Dream-diary, May 2019

May 8th (Wedn, during daytime) 2019 :- Dream : I was being informed about four sorts of health-foods and their nutritive substances.

May 8th-9th (Wedn-Thur) 2019 :- Dream : I was reading about several specific herbs' (one of them being a Nelumbo hybrid) having an effect on dreaming.

May 10th-11th (Fri-Satur) 2019 :- Dream : I was reading about nutritive substanees needed to produced certain effects in the body.

May 12th-13th (Sun-Mon) 2019 :- Dream : I was aboard an ae:roplane while it was taxying (being driven) along a runway for its take-off. I was, during this process, wondring about the extent to which the ae:roplane's having to proceed along a swerving course on its partially curved runway would impede its ability to gain enough speed for a lift-off/ [Then I awoke.]

May 15th-16th (Wedn-Thur) 2019 :- Dream : I was reading about a psychedelic herb. {I woke at my computer-desk, where I had fallen to sleep while taking notes from the internet about use of the herb Canavalia maritima for influencing one's dreamings.}

May 18th-19th (Satur-Sun) 2019 :- Dream : Forewarned by a divine voice, and privately instructed instructed by it as to which behaviour to persist it, I continued, while carrying a sacred green device, to keep it camouflaged (from possible pursuers of me) by hastening along a course (in my fleeing) of green-ornamented furniture.

May 21st-22nd (Tue-Wedn) [and onwards] 2019 :- not a Dream : [I did not write the following until the morning of the 25th of May, for I wished to be sure, by the repeated recurrence of this bodily state-of-affairs, that I had, indeed, achieve a condition which had every indication of its being permanent.] I noticed that for the 1st time in perhaps a good many recent years, I slept through the night without any need to awaken during the middle of the night in order to walk into the bathroom to piss into the toilet-bowl. I had thitherto, in recent years (at least a decade), usually needed twice in each night to awaken amidst the dark of the night in order thus to piss, falling asleep again after each such event, and only afterward awaking in the morning to stay awake, needing, furthermore, to piss again when awaking in the morning for staying awake through the residue of the forthcoming day. I ascribed my not needing to awaken during the night on this occasion (and, presumably, on any future night during this and further years ahead) to my comesting herbal bitters (always three such herbs together : gentian, wormwood, and kala-megha 'black cloud'), as I had been doing with all meals, every day, over the past few weeks -- it had been my diligent reading (from the internet) of litterature concerning intestinal digestion that I had come to recognize the vital importance of herbal bitters for the digestion, via bile which is produced adequately only with the assistance of ingestation of herbal bitters. For more than a week (probably at least two or three weeks), I had been noticing that my urine was of a praevailingly brown color (i.e., somewhat-yellowish brown; instead of a slightly-brownish yellow color, as it had been on virtually every occasion of my pissing, throughout my life thitherto) every time whenever I would urinate. I was (and am) ascribing the brownness of its now-praevalent hue to the efficient eliminating from by body of harmful, poisonous substances which happen to exist in foods (and which need to be eliminated from the body) : substances which were apparently the cause of the process of senescence-debilities within the body. Whenever (during recent weeks) I would view the urine's browish hue, I would remind myself that I was (and remain) in the process of reversing the senescence-debilities within the body; and have been therefore cultivating an expectancy soon (within not many months) for there to become manifest, the evident signs of rejuvenation of the body and of its diverse functionings. I had been noticing, over the past several weeks, that a praevailingly brown hue to my urine would not be praesent whenever (on whatever days) I was not comesting (in addition to the herbal bitters) also a sufficient quantity (at least a heaping-tablepoon) of the admixture of seed-spices (including the strongly-flavored seed-spices kalonji 'Nigella' and ajwen/ajman 'bishop's weed') which I have been grinding by hand (in a vertically-cranked crank-operated hand-grinder) each day immediately prior to my adding them to the bitters-supplemented sauce which I have been supplying for each bowl of food (mostly cooked vegetables). Another feature of the herbal-bitters-improved diet (a feature which I had noticed quite a number days before I achieved the not-awakening-during-the-night-so-as-to-piss status) is a smaller quantity of urine being produced, which is a natural result of the intestinal-elimination process being more effective, so that less urinary-means-of-elimination is necessary.

May 24th-25th (Fri-Satur) 2019 :- Dream : I was reading about the development of a realized, transcendental state of mind, in its progress from an unrealized state of mind, in individual persons. The text from which I was reading clearly distinguished the features of these two states of mind, and I was endeavouring to understand, by my reading it, the nature of such a difference.

May 25th-26th (Satur-Sun) 2019 :- Dream : I was viewing scenes which I understood to repraesent two contrasting behavioural ways of life with the same divinely-arranged purpose, however, behind both such ways : one way involving acting forcibly upon other persons in order to enforce the divinely-approved plan, and the other way involving being acted upon forcibly by other persons (of whom I saw an instance, a man having a very wide mouth displaying his teeth) in order to be compelled to follow the divine plan. [This tooth-displaying god may be the "Corpse of Prince Night" (Anne Birrell : CM&S, p. 211), whose teeth become dispersed : relic-teeth of a buddha, who, when a prince, fled during the night.] {During the night I had awoken (about 2 A.M.) and gone to sit for a while in the hall alongside the bedroom of M.W. (the woman-resident who is aware in all her dreamings that she is in the dream-world), mentally asking her dream-controlling spirit-guides to influence my understanding. The dream described herein occurred afterwards, after I went back to my own apartment.}

May 28th-29th (Tue-Wedn) 2019 :- Dream : A man was speaking to me, praising Chistianity as our traditional way of life. I wondred whether to reply to this attitude of his by reminding him that the traditional Christianity of the New Testament is opposed to sexual relations between husband and wife; whereas there is no sound reason for opposing sexual activity between husband and wife. But I decided that because he did not mention sexuality, there would not be enough reason for me to mention this sort of opposition to him; so, I did not respond at all. {Oddly, despite my own strong opinion is that matter (of my disdisapproval of the anti-sexual orientation of the canonical Epistles of Paul), I do not recall my ever having heard any discussion, nor even mention, of it in any dream of mine : no discussion of it by other persons in any dream of mine, nor any mention of it my me in any dream of mine. Likely enough, the neglect of this topic in all of my past dreams is likely to be due to the topic's seldom having been mentioned in any verbal conversation that I have overheard, let alone participated in, during my waking life. Lack of discussion, or even mention, of the topic among mainline-denomination Christians, is an odd matter -- its usual omission from conversation in ordinary public life would seem to be more caused by covert hypocrisy than by outright prudery (which can, however, be likewise based on the veneer of public hypocrisy so very characteristic of European-derived public fac,ades).}

May 29th-30th (Wedn-Thur) 2019 :- Dream : Some five or six particular herbs were being stated to develop, through their being ingested by humans, each herb into a particular mental faculty of humans. This correlation between particular herbs and specific mental faculties was being repeatedly stated, and I was endeavouring to make out on what principle the assertion was being made. [Then I awoke. It was before midnight.]

Later dream, same night : I was concerned with the mythology of herbs. {I happened to mention the importance of the mythology of herbs of herbs in Bharata while I was standing in the protest-line at the state-capitol yesterday.} [I apparently may be beginning to recall my dreams well again (after a dearth of memory of dreaming in recent weeks), judging from my remembring two dreams this night. This return of such ability is evidently the result of my resuming to ingest the 2 intellect-enhancing drugs traditionally known in Bharata -- Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) and S`ambuka/S`ankha-pus.pi (Convolvus pluricaulis). I had used up my supply of the former quite some time ago but recently sent for and received a pound of it powder and have been taking a teaspoon of it daily for the last few days; and as for the latter, I had a supply of it on hand, but had forgotten what it was useful for until I happened to be reading recently the myth about S`ambuka, and therefore looked up in the Samskr.ta dictionary and on the internet about the meaning of the name, and discovered that it was a synonym for S`ankha-pus.pi (Convolvus pluricaulis), an intellect-enhancing herb mentioned in the Caraka Samhita of the Ayus Veda, and therefore started taking a teaspoon of it daily also. Both these I mentioned to the man and woman (she was the one who was listening to me, asking quaestions of me as to names of the herbs involved), both kin of G.R.'s wife C.F., when they were both standing with us (G.R. and C.F. and myself) holding protest-signs in front of the state-capitol aedifice yesterday (May 29th) evening.]

May 30th-31st (Thur-Fri) 2019 :- Dream : I was praesent, out-of-doors, in a residential suburban-type neighborhood, with a couple, of whom the woman, who was visiting from Bharata, was explaining to the man (whom I well-recognized as someone with whom I was well-acquainted with decades ago [about the late 1980s] in the familiar waking-world in perhaps C., GA) that she was about to leave the town promptly and to return to whence she had come. He was endeavouring to convince her to engage in sexual activity with him, then and there before her prompt departure, but she was refusing. Instead of accepting her declining the requaested sexual activity with him, he commenced being bodily forceful with her, while I was watching just a few feet away; and I was wondring how I ought to respond if she were to call out to me, demanding that I assist her in resisting his forcible activity on her body; but she did not actually get around to making such a verbal demand of me. She was already nude above the waist (thus far she had apparently tolerated of her own accord, evidently for "making out" thitherto with him), but when he started forcibly into attempting to remove the clothing from below her waist, she started bodily resisting his bodily effort. I realized that what he was attempting would be considered as criminal, and that my allowing such action on his part to proceed further would likewise be considered as criminal on my part; therefore, I hastily departed from this scene by walking away. Shortly afterwards, I was with my parents at their residence, when my father told me that the police had called (by telephone), telling them that they would be here shortly. I figured that the woman from Bharata had complained to the police, and that the police were about to arrive so as to quaestion me as a witness to a forcible crime. Immediately, I walked away from the residence in the direction of its rear side, intending to go far enough away that I could not be found by those police; but the neighborhood was residential with, as I discovered, walls enclosing sets of houses set out in series behind one another (with only one is each such group being located on the town-street; and with no alleys), so that I was unable, by my walking onward in the direction wherein I had started forth, to reach any area whereat the police would not be readily able to find me. I wondred whether I ought to retrace my steps, to go to the street in front of my parents' house, and walk along that street with the intention of going far enough that the police would be unable to find me. [Then I awoke. It was after dawn already.] {I do not recall ever having before witnessed, in any dream, a man's struggling with a woman in endeavouring to force her to submit to sexual activity with him. Neither have I ever dreampt (at least not in recent decades, though I do recall my having pursued women fleeing from me in my dreams when I was a teenager -- well-over 50 years ago) of my making any effort to force myself bodily on any woman for erotic/sexual purposes in any dream.}