : "How I Was Called Into a Way of Life and Native American Culture in My Dreams : An Experiential Synchronistic Journey". ©2007 Roberta Ossana

Pamela Weintraub : "Dreaming for Dollars : Dream Believers Sell Tools and Services for Journeys of Night". (including how Robert Ossana became editrix of the Dream Network newletter)

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DREAM NETWORK JOURNAL : a quarterly publication exploring dreams & myths. Port Townsend, WA.

{This (the admission, by a dream-entity consorting with oneself in a dream, that the world wherein ye all are then located, is indeed a dream-world) is the main turning-point in achieving recognition from the denizens of the dream-universe of being accepted by them into their secret-society : thenceforward oneself will be admitted into their thitherto-secret counsels, and will even be encouraged by them to preach in the waking-world the reality and greatness of the secret-society of the dream-universe, and to join, or to create, in the waking-world, a corresponding secret-society the criterion for admission to membreship wherein, is based on having been instructed, during a dream, by a denizen of the dream-universe, that both that denizen and oneself are at that time located in the dream-universe.}

"The more often you have a dream, the more important it is. If you're Dreaming of Things to Come, the upcoming event is even more plot-significant than you thought. If someone's Talking in Your Dreams, they want to make really sure you get the message."

"Recurring dreams are especially important to understand as they are messages from the inner self to the outer self. The essence of the dream will be repeated over and over until a change is made in the awareness of the dreamer. The need for repetition indicates that the same or similar situation is present in the life and so the same message is pertinent for the dreamer’s progression.

Another type of dream has a recurring theme that progresses much like a soap opera."

"Often, a very important message for the dreamer that has been ignored will repeat until it’s understood, or worked through by the dreamer. It’s kind of like the dream is saying, “Hey! Remember me? I’m back! When are you going to pay attention to me?!”"

"Dreams can reoccur for many reasons. The most likely reason is that the message and purpose of the dream was not received by the dreamer and the issue it highlights is not only unresolved but is not being addressed and is being ignored.

Recurring dreams often turn into nightmares when the dreamer continues to ignore something important in their waking lives. This issue will wait for the dreamer and will not go away, despite the dreamer convincing him/herself that it does not exist. The nightmare is an extreme version of the dream content screaming for the dreamer's attention."

"reoccurring dreams have an important message that you are not hearing.  So the dream repeats itself again and again and again and again… until you finally pay attention AND take appropriate action. ... Sometimes reoccurring dreams have different variations.  Maybe one of the dream characters did something different, or maybe you reacted differently. ... Often they reflect what is going on right now in regards to the situation in the dream. Further, dream variations may be showing you what you need to do next ... ."

"A pleasurable recurring dream, such as that of traveling to a magnificent place, or being intimate with someone specific, means something positive that needs to be addressed. For example, a recurring dream about a beautiful specific place might mean that the person needs to go on a vacation back to that place where they have been to, or to be in a place similar to have a positive effect on their life."

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