Dream-diary, April 2019

April 1st-2nd (Mon-Tue) 2019 :- Dream : There was an explication (including illustrative view of a particular instance of such an entity brandishing such an implement) that divine entities achieve their miraculous effects through the etymological significations of the ritual implements which they effectually brandish.

April 4th-5th (Thur-Fri) 2019 :- Dream : I was involved in experimental testing praepared foods so as to determine the degree of depletion of nutritive substances contained in them.

April 5th-6th (Fri-Satur) 2019 :- Dream : I was viewing a changing display indicaing qualities of certain spices in regard to their nutritive powers.

April 8th-9th (Mon-Tue) 2019 :- Dream : I [dreamt that I] awoke in a bed, the matress (whereon I was reclined) being at such a steep angle (apparently against the head of the bedstead) that I had to manoeuvre my body so as to evade falling out of bed. [Never praeviously in any dream of false-wakening, did I dream of waking into such a praecarious situation of my reclining.] {I had within the past two or three days been mentioning (to both H.G. and C.F.'s husband G.R.) my wish that I could more frequently experience a dream of false-wakening. This dream was apparently a fulfillment of such wish, but with the added admonishment (directed to me by the divine dream-committee formulating the dream) that even a dream of false-wakening could be praecarious. Perhaps the steep angle of the dream-bed's mattress was intended to be indicatory that I was making some inconveniently steep demands (of the divine dream-formulating committee) in my declaring (as I have recently to both H.G. and G.R.) that hopefully am expecting to experience dreams wherein I am in direct communication with the divine government praesiding over the praeternatural dream-world. But could not my dream-interpretive exposition of this theme, thus expressed in my false-waking into such a praecarious bodily posture, well-likely prove to be a step in the direction of my attaining to dreaming of my being in communication with the genuine government of yonder world of Fae:ryland-style praeternatural remoteness? As such, the speciously-seeming praecariousness of my posture in my false-wakening could or would be rightly understood as a test (administred by my personal praeternatural dream-formulating committee, which must be acting in co-ordination with my wakingworld-guidance-providing divine spirit-guides -- to which co-ordination, involving intermeshing the operation of one committee functioning for me in the dream-world, with the operation of another committee functioning for me in the waking-world, to which intermeshing I must herewith explicitly consent -- the explicitness of such consent being rendred a necessity by the unsualness of setting up such an intermeshing) of my faith in the that dream-formulating committee's procedures, and therewith of my faith in divine-governmental procedures of the dream-world as-a-whole. It may be remarked that any mortal seeking formal communication with the official government of the dream-world as-a-whole, would needs be required to declare explicitly such a formalized consent, after passing (at the very least) a praeliminary test of determined loyalty to the overALL-GOVERNMENT of the dream-world as-a-whole.}

April 10th-11th (Wedn-Thur) 2019 :- Dream : I was reading a printed text concerning herbs. It was emphasized in this text that the most useful herbs were the ordinary food-plants, consumed themost in order to supply nutrition. In the index, these commonplace food-plants were indicated by a colorless (white on the printed page) box beside their name, with less and less usefulness as food (i.e., in cases wherein the herb is medicinal instead) being indicated by an increasingly chromatically saturated brown box. {This sort of dream would be one of a practical introduction to herbalism. I had received (from Shaman's Garden herb-store on the internet) the afternoon praevious (i.e., April 10th) received a box containing herbs, including powder of the white root Uvuma-omhlope (Synaptolepis kirkii), which I remembred (from my having ingested it during praevious years) as successful (for me) in inducing memory of dreaming. I had not had any on hand for many months, on account of a longlasting sense of disappointment with my dreaming in general; but in recent months, the quality of my dreaming hath so greatly improved, due to my regular eating of (the mood-improving herb) cacao and (the unpleasant-flavored socialization-improving herb) damiana, so that I felt encouraged to send for more of the dream-memory-enhancing South-African herb Uvuma-omhlope.}

April 12th-13th (Fri-Satur) 2019 :- Dream : I was praeparing a list of references, all located on the internet, concerning dreaming, with the intention of posting this list on the internet. {I had been doing praecisely this when I fell asleep at my computer-desk.}

April 15th-16th (Mon-Tue) 2019 :- Dream : There was being told to me, and also I reading about, a certain medicinal substance.

April 16th-17th (Tue-Wedn) 2019 :- Dream : I was in an aedifice having many interconnected chambres, variously separated by doors. Each door which I opened contained in the room which the door opened, a different man who was masturbating, and who did not cease from masturbating while I viewed him individually. {After having praeviously during this month not having remembred so much activity during dreaming, yesterday (the 16th) while (in the morning) I was ingesting the herbs (Synaptolepis kirkii [white powdre] and Silene capensis [pieces of, apparently, stem] -- both from South Africa) and other substances (galanthamine [tablet, which I chew] from Eastern Europe; huperzine A and 5-HTP) which are reputed to assist with recall of dreaming, but which have not been recently very effective at this recall for me, I decided to start also ingesting (by chewing-up), along with them, the combination of digestive herbs known as "Swedish bitters" (partly powder, and partly small pieces of herbs), thinking to myself that there I much likelihood that I had been obtaining so little effect (as is most commonly the case with most persons ingesting them, as can be read about on any blog on any internet website selling them) with the herbs reputed to be most effective for enhancing waking-memory concerning dreaming, simply because I had not be ingesting, along with them, the particular type of herbs most effective for digesting them. For-as-much as I did obtain the sought-for result with these "Swedish bitters", I am therefore intending to ingest some of the same on every occasion when I am ingesting the dream-enhancing herbs, henceforth.} {The men whom I viewed masturbating in the dream (an activity which I never witnessed in any praevious dream) were surely intended to inform me that my own social behaviour, or rather lack of behaviour (of omitting to associate enough with females) hath been keeping me more-or-less trapped into the same praedicament. I am aware that if I were simply to go ahead to read litterature describing "how females think", this sort of reading would encourage me to associate more with females : I have, thus far, made note of the titles of such books, without, though, fetching any of them (of which I noticed several in the catalogue of the state-university's library) by borrowing them.}

April 17th-18th (Wedn-Thur) 2019 :- Dream : I was hearkening unto a description of "biberine". [This is an extract from the seeds of the greenheart tree, according to information on the internet.] {I had fallen asleep at my computer-desk while I was in the process of uploading, onto the internet at panakeia.00.gs, an article on health-benefits of Bixa orellana : evidently, the first to letters of this genus-name (\BIxa\) reminded me (or whomever was responsible for organizing the dream) of the seed-extract-name (\BIberine\).}

Later dream, same night : I was suddenly in my apartment, when I recognized that I was experiencing a dream. I said aloud, that what I was experiencing was different from the waking-world, "disjunct" : when I uttered the word \disjunct\, a rug (which was rolled-up and standing against the wall) fell over; which fall I immediately realized was the effect of invisible divine entities responding to my utterance by indicating their understanding of my meaning, thusly. Wishing those invisible divine entities to make another such display of their hearing-and-understanding my utterances, I said "repeat!" : when I uttered the word \repeat!\, a lamp (standing on a cabinet immediately to the right of where the rolled-up carpet had stood before falling over) immediately started wobbling; which wobbling I immediately realized was ikewise the effect of invisible divine entities responding to my utterance by indicating their understanding of my meaning. [Thereupon, on account of my excitement at recognizing that divine entities were indeed praesent invisibly in the dream-world, and were quite willing to respond (by manipulating the furnishings of whatever dream-world site I was located in) to any suggestion from me; I awoke. I do not off-hand readily recall ever before waking from a dream through being thusly excited by praeternaturally-caused movements of inanimate objects by invisible entities; though such dreams are likely to have occurred fairly often. Only the most extreme of dream-events (such as, voyaging through outer space in a rocketship) are fixed well into one's memory; lesser events experienced in dreaming (even if recorded in one's dream-diary) tend to fade out of long-term memory, much more so than waking-state-event memories.]

April 18th-19th- (Thur-Fri) 2019 :- Dream : I was listening to an explanation of general modification of consciousness in individual persons as being due to such persons' having experienced certain peculiar types of dreaming. I, however, was maintaining some doubts as to the systematic validitity of certain features (which seemed to me inapplicable) of such types of explanations.

April 19th-20th (Fri-Satur) 2019 :- Dream : I was reading about digestive substances.

April 20th-21st (Satur-Sun) 2019 :- Dream : I was reading about substances contained in a certain herb.

April 22nd-23rd (Mon-Tue) 2019 :- Dream : I was reading about digestive bitters.

April 24th-25th (Wedn-Thur) 2019 :- Dream : I was hearing how knowledge of medicinal remedies for a particular type of ailment were oiriginally revealed to mortals through divine revelation. [When I awoke in the morning, I noticed that the long-lasting (for the last few years) soreness (in one knee of mine, the right knee) due to arthritis seemed to have vanished, apparently due to my having eaten (along with cabbage, rich in the vitamin A which is reputed to be the main vitamin needed for eliminating arthritis) the combination of gentian root (which had arrived three days earlier) with other root-herbs (yellowdock root, burdock root, dandelion root -- which had arrived, along with juniper fruit, yesterday), all from Penn Herb Company in Philadelphia.]

April 27th-28th (Satur-Sun) 2019 :- Dream : I was intrigued to find, on the internet, a website whose weblinks were external (leading to other websites) rather than internal (leading to other articles on the same website). {Just before going to sleep, I had been viewing a website abounding in weblinks to other websites.}

April 28th-29th (Sun-Mon) 2019 :- Dream : I was viewing a description of the spread, to North America, of a particular herb originating in Asia.