Dream-diary, September 2019

Sept 2nd-3rd (Mon-Tue) 2019 :- Dream : I understood certain persons, who were praesent, to have custody of particular aspects of religion and of the associated aspects of mythology; but I was not well-aware of the particular distinctions among these persons. I discovered that whenever I vocally addressed any such persons, however, they automatically imparted, to their personal sartorial ornamentation, such distinctive features as could enable an observer to become aware of such particular distinctions among them, as would be appropriately matching-up with such custodies. Having discovered this fact, I remarked to some bye-stander concerning this discovery of mine. [Then I awoke. It was shortly before daybreak.] {Very likely, my continued progress in writing (and my posting onto the internet, upon the completion of each installment) of the litterary series having the collective document-file label "mythologic_systems_worldwide,_sequential_events_in" is resulting in an effect of my seeking and finding, in my dreamings, persons whom I understand to have custody of informations (and of the correlated official functions) pertinent thereto. Furthermore, my actiona (and further intentions) in disclosing the said installments (via my e-mailing to them weblinks of my correlated postings on the internet) to prominent persons (holders of university-degrees as doctors-of-philosophy) of my local acquaintance, is likewise surely enhancing my prospects of experiencing such types of dreaming : that I ought to be regularly participating in e-mailing weblinks to such internet-postings of mine, I managed to deduce from the fact that when I wrote-up a praevious version (a year or more prior) of the same series (without my informing any persons of my acquaintance about this litterary project of mine -- I had hesitated to inform anyone personally, because I had figured that, for me to do so, might disrupt whatever divine plans might be pertinent), I somehow abruptly forgot my having written-up such a series (which had occupied some months of my continuous effort). My redoing of this project hath been with some trepidation as to possible ill-effects (such as, a potential abrupt forgetting -- again -- of this project of mine toward this systematic comparison of mythologies) if I were to neglect -- again -- making use of my personal human social contacts by informing (via e-mail weblinks) any pertinent persons (in the waking-world) as to such a project of mine. I have come to regard that the complete forgetting of the project praeviously was due (through some mode of divine intervention) to my neglect to provide sufficient credit (which might be divinely credited to them as punya 'merit') to those persons in their making feasible for me the various aspects which were necessary for me to undertake it. These various aspects would include these persons' (especially G.L.R.'s) : (1) having helped me to be released out of the insane-asylum, (2) having repeatedly found-and-secured suitable housing for me, (3) having continually assisted in my finances including serving as my "payee" for social-security pension-cheques and with my resultant bank-accounts, and (4) having provided me with the indispensable printed books (such as, an <ibriy text of the TnaK, and a dictionary of the <arabiy vocabulary and also a dictionary of the Latin vocabulary) which I am constantly making use of for writing-up the mythology-comparisons.}

Sept 3rd-4th (Tue-Wedn) 2019 :- Half-asleep : I heard my name mentioned : "Frank".

Later dream, same night : A man handed to me s sample of a certain herb.

Sept 5th-6th (Thur-Fri) 2019 :- Dream : I was staying in a residence where there were two women, one of whom was apparently my mother. I understood that both of them were scheduled to depart from the town later that day; and that I was also scheduled to depart from the town later that day, myself separately via an overland-traveling omnibus. I was in the process of praeparing for my departure, and when this praeparation of mine was completed, I asked of them whether it might already be too late for me to catch my ride on my omnibus, but they assured me that the time for me to catch my omnibus-ride was scheduled even later than their departure-time. Then, the woman who was apparently my mother told me that when she would drive me to the overland-omnibus station, she would ask there whether there was as yet time for me to board that omnibus. [Then I awoke. It was somewhat after 4 A.M., well-before dawn.] {Yesterday (Sept 5) afternoon, when I arrived (having walked from my residence to the state-capitol aedifice (the immediately-praevious occasion of my walking to there having been some 3 months earlier -- I chose this day for walking on account of the weather's being hazy due to the hurricane off the state's Atlantic coast), of the couple (G.R. and his wife C.F.) who were there already, the woman (C.F.) told me that I had arrived so late that (after my doubling circumambulating that aedifice, as is my custom whenever I walk to there, in order to dispose of what I brought, in the sequence of the week-days according to the planetary signification of the monuments located around the aedifice) I would not be able to have time to be driven by them, and would have to return home by walking back (2 miles each way). This turned out to be the case (they were as yet there in front of the aedifice, along bye-then with a woman and her grown son, the ones from Costa Rica, who had both arrived since I had started around the aedifice; but all had departed when I arrived at the end of my 2nd round); but when I was at least half of the way back towards my aedifice of residence by walking, a woman who was driving an automobile stopped her automobile in the middle of the roadway, and hailed me, asking whether I would like to be driven; so I entred that automobile and was driven the remainder of the way, telling her (she was negroid) when I arrived at my residence that I had been at a protest for civil-rights.} [The two women in the dream could well repraesent two of the women whom I had thus encountred that day during my walking to-and-from the state-capitol aedifice.] {Incidentally, whereas I have for a number of weeks been in the process of composing a compraehensive sequential comparison of events in the major antient mythologic systems (a project that I had been well-into writing at least a year earlier, but had abruptly forgotten; such forgetfulness having been apparently arranged by deities so that I would have an interlude where-during to seek-out the cause of my memory's deterioration, and would discover this cause in my lack of herbal bitters in my diet; and would therefore commence ingesting such bitters quite regularly every day, as is necessary in order to evade senescence of mind-and-body); and I have, especially during this process, been reminding myself that the numerous deities have so arranged my life as to make myself very eager for composing this comparison : 1stly, by causing me to be in an insane-asylum for a sufficiently long period of time [a good decade, ending at the end (last day) of the millennium] for me to realize that the reason for their having me stay there that long, being I that am required by them to participate regularly in civil-rights/pacifist rallies (which participation is arranged to-the-end-that these deities are enabled to report to their divine committees that there are indeed persons in the material waking-world who are seeking progressive socio-political measures, at politically significant sites where the politically-minded deities may be on the look-out for indications of socio-political meaningfulness), and 2ndly by causing me to have in my waking-world social life no sexual activities, so as not be emotionally distracted from my eagerness for the litterary-composition project.]

Sept 6th-7th (Fri-Satur) 2019 :- Dream : I was witnessing the process of a systematic construction (by an organized group of philosphers) of a logical analogue for the structure of the world, in terms of ethical praecepts -- or, so I understood the exposition which this group of philosphers was praesenting by way of lecture. [Then I awoke. It was just 4 A.M., daylight-savings time.] {I have (in waking-life) become engaged (during recent days) in an instructive process of shewing that the Euangelia (Gospels) consist of a logical interpretation of the system of Hellenic mythology, in terms of ethical praecepts. I have already accepted as a sort of praemise that any system of mythology is an analogue for description of the systematically organized divine governance of the universe; and an ethical exposition of this divine governance would be of pragmatic utility to intelligent living beings residing in the material world.}

Sept 7th-8th (Satur-Sun) 2019 :- Dream : I was reading a decription of an herb used as a condiment.

Sept 8th-9th (Sun-Mon) 2019 :- Dream : I was, along with another person of my acquaintance, observing the ascent of 2 ae:roplanes (the 2nd being immediately behind the 1st), both of which had evidently, briefly prior, taken off from the city's ae:roport. Although the 1st of these 2 ae:roplanes successfully continued to climb aloft to increasingly higher elevation, nevertheless the 2nd of these 2 ae:roplanes unaccountably turned upward too sharply, and therefore was unable to maintain its ae:rodynamic lift; so that it suddenly began to scuttle backwards toward the ground, and in a very few seconds crashed, colliding with its tail into the ground. While those very few seconds were elapsing, I ducked behind a low wall (which was located in the direction of the about-to-crash ae:roplane), so as thereby for me to dodge any concussion-wave emitted by the ae:roplane's bye-then-inevitable crashing. Meanwhile, I called out to the person of my acquaintance that I expected a shock-wave to accompany the very-loudly-expected crash-explosion sound. [While as yet awaiting that explosive sound (I did hear some sound immediately co-incident with the collision, but I knew that the main explosive sound of the crash could not as yet have arrived), I abruptly awoke. It was 3:33 A.M. when I observed the computer's clock.] {Immediately before my falling asleep, I was in the very odd-and-strange situation of my so-called intuitively-knowing how to respond in appropriate wordcraft to a developing state-of-affairs wherein I understood myself to be an intermediary passing on (so some undisclosed praeteratural receiver of the wordcraft being uttered by me) ideas which were be apparently implanted in my mind by some undisclosed praeteratural author-resolver of undisclosed-to-me developing situation, which I considered to be of cosmic consequence. [The boding (in the dream's hidden theme) of undisclosed cosmic consequence was, most likely, a result of my expecting some mightily-planetwide socio-political consequence of an as-of-yet-undisclosed nature, eventually to ensue as a result my continuing to develop my systematic worldwide parallelism amongst the major religions on this planet.]}

Sept 11th-12th (Wedn-Fri) 2019 :- Dream : I was reading about variants of their names in certain short lists of herbs used for particular purposes.

Sept 16th-17th (Mon-Tue) 2019 :- Dream : While I was listening to a young man (whom I understood to be of some exotic ethnicity) speaking to an older man, I heard the former employ a phonetic \hay\ (hai) [as in the name of the Spanish game "jai-alai"] when intending the 1st-person singular subject-pronoun \I\. When they had finished speaking together, I was walking to the older man, intending to tell him that I had noticed the younger man's peculiar pronunciation of this word, when he (the older man) accosted me, telling me that the younger man had used this pronunciation. So, I told him that I was walking to him to say to him that I had likewise noticed this pronunciation. {After I awoke, I realized that the younger man must have been using the Cockney pronunciation for this pronoun -- for, in the pronunciation-scheme peculiar to Cockney, an initial \h-\ is praefixed to every word which in the normative pronunciation is commencing with a vowel (and, correlatively, the Cockney pronunciation is omissive of the initial \h-\ praesent in the normative pronunciation of words). My mother (before I left my parents in 1963) told me of this peculiarity; my parents would have been exposed to some Cockney pronunciation when they had resided (along with me, as a being then a child; my sistre being born thereat) in a suburb of London in the late 1940s.}

Sept 17th-18th (Tue-Wedn) 2019 :- Dream : I had been fleeing from possible pursuit; and was nigh to a highway in the countryside, when a vehicle containing two men stopped on the highway adjoining. I thought that they might be policemen, and sought to evade them by walking toward the nigh landscape containing an apparent opening into an area concealed behind a ridge. However, I was tired, and was thus slow in walking; and wondred whether I would be able to evade further in pursued. [Then I awoke. I had been asleep about an hour-and-a-half; it was now a little beyond 3:30 AM.] {Before going to sleep, I had been cutting-and-pasting text from a book (Analysis of Coeur d'Alene Indian myths) on the internet, for a comparison with a similar passage in Hellenic mythology. The mythic adventure (involving manoeuvres against adversaries) may have influenced my dreaming.}

Sept 20th-21st (Fri-Satur) 2019 :- Dream : I was in my room, contemplating the divine nature of existence, when I suddenly began to float gradually upwards (into the air), in the room. While I was accomplishing this, I thought to myself that whenever anyone hath attained the right attitude toward understanding of the nature of existence, thereupon one will automatically start to levitate, floating upwards, wherever one may be. [But I then awoke. It was about half an hour after midnight.]

Sept 21st-22nd (Satur-Sun) 2019 :- Dream : I was reading about traditional Chinese varieties of parallels to an antient European myth.

Later dream, same night : I was reading about knowledge of modern-dialectal forms of Samskr.ta-derived names of trance-states, such knowledge being intended to result in praeternatural powers.

Sept 22nd-23rd (Sun-Mon) 2019 :- Dream : When I whispered to a woman that I wished to feel on her body, she mentioned aloud, in the hearing of other persons present, this requaest of mine. Immediately afterwards, however, I started feeling on the body of another woman there : I extended my hand under the top of her pants, and was rubbing on her pubic region.

Another dream, same night : When I wished to feel on the body of another woman, the sky momentarily responded approvingly, by large galaxies' (filling the sky) becoming briefly visible. I was pleased with such a cosmic display of divine approval. {When had I finished, for the evening, taking my notes (for comparison with the Classic of Mountains and Seas) from Graves : The Greek Myths, I had left the book open at my halting-place (@99), mentioning "the Dolphin"; and I have a small poster (kept on my refrigerator-door) of dolphins leaping against a sky having a galaxy visible.}

Sept 23rd-24th (Mon-Tue) 2019 :- Dream : I was participating in a publicly-sponsored program o f receiving, at regular intervals of time, a packet of ready-to-eat praepared foods. The packet, on each occasion, was to contain enough pickled foods to keep the other foods in the packet free from spoilage. While I was waiting, along with other persons, for the arrival of such food packets, one of the men who was standing there would keep two silver dollars beside his feet; I had not at first realized that he knew that he had put those dollars there , not having dropped them inadvertently. Because of the oddity of this behaviour of his (apparently done for good luck's sake), this made me realize that I was being helped by such behaviour, in that its oddity kept my thought away from him and his companions, so that I would naturally focus my attention on the forthcoming praesence of my own kin, who were due to arrive there shortly. Very soon, my father did arrive in an automobile. [Then I awoke.] {I myself regularly pickle (with vinegar) any food which I have cooked (steamed/boiled), whenever I put it (in the cooking-pot) into the refrigerator, in order to keep it free from spoilage. The day before yesterday, at the Sunday meeting, a woman (who is attending the meeting regularly) was mentioning to me, in the kitchen, her care not to waste any cooked foods wherever praeparing them at her home.} [Incidentally, I would seem that the reason why I have been remembring my dreams over the last several nights, would seem to be that I have been eating a little su-gandhi (litterally 'well-odorous') each day -- this herb is very tough, but I have found that I can cut it (prior to crushing the resultant fragments with a pliers) with a wire-cutters.]

Sept 25th-26th (Wedn-Thur) 2019 :- Dream : I was viewing an outline-map of Eurasia. At first the map was quite small (about 2 inches across); nextly, it was much larger and extended to include Alaska. I remarked aloud that (for the 2nd map-size) Europe was depicted smaller than Alaska. [Then I awoke. It was about 3 AM.]

Sept 26th-27th (Wedn-Thur) 2019 :- Dream : I was intriguedly observing a curious effect of a fluctuation's (similar to a vibration's) producing an opposite effect from that which would have been expected on the overall visible brightness of an observed scene. [Then I was abruptly woken by a telephone-call (on my cell-telephone). The call turned out to be from the office of my aedifice-of-residence, instructing me to press upwards the emergency-button in my apartment's bathroom (which I thereupon did). Somehow, the dream may have resulted through the button's having be pulled downwards (while I was sleeping), mayhap by some praeternatural agency (such as, some elf). Never praeviously had such an anomalous situation quite occurred for me.] {During the praevious evening (Sept 26th), G.R. and S.P. (from the SocOfFr) were in my apartment, amending the situation in my walk-in cl.oset : they having arrived after his telling me -- via the same cell-telephone -- that the office of my aedifice-of-residence had informed him that I would be expelled promptly from my apartment (and thus from the aedifice) unless the clutter in my apartment were not amended (eliminated) immediately. Somehow, the dream (and the praeternatural agency) may have been intended to notify me that only their (G.R.'s and S.P.'s) action was in the process of rescuing my residency-status. Also, the same day (Sept 26th), the scheduled delivery (from Amazon.com) of taurine-pills [intended to assuage the eyesight-misaffecting retinal-bloodsupply for the man (90 years-of-age) of the couple in Apt 1106 -- a # curiously similar to the -street-address number-pair of the the 2 addresses (miles apart, my own being 1116 in Lakeview, while the woman whom I was for a while staying overnight in the residence of being 1160, in Hyde Park, both neighborhoods being quondam suburbs of Chicago before they were legally absorbed into that city) experienced by me during the Viet-Nam Conflict] was shifted from a status of "expected that day" to a status of "delayed". Perhaps also a praecipating factor (for the dream and for the dream-instigating praeternatural's intervention) may have included the Chicago-residency of Prof (quondam in the history-department of this state-capital's state-university) Kreml (who attended -- at the state-capitol aedifice -- the most recent Wednesday's protest by the Peace-Resource Centre) : he is another person whose medical difficulty (in his case, diagnosed by me as insulin-overdose being caused by his not having decreased his dosage thereof upon starting with metformin) is being remedied by a suggestion from me. [Incidentally, after my having typed thus far, I noticed that the Hellenic alphabetic littera/letter \tau\ (that name occurring likewise in the amino-acid \taurine\) had disappeared from all instances above [later corrected my me] of the pronominal praefix in the word \praeternatural\ : this omission (likely an erasure caused by a praeternatural entity) could be an allusion to the bye-as-of-now praeterite (i.e., past) status of the events of the Viet-Nam Aira.}