Dream-news-bringing Butterfly

"According to a Blackfoot Indian:

You know that it is the butterfly who brings us our dreams — who brings the news to us when we are asleep. Have you never heard a man say, when he sees a butterfly fluttering over the prairie, ‘There is a little fellow flying about that is going to bring news to someone tonight.’? Or have you not heard a person say after the fire burns low and the people begin to make up their beds about the lodge, ‘Well, let us go to bed and see what news the butterfly will bring?’

The Indians use a cross, similar to a Maltese cross, as a sign for the butterfly. ...

Whenever the Blackfoot Indians incorporate a butterfly symbol on one of their lodges "it signifies that the designs and colors adorning that lodge are not those of the mortal Indian who painted them but were shown to him in a dream by the Great Spirit."" http://www.insects.org/ced4/symbol_list2.html [quoting George Bird Grinnel]

{Is this Aztec goddess Itz-papalotl, who pursued Mimich and Xiuh-nel underground from the hearth [of goddess Chantico]. Carlos Castan~eda wrote of a praeternatural moth which could pursue humans at night.}

{Similar to news-bringers are heralds :} ""the moths are the heralds, or better yet, the guardians of eternity," for some reason, or for no reason at all, they are the depositories of the gold dust of eternity. ... "the moths carry a dust on their wings, a dark gold dust. That dust is the dust of knowledge."" http://www.insects.org/ced4/symbol_list1.html [according to Carlos Castan~eda]