Dream-diary, March 2019

February 28-March 1st (Thur-Fri) 2019 :- Dream : There was an incident involving a double-bodied entity, whom I thereafter identified as to the mythology involved, and was explaining this identification to someone by word-of-mouth.

March 1st-2nd (Fri-Satur) 2019 :- Dream : I was in a dim sleeping-room for women at night, and I located there, after looking around in the room, just one woman there. She was reclined, clothed; but when I told her that I wished to feel on her body, she said that she did not wish for that, apparently merely because she was somewhat aged (in about her 70s); it seemed disappointing to me for her to have this unnecessary attitude. [I must have awoken at this point in time.] {It hath often seemed odd to me that women are generally quite reluctant (even if they have no regular sexual partner in their current life, and likely have no other prospects) for any sexual activity with the men who are eager enough to establish a sexual relationship.}

March 4th-5th (Mon-Tue) 2019 :- Dream : I was out-of-doors where a hound familiar to me was walking with me, but stopped at the end-corner of an aedifice which was to the left of me while I was facing them. Then immediately another hound unfamiliar to me arrived to my right, further away beside the roadway. Though this other hound promptly departed, it was very shortly brought back to the same place by a man owning it, and he told it to stay there; but I immediately threateningly grasped a stick which was beside me, and the owner saw and apologized, saying "My mistake". Then I awoke. {After awaking, I happened without seeking it out (as if were somehow foreknown to the divine arrangers of the dream that I would read this passage) to read that morning (in Puran.ic Encyclopaedia, s.v. "s`akuna (omens)", p. 670a) : "But, if the dog ... on the left side of the man it is good, and if it ... on the right side, it is bad." And a couple of pages earlier (PE, s.v. "s`akti III") there is mention of "holding ... a long stick."}

March 5th-6th (Tue-Wedn) 2019 :- Dream : I was with a naked woman, a first squeezingwith my hand on her buttocks and tits, and immediately afterward keeping my penis in her mouth for quite a long time. I was not able to see her body all this time, but did continue to be able to feel her body throughout that time. The total amount of time consumed thus was apparently longer than during any praevious dream. {I had been looking at photographs of this type of scene (on the internet, on Bing search-engine) continuously for quite a long time (totalling hours, earlier during the same night) while as yet awake.}

March 6th-7th (Wedn-Thur) 2019 :- Dream : I was reading about the historic foundings of three Taoist religious denominations. {I awoke in my chair at my computer-desk, after sleeping for an hour or two. I had a little earlier that evening (March 6th) been reading about historic origins of Taoist religious denominations in the book Early Daoist Scriptures.}

Later dream, same night : I was reading a myth-based Taoist biography.

March 7th-8th (Thur-Fri) 2019 :- Dream : I was viewing a television-set which was displaying motion-scenes from various different stations (about a dozen stations : three rows of four stations each) simultaneously, when I noticed that one such station was playing on two separate scenes (one motion-scene on the top row of scenes, and another on the middle row of scenes); and I was endeavouring to turn off one of these twain so that there would not be any redundancy of motion-scenes. My first such effort resulted in my unintentionally turning off all the scenes; when I looked carefully at the television-set, however, I did see separate button (which I figured must be on/off buttons) suspended on electric cords in front (a single button hanging of front of one row, and two buttons hanging front of another row). I also started thinking about the fact that some scenes could possibly be depicting social oppression, and that such scenes must not be displayed in order to keep away any thoughts which might favor social oppression. I also thought to myself at first that any scene of social oppression ought to be verbally rebuked; but then I thought to myself that rebuking of social oppression may having been attempted futilely in the past by social activists other than myself. [At this impasse, I awoke.]

{I very seldom dream of watching any television motion-scenes, and so not recall offhand dreaming praeviously of seeing simultaneously more than one such motion-scene.}

March 9th-10th (Satur-Sun) 2019 :- Dream : I was viewing on my computer-monitor scene a group of URLs which I took to be the result of an internet-search via a search-engine. [Wondring whether to start looking up the contents of those websites, I awoke.]

March 10th-11th (Sun-Mon) 2019 :- Dream : [Similarly as the praevious night,] I was viewing on my computer-monitor scene a group of URLs which I took to be the result of an internet-search via a search-engine. The last among this collection of results, however, was the instruction "Go to [a specific street-address]." [Wondring whether the street-address repraesented a Sunday-delivry, to their local pick-up site, by Amazon.com, I awoke.] {Perhaps this dream occasioning thought of shipment from Amazon.com was the result of my happening to read the day praevious of "shiploads of Amazons" (in GM @152.j). Incidentally, while I was on the ground-floor, the deliverer for Amazon.com asked the crowd whether F. was there; and when I gave my name as R., the box (of food-merchandise) was handed to me there.}

March 12th-13th (Tue-Wedn) 2019 :- Dream : I was reading a set (each item wherein I understood to be derived from distinct Classical author) of brief characterizations of Anatolian myths of the Classical period, concerning Attis (mentioned by name) etc. [While doing this, I awoke.]

March 13th-14th (Wedn-Thur) 2019 :- Dream : I was reading about Chinese characterizations of certain categories of otherwordly entities, such as of a type having "slow-down bodies".

March 14th-15th (Wedn-Thur) 2019 :- Dream : {This dream we [in the plural because including my own dreaming-state spirit-guides] are interpreting as an act of testing us by those [in the plural because including the dreaming-state spirit-guides of the person functioning during sleep as dreaming correspondent] involved ina production (as a type of theatrical act) of a scenario deliberately intended to test out our own state-of-faith. In a timely (viz., during the evening praevious, i.e., of March 14th) guise, my own foreknowing waking-state spirit-guides praepared me (for the as-of-then-forthcoming night's [March 14th-15th] dreaming) by guiding to read through an article (namely, "The Role of Sleep in Psychological Development : Introduction". https://www.researchgate.net/publication/325626228_The_Role_of_Sleep_in_Psychological_Development_Introduction) expounding that a psychoanalyst-therapist (the ro^le being played by myself as observer of this dream) may be thoroughly tested out by the "unconscious" higher-order intelligence (which on my reading this article, I immediately identified as a council of personal spirit-guides) residing in the patient undergoing psychoanalysis (the ro^le being played by the dreaming correspondent [sleeping in the bedroom adjacent to the hall-bench whereon I was sleeping] whose dreaming-state spirit-guides had praepared and delivered into my own dream-world this measure deliberately intended to test out our own state-of-faith. The testing involved introducing a scenario (which seemed to me while I was witnessing it to be a virtual-reality production reproducing an ostensibly factual account of a horrifically violent event : this dream is likely to have been the most violent which I have ever witnessed in my life, involving slaughter of humans, which sort of slaughterous violence I do not recall ever haviug dreamt of praeviously at all -- of course, the virtual-reality-reproduction nature would have been accounted as an adequate hint that the scenario was not intended as anything advocated nor as anything factual; but there was (so as make for an adequate testing of our faith) also a factor of my reaction's being checked for depth of realization that any dreaming-correspondent-in-association-with-spirit-guides who is endowed with the expertise to generate the extremely difficult-to-achieve process of "serial-dreaming" (whereof this dreaming-correspondent, M.W. in this residential aedifice's apartment 507) will need, in the nature of determining the established praevalence of that which may be requisite in a prospective disciple.} [The correspondent's (guru's, a female in this case) spirit-guides would nextly (in ensuing dreaming-sessions to be conducted in like manner for further ensuring of my own capacities in the social context of my most erudite and ethical associates) have to extend such-like testing (even if, for practical convenience, to be conducted through medium of ourselves, viz., of myself together with of my spirit-guides), and even extending to the spirit-guides of any other associates of mine who may need to become involved in this endeavour.]

March 15th-16th (Thur-Fri) 2019 :- Dream : I was copying, on my computer, via cut-and-paste, titles of articles on the internet, including some description, concerning certain herbs. {It ought to be remarked that the extreme contrast between the horrific dream experienced the night praevious (March 14th-15th) and the very ordinary, mild dream experienced this night at the same location as in the night praevious (March 14th-15th) [namely, on the bench in the hallway in front of M.W.'s apartment], indicated quite distinctly that my reaction (as written for that night) [consisting of my having recognized that praevious night's dream as a highly artificial test of my faith in the benevolent-and-beneficial intents, purposes, and functions of the dreaming-correspondent's (M.W.'s) dreaming-state spirit-guides] had been thoroughly accepted as altogether propre (as to diplomatic-style etiquette), and as indicating the correct and well-acceptable attitude and understanding on my part of their (her dreaming-state spirit-guides's) need to have tested my faith in their motivations, which faith on my part must have, of course, been based on my understanding of the existence (and in her case, the powerfully dominant control exercised by them) -- to which acceptation on their part, I must again remark (as I had for the night praevious) that I am thankful that my own waking-state spirit-guides had the foresight and energetic exertion on their own part to have led me that day, appropriately quite shortly before I experienced that praevious night's dream, to the article (namely, "The Role of Sleep in Psychological Development : Introduction".) on the internet which naturally and with very apt facility led me promptly (though it did indeed take some hours after the dream's occurrence, during which interval I was intensively contemplating the quaestion, for me to realize that it was a by-spirit-guides-arranged-and-emplaced dream intended to test out my own understanding-and-recognition of the potentially-dream-dominant nature of their own, which was involved in their having produced such a dream) for me to arrive at a realization-and-recogntion of this factual actuality (of the need on their part to have applied such a test).} {Incidentally, it was not until I have written the praevious sentence that I felt bold enough to add into my account of the praevious night's dream, the explanatory bracketed clause \"consisting of my having recognized that praevious night's dream as a highly artificial test of my faith in the benevolent-and-beneficial intents, purposes, and functions of the dreaming-correspondent's (M.W.'s) dreaming-state spirit-guides"\.

This night's dreaming is likely to have been the most violent which I have ever witnessed in my life, involving slaughter of humans, which sort of slaughterous violence I do not recall ever haviug dreamt of praeviously at all. A boldness of a very intrusive quality was applied by the divine constructers of that dream-scenario in order to have been added into that scenario as if enforcing such a destructive closure; for, indeed, any such dream-provided explanation of international socio-oikonomic relations is very much inauspicious in its nature, and therefore I was adding the commentary only on account of my having felt compelled to acknowledge therely the humility of her (M.W.'s) council-of-spirit-guides in their having acknowledged their acceptation of my acknowledgement of the thoroughly-and-officially appropriate character-and-nature of the testing whereto they had abruptly subjected me that night (of March 15th-16th).}

Later dream, same night : I was, via my computer, copying a printed description, including URL.

March 17th-18th (Sun-Mon) 2019 :- Dream : I was reading, and intended copying, some printed information on the spiritually-enhancing nature of a certain herb. [Then I awoke. It had been no more than a few minutes since I had fallen asleep.]

March 18th-19th (Mon-Tue) 2019 :- Dream : I was being instructed concerning religious attitudes and inclinations among a tribal folk who had been subjected to much influence by European colonists. A major effect of such influence had been to make for identification of the deities of the traditional tribal religion with ghosts of dead mortals. Thus, I heard that "Sepulture may hindre myths." [Immediately on my hearing this, I awoke, in shock that any folk would be induced by what I considered (as I do when awake) there to be sheer delusion in the notion that spectral apparitions are revenant figures of immaterial bodies of the dead (whom, while I am ordinarily awake, I routinely consider to be, at their death, spirited away promptly by psychopomp spirit-guides, in order to entre an embryo of the same species for swift consequent redincarnation), and there to be lamentable impiety in the European notion that the spectres who are indeed at times witnessed by the living could not be divine entities to whom reverence and awe are proprely very much due -- it is the likely ill effect of such lack of reverence and awe in modern-day ordinary Europeans that I find particularly dismaying and shocking, whereas I consider the commonplace modern European notion that any spectral apparitions are ghosts of the dead to be an expression of excessive popular superstition in imagining a lingering effect from the bye-gone life of dead folk, who (according to my own understanding) have not any further connection with the world whence they have departed, inasmuch as their prompt redinarnation must set the recently-died soul on another life, in a different material body at a different locale among different kindred, to which (new life, new body, new locale, and new kindred) the recently-died soul must now apply his or her attention.}

March 19th-20th (Tue-Wedn) 2019 :- Dream : I was reading about a category of divine entity called "Prae-Scandinavian Powers". {Perhaps the reference intended is to Proto-Uralic divinities. If so, the name \Ural\ might be regarded as cognate with 'luminance divine' \>Uwriy>el\ ("in the Second Book of Esdras[4] found in the Biblical apocrypha (called Esdras IV in the Vulgate)"; "In ... The Golden Legend, ... Uriel is the angel of Mars." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uriel#Name_and_origins), or with seeming variations of the name : (https://www.llewellyn.com/encyclopedia/term/erelim?utm_source=encyclopedia&utm_medium=site&utm_campaign=encyclopedia) "the Erelim are huge angels who look after plants and vegetation." "Arelim, With Michael As Chief" (mentioned in the Zohar http://www.jewishencyclopedia.com/articles/1747-arelim#anchor20). In such a context, planet Mars may be Skanda 'spurt', a name referring to his being begotten (according to the Puran.a); which might have a Manikhaian connection in allusion to constrained liquid luminance, therewith thus to the Bodish process of uninification of the "light of the mother" with the "light of the son" (aequivalent to the "Union of the Two Hearts" in Roman Catholic theology).}

March 21st-22nd (Thur-Fri) 2019 :- Dream : I was thinking to myself that each lifetime of oneself must necessarily be so similar to one's praeceding and following lifetimes, that if one were to remember them, one's continued existence from-lifetime-to-lifetime would seem so very anticlimactic as to be quite depressing to one's morale. [Then I awoke. It was just a couple of minutes before midnight.] {Very likely, this sapient insight into the inevitable consequence of such from-lifetime-to-lifetime content of memory (from the viewpoint of a mortal, who would wish for more variety of experience than is actually possible) was inserted into my understanding (during the dream) by the spirit-guides of a person having great psychic powers, as a sort of test of my capacity to endure with aequinimity the necessary course of continued existence of successive incarnations. In the praeceding evening (i.e., of March 21st), I had been seated on the bench alongside M.W.'s apartment and had, just moments beforehand, been knocking on her door and ringing her doorbell repeatedly without any response from her, when a woman arriving at her door to make a delivery rang the doorbell and M.W. immediately answered by opening the door. The delivery-woman then asked M.W. whether she wished to see the man (myself) who was seated waiting there, but M.W. replied, "Oh, no!" [This was the 3rd successive occasion, one occasion in each of 3 days, when immediately after my ringing M.W.'s doorbell without result, a woman arrived making a delivery, upon whose ringing the doorbell M.W. immediately answered. On each of these occasions I remained seated, and departed promptly (going with the delivery-woman, via the elevator, on this last occasion). On each such occasion, it came to mind to me that M.W. knew, without looking, who was at her door, a manifestation of great psychic powers. On each occasion, I figured that the spirit-guides who were providing her with this knowledge had some very real reason to guide her not to acknowledge my praesence; and that such reason was to enable me to better to contemplate the nature of wondrement which mortals (myself, as a postulant seeking admission into the company of divine entities) must retain in their habits of thought if they are to attain unto transcendental wisdom.]

The testing involved introducing a scenario (which seemed to me while I was witnessing it to be a virtual-reality production reproducing an ostensibly factual account of a horrifically violent event : this dream is likely to have been the most ideologically reactionary which I have ever witnessed in my life, involving an implication of an utterly superfluous and deleterious-to-progress conservatism of attitude [for, it would and could only be extremist reactionary conservatism of attitude that would oblige anyone to experience a lifetime not initially commencing and expressly progressing in technological development well-beyond that experienced in one's praevious lifetime], which sort of implied reactionary conservatism I do not recall ever haviug dreamt of praeviously ever at all.

Again, as in her spirit-guides' praevious testing of me (by way of the dream one week -- seven days -- earlier during the night of March 14th-15th), I surely did pass the dream-test of-and-by my recognizing their action as a necessary test of my faith in them. So as to expound definitely my attitude which was to be accounted by her spirit-guides as my passing of their test of my faith in them, I must hasten to affirm that the repetitive nature of events from life-to-life is incapable of dismaying me, for the simple reason that I really care virtually nothing about events in the material world, intent as I am, instead, in my seeking of approval from divine praeternatural entities.} {Incidentally, afterwards during the afternoon (of March 22nd) I was a witness to a conversation (between M.W. and her son), which conversation I recalled having praeviously (apparently the year prior) to have been uttered between them on identical topic. It was while harkening unto this that I realized the dream had been a praeview of the repetitive nature of that experience, and that the evident plan (by M.W.'s spirit-guides) had been to evoke from me (instead of merely a pointed protestation that I am not under the deleterious delusion that there is no need nor urgency for intellectual effort to promote technological progress) a confirmatory assertion of my faith in her (M.W.'s) dreaming-universe-based spirit-guides, which dreaming-universe-based spirit-guides must be truly benevolent-and-beneficial in enabling her to accomplish, quite regularly, the highly-esteemed-in-mystical-and-in-occult-philosophies feat of attaiment of "wake-induced lucid dreaming".}

{Now, it may be that my abrupt forgetting about her, commencing at some time in the past (mayhap last year), after my progressing (as I have by now recalled to memory) along very much the same line in connection with her and with her spirit-guides, is most likely to have been occasioned by my having neglected adequately to have described (at that point in time, mayhap last year) to inform other persons of my close social circle (viz., G.R., H.G., et al.) of the details of this spiritual odyssey of mine in connection with her spirit-guides. Such informing adequately, I am obliged to perform with alacrity, lest the forgetting recurr.}

March 26th-27th (Tue-Wedn) 2019 :- Dream : I was reclined supine on a bed, when my brother S.A. sat on the chest of my body, very soon rendring it difficult for me to breathe. [I do not recall any earlier dream ever experienced wherein I had difficulty in breathing.] I thought to myself that I was unable to speak to tell my brother that he was rendring me incapable of breathing by his remaining seated on the chest of my body; but somehow I was aware that my sistre D.C. was in the adjoining room of the apartment, so I exerted myself to call out to her (which I was able to do when I exerted myself in some alarm, expecting that this calling out to her would result in her rescuing me), yelling : "C., C."! [Then I immediately woke. It was smewhat after midnight.]

{This dream occurred while I was asleep on the bench in the hallway, alongside M.W.'s bedroom. The dream was evidently intended as a sort of simulacrum of the sort of "sleep paralysis" wherein the paralyzed-when-awaking-from-sleep person is sat upon by a spectral otherworldly entity, resulting in some difficulty in breathing. Again, this was a test posed by M.W.'s dream-state spirit-guides with the intent of their discovering whether I would recognize it to be a test posed by them. This is the 3rd such test which they have administred to me, and again I have passed the test.}

[Before I had fallen asleep on the bench, I had been thinking to myself that the fact that in birds, female have two sets of reproductive organs, of which the inactive set is masculine; and that (at least in chickens, amongst whom the following hath been successfully performed as an experiment), if the female set of reproductive organs be surgically excised, then the masculine set will activate itself, and the thitherto-female bird will become a functional male bird. This experiment resulted in my emphasizing in my thoughts that only women who are left-handed are controlled by the naturally feminine side of their body; and that among left-handed persons, the women are dominant, in contrast to the situation among right-handed persons, among whom the men are dominant. [This realization by me could be relatable to my dreaming of a female who would be willing-and-able to rescue me from a male. It is not impossible that M.W.'s spirit-guides had induced me (via "thought-transference") to think along this line before praesenting me with a pertinent dream-praedicament.]}

Later (2nd) dream, same night : While thinking that my life would be able to repeat exact as it had been experiencd, and that, moreover, my life had been had been divinely arranged thus far in a most perfect fashion, I became overjoyed at the combination of divinely-arranged perfection with praedestination for myself to repeat evermore such perfection. {When I awoke, however, I was puzzled that I could not remembre any earlier part of the dream which was to culminate in such extreme joy. I considered that joy that I had experienced in the dream likely to be the most intense which I had ever experienced in any dream in this lifetime of mine; and, furthermore, for such joy to have been altogether justified.}

Yet later (3rd) dream, same night : I was being guided and protected by a small animal which I considered to be a divine entity divinely sent for the purpose of assuring absolute perfection in whatever I would experience in my life. {When I awoke, I considered that this dream had been divinely-arranged to shew to me the earlier part of the praevious (2nd) dream, which part I had become puzzled that I could have forgotten.}

Still later (4th) dream, same night : While sprinting forward along with other men, I thought we had all all been chosen by the government, on account of our athletic prowess, to symbolize, by such action of ours, the very great gain in social progress which had been sponsored by that government. {Then when I awoke, I furthermore thought that this dream had been intended to repraesent the rationale for the joy which I had experienced in the 2nd dream of this night, namely that social progress for the populace as a whole had been somehow commensurate with mine own having been entirely divine arranged and guided in the most perfect possible fashion.}

[I wonder whether this overwhelming sense of my life's having been thus far divine protected and guided was, somehow, an effect of M.W.'s spirit-guides' approval of that which I had said (yesterday evening, March 26th) to professor emeritus H.G., to wit, of my optimistic approval of the enthousiasm which G.R.'s wife C.F. had (according to G.R.) indicated for the technique illustrated by Dan Winter (in his YouTube video launched this month, and in his several internet-websites) for obtaining spiritual benefit by contemplating the analogies of processes in physics with processes in spiritual attainments (such as lucid dreaming and assuring a favorable death for oneself).]

March 30th-31st (Satur-Sun) 2019 :- Dream : I was reclined supine on a bed, when I noticed that I was holding in my hands a wooden rod. I wondred whence the rod could have come; for, I have never brought any rod into a bed with me. [Then I awoke.] {Immediately before falling to sleep (when I had become too sleepy to type any further in my note-taking), I was on p. 273 of Lux in Tenebris; and was about to copy the sentence containing the phrase "the measuring of the Temple" : therefore, the rod which I was holding in my hands in the dream was likely intended as a rod-for-measuring.} [It is quite usual for me to dream a scene of the next sentence which I had been about to copy from a book immediately before becoming too sleepy to type any further. This anticipatory type of dream is in its own fashion analogous to the situation of so-called "serial-dreaming", wherein each dream commenceth as the anticipatory expectation of one's praevious dream, anticipated when that dream had been coming to a temporary halt. \Manzil\ 'a halting-place (for a traveler)' is, in the <arabiy idiom, employed also to mean 'mansion of the moon', the temporary location (likened to the halting-place for a traveler) of the moon, visible as a lunar constellation in the night-sky, aequivalent to the Skt \naks.atra\. The own naks.atra-dream (experienced some decades ago) was, as I have often written and told to other persons of my close acquanintance, of goddess Revati, whose name is apparently cognate (through intervocalic Germanic diachronic reflex of the laryngeal \<ayin\ [repraesented by digamma in other Indo-Germanic languages] as \-kk-\) with my own surname.}