Dreaming of Bestiality (Hellenic)

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p. 183, fn. 93 "See Achmet 134 for benefits derived from dreams of bestiality ... . Achmet had earlier stated (133) that ... if he penetrates the animal and receives pleasure {orgasm?} from the act, ... he will later show good : "If someone dreams that he performed sex on a domesticated animal, ... he will later show kindness; however, ... not ... [receive] gratitude in return.""

p. 184, fn. 93 "In sum, whoever dreams of performing sex on any man or woman or animal will do good to that person or thing."

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p. 51 "Artemidoros' matter-of-fact discussion of dreams of bestiality. Whatever the animal species in question is, says Artemidoros, if one dreams that one is mounting the animal, then one "will receive a benefit from an animal of that particular species, whatever it is."" {But what if instead of genitalia contacting each other, there is instead contact of the human mouth with the animalian genitalia?}

p. 46 "To find out what a dream signifies, Artemidoros needs to know the various symbolic associations ... . ... In two cases where males dreamed, one of performing cunnilingus on his wife ... ". {What about a dream of performing thus on a female relative, on a female animal, or on a female divine composite of woman and of female animal? Human + animal composite deities are commonplace in many traditional pantheons (e.g., in Aiguptos/Mis.rayim/TLMRJ), and Platon mentioned, in one place, dreaming of sexual relations with beasts and with deities.}

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"the beginning of book IX of the Republic ... says that ... our own dream life : when we go to sleep ... "... doesn't shrink from trying to have sex with a mother, as it supposes, or with anyone else at all, whether man, god, or beast."" {Because the account by Er son of Armenios (cognate with Thuringian-and-Saxon /Irmin/ -- ZSAR, vol. 2, pt. 1, p. 54 : in I`ring the Galaxy -- ibid., p. 52) [these /Er / and /Armenios/ are names of two gods mentioned in inscriptions in Lukia; Er perhaps being aequivalent to Jaina tirthankara Ara], in the Politeia (Republic) 10.614–10.621 by Platon, is descriptive of the allocation, after death, of souls to new bodies; and because in various accounts one such judge [another being Rhadamanthus, and yet another either Sarpedon or else Aiakos -- AJU] of the post-mortem soul is MINOs, therefore the composite (of human and of beast) MINOtauros -- in Labyrinth located alike unto Lanka (so according to Alberuni's India) wherein likewise abounded composite therianthropes [the respective labyrinths evidently being switchboards for intercommunications between internal body-deities of the distinct species combined in a therianthrope] -- ought to be relevant. The allocation of souls to new bodies is an event located by the Politeia in the sphaire of the fixed stars; therefore it may be pertinent that /-tauros/ (the name of a zodiac-constellation) is cognate with an <arabi manzil (lunar asterism) name, /Turayyah/ ('Chandelier', the Pleiades). The flying saucers of the Pleiadeans are renowned for their flashing lights; cf. the flashing light of fireflies : the word for 'firefly' being (in the D.awida languages of southern Bharata) /MIN/ (similar to /MINos/) : cf. also the spacecraft of the sauroid Naga-s, "illuminated by flashing precious stones." ("AR") The abode of these Naga-s is PATALa, cognate with the city-name /PETELia/, one of the cities (another being Thourioi), in the region of the Khaones (Brutii), wherein were found inhumation-plaques advising the soul of the defunct to quaff, in the realm of Hai:des, of the waters of Mnemosune mother of the ennead of Mousai [< */Mansa/ as /mamsa/ 'cooked flesh' one of the ma-kara-s of Kaula/tantrik/ rite -- (such memory-potential quaffing for [flowing with-milk-and-with-honey (Kallimakhos : Hymn 1 to Zeus 42 sq -- "NM") nanny-goat Amaltheia's] "the kid that fell into milk" [the galaxy exuded, from the teats of Hera, as nourishment for infant Hera-klees (Eratosth. Catast. 44; Hygin. Poet. Astr. ii. in fin. -- GMI"Heracles")] -- "RP&GL"), which was repraesented in Lebedeia at the oracle of Trophonios (DCM, s.v. "Mnemosyne"), whereat was comested honey [which of course is sucked from the female genitalia of flowers by a process similar to cunnilingus] such as encased ("F--HV6") the son of Minos, namely Glaukos the 'green' boy (green extraterrestrial?).} {Currently, published accounts of sexual relations, in dream-situations, with composite human-animals are to be found in "flying-saucer abductee" cases.}

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p. 62 "his skin was light green and appeared to be covered in small, very fine scales." {These are lacert[il]ian-type scales, perhaps indicative of having arrived from constellation Lacerta.} (p. 68 "they began to kiss ... until they were down on the floor of the craft, making love.") {This could be a case of [in Yankee-Doodle Dandy] "And with the girls be handy", if the Penutian (in California) tribes' ascription of origin of the human hand to a lizard-deity ("ChICM") who became a constellation, be apposite.}

p. 100 "One abductee awoke to find herself floating in midair {a usual situation in projection of the astral body} while two reptilians were engaged in sex with her."

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"what if someone dreams that they are an animal having sex with another animal ...?" {Many shamans dream of being animals (and when this is the case, they consider the other animals who talk and work with them in such a dream to be divinities); and many shamans are married in the dreamworld (though, in published literature, only while in human form) to a deity of opposite gendre from their own (and in such cases the divine spouse is described as anthropoid); but it might be also possible for the mortal dreamer to be in therian form, while married to a the divine spouse who is a therianthrope (-- and there may be instances of such in literature to be found whenever the published quantity of such literature may become sufficiently expansive).}