Dream-diary, July 2018

June 30th-July 1st (Satur-Sun) 2018 :- Dream : I was a membre of an organization wherein a discussion was being held concerning a proposed business-deal with another organization located in a different city, that other organization having appointed as their repraesentative (to arrange the terms of this business-deal) a man residing among us in our city; but our own organization had not approved that repraesentative of theirs to be authorized to arrange the terms of this business-deal. Furthermore, in order to for anyone appointed by the other-city's organization to be able to contemplate said business-deal in appropriate terms, our own organization had determined that such appointed repraesentative would need to ingest some certain particular "food" (apparently a psychotropic, i.e., psychedelic, herb), which their appointed repraesentative had not as yet comested. Therefore said "food" was provided to said appointed repraesentative and was accordingly comested by him. I heard it stated by our own authorized repraesentative (who was a man very familiar to me, who seemed to be Mr. G.L.R., whom in the waking-world I meet with twice a week besides calling by telephone at diverse other occasions) say that the result of the other-city foreign company's appointed repraesentative had, as the result of such comestation, achieved the sought-for "mutation" (of attitude in point-of-view), so that it now remained necessary merely that he himself (G.L.R.) personally accompany the said locally-residing appointed repraesentative of the foreign company to that foreign company's city in order to confirm the locally-approved (by our own company) terms of the proposed business-deal. [Then I awoke.] {In the waking-world, while he was (more than 10 years ago) working for a local company which used to write computer-programs for companies located in other cities, Mr. G.L.R. often was required to travel to various out-of-state cities to hear (on-site) verbal accounts of the requirements of those other companies for the computer-programs which they wished to be written, so as to ask further quaestions from those companies' technical repraesentatives as to possible requirements of theirs for the computer-programs to be written, and to (by discussion among themselves) to determine such details before returning to the computer-program-writing company (of which he was the agent) with the decided-upon specifications.} [I never experienced a similar dream praeviously. Such a highly-socialized dream based on personal technical abilities of a person very-familiar to me in the waking-world could occurr only because I ingested some damiana herb in the evening prior (i.e., on June 30th).] (Early in the morning (July 1st) my brother (S.A.R.) happened to call my internet-telephone immediately after I had restarted (rebooted) the computer (which I had done because I could not hear his voice when I called by the same telephone to G.R.), so I took the opportunity of this telephone-conversation to describe briefly to him this dream which I had just experienced.)

July 1st-2nd (Sun-Mon) 2018 :- Dream : I twice (in the 1st occasion thrown by one man towards another man, supposedly as a Muslim rebuke against lack of orthodoxy in Muslim doctrine) saw a big wooden plank (in the 2nd occasion about 15' long and 3' wide) studded on its upper surface with metal nails (having their points facing upwards). {This is evidently a Hindu-style "bed of nails", which I have myself sometimes wondred whether it may actually be intended, when slept upon, to assist in inducing lucid dreaming (awareness within a dream that one is dreaming). I had recently (on July 1st ) been expatiating (via telephone-conversation with G.R.) about vast benefits to be obtained by carrying forth a plan for obtaining, while one is aware durng a dream that one is dreaming, to correct the waking-world's political and oikonomic difficulties, which (as I emphasize in such a conversation) evidently cannot be corrected from within the waking-universe. I had commenced this conversation (via telephone-conversation with G.R.) by describing my dream experienced the night of June 30th-July 1st, then proceeded to describe the difficulty (inability to stay asleep when I was obstructing my eyesight by my kissing on a woman) encountred in the dream experienced the night of June 27th-28th. I was saying to him that my mentioning (while awake) this difficulty to someone with whom I am familiar could possibly lead to its solution, intendedly through such mention's forming in the waking-world a proclivity toward discussing it, such proclivity being likely carried over from the waking-state into the dreaming-state, so that I would think of discussing with a dream-woman, in my dream, the fact that my intended kissing on her body could result in my awaking -- I mentioning (to G.R.) that she, or someone else in the dream of mine, might well have some manner of solution to this difficulty.}

July 2nd-3rd (Mon-Tue) 2018 :- Dream : I was waiting for an ae:roplane to leave on out of what I understood to be San Francisco. Soon I was in the air, looking down, from thousands of feet altitude, at an islet (whose shape I did not recognize) in the ocean, which we we flying over. The flight seemed to be wobbly, and so I wondred whether the ae:roplane was in any difficulty, thinking to myself that I might not survive if there actually were some difficulty with the ae:roplane's flight. [Then I awoke. It was as yet a little before midnight, so I had not been sleeping for very long.]

July 5 (Thur during daytime) 2018 :- Dream : I was beginning to see a printed table of names. [I had fallen asleep at my computer-desk while copying into the table (of columns-and-rows) which I had pasted in place, the names of the various authors of (contributors of articles to this anthology) Lux in Tenebris (Leiden, 2017).]

July 9-10th (Mon-Tue) 2018 :- Dream : At an out-of-doors rally which I was attending along with various other persons, I started floating aloft in the air, a foot or two above the ground. My father, who was praesent noticed my doing so, and, with his hand-held camera was taking photographs of me, though his hand-held apparent flash-device (so I assumed this to be) for the camera did not seem to function for any of the several efforts of his photographing me while I remained floating in the air. Other persons praesent at the rally did not seem to notice that I was floating in the air; I thought that the reason why they did not notice this was because I was not high enough above the ground to attract any attention from them; indeed, when I had started doing so at that rally, I had been hovering only inches above the ground; I then achieved more separation from the ground by folding my legs under my body (an ae:rial posture resembling sitting on the ground). I did float over to where one other man in particular was at his out-of-doors booth there, I attempting to make the fact that I was floating in the air noticed by him, but he nevertheless did not seem to notice it (did not comment aloud about it). [Then I awoke.] {The color-shifting floodlight (20 W model # IP66) light-emitting diode (which hath a silvery focal backdrop for aiming all of its luminance forward), which I (having been each nychthemeron, over the last couple of weeks ever since I received it via Amazon.com, been -- with its being aimed tilted at my ceiling while it is reclining on a shelf of my bookcase just behind my computer-desk's large swivel-throne -- turning on each night when turning off the electric lamp illuminating my computer-desk, and turning off each morning as soon at the sunlight coming through the window hath become adequate) may have been a sort of model for what seemed to be a flash-device (for it had an even larger and more intricate silvery backdrop) for the camera wherewith my father was photographing me in the dream. The music which was playing on the internet from my computer was on the YouTube playlist "Uploads from Hans-André Stamm", in a section of the playlist with recordings mainly of organ and piccolo, all titled "[played?] by H. A. Stamm". Usually, I leave a playlist of ekklesiastic chanting playing from the internet when I recline for sleeping. Possibly the dream with its reminiscence of my color-floodlight was partially induced by the playlist-uploader's having been the main player-of-the-music.} {Very curiously, while I was attempting (at the outset of my writing this paragraph) to copy-and-paste the section "2018 :- Dream :", somehow the "paste" function was displaying the wrong choices! (something which it had never done praeviously). But after I had typed the foregoing of the paragraph, it displayed correctly, and so I then pasted-in that section.}

July 12th (Thur during daytime) 2018 :- Dream : I was looking at a piece of printed litterature which its rows of texts arranged in a way that seemed visually pleasing to me. Then suddenly, in the place of its rows of texts, there were artistic-seeming volutes. [Then I awoke.] {Immediately before falling asleep at my computer-desk, I had been typing notes from the footnotes on the bibliography of "Visual Culture", on p. 1 of the book Lux in Tenebris (edited by Forshaw).} [Incidentally, just a few minutes earlier, I had ingested (along with alkali minerals) some of the Synaptolepis dream-enhancing herb.]

July 19th-20th (Thur-Fri) 2018 :- Dream : I was viewing various naked women, and was considering kissing on the vulva of one of them. {Immediately before falling asleep at my computer-desk, I had been viewing various sets of sexual-scene videos at http://esmatube.com , one such set being http://esmatube.com/top/pussy_eating .}

Later dream, same night : I was among the persons, each seated at a separate desk, who were listening to a woman's lecturing; I could not hear well her lecture, but did move to a desk closer to her so as to be able to hear it better.

[The day praevious (July 19th) I had been thinking that the reason why I have not been remembring my dreams over the past week may have been due to my ingesting too little damiana (I had been taking each day, immediately after the aminos-vitamins-and-minerals, va teaspoonful of the powder mixed with galanga, peanut oil, and peanut butter, such ingredients included so as to quench the unpleasant flavor of the damiana); and began thinking that I must increase my daily intake of it (from one teaspoonful to two teaspoonsful) in order to remembre my dreams more often. So, I started increasing my dose of it that day; and am intending to keep on ingesting each day the increased dosage of it. It is reputed to enhance one's social life (both one's waking social life and one's dreaming social life), a fact which I have been mentioning during telephone-conversations, including mention in those telephone-conversations that when I mentioned it to the woman L.D. (at a SocOfFr meeting), she told me that she had been recommending it also. Probably the last-night's dream wherein I could not well hear the woman's lecturing, was intended to inform me that my dreamtime social life was inadequate (poor-hearing of someone's speech = inadequate social life); it must have been expected that I would be able to deduce that the poor quality of dreamtime social life was due to my ingesting an inadequate amount of damiana, and that I ought to increase its dosage. Likewise, the vagueness of my memory of my viewing the naked women, may have been intended to impart the same message, namely that I must increase the daily dosage of damiana in order to retain an adequate memory, and likewise in order to increase my resolution to engage in sexual activity (which is a very major part of one's social life) whenever experiencing a dream of seeing naked women. I ought to order (on the internet), promptly, more of the damiana powder, so as to motivate myself to keep up at taking an increased dosage of it.]

July 21st-22nd (Satur-Sun) 2018 :- Dream : I was using my computer by "cutting-and-pasting" -- for uploading onto the internet -- into a document-file, weblinks to music-playlists. [Then I awoke in the night, and wrote this note.]

Later dream, same night : When, inside an aedifice, I saw a woman walking through the corridor, I noticed that she had her arm reaching under her dress, so that her panties appeared to be visible; then while I continued to watch, (while she as yet had her arm reaching under her dress), she appeared to be holding a penis in her pubic region. I supposed immediately that she must somehow be a man dressed as a woman, until she called out (to another woman) "He doesn't want any." Then I revised my understanding of the situation, to suppose instead that she must be indeed a woman (which she otherwise appeared to be) who was wearing an artificial penis in order to shock any man who might see this seeming oddity; and that the signification of her calling out "He doesn't want any" was intended to mean that I was so shocked by her wearing an artificial penis that, on account of this shock I was effectively refusing her offer to have sexual intercourse with her. [At this point the dream must have ended.] {Curiously, it is very rare (if not nonexistent) that any woman in any dream of mine hath ever said anything implying that she is willing to have sexual intercourse with me; and, indeed, in nearly every case (if not in absolutely every case) of my proceeding to any sexual activity with a woman in a dream, it hath been that (without my saying anything to her, nor her saying anything to me) I have simply proceeded to do so (usually simply my kissing her mouth or other part of her body) without any speech on the part of either of us. {When I awoke from the 1st remembred dream during the night, I was continuing my alphabeically-ordered collection (excerpted from Bing internet-search-engine results) of weblinks to pictorial illustration of covers of sexually-oriented magazines (mostly having the magazines' names on these covers) : on a good many of these magazines, although the interiors of the magazines may be largely photographs of entirely-naked women, the covers often will display a slightly clad woman, in such cases often wearing panties visible -- and in a few cases in such magazines there may be pictures of women wearing artificial penes (for employing in simulated fucking of another woman -- a sort of scene seeming undesirable to me).}

Still later dream, same night : When I came into my apartment (different from any wherein I have resided, or even ever viewed, in the waking-world) on an upper storey of a tall apartment-aedifice, I saw that in one of the rooms there was a pigeon and a man. I asked him, "How did you get in?" He answered, "From the roof." Then I realized that there must be a way, via elevator or staircase, to the roof of that aedifice, and also a way for climbing down from the roof into an apartment (which must have open windows, or balconies or whatever). [Then I awoke.]

July 22nd-23rd (Sun-Mon) 2018 :- Dream : When I was in the aedifice where I knew that I had a single-room apartment in a house, I was at first wondring whether I could reach it from the front (for, I had just entred the house from the front-door entrance); I saw, however, that the last room that could be reached from the front corridor was the room which was assigned to Michael Juris. But then I remembred that earlier in the day I had been shown the room which had been assigned to me, and I had been shown this room from the rear-door entrance; so that I would have to go to the house's rear door in order to arrive at my room. [Then I awoke; it was after midnight.]

July 23rd-24th (Mon-Tue) 2018 :- Dream : I was reading a description of the most beneficial sequence for ingesting a set of nutritional substances.

July 27th-28th (Fri-Satur) 2018 :- Dream : I was adding to my dream-diary."

July 30th (Mon during daytime) 2018 :- Dream : I was reading about nutritional supplements. [I had fallen asleep at my computer-desk while reading on the internet about nutritional supplements.]