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(The terms "Collective Dreaming" and "Social Dreaming" regularly refer to methods of interpretation of dreams, rather than to the dreamings themselves.)

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Collective Dreaming [This is an instance aberrant use of the term "Collective Dreaming" as a synonym for "Mutual Dreaming / Shared Dreaming".]

/Collective Dreaming/ is employed by Surrealists to describe a "dialectical" countreaction against /Connective Awakening/. (Bridget Fowler : The Obituary as Collective Memory. ROUTLEDGE ADVANCES IN SOCIOLOGY, 27. Francis & Taylor, Abingdon, 2007.)

As an exposition of the occult significance of such "Obituary", the term /Collective Dreaming/ is used on p. 207 of the book The Boy and His Death : A True Story,

by Marga Beukeboom (iUniverse, Bloomington [IN], 2010), to describe the soul's post-mortem understanding (as explained by the Death-deity) of events in its just-completed lifetime.