Dream-diary, August 2018

Aug 1st-2nd (Wedn-Thur) 2018 :- Dream : I was reading about the names of various kinds of nutritional substances.

Aug 2nd-3rd (Thur-Fri) 2018 :- Dream : I was reading an commentary expounding the identities of the herbs (apparently entheogenic) and rites (apparently for summoning deities) necessary in order to accomplish political changes for the better in the world. {During the praevious evening (viz., Aug 2nd) I had been explaining in telephone-call which I had made to P.P., that it is necessary to obtain divine assistance for accomplishing the political change needed so as to make for a better social and oikonomic situation in the world; and I was explaining to her that the desired political change would be to induce George W. Bush to abandon his control of the political situation in the United States of America.}

Aug 3rd-4th (Fri-Satur) 2018 :- Dream : I was reading about underground-storage of nutritional supplements.

Aug 5th-6th (Sun-Mon) 2018 :- Dream : When I walked outside my residence, onto an outdoors staircase {somewhat similar to the staircase connecting the B. St., whereon I reside, with the educational aedifices at the university, built on higher ground} I was started thinking about events in my [waking] life, and while I was returning by walking down that staircase, my footsteps slipped, and I had to lunge forward to catch hold of the side-railing (which was absent where I had been standing, {just as it is absent in some sections of the outsdoors-staircase at the university}). Then, because this slippage made my thoughts return to the woman who had been arrested with me at the university of NE -- I remembred that she had declined at that time to become married to me at that time, and we were both arrested for committing fornication together, and I now thought of the fact that her and my backgrounds-and-interests were so different that we would have been incompatible -- I thought to myself that divine entities must have caused my slippage to make my thoughts return to her, so as to make me realize that the divine entities who were controlling my body-movements knew what had occurred between me and that woman (some five decades ago), and knew that if my thoughts would return to her, I would think of the fact that they had helped induce her to refuse to marry me, because they that knew (some five decades ago) that she and I would be incompatible, and wished to spare us the difficulty that incompatibility and inevitable separation that would have happened if the two of us had married. {She neither knew nor cared anything about world-events; whereas I was a protester against the Vietnam war.} [Incidentally, I was due yesterday (Aug 5) to attend, and did attend (being driven to there, and afterward homeward, by J.McB., who has sometimes in past years expressed interest in telling his own dreams), the anti-war program (commemorating the annual Hiro-shima Day) on the 2nd floor of the State Museum.]

Aug 9th-10th (Thur-Fri) 2018 :- Dream : I was reading about an herb which is the "secret ingredienr" of a potion for inducing sleep, and how it is able to able to function. {In the waking-world, I had for many years had difficulty in falling asleep. For years had been relying on trytophan, but had to keeping on increasing the dosage in order to retain its functioning. After I read that lemon-balm leaf is effective for inducing sleep, I was ingesting several spoonfuls of this (dried leaves, raw, swallowed with water), instead, whenever I needed to fall asleep; it would function in about half-an-hour after ingesting. Most recently, however, I read about the effectiveness of zinc-compounds (not only for sleep, but also for maintaing health), and therefore now ingest one each of several varieties (citrate, etc.) of these daily; with the result that I fall asleep promptly every time that I recline my body.}

Aug 11th-12th (Satur-Sun) 2018 :- Dream : I somehow understood that I was among several persons who were to receive immunizations at a clinic. When we arrived as the destination, however, I did not see the other persons who were to receive this, nor was I sure of which aedifice to entre, nor where in the aedifice the clinic would be. When I told this to my parents (who were sitting with other persons so as to converse with them at some hospitality-site at close-bye), my mother at first responded by asking me whether I cared to eat some sort of dessert, which seemed irrelevant to me; but soon they went with me into the appropriate aedifice, where I assumed the immunization would occur; and where I saw within several rooms (offices) with various persons in them. But soon we were apparently finished with whatever we had come for, although there were no pills nor injections, nor was I even asked to registre for anything. [Then I awoke.] {The praevious day (Aug 11th), I had early in the morning told H.G. by telephone that I had been told a couple of days before by P.P. that it was G.R.'s birthday that day, and that P.P. had, earlier that morning (Aug 11th) told me that it was her own birthday that day. H.G. told me to give his regards to both of them; I said that I would. (Was the dessert mentioned in the dream related to a celebration for a birthday?)} [Somehow, after I awoke, I had the impression that what I had thought during the dream was to have been an immunization, had actually been been some sort of discussion about treatment against venereal disease. But the only time when I underwent treatment against venereal disease (in this case, syphilis, which I had contracted from the woman Sh.D. from IN who had been cohabiting with me) was with penicillin-pills given to me in a public venereal-disease treatment-centre in Ch., IL, in the early 1970s.]

Aug 19th-20th (Sun-Mon) 2018 :- Dream : I was adding emphasis and expansion to certain statements on my websites. {This is that which I generally put in more of my time-and-effort into than anything else while awake, especially when taking notes to upload onto the internet from printed books, and which I had just been involved in doing through the process of completing my notes from two printed books in rapid succession (one book on projection of the subtle body and the other book on shamanry).}

Aug 20th-21st (Mon-Tue) 2018 :- Dream : I was making adjustments for better reception by my computer from the internet.

Aug 21st-22nd (Tue-Wedn) 2018 :- Dream : I was considering illusions of size. {I had been watching videos on YouTube concerning optical illusions immediately before going to sleep.}

Aug 22nd-23rd (Wedn-Thur) 2018 :- Dream : I was expounding the symbolic content of dreaming.

Aug 27th-28th (Mon-Tue) 2018 :- Dream : I was viewing a rite intended for curing a particular ailment. {A psychosomatic ailment may be remedied by means of a publicly-convened social rite. In shamanry, peculiar social rites are regularly employed as religious caerimonials possibly able to remedy a wide variety of bodily ailments. In such cases, some expertise in manipulating one's own dreaming is considered to qualify the dreamer to function as a shaman. Extensive dreaming over a considerable interval of time (usually a number of years) along these lines of endeavour is generally regarded as necesssary in order to qualify someone to serve as a practitioner of shamanic curing. Over recent weeks and months my dreamings have occasionally been of the nature of treament of medical ailments, as I have often enough vaguely remembered, even when the praecise content of the dreamings have been so vaguely recalled that I have not attempted to record them in this dream-diary. It may be that for me to discuss with persons of my acquaintance the feasibility of curing ailments by means of activities undertaken during dreaming, would enable such vaguely-remembered dream-experiences of mine (or, indeed, of anyone sufficiently intent on undertaking curing of bodily ailments) to become more clearly-remembered; and that entities who arrange such dreams (as well as praeternatural beings making their appearance in any such potential contents of such intentfully ailment-curing dreaming) would wish for a mortal dreamer to discuss, with one's most confidential kin and friends in the waking-world, such possibilities for securing some mode for remedying of bodily ailments. This sort of discussion could be aimed at using the particularly medical aspects of dream-content, to supplant the more usual (in non-shamanic cultures) non-medical aspects of dreaming, in regard to "interpretation of dreams". Even in cultures wherein a shaman may be invited to rendre annually a forecast of weather or of luck for the clan or tribe in suceeding months, this sort of ability is expected to be obtained through "incubation of dreams", viz., sleeping in some peculiar circumstances which are expected to result of some wished-for dream-content.} {In the most recent meeting (Sunday, Aug 26th) of the SocOfFr, Jane T. (the wife of James H.) was telling me of her efforts to publicize the use of seaweeds to remedy AIDS (and that the government of Brazil is planning to make a public announcement to that effect, based on publications of the information recently in other languages); I had not been aware of this possible remedy.}

Aug 29th-30th (Wedn-Thur) 2018 :- Dream : I, having heard mention (through some mechanical device) of the word \day\ in a context wherein a word rhyming with it would have been expected, I mentioned this to a man who considered that the reference had been to himself in some derogatory way; thereupon, there came a man who was a minion of the one to whom I had just said this, and was rebuking me for having said this, but I replied in like fashion. {Just before falling asleep at my computer-desk (it was about midnight when I awoke), I had been quoting a passage of the spiel by a nabiy> concerning "the day of YHWH", for my comment on Iosephos's remark (quoted in The Secret Teachings : Unveiling the Luminous Sun Within, p. 104) on "the change in the month", which would seem to refer to the transition between the final day of one month and the initial day of the succeeding month dream.}

Later dream, same night : A sort of continuation from the event just written supra.

Still later dream, same night : Another sort of continuation of the same dream, wherein I was considering what terminology to apply to such experience.