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Mark Dunn : "Valkyrie Witch Wives Of The Ecstatic Shaman"

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"promote erotic dreams" God BS is often depicted as standing on a human head [an erotic allusion, perhaps suggesting fellatio ("giving head") performed on him in a dream?] : cf. mention in the Hypn-eroto-machia ('Sleep-Erotic-War') of "a head" which is entred and containing "The brain" ("D&W", p. 42) : with the latter cf. mention in the Kumulipo (line 1785) of goddess Hau-mea who "gave birth through the brain" to the goddess Kaha->ula ('Erotic Dreams').

"D&W" = Tracey Eve Winton : "The Dream and the Wake".

Kumulipo lines 1735-1813

N.B. Where BS = Vamana (mentioned in the Puran.a-s), the head (stood-on by BS) = the head of Bali (stepped-upon by Vamana); but perhaps an earlier name for /Bali/ was /Makha/ (mentioned as decapitated head in the R.c-Veda).

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