Dream-diary, June 2018

June 7th (Thur during daytime) 2018 :- Dream : I had just moved into a new apartment, moving out from where I had been staying with my parents; but I had not finished bringing all my belongings from their house. Soon they arrived at my new apartment with more of my belongings packed into containers. I loaded (from the wheeled platform on top whereof they had brought into my apartment the containers full of my belongings), those boxes containing my belongings, distributing them on the floor of a room of my new apartment. Very soon they brought in another such load, and after that still another load, so that the floors of the rooms of my apartment were becoming much-covered with my various belongings. I thought to myself that they must have brought such a large amount of my belongings in some truck off of which they were apparently unloading in several trips of the wheeled platform for bringing the belongings from the truck into my apartment. {Then I awoke. I had recently (including yesterday) been telling Mr G.R. about how I had been helping P.P. to carry bookcases from her garage (entred through a door connecting it with her house) into her bedroom.} [I had not remembred any praevious dream in this month, simply because I had not been ingesting damiana (the main dream-recall-promoting herb used by me) on consecutive days this month; until I did ingest it again on two consecutive days, namely both the-day-before-yesterday and also yesterday. I now make sure that I eat it mixed with plenty of yoghurt and of sauce (grinded-sesame and/or grinded peanut) with sweetener (mezquitl-powder etc.), so as to conceal its rather distasteful flavor.]

June 7th-8th (Thur-Fri) 2018 :- Dream : I was reading about strange praeternatural abilities achieved by persons in a certain occult organization; the names which they were applying to such abilities were words (such as, "transsonicism" [perhaps referring to sounds travelling between planes-of-existence]) which I had never seen before. [Wondring about this, and intending to read more about it, I awoke; but when I awoke, I promptly realized that there would be so such occult organization in the waking-world, and that it existed only in the dream-world, so that there would be no way for me to read about in the waking-world (nor did I remembre the organization's name so as to find out whether anything with a similar name could be found, either).] {I had, two days plus a night earlier, ingested, by enteric-coated capsule (praepared by myself), some of the psychedelic dream-influencing herb Salvia divinorum, so that when I had awoken earlier that night I realized (from the unusual state of mind wherein I then was) that the capsule had opened in my gut that night. But by the time that I awoke in the morning, the effect was so mild that I could not quite detect it any more; evidently, in order for me to obtain enough of an effect to feel it (on future occasions), I will need to cram any further capsules tightly with the herb's leaves, which I had inserted only sparsely for this first attempt with this herb via enteric-coated capsule.]

June 8th (Fri during daytime) 2018 :- Dream : I was telling a man about a vending machine. Nextly, he put some bill of money (it must have been a $10 bill) into it to buy from it, and I saw that it produced also coins in change : about 8 silver dollars put smaller change. {The man on the night shift at the desk is often buying candies from the vending machine on at floor. It so happened that I was telling him, before time for the next change-of-duty shift in the morining, about that night's (7th-8th) dream of mine. When I followed him to his automobile at the change-of-duty shift, and in my returning was opening the door to entre the aedifice, it happened that a cockroach of large-size flew [I had not seen any cockroach flying in recent years] to the door-jamb, and as the door opened, it ran into the aedifice's foyer (so that I had to chase it back out, lest it starve); I went again to his automobile and told him this (before he drave away); and said to him that the cockroach must have been induced by its spirit-guide to do this in order to shew approval for my telling the dream to him. (As a devotee of a charismatic church, he is inclined to believe that all beings are divinely guided by their guardian-angels.)}

June 10th (Sun during daytime) 2018 :- Dream : [two dreams, both at the SocOfFr meeting, when I fell asleep there twice while sitting in a pew] (1) I was hearing something about social aspects of religion. (2) I was hearing someone describing warfare as a "sin".

June 10th-11th (Sun-Mon) 2018 :- Dream : I was considering to myself whether I ought to transferr my place of residence to a different city or else to a suburh of a different city, I contemplating that my social relationship had become more satisfactory in recent years than they had been some decades earlier. {Somewhat earlier while awake, I had been mentioning that my social relationships had improved since my attending this meeting, due to the higher social status of other meeting-attenders than that of the meeting-attenders at the Theosophical Society which I used to attend (before the Vietnam War ended, when I was in Ch, IL).}

June 10th-11th (Sun-Mon) 2018 :- Dream : I was viewing instances of how websites concerning nutrition had modified their content when they had shifted to emphasizing the nutritional value of sweet potato. {Having recognized that the several ailments (arthritis, gout, occasional poor eyesight) affliciting my material body were all caused by dietary deficiency (lack of vitamin "A"), I had undertaken to remedy this by buying (at local health-food store R.M.) some traditional Japanese sweet-potato (red-skin yellowish-white interior : the food most replete with vitamin "A"), and was planning to start cooking the following morning (11th) -- and had added to our medicine-and-nutrition website, http://panakeia.00.gs, mention of this means of overcoming that vitamin-deficiency.}

June 13th (Wedn during daytime) 2018 :- not a dream : [When (in response to G.R.'s suddenly saying, "Cassandra is calling me") I hung up my internet (Skype) telephone (I had just been talking with him on his cell-telephone ), I saw that it registred that my telephone-call had lasted 1:11:00 (1 hour & 11 minutes). I also notice that my immediately praeceding call to him (via Skype) at his cell-telephone (which was on Monday) had ended at 11:01 o'clock (as I recalled, that call was likewise abruptly ended by Cassandra's calling him). So, she is the instrument (medium) where through the divine communicators are arranging numeric aequivalents to synchronicity.]

June 16th-17th (Sat-Sun) 2018 :- Dream : I had gotten aboard an ae:roplane which was about to depart, when I suddenly decided that I did not wish to travel to its destination. It was already taxiing along the runway, when it halted, apparently to take an additonal passenger aboard. I declared that I was leaving off the ae:roplane right as of then. [Then I abruptly awoke.]

June 17th-18 (Sun-Mon) 2018 :- Dream : I saw a woman who was naked, and so I briefly licked her vulva. But then I ceased from doing so, and, while looking at her, began to dread that she might have a venereal disease, which I might be risking catching from her. [Then I awoke. I do not recall ever praeviously, in any dream, dreading catching venereal disease from a woman.]

June 20th-21st (Wedn-Thur) 2018 :- not quite a dream : [I had just awoken and was recline with mine eyen closed, when I heard a woman's voice speaking about a sentence's length (in a somewhat halting manner, as though with pauses to decide what to say next), a philosophical saying, addressed to me, the final words being : "The visualization of life is so [very] important ...". Then it abruptly ceased, without quite completing whatever was in the process of being said.] {Before going to sleep, I had been lastly reading how Andre Breton was continuating the remarks made by Arthur Ribaud some half-century earlier, concerning the benefit of synaisthesia (so that the term "visualization" uttered by the voice, might have been intended to mean 'synaisthesia'), in the article by Leon MARVELL [with remarks about the word \MARVELLous\ being emphasized], "Take Two Emerald Tablets in the Morning", p. 521, within the book Alchemical Traditions, edted by Aaron Cheak (Numen Bks, 2013).} [It is very seldom that I hear any praeternatural voice speaking to me when I awaken, and such hath been hitherto usually my name being called out to me (only one of two words, in the vocative voice), instead of any assertion being made (via a declarative sentence).] {Yesterday afternoon, Laurie Donath, who had not in recent years (as far as I remembre) attended our weekly protest-with-holding-of-signs in from of the state-capitol aedifice, came. Was what I heard from the hypnopompic voice some favorite saying of L.D.'s? Or of P.P.'s? Earlier that day (June 20th), I had looked up the abbreviation "Prisc." (in the list of "ancient authors and their works", within Lewis-and-Short's Latin Dictionary -- and the abbrviation "Don[at]." occurreth also in that list, both authors being grammarians).}

June 21st-22nd (Thur-Fri) 2018 :- Dream : Without my seeing much of anything, I was thinking to myself that I ought to be able to generate for myself a different sort of body, in addition to the ordinary body wherein I already was. Then I thought to myself that this different sort of body, which it would be easily feasible to generate, is actually the fourth of four bodies which one potentially hath in addition to one's ordinary body. [Then I awoke.] {Though I did not, in the dream, think of the propre terminology, such 4 additional bodies would praesumbly be those among one's subtle bodies which are achievable by their being projected in the waking-state, the fourth and most readily projected being the doppelga:nger, which is the projected guise of one's aitheric body, the body which is visible (to such persons having "2nd sight" as can see the aura of various persons other than themselves) as the "perispirit", which is treated by Spiritist practitioners by making "passes" (stroking motions) through the air on the vicinity of the material-body of the patient being thus treated. Such "passes" may be the Chinese (and adopted from Chinese methods by the French) Spiritist practioners' variant of the usual North-American method of treating a medical patient by the practioner's stroking the patient's body with bird-feathers.}

June 23rd-24th (Satur-Sun) 2018 :- Dream : I was in a kitchen, and saw that the top of a crusty loaf (perhaps a sweet loaf) was aflame; so I blew out the fire. Then a woman, who came into the kitchen, told me that my sistre had deliberately set the cake aflame. Then my sistre came into the kitchen, and I told her that whenever she may wish to set any food aflame, that she must tell anyone in the vicinity that she is about to do so, lest that person assume that the fire is accidental. [Then I awoke.] {I have quite seldom dreamt of fire; and do not remember of my ever in a dream putting any such fire out, whether by blowing on it or otherwise. Before I left my parents in 1963, my father used to sometimes mention foods which are doused with vodka before being set aflame for the visual effect. (Cf. the video "Cake aflame." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-Tkcn-0I-g Also cf. several videos of "Flaming cake." https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=flaming+cake) -- Just prior to my going to sleep, I had been viewing (on YouTube) some videos of colorful visual effects, intended to be viewed by someone who is under influence of psychedelic drugs.}

June 27th-28th (Wedn-Thur) 2018 :- Dream : I noticed someone reclined on a bed in the far side of the room. When I looked carefully, I saw that it was a woman, and that she was naked with her legs spead apart. Immediately I walked over to her, then made movements with my lips to indicate to her that I was ready to kiss her vulva. Then, while I was about to apply my lips to her vulva, I suddenly awoke. {I had fallen asleep in my chair at my computer-desk while watching videos of woman having their vulva kissed by men in public at a club.} [During day before I ingested in the morning with alkalis (Mangnesiu glycinate and zinc compound) the dream-abetting substances (sodium dismutase, huperzine, and 5-HTP) and the dream-inducing substance Synaptolepis; and in the evening the socialed-enhancing herb damiana (herb-powder, mixed with peanut-oil and peanut-butter to cancel the unleasant flavor) and with raw garliccloves. I had ingested galanthamine within the last few days; it is one of the dream-enhancing herbs which (due to it tolerance-effect of eliminating any results if ingested too frequently) is often written concerning it (in suggestions for its use, as provided in websites concerning dream-enhancement), that it ought not be ingested more often than once per week; and I seem to find that I must least at least two weeks between each ingestation of it in order to procure from it any dream-enhancing effect, which seem to last (for me more than for some other persons who ingest it, perhaps because I habitually think of dreams in terms of the deities involved in inducing them) for a number of weeks.}

[further comments (about this dream) written June 30th] (Incidentally, I do not seem to have experienced any sexual dream which ended abruptly at this point : every other similar dream which I experienced had continued with my applying my lips to the woman's vulva and kissing on it for a while; which sort of dream would sometimes continue with my removal (from her vulva) of my lips so that I could see her body, or else the dream would end on account of my keeping my lips pressed on her vulva so long that I would awaken simply because of lack of visual content in the dream. However, I had for considerable time (some months) been mulling over in my mind this sort of dilemma, that I seem to be compelled either to awaken on acccount of lack of enough visual content if I keep my lips pressed on the woman's vulva for very long, or else my withdrawal of my lips from the woman's vulva must lead to my losing sexual interest in woman on account of my becoming distraught as the result of my being compelled to follow the dream-world's requirement that a dreaming mortal must maintain visual content to a dream in order not to awaken as a result of being too long (and such time is typically only a matter of so many seconds) lacking such content. It could furthermore be remarked that it would seem somewhat paradoxical that (although a dream is led to commencing on account of a mortal's having the eyen shut on account of tiredness after a daytime's wakeful activities, yet nevertheless [and this is the crux of the paradox]) a mortal is forced to awaken out of a dream if not maintaining visual content within that dream by taking care that the eyes of the dream-body are kept far enough away from dream-objects [including away from the praeternatural bodies of the supernatural entities who seem to be ordinary persons in the dream]. This is not only quite a paradox, but contemplation (and waking-world instigated discussion of it) might or could lead to the possibility of necessarily being required to take some other, quite different course of action within a dream in order to evade the consequences of this paradoxical dilemma.)