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Sci-Fi Fantasy Club

"I read not too long ago that Lovecraft apparently did have very, very vivid nightmares.  I seem to recall that he acknowledged that the plots and images of some of his stories came directly from dreams he had had.

And not only that, if I recall correctly, he also experienced a rare kind of serial dreaming;  that is, dreams would pick up where the last ones had ended, forming one long continuing story." niemann llywrch Oct 08 · 04:19:26 PM

"Serial-dream-turned-lucid by a dream character : LucidDreaming"."Over the course of the night I woke up three or four times, always glad to have escaped this twisted reality only to fall asleep and have the dream pick up right where it left off. After one of these moments where I fall back to sleep one of the other prisoners approached me and quietly ask me where I disappear to, how I do it, and why I would choose to come back. I told her I keep waking up in bed then I fall back to sleep, but I keep having the same dream. She nodded, as though she understood, then asked me if it was my dream why I hadn't freed all of them yet."

"Sleep Tremors and Other Events".

"I've noticed I'll frequently have dreams before falling completely asleep. ... I was lying in bed trying to fall asleep.  Will hear a fluttering sound in left ear.  At the same time, see flashes of yellow light and feel electrical shocks throughout body in sync with fluttering sound. 

... Lying in bed just waking up from nap.  Jaw started to move as if chattering.  Tremors then hit all at once in all 4 limbs.  Heard a sound in left ear (like one of those electrical gadgets from Frankenstein’s lab) as well as a feeling of electrical buzzing in brain. ... Tried to move and speak, but couldn’t. ...

All dreams in general are very vivid and ... often continuing where another ended or taking place in the same location. Rather like a combination of serial dreaming plus deja vu."

"I've been having a serial dream, apparently: The Bags 'n Books Dreams".

"The purpose of the building is unknown, but I knew that I had worked there for some time, but irregularly. It seemed to be something like a bookstore or a library, but only had a few books at the best times, a dozen dozen spread over three or four rooms of shelves. It was a place where people could read, could talk about books ... . ...

I......woke up. Which is how I was able to piece together that I had dreams about this place before. I had been a slacker in those dreams, coming in but spending much of the time reading the books instead of working. Maybe even avoiding people. There is always the impression that is, to some degree, busy—much too busy to be so devoid of product and surrounded by the husks of a town—but I was always in the rooms away from the crowd. This is part of the reason I don't know what exactly the business is. I have been avoiding it. In the dreams involving it, the place has been a series of sense data surrounding an idea, impressions without death, text on a page without context or meaning. About the only other thing I know is the house that was and the business that now is has more rooms than spotted at first glance. Looking to be only two, maybe three, rooms deep and two rooms wide from the outside; it actually goes at least four or five back and gives the impression of more. Oh, and it doesn't have hallways. Every room is accessed from other rooms unless you count what is kind of the large "central" room past the opening room (the smaller room I tend to walk towards is off to the right of it).

How weird is that? To have a series of dreams about a single place, roughly telling a story that goes nowhere, but never having really strong definite anythings?"

"Have You Ever Died In Your Dreams And Lived To Tell About It?"

"Who else has experienced death while sleeping, and what was its longterm effect on you?
On edit: Who else has been able to intentionally go back into a good dream night after night - "serial dreaming"... ."

Mad Penguins / Melting Ice

"Serial dreaming involving attacking penguins, hopping, diving, falling in between ice floe after ice floe….. Lasting memory, clear blue water, ice on top (too thick to break), penguins not happy, me…drowning." September 13, 2012

"Serial Dreaming".

"These serial dreams are somewhat lucid dreams as I am aware I am in a dream. ... An odd thing about this type of dream is the dream seems to be a carefully scripted event. ... These new serial dreams are interesting to ponder as these dreams ha no connection except where I go, and I know I am dreaming."

"The Drew in the Dreams".

"what I write today ... is inspired by dreams. ... But I’ll never forget the magic of those serial dreams which brought excitement and intrigue ... ."