Dream-diary, July 2019

July 3rd-4th (Wedn-Thur) 2019 :- Dream : I was doing copy-and-paste, from the internet, of litterary articles concerning several mental-emotional attitudes which ought to accompany dreaming in order to achieve beneficial results.

July 5th-6th (Fri-Satur) 2019 :- Dream : I was reading about digestive substances.

July 6th-7th (Satur-Sun) 2019 :- Dream : I was aware that there had been much rain recently. When I looked through the window (from some floor above the first, so that a good view was available), I saw that the fields, as far my my view extended, were heavily water-logged (mostly covered over with a thin sheet of water) : a view which impressed me as unusual. Immediately I spoke to my mother (who was seated closebye, in the same room), telling her to look out the window to see a sight which was the strangest which I have seen in my lifetime. {Being impressed with a scene in a dream is unusual for me; I do not off-hand recall ever before, in a dream, having asked anyone to look through a window to see any unusual scene. Most likely, it is some herb among the 10 which I received just a couple of days ago (several whereof I started ingesting on the day before yesterday, others yesterday), via mail-order, from PennHerb, which is now imparting to me usually-impressive dreaming. Because I intend to keep on ingesting these herbs daily, it is likely that I will persist in experiencing impressive dreams every night, from now onwards. Some particular herb may succeed in inducing memorable dreaming in certain persons, with the particular herb producing such an effect varying from one person to another person : it may be likely enough that anyone, if ingesting enough different species of herbs, will eventually discover which particular species is able to impart such dreaming to that person. I have certainly read, on blog-accounts (whether on Amazon.com or elsewhere) of herbs touted as enhancing dreams, that very few persons ingesting any such herb are at-all able to experience any such effect from such an herb. It may well be that in order to discover which particular herb will have such an effect, the person seeking such an effect may have to sample dozens of different herbs; and that the particular herb having that effect for any particular person may not even be particularly touted in litterature as a dream-enhancing herb. By the same token, persons may need to try-out a great variety of different types and styles of music, or of any other art, before finding any type or style satisfactorily pleasing to that person : however, in order already to be already in a congenial-enough mood to feel like making such trials, a person may need to be put (usually, to put oneself) in such a mood by regularly comesting (along with, of course, ordinary foods) a wide variety of spices and/or of bitters, many of which are very-much mood-ameliorating.}

July 7th-8th (Sun-Mon) 2019 :- Dream : I was reading about a particular herb.

July 8th-9th (Mon-Tue) 2019 :- Dream : I was observing, in a sort of psychological institution, a woman who was considered to be performing unnecessarily rigorous exercises. When I was briefly absent, I returned to notice that that woman had been replaced by a different woman of similar reputation. When I was absent briefly from the room, I returned to notice that this latter woman was doing a handstand, with the palms of her hands on the floor and her arms and her legs vertically upward (she seemed short to me); in that situation, a woman attendant gestured to me not to disturb the woman who was doing that rigorous exercise. I only remarked, to whomever was listening, that I myself could not perform such a "hard exercise". [Then I awoke. I had, again, slept through the night without awaking to urinate. I was pleased that I was the condition of being evidently cured (of my long-standing need to waken several occasions each night to urinate, which had been my situation for every night for a number of years) by my ingestation, now-a-days, every day (indeed, with every meal) the herbs which I had received several days ago from from PennHerb. That set of 10 herbs was the largest variety of well-reputed herbs which I had hitherto bought, in a single purchase together, from that company. I had on two praevious months obtained sets of 5 herbs each month from the company, without achieving such a notable effect. These purchases were generally of 4 ounces of each herb when that quantity would be less than about $12, but for 1 ounce when 4 ounces of the herb would cost more than about $12.] {The dream about the woman doing the handstand was likely intended to indicate that rigorous bodily-health improvements (such as, my current ability to sleep through each night without needing to awake for urination) are indeed feasible. I have, since I began recovering adequate memory-functioning due to my, in recent weeks, with every meal (including, every day, an initial meal of pills, a 2nd meal of herb-powders, and a 3rd meal of vegetables) ingesting various well-reputed herbal bitters -- been telling to persons of my personal acquaintance (both locally by way-of-mouth and at a distance, such as to kinfolk, via electrical telephone) of my memory-improvement which hath rendred feasible my resuming writing (which had been discontinued for something like a year or more) systematic comparisons (of events sequentially described) among religious litteratures worldwide. I had been writing along this very line, when I needed to cease because of my memory's deteriorating to the extent that it had become too difficult for me well to proceed further along that line of endeavour -- ceasing despite my realization that no-one else on this planet was making such an effort, and that any cessation on my part would amount to a temporary lack of progress (for humanity on this planet) in an area of erudition really needed for major social (because philosophic-religious understanding must be a basis for improvement of society) advancement in areas including of oikonomics-and-health.

I do not seem to recall having praeviously dreampt of any person who was, during the dream, assuming a very awkward posture.}

July 11th (Thur, during daytime) 2019 :- Dream : I was cutting-and-pasting, from the internet onto a document-file, concerning a pair of curative herbs.

July 8th-9th (Mon-Tue) 2019 :- Dream : I was readng a comparison, arranged in tabuiar format, among certain herbs.

July 13th-14th (Satur-Sun) 2019 :- Dream : I was practicing aranging containers of herbal digestive substances.

July 15th-16th (Mon-Tue) 2019 :- Dream : I was considering praeparation of an herb. {While awake, I had mentioned the praevious day (July 15th) to M.W. the need for wholesome herbs for one's health. On account of her regular lucid dreaming (awareness of dreaming whenever in a dream), any mention to her of practical activities is likely to have some effect on dreaming of one's (including my own) whenever sleeping immediately afterwards. It could be helpful (for the quality of my own dreaming) to discuss with her regularly (praeferably bringing other persons of acquaintance into connection with this) various practical features of health and of other affairs.}

July 17th-18th (Wedn-Thur) 2019 :- Dream : I was reading about effects of certain pairs of herbs.

July 22nd-23rd (Mon-Tue) 2019 :- Dream : A man -- the hair of his head was mostly white -- was asking me whether I ever experienced minor ailments, "such as colds". I said "No", and thought to myself that these minor ailments mainly happen to persons inhabiting big cities. {Some decades ago (when I used to live in big cities, such as, Chicago), I used to suffer from minor ailments, expecially colds, chronically; but that was when I used to eat few herbs with my foods; once I took to eating much of in the way of herbs with my foods (as I began to do after my moving out of the big city into smaller communities, including the countryside in GA where the woman with whom I then-and-there cohabited was residing among her kinfolk, who all grew their own herbs in their own gardens in the countryside), such ailments ceased for me.}

July 23rd-24th (Tue-Wedn) 2019 :- Dream : When an improved dietary combination of herbs was mentioned to me by a man as having come into vogue, I remarked that I had likewise shifted to taking that improved combination.

July 25th (Thur during daytime) 2019 :- Dream : I was reading about the health-benefits of a certain herb.

July 27th-28th (Satur-Sun) 2019 :- Dream : I was in my apartment with my brother S.A. (we being in different rooms, with a doorway between us), when he indicated that he could not hear what I was saying. I noticed then that the music in the apartment was playing so loudly, that it would not be possible for two persons at such a distance from one another to hear each other well. I said that I would move closer to him, but he gestured for me not to do so. I walked close to him anyway, and told him that the music was quite loud, making hearing one other difficult, but he did not respond to this statement. I wondred whether I ought to diminish the music. [Then I awoke. I had been asleep about an hour.] {When persons visit me in my apartment, they tend to tell me to decrease the volume of the music (classical instrumental music or else ecclesiastic voice-motets) which I typically already have playing, so that they can hear me better.}

July 30th-31st (Tue-Wedn) 2019 :- Dream : I was listening to a man who was telling of, without mentioning its hame, a religious group having affinity for "communism". When I soon read a printed description of this religious group, I saw mention of the god "Mitra", in which name I realized, in its meaning 'Friend', that the nature of communism (i.e., of thorough-going sharing among membres) would naturally be expressed. {I have sometimes heard of the favoring of "communism" being expressed of membres of the Religious Society of Friends. The evidence of mention (in the dream) of "Mitra" could indicate a potential affiliation of the Religious Society of Friends with the religious system of the Veda (wherein Mitra is mentioned quite prominently), if connection with a particular historic religion were to be sought by the Religious Society of Friends. Indeed, the Manikhaian cosmology describing the universe as being is the shape of a circular arcade (similar to architectural structure at Stonehenge) might suggest a Persian connection, for the same shape is repraesented in the "faery-ring" positioning (in a ring, holding hands) of membres is caeremonially assumed by local meetings (immediately upon completing each meditation-session. I had recently mentioned (about two days earlier, by telephone, to G.L.R.) the "faery-ring" implication of this ring-shaped caeremonial positioning, particularly its being mentioned as "jingo-ringle" in Scottish (Scots Dialect Dictionary).}