Dream-diary, February 2019

January 31st-February 1st (Thur-Fri) 2019 :- Dream : We were checked into different rooms of a hotel; but I was in the hallway at night talking to my sistre (who was in her room), when my mother (who was in the same room) awoke and reprimanded me for talking when people ought to be sleeping. So, I walked away to the elevator; then several women came in a group from the staircase, and I realize that I had forgotten on which floor my room was located. [Then I awoke.]

February 1st-2nd (Fri-Satur) 2019 :- Dream : I had been driven (chauffeured : I was sitting in the rear seat) by a woman-driveress in an automobile for some time, when suddenly she stopped and put into reverse the automobile's motion and began driving backwards at as swift a velocity as she had been driving forwards. Because she was not looking backwards while she was thus driving backwards, I immediately thought to myself that this sort of feat ought to be either exceedingly dangerous or else being miraculously accomplished somehow, and I thought of telling her that she ought not to be attempting to drive swiftly backwards without looking backwards unless she were doing so under the strict control by the sort of deity who is eminently capable of managing such a feat. However, before I could say this, I nextly thought to myself that it was very evidently the case that she was ideed under control by such a deity, and that such a deity might well be of such humility as not to wish for any miraculous performance to be remarked on aloud by any person witnessing the performance. [In a mental state of quandary as to what sort of statement I ought to make aloud, I awoke. It was about 2 AM; I had been asleep for only a couple of hours; but the dream was so surprising that I remained awake after that for the remainder of the night (and into the following day), viewing photographs (of women; for they seemed pertinent to the woman-driveress in the dream) on the internet, and (as is a frequent wont of mine) copying-and-pasting their Universal-Reference-Locaters for later uploading onto the internet via one of my website-subdomains.] {I had not been ingesting any damiana for the past few weeks (though I already had an unopened bag of damiana powdre) until yesterday (Feb 1) evening; which is why my remembred dreams were so sparse over those weeks. I had been refraining from ingesting any damiana during that time in a test of whether it may be feasible for me to experience remembred dreams by taking the other dream-enhancing substances (galanthamine along with superoxide-dismutase, 5-HTP, and huperzine-A) regularly without including any damiana. (Sinicuichi and zacatechichi are two other herbs for enhancing dreams, but I had found by experience that they function well only when one is commencing to take them, and within a few weeks become almost entirely incapable of producing further results -- a disappointing state which is the case with many herbs/drugs ingested for a variety of purposes, and is called by the euphemism "tolerance".) I found that the dreams which I could thus (viz., without damiana) remembre would be sparse (few); this finding accordeth with the majority of remarks on the websites (mostly blogs for the substances where they are sold on Amazon.com) discussing them. Very are the persons who experience regular and continuing enhancement of dream-memories from ingesting those substances without including damiana (which, incidentally, would seem to be almost completely unknown to persons taking galanthamine and its concomitants); and likewise, most mentions (on the internet) of damiana have no allusions to enhancing dreaming with its assistance; for, it is mainly ingested for the sake it its effectually ameliorating social attitudes (viz., for estabishing social pose and amiability).} {As for the symbolism in the dream (i.e., the dream's purpose in informing me of what to do), the woman-driveress's driving backwardsly would seem to indicate that I must retreat/backtrack (retire backwardsly) to regularly (daily or at least every-other-day) ingesting damiana; I must revert to my habit of ingesting it daily; for, its flavor is not noticeably bitter if mixed into a quantity of other foods (including spices and oils).}

February 4th-5th (Mon-Tue) 2019 :- Dream : I was typing notes to upload onto the internet, when I noticed that what I had typed as a single deity, is actually a plurality of (3) deities. So, I was considering how to re-word what I had typed, and how to hyperlink the deity-category name with an explanatory text expounding the nature of that plurality. [Then I awoke. It was aroud midnight.] {I may have had in mind the trinity of Hellenic gods who were identified with an Akkadian, and with an Aiguptian, trinity of gods, which trinity became the trinity of Christian gods.}

February 5th-6th (Tue-Wedn) 2019 :- Dream : I had set up (uploaded onto the internet) a website consisting of distinct compilations of the various and diverse dietary recommendations proposed and promoted by the various occult and mystical societies currently in existence, and was noticing reactions from various private person as concerning the contents of that website. {Yesterday, I did come across (as a result of a Google.com search of terms and phrases) on the internet (specifically, on the ISSUU website -- I had put it there in 2014) the download, available for free, of the book written by myself, which I had quite a number of years earlier uploaded onto several at-sale-for-a-price book-download websites (firstly at Lulu.com [selling bound-format copies] and afterwards on Amazon.com's own internet-book-publications agency [selling unbound-format copies]).}

February 8th-9th (Satur-Sun) 2019 :- Dream : I was sitting in my computer-desk's chair, engaged in the process of deciding how to type up (on my computer's document-file) a written account of my dream. {I do not recall ever having experienced this process during any dream praeviously.} [When I first looked at my computer-clock this morning (immediately after having written the foregoing), it was registring 5:55 P.M. (as, of course, "17:55") : this is reminiscent of the state-highway #555 passing through this city. I had, as usual, awoken where I had fallen asleep in my computer-desk's chair. The music was, of course, not playing from the internet, because I had not lain down so as to praepare to turn it on before falling asleep. Very strangely, I turned itself on to start playing on Pandora.com instantaneously as soon as my entring its URL in the computer's browser, instead of taking a quite a number of minutes to do so as it hath hitherto always done. (This though, was possible because so little time had elapsed between then the last time I used that site, apparently not many minutes before, for I had slept only very briefly.) Now, it did so happen that the last of my uploads (onto any of my website's, before suddenly falling to sleep unexpectedly last night) was a set of URLs of Latin-American playlists (for YouTube) on my one of 00.gs subdomains. Quite co-incidentally, the station which had been set to start playing automatically from Pandora.com (and which began doing so so very immediately) was one of Latin-American (specifically Mexican, based on motecta-compositions by the Baroque-style 17th-century composer "de PADilla" (whose name is reminiscent of my father's father Ricci's homeland of PADania).]

Later dream, same night : G.R. and his wife C.F. came a second occasion to the door of my apartment. {They had actually come (in the waking-world) rather promptly -- while the chanting was playing from my computer -- after I had typed up the praeceding dream. On that first (i.e., waking-world) occasion, I had told them of my dream (the earlier of the twain occasions), and had told them that before they arrived, I had telephoned P.P. and told her of the earlier occasion (which telling of this dream to her, I had indeed done in the waking-world).} How-be-it, though I called to them through the front door of my apartment, I did not hear a response; for, because (in the dream, just as in the waking-world) the music (chanting) was playing loudly enough from my computer that it might be drowning out any sound of their response. So, I hastened back to my computer, and endeavoured to turn off the music by clicking on the appropriate icon; this action of mine, how-be-it, was not of avail, for the music continued as loudly as it was already resounding. However, while I was viewing the computer-monitor, I did see G.F. and his wife C.F. in its scene as viewed by me in the computer-monitor (they appeared to be in the stairwell); and I wondred whether they could likewise somehow see me. [Wondring thus, I awoke.]

February 9th (Sun during daytime) 2019 :- Dream : I was contemplating the typology of certain dreamings.

February 10th-11th (Sun-Mon) 2019 :- Dream : I was, while mine eyen were closed (in the dream), observing a pattern (of white line-segments) resembling the mortar set between bricks in brickwork (consising of black oblongs), with the particular portions of the mortal displayed constantly shifting irregularly in the portions in the centre of my visual field; but unshifting in the portions away from the centre of it. {A night or two earlier, I had been watching, on the internet, a long video on the reinforcement -- with steel-rods -- of a 14th-century sample of mortar between courses of brickwork in a mansion, the so-called "Great Farm", in Shropshire -- the oldest surviving of a brick kitchen in England.} This greatly intrigued me; for, I bore in mind that never had I witnessed any such regularity of patterning in whatever I had ever praevious viewed with mine eyes closed (viz., while awake) -- I had never attempted with such viewing while fully asleep praeviously, though some decades earlier (as I have recently described to G.R. or to H.G. or to both) in the process of hypn-agogic entry into wake-induced-lucid-dreaming (into, how-be-it, another world distinct from waking, and ordinary-dreaming, in states-of-awareness of worlds) witnessed the brighting of a single point (which I regarded as eka-grata in regard to a particular type of bin.du). Thereupon, I oped mine eyen (within the dream) so as to induce by prayerful intent (directed toward any deities witnessing this feat of mine) an eventual entry of my bodily praesence into another world-order (hopefully, one of those world-orders such as remain free from the limitations of the mere material universe), while looking upwards at the ceiling (in the dream), which ceiling was likewise curiously patterned in such a fashion as to provide encouragement toward further future viewings of patternings of sights to be witnessed with eyen closed.] {When, upon having written this, I first looked at my computer's clock, it displayed "4:44".}

February 23rd-24th (Satur-Sun) 2019 :- Dream : I was staying in what I considered to be a hotel; it was at night, so that the room (which was quite large, in which I was alone) was somewhat dim. I was hearing the music playing, and I noticed that the music was producing a joyous state of mind in me. I walked across the room to where I thought must be the control for the music, and there turned the knob so as to increase the volume of the music. This resulted in my hearing some other voice-sound of speeech as well. When the daylight was soon praesent, I was no longer listening to music, but was looking at some printed litterature kept by the hotel, and noticed that the date on the litterature indicated that it was at least 10 years old. [Then I awoke. It was as yet an hour and a half before midnight.] {I had, as usual, left ecclesiastic chants playing from the internet (Russian Orthdox Chant, via Pandora.com) on my computer.} {I had during the daytime (Feb 23rd) invited the man residing on my floor whom I visit most often to come to my apartment to hear the music, and he had answered that he would. Somehow, talking (while awake) to persons of my acquaintance about music is likely to increase the chance of my hearing it during dreaming; and, quite possibly, talking about it to persons residing close-bye to me can have more of such an effect than mentioning to over the telephone to persons residing elsewhere.}

Later dream, same night :- I was in an aedifice, and somehow thought that I was in Paris, France; and I was concerning myself with the quaestion of how to transport my surfboard from within the aedifice to the river so that I could ride it there. Soon, however, I heard a knocking at my door (in the dream) [: this sound awoke me]. [The knocking was apparently in lieu of my hearing my name's being called, which hath so often awoken me.] {It was already dawn.}

February 25th-26th (Mon-Tue) 2019 :- Dream : I was typing up notes from a passage in a book. [Then I awoke. None of that passage had gotten typed up by me in the waking-world. This dream occurred immediately when I fell asleep at my computer-desk typewriter just as I was about to start typing that passage. (The passage was on p. 163 of Lux in Tenebris, about the "Wonder-Eye". I have awoken so very often in the past on account of my wondring about some some particular concern of mine within that dream, so that the term \Wonder\ could be apposite to the relationship (as experienced) between the waking state and the dreamingstate.)]

February 26th-27th (Tue-Wedn) 2019 :- Dream : I was eating the pieces (dozen of them) of a rather large zigsaw puzzle constituting a map of the United States of America : it was, as I noticed, quite easy for me to chew up and to swallow those pieces, nor did that have any unpleasant flavor. I was expecting that the act of my so doing would inform deities of my wish (and therewith of my suggestion to them that they become so involved) that the social and political situations within this country be appropriately ameliorated. {On the evening (Feb 26th) before falling asleep, I did eat (having boiled it due to my having noticed that on the occasion when I once ate it raw it seemed to have an unpleasant effect when raw) some powder of the South American so-called "onion creeper" ajos sacha / Mansoa alliacea. A little earlier (a day or two ago) I had been metioning, over the telephone, to someone in the SocOfFr (perhaps G.R.) whom I call regularly, that during my flying by ae:roplane over the portion of South America (namely, Venezuela) where I then (early 1960s) resided, I would often think that the countryside appeared from the ae:roplane aloft, much as that countryside did on a colored relief-map.}