Dream-diary, September 2018

Sept 2nd-3rd (Sun-Mon) 2018 :- Dream : I was considering herbal remedies.

Later dream, same night : I was reading about the same herb as remedy.

Sept 3rd-4th (Mon-Tue) 2018 :- Dream : I was walking counterclockwise along a ledge which must have been jutting out a few feet from the wall, when I became fearful and grasped the dresser-cabinet (which must have been between me and the room's wall), but it felt unsteady, so (while thinking to myself that I could be in a praecarious situation only if I were fearful) I felt ahead of me with my hand, and felt a curved walkingcane-shaped device which felt steady. The room was so very dim that I could not see at all how far the distance was down to the ground-level, but as I grasped the cane-shaped device, I felt that I was descending smoothly with it, and after a while I reached the ground-level of the floor (which must have been several storeys down). Here the illumination of the room was sufficient, and I could see that there were adjoining areas of what I figured was a basement office-region, unoccupied at that time because (I thought) it must be after-hours. [Then I awoke.] {This was the first dream (in many days) which I could remember in any detail. Perhaps this ability to remember a dream was due to the fact that during the praevious day (Sept 3rd) I had been finding information, which I was copying from the internet, pertinent to the health of the couple (G.R. and his wife C.F.) who had in rather recent months been experiencing some nerve-difficulties. This I had achieved by seeking out (on the internet) the answer to the quaestion of whether peripheral neuropathy (which had been medically diagnosed as afflicting G.R.) could be caused by, specifically, the substance wherewith the soy-protein had been texturized -- seeking out instances of such causation (that substance being hexane). I recalled having discovered (quite some months earlier) that the substance, hexane, was a known poison; but had not praeviously sought out specific instances of poisoning of persons by their ingesting any of this, so that the warnings concerning it which I had written to G.R. and C.F. did not at that time seem to them well-founded. I had become encouraged (to seek out specific instances of such poisoning) on Sunday (Sept 2nd) when I mentioned the harmfulness of texturized soy-protein to S.P. (while she was chaffeuring me homeward from the SocOfFr meeting), at which mention she remarked that she intended to check into this matter by seeing how the texturized soy, which she had at home (to eat) was labeled; to which I remarked that the texturizing substance would not likely be mentioned on the ordinary list of contents of that food. (So, it now seemed that I could add her to my list of persons to whom to convey pertinent information; and she is generally more interested in medical matters than is G.R..) Anyway, I had started that discussion with her by mentioning "trans-fats" (which I had been reading concerning in a National Geographic Magazine article of June 2017), and she responded that she was aware of their harmfulness to health -- whereas G.R. is rather irresponsive to information concerning public health (though his wife will mention, whenever the context may be pertinent, whatever she is aware of concerning such). Likewise on that day (Sept 2nd) when I telephoned my sister D.C.R., she had encouraging news that she had set up my trust-fund for me so that it was ready for withdrawals, which, she told me, could be done in the form of a gift-card (made out to me by her) for buying on Amazon.com; which I immediately told her that I could use to purchase food-grade substances for emulsifying nutritional-supplement vitamins (information concerning which emusifiers I had just found on the internet, and had confirmed that they are available on Amazon.com) concerning which I had just uploaded such information onto my medical website (panakeia.00.gs). The timeliness of this availability of funds (to buy such emulsifiers) was likewise an encouragement, and seemed to me as though it were somehow divinely arranged so as to indicate divine concurrence with the recent emphasis -- especially in Life Extension Magazine -- on the great health-value of emulsified nutritional substances in regard to amphipathic biochemistry.}

Sept 4th-5th (Tue-Wedn) 2018 :- Dream : I was observing a rite beginning with two herbs, and ending with their two extracts.

Sept 5th-6th (Wedn-Thur) 2018 :- Dream : I was reading about an herbal medicine. {I had, while awake, been reading from the book Earl Mindel's Herb Bible. [Later (on Sept 7th or Sept 8th) while I was holding this book while traveling on the elevator, the other man with elevator (in this aedifice of our residence) with me asked me whether it were a "Hebrew Bible". When I replied that it was about "herbs" instead, he remarked that he had noticed my tending to the gardening for the building. No one had praeviously, on other occasions of my holding that book while in my aedifice of our residence, remarked about the book -- so, did my having had that dream recently somehow influence him to remark about the book?]}

Sept 8th-9th (Satur-Sun) 2018 :- Dream : I was reading about uses for various oxides. {I had, while awake, been reading about health-benefits of anti-oxidants. On Sept 7th or Sept 8th, while I was standing beside the elevator on the ground floor, the woman (from the 10th floor in this our aedifice of residence) to whom I have sometimes given foods (which I did not care for) invited me to sit on the bench beside her; when I did so, she remarked that she did not care what other people might think of a man's sitting beside her, and that she liked men. I replied : "You could have to do with me if you cared to". She did not respond to that; so I thought at the time that her not responding may have been intended as a rejection; but later (now) I am wondring whether she may simply have been delaying a response until I were to say something more specific. [I am now wondring whether (because extra absorption [there was repeated use of the word \adsorb\ (wherewith I had not been familiar) in the Ph.D. dissertation "Studies of Interaction of Amphiphilic Molecules with Lipid Bilayers", written by a woman, wherefrom I was taking notes yesterday (Sept 8th)] of oxygen while rapidly breathing is typical of erotic excitement, the dream may have been intending to suggest to me that I ought to make some more-specific sexual suggestion to that woman (from the 10th floor). Something (a factor) which might induce an interpretation (along the specific line of indicating what to do while awake) of such dreaming is that the woman (P.P.) who hath told me that in her natal family there was the daily matutinal rite of decipher the signification of that morning's immediately-praevious night's dreaming, as to the course of action to be followed by the dreamer that day -- she (P.P.) was the person who had called for the memorial-service for (her year-praeviously-deceased husband) M.J., which I (along with other persons, including the man who had been his co-worker in gardening, who sat beside me -- as if the spirits of the plants themselves had induce him and myself to sit beside one another) attended the memorial-service yesterday ["Yesterday's" being the name of the restaurant wherein she and other persons have sometimes met together, and which was mentioned (the first, in a list of names of such conspicuouslyinnocuous restaurants) recently in the city-newspaper as a place not causing any after-2-A.M.disturbance to the public -- it was a front-page newpaper-article on suings of restaurants so as to close their facilities] on behalf of him (M.J., a Latvian name). After having written the foregoing, I called, by telephone, P.P. to tell her of this dream of mine and of my interpretation of it in terms of what the dream was telling me to do to-day. I might add that another factor in how sprite-forces might have influenced the man who thought that the book which I was carrying was a "Hebrew Bible" was that the man who used to work (the night-shift) at the ground-floor desk (of this my aedifice of residence) had for quite some time been endeavouring to teach whomever he could induce to heed him, about "Hebrew" language.}

Sept 9th-10th (Sun-Mon) 2018 :- Dream : Seeing, and understanding about, trees.

Sept 13th-14th (Thur-Fri) 2018 :- Dream : I was reading, and copying printed litterature, concerning medical cures via a certain herb mentioned by its genus-and-species name.

Sept 14th-15th (Fri-Satur) 2018 :- Dream : I was watching (in a multi-laned city-avenue while no other triffic was in sight -- it may have been during the nighttime) a truck, which was hauling its merchandise-trailer, turn about so as to proceed in the opposite direction.

Sept 16th-17th (Mon-Tue) 2018 :- Dream : I was assured that in order to achieve a synergative ergative effect between two medicinal substances potentially having such capacity, one each of the two substances would needs be dedicated to one each of the two spouses within a married couple. {This is a requirement whereof I have not-as-of-yet read in any traditional shamanic lore; nor have I as-of-yet read of any analogous requirement that in order to achieve any other praeternaturally-mediated medically curative effect, the two spouses within a mortal, material-bodied married couple would need to be devoted to the two spouses within an immortal, subtle-bodied divine couple. The closest approach in available published litterature might manifest in the lore of consuetudinous occupation of the material bodies of the two spouses within a mortal, material-bodied married couple by the two spouses within an immortal, subtle-bodied divine couple. This latter circumstance may possibly occurr somewhere in the lore concerning material-bodied mortals who are married to subtle-bodied divine immortals; a situation described for both SIBERIA (wherein it may, however, have been suppressed by Stalinist extermination of all known Siberian practioners of shamanry; some of these exterminations were perpetrated, however, among the Goldi, who are a Manc^urian tribe, so that the situation might well as-yet exist among other tribes in Manc^uoko/Manc^uria) and SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA (which hath hither-to been underreported in the printed litterature) such as in Nigeria (for which I once read in an English-language remark on the internet, of personal knowledge that marriage of mortals to deities in dreams is widespread among tribesfolk).}

Sept 23rd (Sun, during the daytime) 2018 :- Dream : I was copy-and-pasting information, from the internet, on nutrition. {I had fallen asleep at my computer-desk while typing notes, from books, to upload onto the internet.}

Sept 24th-25th (Mon-Tue) 2018 :- Dream : I had found out that a meeting of a group ofpersons discussing nutritional cures for ailments was to be held locally, and was at first thinking of attending it, bringing samples of such foods. But soon I decided not to attend. {I had during the praeceding evening (Sept 24th) read of a book on nutritional cures for medical ailments, titled Nature’s Pharmacy : Evidence-based Alternatives to Drugs at http://innvista.com/health/anatomy/substances-that-destroy-nutrients/.}

Later dream, same night : I was woken by the sound of my doorbell being rung (it was perhaps a little after midnight) [: I immediately realized that the sound must have been of praeternatural origin, similar in nature to my being awoken so often in the past by my hearing my name being called by some Otherworldly entity]. {I soon (after my at first going to the the ground-floor and to outside the aedifice) that the praeternatural caller must have been reminding me to ingest the potion (Damiana) which I had apparently neglected to ingest the day prior -- in fact, I often omit it from my evening-meal (because to eat too much at on a single occasion will diminish the intake of any particular of the nutrients being ingested) with the intention of ingesting it when I awake during the night. (Incidentally, now that I am regularly emulsifying my foods, I seem to be waking (so as to urinate) fewer times during a night.)} [The music which I have been during recent weeks been playing from the internet hath been the chants composed by two composers in very such the same choral style, namely Montella (from Palaiopolis) and Bortnyanski (from Ukraine); curiously, their style is such that their chant-compositions do not tend to obtrude into the memory, and therefore are not obnoxious to re-play frequently, though I do alternate with the various chanted motecta (no instrumental music, which by now, in my bye-now praevalently mild mood, would seem obnoxious) by various Flemish (and other) composers. I need to hear the chanting in order to feel like (feel in the mood of) praeparing food, eating, or what-so-ever; I tend to leave it playing from the internet while typing-up notes (to upload from books), except that I tend to turn it off briefly when I am making table-forms for suitable frameworks for my note-takings (these brief turnings-off done so as to evade the tier-like -- and thus somewhat difficult to read -- arrangements for the tables, which can occurr if both programs be running simultaneously) from printed books. Likewise, the music is not left playing from the internet if one be seeking out information (confirmatory of what one is reading from the printed books) on the internet simultaneously on the self-same computer.]

Sept 30th (Sun, during daytime) 2018 :- Dream : I was finding, on the internet, information on vitamins; such information I was intending to put onto an internet-website of mine.