Dream-diary, August 2019

August 1st-2nd (Thur-Fri) 2019 :- Dream : I was listening to a repeated mention, by word-of-mouth, of a list of recommended substances. At first I thought that the substances (whose function was not very clearly described) might be explosives, but after hearing the list of them being mentioned enough times, I realized that they must be nutrients beneficial for consumption by humans. [Then I awoke. It was about 3 A.M.]

August 2nd-3rd (Fri-Satur) 2019 :- Dream : I was reading, successively, two accounts of what seemed to be two versions of the same mythical event. In the 1st account, out of a group of four men, two of the men moved into a certain region, but thereupon vanished, being replaced, however, by the other two men of the group of four. In the 2nd account, two men likewise moved into a certain region, and vanished, but thereupon were replaced by one man. When I read mention of any names of the men involved, they were not familiar to me (not having read the name or names elsewhere), but the theme seemed familiar to me. [Then I awoke; it was after daybreak.] {Just before falling asleep, I had been reading the accounts in the TNaK concerning Mos^eh and his brother >Ahrown : I had long been familiar with the narrative of how >Ahrown had vanished when in the praesence of >Mos^eh. The narrative of the murder of Remus by his brother Romulus is sometimes suggested by commentators to be, perhaps, another account of the same event.}

August 6th-7th (Tue-Wedn) 2019 :- Dream : I was reading a reference to a mythic event, the reference being to the "Puran.a" followed by a 3-number set. At first I thought that the reference must be to the Mahabharata (which is conventionally indicated by a 3-part set : parvan, chapter, and verse); but on my re-reading of this reference, I saw that the middle number was too large (its was greater that 700, whereas each parvan in the Mahabharata is restricted to a smaller # content of chapters, fewer than 200), so that I wondred whether an enumeration-method had been invented for referring to all the puran.a-s collectively by means of such a 3-number set, the middle number reaching to a much-greater quantity than in the traditional enumeration-method [Incidentally, during my typing this last sentence, two of the letters (the 1st within a \th...\-set, and the 2nd of a \...t..\) were somehow doubledd (though 3rdly, the final \...d\ of the last word [instanced] appeared doubled when I looked back at it, though it apparently was not at first doubled when I typed it) -- perhaps somepraeternatural influence is functioning here, with the intent of emphasizing the anomalous nature of dream-experience : indeed, that experience may be the first of its kind for me, for I do not off-hand recall a praevious similar wondring in a dream about possibilities in allusion or otherwise within any textual reference which I was reading within such a dream. This sort of dreaming could be reminiscent of the type of situation described in orthodox Muslim dream-litterature, wherein the omens are described distinctively for reading of the various chapters of the Qur>an : the parallelism is particular in that references to chapters of the Qur>an are often rendred in terms of a set of alphabetic letters (either 2 or 3 letters in each such case) praeceding certain such chapters.]

August 8th-9th (Thur-Fri) 2019 :- Dream : I saw a brown-skinned woman standing nude in a public place, so I asked her whether she would like me to make love with her. She answered by declining this offer. {I did recently (two days ago, on Wedn) ask a woman residing (on a different floor from mine) in this my aedifice-of-residence, when I knocked on her apartment-door to give to her (as I have at least weekly been doing over recent months) a couple of food-items, when she remarked that she had been sleeping, state that I was willing to "sleep with" her; but she replied to this offer by declining it. I had not particularly been asking this of her on praevious occastions; but it may be that if I were to continue with asking her similarly on every occasion when I give food to her, that she may eventually consent. I thought that that day would be a particularly auspicious day to start asking her that sort of quaestion, because the same day had been scheduled for my receiving at my apartment two visitors (man G.R. and woman S.P.) together from the SocOfFr; and I had praepared in advance for their visit by arranging that which they were coming for (indeed, when they did arrive later, S.P. on seeing my arrangement, did immediately remark that they would not have to trouble themselves with arranging it themselves). When the two of visitors did arrive, I was speaking on the internet-telephone with another woman (who had praeviously told me to telephone her on only that day of each week, this occasion being the first of an intended series of thus weekly calls) who is also a regular attender of the meeting of the local SocOfFr, and is a mulatta (as most persons are of such a racial admixture who of high-caste within southern Bharata/India, where her ancestors are from).}

Later in the same dream : I was reading a narrative mentioning the numeric quantities of the various numbers of membres of certain groups of persons involved in the story, and was thinking to myself that some of these numbers might be based on powers of smaller numbers, such as 1000 being 10^3. {1000 is prominent not only in Maha-yana characterizations of quantities of buddha-s, but also in the <arabic book-title Thousand Nights and a Night, leaving a thematic parallelism possibly indicated.}

August 9th-10th (Fri-Satur) 2019 :- Dream : I saw a man who while with me on the sidewalk had announced that he was in possession of a method leading persons to praeternatural empowerment, walk into a certain public gathering on the ground-floor of an aedifice; so I followed him by walking into it, and saw various men together in the few rooms of that establishment, the man whom I had followed being found in the furthest of those rooms. He was talking to the other men therein, seemingly rendring occult advice. Thereupon, one of the men whom he had addressed said that it was as-of-then necessary for all of us to walk toward the front of that aedifice by walking outside of it. They did so; I myself started walking alone through the rooms, toward the aedifice's front, but after a few paces, realized that I might forfeit any gain of spiritual power by not walking via the same route as the other men in our group; so I turned around, and walked taking the same route as they had.

Another (apparently later) part of the same dream : Some men in our group convinced me that it was appropriate (apparently for my spiritual achievement) for me to be taken to stay in an insane-asylum. Soon, while I was standing on the several-storey-tall-aedifice's high flat roof, I saw a vehicle, which I realized was an ambulance from the insane-asylum, approaching on the street, and realized that it was probably coming for me. When this vehicle reached the aedifice from whose roof I was looking down, that vehicle did not halt, but continued its movement by somehow driving up the vertical side of my aedifice, coming to a halt perched vertically on its rear end on the roof; no one within the vehicle dared attempting opening any of its doors in such a praecarious situation. I realized that such an anomalous situation must be an indication that I somehow already satisfied, by my willingness to co-operate with needful suggestions, whatever spiritual requirement that had been requaested of me; and that I would now be free to depart the praesence of this insane-asylum transport-vehicle. So, I made my decided departure.

Still another (still later) part of the same dream : I was thinking that I needed to conserve any praeternatural power for me which had been placed into particular objects (amulets) which were now located in particular rooms on particular storeys of the aedifice which I had experienced, so I started contemplating them (one of them in particular, which had the form of a couching animal) in that context. [Then I awoke; the time was not long before dawn.]

August 14th-15th (Wedn-Thur) 2019 :- Dream : I was reading about the distinction between \baba\ and other terms for 'an authority'. {Actually, \Baba\ is a Persian (and Urdu) word, sometimes used in the same way as \papa\ is used for 'pope' in Latin : e.g., in "Meher Baba", \Meher\ being from Persian \Mithra\ (cognate with \miter\, the headdress of an episkopos/bishop).}

August 17th-18th (Sat-Sun) 2019 :- Dream : I was with a woman : we were reclining together on a large bed, with our bodies pressed together; but our bodies remained clothed. We continued at this for quite a long while. Then I must have awoken (and have gone back to sleep), for I could remembre my having dreampt such a dream, and having intended to write about it, but not having written about it thus far. {I had not experienced a similar dream in quit a number of weeks. Yesterday (Aug 17) I had adequately completed my writing (in three parts -- totallying nigh 40 pages -- thus far) titled "Mythologic Systems Worldwide", that I considered it to be in adequately viewable (by other persons) condition, as of yesterday evening. I was wondring whether my inviting other persons to view (on the internet) this writing on mine would have the effect of resulting in my dreaming dreams of a more interesting sort : apparently, such hath promptly become a result, even prior to my actually doing do (as I was as of yesterday evening planning to do, starting with to-day). I had been thinking to myself that the main reason why I had not been dreaming any dream of a delightful, delectable sort in recent weeks must have been because the divine entities (including especially my own personal spirit-guides) did not wish for me to be distracted (by my dreaming anything particularly interesting) while I did not have, as of praeviously, this momentous writing of mine in adequately viewable condition; and I had been furthermore been thinking to myself that my adequately-viewable publication of it on the internet might well be regarded in the dream-world as occasion for those dream-producing entities' collective celebration of this result from me (which might eventually produce some historic intellectual stir in the waking-world), on account of my being so well-satisfied with it, that any other pertinently-knowledgeable persons would mostly likely be similarly impressed with its universal value, starting with praeternatural persons (such as, the personal spirit-guides of mortals residing in the waking-world) in the local (planetwide) sector of the dreaming-universe. If (as would appear to be the case) this local-sector-of-the-universe "dream-producing entities' collective celebration" hath been a result as-of-bye-now, then a discussion of how to proceed (with further publication of this writing) ought to be very-much in-order-of-business : I suppose that I ought to discuss it not only with the better-informed of my personal acquaintances in the waking-world, but also ought to ask of those waking-world persons' personal spirit-guides to spread (in whatever way they may have conveniently available among each-other) awareness of the existence of this writing (which they might invite other persons' spirit-guides to view from their own dream-universe, or which they might care to seek to have published, through some formal mechanism, in,-across,-and-athwart their propre dreaming-universe). This sort of occasion could warrent sending-forth such a requaest (for publication of the writing of mine) in,-across,-and-athwart the peculiar local-sectors of universes of spirit-guardians of animals, of spirit-guardians of plants, and any other such-like peculiar local-sectors of universes as may be meaningfully pertinent.}

August 23rd-24th (Fri-Satur) 2019 :- Dream : I was being informed concerning the manifest comparative effects of certain herbs on one's overall rates of thinking. {I have in recent weeks been mentioning, to persons of my acquaintance, the beneficial effects of herbal bitters on my own capacity for memory (which had been diminishing due to my aging in the way of commencement of mental senescence, but from which diminution I have more recently been recovering as a result of my regular ingestation of traditional herbal bitters along with my other usual foods) and consequent agility in thinking. Yesterday (Aug 23rd) I happened to read (in Anne Birrell's translation of the Classic of Mountains and Seas, p. 80), a mention of a species of "bitters plant"; this reading may likely have been a cause for my dreaming last night's type of dream.}

August 30th-31st (Fri-Satur) 2019 :- Dream : An animal suddenly came from behind me. {On the evening praevious (August 30), I had been reading that an Empousa is first heard from back, and then from in front; and that when she is visible, she is constantly changing her bodily shape into that of various animals (Aristophanes : Frogs. https://www.theoi.com/Phasma/Empousai.html).}