Dream-diary, January 2019

January 4th-5th (Fri-Satur) 2019 :- Half-asleep (with mine eyen closed) : I was seeing a woman was slender, whose skin was brown, and who was wearing a green dress with white floral printed pattern. {There is a woman-resident resembling her in this aedifice in the waking-world.}

Later dream, same night : I read of a food's containing, as nutrients, arachidonic acid and choline. {Arachidonic acid is apparently of nutritional benefit only to infants. https://www.selfhacked.com/blog/arachidonic-acid/#Health_Benefits_of_Arachidonic_Acid}

January 8th-9th (Tue-Wedn) 2019 :- Dream : I was contemplating the nature of dreaming. At first I thought to categorize dreaming as an effort of willfulness, but upon considering this categorization more cautiously, I decided that willfulness was not significantly dominant during dreaming. [Then (apparently due my pondering this quaestion) I awoke.] {Yesterday morning (Jan 8th) 3 more nutritional supplements arrived via parcel-post, and I began ingesting them as part of my dietary regimen. These three (cytidine-diphospho-choline, alpha-glyceryl-phosphoryl-choline, and tri-acetyl-uridine) are reputed to assist with cognition; so that, it was apparently my commencing regular ingestation of them that enabled a contemplative dream.}

January 9th-10th (Wedn-Thur) 2019 :- Dream : I was reading about an apparently dream-enhancing herb containing a substance named "dialogus" (apparently intended to indicate that it is effective at promoting dialogues within dreaming). [Then I awoke, It was well-past midnight.] {I had been considering, while awake, during the evening praevious evening (i.e., of Jan 9th) the significant possible consequence of one specific type of dialogue to be carried out during dreaming : namely when, during lucid dreaming, the dreamer is confronted by an entity evidently intended to impersonate a person known in the walking-world to the dreamer (from personal social relationships) : but then (in consequence of being a modicum lucid) the dreamer, in recognizing the situation to be a theatre-resembling simulacrum of the dreamer's own social status in the waking-world, may challenge the dreamer-actor's (or - actress's) impersonation-disguise, by challenging with an overt quaery as to that dreamer-actor's (or - actress's) true identity, or/and [either in substitute for such, or as well as (in additional inquiry)] the identity of the dream-organizing committee who incited the dreamer-actor's (or - actress's) to have assumed such impersonation-disguise.}

January 10th-11th (Thur-Fri) 2019 :- Dream : I was considering that the most adequately descriptive mode of bringing about understanding of subject-matter is via sequential subcategorization. {Perhaps the most logically rigid application of this procedure which I applied was when I (some decades ago) was, while awake, telepathically communicating with a family of praeternatural entities whose mode of praesenting subject-matter seemed so very rule-and-regulation-based as not to be practicably applicable : so that I proceeded in quaestioning them along a sequence of subcategorization until the praeternatural man (who led the family) reached a rule-bound inability to reach further decisions, having to keep on answering to each of my quaestions with the same answer, "The rules are up!"}

January 11th-12th (Fri-Satur) 2019 :- Dream : I was reading concerning a peculiar mode of altering consciousness through rendring it double by means of contemplation of terminology relating to it. [I awoke; it was apparently after midnight.] {This mode for contemplation led (after my awaking), upon my considering applications of it, to the same a distinct application of the curious discussion of a yaugic contemplation of the signficance of dreaming which had lead to recently-praevious dream (to wit, that of Jan 9th-10th "in recognizing the situation to be a theatre-resembling simulacrum of the dreamer's own social status in the waking-world"), wherein by recognizing the distinction between the mortal dreamer's being entertained by the resemblance between dreaming-world and one's waking-life's circumstances (this distinction being one mode of double-awareness), and waking-life's the waking-world practice of likewise seeking out theatrical entertainment in order to provide a refreshing distinction from non-entertained daily life (this distinction becoming another mode of double-awareness). The most outstanding feature of similarity between those two modes of double-awareness, would be that each of these modes is well-reputed as a restorative for restoring mental reference to-and-by-modality-of historic-memory : in two distinct meanings of "historic-memory", namely, [1] one's own personal history's being paralleled in certain portions of one's dreaming, and [2] the world's history being paralleled in certain portions of one's dreaming, namely, in its being acted out in formal theatre. Thusly, the said "two distinct meanings" are noticed to be distinct in [2nd instance] the formality of theatre (with clear separation between audience and performers), as constrasted against [1st instance] the seeming (but specious) informality of dream-circumstance's introduction (into its own scheme for the providing-of-refreshment-via-resolutions simultaneous with implicit allowing-for-development-of further situations which will provide for further entertainments in futuralities) of reminiscences of events of (largely recent) waking-life.}

January 12th-13th (Satur-Sun) 2019 :- Dream : I was engaged in undertaking a sequence of rites (which I had thought up myself) involving bottles full of nutritional supplements, prior to any ingestation; with the rites being intended to repraesent, for each such full bottle, some distinctive feature in the manufacture of them. (These rites proved, however, to be impracticable, and each such rite had to be discontinued as potentially destructive to the nutritional supplements themselves.) [Then I awoke.] {The rites, each of which would be destructive if continued withal, were apparently based on the traditional processes of Renaissance-aira laboratory-fashion alchemy. Perhaps the dream was intended to demonstrate the uselessness of such laboratory-fashion alchemy for achieving an spiritual effect. It is well-known that the meditational pratices of Taoist so-called "internal alchemy" actually involve no material chemicals and no chemical processes, but instead only prayerful invocations and evocations of deities. Likewise, the Rosicrucian litterature concerning alchemy is unrelated to material chemicals, and is actually based, instead, on describing a sequence of dreamings : this is even clearer for European, than for Chinese, origins of alchemy; for, Zosimos (the first European author on alchemy) described undertaking the process of alchemy as experiencing a sequence of dreaming involving seeing in he dream an apparently metallic-bodied living person who sequentially altered that body into different metals. Was this dream of mine intended as a response to the quaestion (which I have recently been asking of, VIA TELEPHONE-CONVERSATION, from P.P. and possibly from H.G.) as to how to make some manner of productive use out of a person's (that of M.W., a woman-resident in this my aedifice-of-residence) propensity-aptitude for serial-dreaming (dreaming wherein each night's dream-experience is a continuation of the praevious night's dream-experience).}

January 14th-15th (Mon-Tue) 2019 :- Dream : I was being told about a certain Anatolian herb.

January 15th-16th (Tue-Wedn) 2019 :- Dream : I was reading about the possibility of overdosing with vitamins.

Later dream, same night : I was reading about different rates of change (possibly of health-condition) in different persons.

January 16th-17th (Wedn-Thur) 2019 :- Dream : I had a pet butterfly which I allowed to fly free. {Mr K., who drave me home from standing in front of the state-capitol aedifice, visited my apartment for the first time and saw the butterfly-effigies on the exterior of my apartment-door. I already had thought that day of the idea of moving my Taoist internal-alchemy poster to under my butterfly-poster (in consideration of C^uan C^ou's dream of becoming a butterfly).}

Later dream, same night : I was reading about how to achieve better understanding.

January 17th-18th (Thur-Fri) 2019 :- Dream : I was reading about the chemistry of a particular nutritional substance consisting of a molecule having 24 atoms, such molecules being connected in pairs so as to constitute 48 atoms. {I had, during two successive evenings praeviously (Jan 15th and 16th) sent (as e-book, via e-mail, from Barnes & Noble), to G.R. H.G., and copies of the book Zen and the Transcendental Mind -- the most renowned set of koan-s in C^>an/Zen being 48 in # (listed in the book Mumonkan). 24 is the # of tirthankara-s in the Jaina religion. The 1st of these latter 24 was named \R.s.abha\, and on Jan 17th I wrote a comparison of another hero named \R.s.abha\ (the one labeled "R.s.abha II" in the Puran.ic Encyclopaedia) with a myth described in a Mithraic ritual mentioned by Carl Gustav Jung. I had been considering recently an instance of organic molecules connected in pairs.}

January 20th-21th (Sun-Mon) 2019 :- Dream : I was accompanying a woman; we had, together, chosen a hitherto-unoccupied room-chambre (which was one of several such room-chambres, each entred from a corridor) for staying in; other persons (men) felt themselves free to come into our room and view printed litterature in it. Then I noticed that something was pushing-in what had seemed to be the rear wall of our room, which had various appurtenances stacked against it; and removing those appurtenances from behind them : soon I saw that that something was a man, who said, "I have been held in this insane asylum for two years". I walked back through the the corridor (wherethrough the woman and I had entred the room-chambre) to see that he had apparently approached from a parallel corridor to the left (of where I was walking when I was proceeding out from our corridor to explore). I went down that corridor more than once, so as to determine whether he was there, whether there was a particular room-chambre from which he could have approached, and whether there was any indication that that corridor was being used as an insane asylum for holding inmates, but could find no such indications. I went with my woman out from our own room-chambre into our corridor, which now had various blankets strewn in it. I was standing immediately behind my woman (while she was facing away from me), and was grasping her breasts (which felt soft) from behind, while I was simultaneously pressing against her buttocks (which also felt soft); this situation seemed pleasant to me. [This must have been about when I awoke.] {My feeling on this woman's body (her body being clothed) was (as I realized after I awoke) highly reminiscent of my dealing with the woman with whom I cohabited some 10 years (the first few months in T.P., MD; after than in B., GA) : almost every night we would be lying together on our side in bed (both of us naked), with my facing toward her body, while she was facing away from my body.}

Another dream (which I remembred later than the foregoing dream and remembred in a vaguer manner, and which therefore may have occurred earlier than the foregoing dream), same night : I was rewriting from memory (thus expanding a less descriptive printed list) a list of events which I had been experiencing, which events were apparently intended (according to the printed list) to be an elaborate entertainment, of festivities wherein I had been participating. I was, while thus engaged in writing, much impressed with the intricacy of the events, which seemed to contain a logical consecution as though they had been intended to describe some intricate narrative (of consequential festivity) wherein I had been participating as if I had been a player in the thusly-acted-out narrative. {I had left playing, from pandora.com on the internet, a very lively opera (or series of opera, replete with much energetic singing) which had commenced with L'Orpheo (by Orchestra of the Antipodes).}

{Just before reclining on the rug under my desk to go to sleep, I had ingested one each of the two types of pills (namely, galanthamine and huperzine-A) specifically intended to enhance dreams. I had not been ingesting these in a number of days; for, after my obtaining recently the 3 (rather expensive) pills which were stated to be especially effective for enhancing cognition, I thought to myself that I ought to wait upon enough of their substances had accumulated in my body to be able for them to co-operate with the dream-enhancing substances, before commencing again to ingest them (the dream-enhancing substances) regularly. This procedure functioned well, as indicated by quite interesting dreaming. All the years that I had cohabited with the woman in MD and in GA, I never dreamt of her at all; and may have not experienced sexual dreams either : this lack (absence) of dreaming puzzled me somewhat during those years.}

January 23rd-24th (Wedn-Thur) 2019 :- Dream : I was looking at a diagram indicasting the respective effects of massaging separately on two different regions of one's body, while wondring about thhe extent to which the information on this diagram could apply to one's self. {Just as when I started experiencing soreness in my mouth (in the gums around certain teeth) on the past Wedn at the SocOfFr Meeting, when there was praesent a certain man (who had not attended the meeting for many months, and whom C.F. told me she considered to be a C.I.A. operative [though he is so mild-mannered as to be more likely a N.S.A. agent] who had been assigned to spy on occasion on the meeting -- when he used to attend for the meeting for years years, he used to speak of his having been stationed in Grenada, a Caribbean island invaded by the U.S. military forces while I was in B., GA) -- but that soreness had vanished while I was sleeping that night (Sun-Mon) --; so likewise I started experiencing soreness in my mouth (in the gums around certain teeth) yesterday evening (January 23rd) after I arrived home from the sign-holding protest-rally at the state-capitol aedifice, where a man was speaking (to us protestors) so crudely about his having murdered persons at the behest of the U.S. military in <iraq -- until I sent him scurrying away when I responded to his accusations of the folk in <iraq (of having bombed the Pentagon), by my turning the accusation against the C.I.A (via their notorious guided missiles) as ordered by then-praesident-of-the-U.S.ofA. George Walker Bush. I started figuring late in that evening when my mouth had become sore that in both instances the soreness was caused by a curse administered by some sort of spirits under control by the C.I.A.; and I resolved to eliminate those soreness-causing spirits' influence by telling G.R. and his wife C.F. about this suspicion of mine about curse-spirits controlled by the C.I.A.. I also told myself that if I had mentioned to H.G. (when speaking to him by telephone after my arrival home from the rally yesterday) the ill remarks (by that man confront us at the rally), any such mention would have eliminated the curse-spirits before they could have affected my health. After the soreness did develop, I thought that I could minimize it by massaging, which I did separately on (1) my limbs and (2) my head (including mouth). This massaging seemed to have some effect, which I ascribed to possible praesence in my body of benevolent spirits (who would like being massaged); and I thought to myself that self-massaging by any one person could serve as a substitute for mutual massaging by two persons (mutual massaging by a man and a woman as a married couple being a feature of Taoist culture in the political states of S^u and Pa before that sort of Taoist culture was allowed to proselytize itself outside of S^u and Pa during the Han dynasty).}

January 24th-25th (Thur-Fri) 2019 :- Dream : I was viewing a printed list, for each of several categories of person, the features which were most prominent in their distincive characteristics. These features largely overlapped from one category of person to the next, but differed widely in their internal sequence, which sequences I took to imply order of importance, both in regard to categories of person and those categories' internal sequences of features, so that the last-mentioned feature of the last category of person was (as I remarked) was the very distinguishing feature tending to be mentioned as the most significant in other mentions of personal features. All these features were those applying to the nature of the soul, as understood from an occult perspective. {While I was at our weekly protest (holding protest-signs) in front of the state-capitol aedifice on Wedn, I mentioned that the nature of the microcosmic specific-planet-feeding rays-of-the-soul was the type of feature most prominent in Kun.d.alini Yoga (mentioning this to C.F., who had been regularly practicing the breathing-exercises which are claimed in the S`ikh "Healthy-Happy-Holy" organization to be helpful for achieving results in Kun.d.alini Yoga) : I had brought with me to the rally (and was shewing there to C.F.) the book Yogic Perception (one of the articles whereof contained a Bodish listing of various features of the several rays-of-the-soul).}

January 28th-29th (Mon-Tue) 2019 :- Dream : I was viewing diagram which apparently shewed that each of four potential nutritional substances which are believed somehow to match with one each of four substances which function as biochemical components in the human body. I was thinking to myself that the relationships among the four pairs resembled the relation of metrical feet (in the structure of a line in poe:try), pie in Spanish, with the pieces (a French word) of amino acids (in their structure) for the biochemical components. {I may have had in the back of my mind my father's use (which I had not come across in litterature) of the word pied (which he explained referring to the metaphor of a culinary pie of minced fruits) to being 'jumbled', which he would apply derangements (as in coding of messages) which were in need of being re-arranged. (Looking now at a dictionary, I see that as for its etymology, the word \pie\ is derived from Latin \pica\ 'magpie', and that its application to a jumble of a typesetter's typeforms is taken from its resemblance to the seeming disorder in a male magpie's setting out of a collection of oddities in a "bower" for the sake of attracting the attention of a female magpie.)}