Lucid Dreaming Via Huperzine-A


"Huperzine-A for Lucid Dreaming, Neuroprotection, and More".

"experts ... suggest taking huperzine-A to allow the dream voyager to reach the lucid dream state.8"


"Understanding the Function and Benefits of Huperzine A".

"Huperzine A ... has a reputation for increasing REM sleep (dreaming stage of sleep) and lucid dreaming*—this reputational effect ... would presumably be related to acetylcholine."


"Huperzine-A Review".

"Many nootropic enthusiasts supplement huperzine A strictly for the purpose of enhancing lucid dreams."



"Huperzine-a is one of the main ingredients of lucid dreaming supplements, such as Claridream and Dreamleaf. .... When taken Huperzine-A during the night, it has an amazing effect on dreams!

It will lead to profoundly vivid and memorable dreams with a serious amount of details!

Some other positive aspects of Huperzine A include:

– enhance your dream recall
– increase the intensity of your dreams
– add a greater sense of meaning to your dreams
– help you become more self-aware while dreaming
– sustain highly vivid dreams ...

For lucid dreaming, the suggested dosage is 200 mcg.

That amount should provide detailed, colored and extremely vivid dreams!

When combined with your regular lucidity training, it will inevitably lead to a lucid dream!

For higher chances of experiencing a lucid dream, you should do that :

1. Wake up during the night

– wake up after 4-5 hours of sleep and take the pill. Then you should…

2. Go back to sleep ...

After you are calmly laying in your bed, perform a lucid dreaming method.

You can take a look at techniques that require waking up during the night, such as:
WILD (Wake Initiated Lucid Dream)
WBTB (Wake Back To Bed)
SSILD (Senses Initiated Lucid Dreaming)"


"Experimenting With Nootropics to Increase Mental Capacity, Clarity".

"He attributed my lucid dreaming to increased levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which enhances REM dreaming. Alpha Brain has two ingredients that boost acetylcholine levels: GPC choline, which the body converts to acetylcholine, and Huperzine A, an alkaloid derived from Chinese club moss, also known as Huperzia serrata. "Huperzine A disarms the enzyme that naturally breaks down acetylcholine," Marcus said. "So while the GPC choline is being converted to acetylcholine, the Huperzine A is keeping it from disappearing. It's like plugging the drain and turning on the faucet.""



"Huperzine A is one of the supplements most lucid dreaming enthusiasts swear by. It is available without a prescription, it is relatively cheap and by all accounts – including my own – it does indeed work when it comes to LD induction and enhancement. ...

Huperzine A is a sesquiterpene alkaloid, which ... can essentially be extracted from a number of plants, such as Huperzia serrata, Huperzia elmeri, H. carinat, etc. The main source for the currently available Huperzine A supplements is Huperzia serrata. ...

If you take the supplement when going to bed, you will mess with your natural sleep cycle: boosting your ACh levels during the first part of sleep, when deep-sleep stages dominate, is a mistake, and it may easily result in a REM rebound-like effect, which will see your body try to recover the lost deep-sleep periods by cutting back on REM.

That said, the boosting of ACh levels shouldn’t happen until after you’ve put in 4-5 hours of quality sleep. That’s the approximate point when REM sleep takes over, and serotonin levels naturally decrease, as ACh takes over. ...

The benefic effects of ACh on lucid dreaming are undeniable. What’s more is that it helps with MILD as well as WILD lucid dreams. Elevated ACh levels can indeed greatly help with the WILD variety of LDs, which is quite a leap forward, given how this type of LD can be induced at will. For a beginner lucid dreamer, 90% of LDs happen in the MILD mode (lucidity realized in an actual dream) and 10% in the wake-induced mode (WILD). The use of supplements such as Huperzine A, can turn that ratio upside down: triggering 90% of LDs in the WILD mode and 10% of them in the MILD one. ...

Some say that Huperzine A is the best available LD supplement in existence. Indeed, my personal experience backs that statement. The results one can attain with Huperzine A, especially in the realm of WILDs, are nothing short of spectacular. ... The only other supplement that comes close to Huperzine A, LD-related effects-wise is galantamine, which acts in a manner similar to Huperzine A: it inhibits AChE, to thus prevent the breakdown of ACh in the brain. Still, Huperzine A is the clear winner for me and for many others out there. ...

What I have personally found though it that galantamine packs quite an additional punch – and not in a good way. Whenever I wake up in the morning following a galantamine-aided LD experience, I feel like I had a few drinks too many the previous night. With Huperzine A, I’m always refreshed, a good nights’ sleep behind me. For someone who engages in lucid dreaming as much as I do, this is quite a deal-breaker as far as galantamine is concerned. I simply cannot afford to wake up feeling like I’ve been through a thorough beat-down 2-3 days a week. This fact alone makes Huperzine A vastly superior to galantamine. ...

Especially when combined it with choline supplements, 50-100 mcg Huperzine A may do the trick for inducing vivid lucid dreams that are easy to recall."


"Huperzine Lucid Dreaming".

"Although it is not as well known as galantine, I, personally have found huperzine to be superior for a couple of reasons ... . ... .

Perhaps the biggest draw to buy Huperzine A is its ability to produce more vivid dreaming, or lucid dreams, in the user."