Dream-diary, May 2018

May 4th (Fri during daytime) 2018 :- Dream : I was standing alone somewhere, intending to find somewhither to go to, when my father arrived unexpectedly, spoke to me, and immediately walked away, walking up what I saw was a narrow upward-winding white-enclosed entirely-white staircase : it was constructed with internal walls curving so as to form a hollow vertical helix. (This incident may have been the only occasion when I have seen a helically-curved staircase -- being helical, it had no landings within it -- in a dream; though I had seen photographs of such staircases often, typically in photographs of modernistic mansions.) I said something like : "Can I go with you? I have nowhere else to go." He was already (even by the time that I said this) out of sight, but I walked up the staircase, until it ended at an upstairs doorway, through which I could near someone talking. I was about to entre through that doorway, [when I awoke. I was seated at my computer-desk. When I had fallen asleep, I had been in the process of seeking out free music (because despite my current subscription, Last.fm had somehow become so nearly impossible for me to shift, from listening to one station, to listening to a different one) on the internet (and was in the process of attempting registre for such a music-website), when I had fallen asleep. After I awoke, I discovered that that particular website was charging for permission to listen to its music; so I started listening to a different internet music-website. {It is noteworthy that in the first dream wherein heard music (this was some decades ago), I heard it while I was scaling (climbing) a staircase in a dream : cf. Ya<qob's dream wherein he was observing mal>akiym scaling (climbing), evidently intended as indicating of musical scales intoned by them in their heavenly chanting. A church's bell-tower is traditionally built as a hollow vertical cylindre, with a helical staircase adjacent its wall's interior.}] {When, for a website whence to listen to music on the internet, I did make a selection (because it was last on my praeviously-praepared list of such websites at http://hagiography.00.gs/music,_European_mediaeval_&_classical_audio_on_internet.htm), it was JAMENDO at https://www.jamendo.com/en/radios where (after trying "Classical" and also "Selections") I saw (among choices at https://www.jamendo.com/blog) "Classical Music -- Various Composers : Favourite Organ Works"; instead (under "PLAYLISTS" leading to https://www.jamendo.com/blog/playlists) where I saw selected (as playlist) "Cinematic Landscapes" leading to https://www.jamendo.com/playlist/500395082/cinematic-landscapes where I noticed and played "Bells of Hope" by PSICODREAMICS -- which (having been arrived at by a serendipitous process) is curiously reminiscent of my dream which had reminded me of bell-towers. Then from https://www.jamendo.com/track/956790/bells-of-hope upon clicking "album: BELLS OF HOPE (Christmas single") I arrived at https://www.jamendo.com/artist/339449/psicodreamics which I continued playing through the night (while I was sleeping), wondring whether this would influence my dreaming.}

May 4th-5th (Fri-Satur) 2018 :- Dream : I was selecting amongst published quotations on alchemy, for my uploading onto the internet. {I had, while awake during the praeceding evening, been last taking notes, to upload into the internet, from the book Alchemical Traditions; lastly perusing the chapter "Iatrochemistry ... Kalacakra Tantra", where, e.g., (p. 242, fn. 37) "the Secret Quintessential Instructions" may have been the source of the avowedly "secret" information on hypnagogic vision of strung beads' developing into divine scenery, such information whence I had obtained my knowledge on this (a few years ago).}

Later dream (same night) :- My father was speaking harshly to a a young child, while pressing the end of a rod against the child's body. When I looked at the child body (which was sitting on the ground) and saw that it was very young, I said to my father : "That's only a baby". But I realized that my father was quite a disciplinarian. [Then I awoke.]

May 6th-7th (Sun-Mon) 2018 :- Dream : I was reading printed litterature concerning a woman who was calling herself "Bitch Philosophy the candidate", which description I understood to mean that she was a candidate running in an election to a public political office, with her intention being that of promoting, if elected, the right of all women to call themselves "bitches" and to behave accordingly. [Then I awoke.]

May 9th-10th (Wedn-Thur) 2018 :- Dream : I attempted to fasten two mechanical objects together, but failed because I could not succeed in pressing the padlock shut. Thereupon, a woman did succeed in fastening two mechanical objects together by firstly sliding a mechanism on the padlock (which I had not noticed when I had attempted), and upon doing so, she said to me (in order to explain to me my failure), something like, "You didn't click it together". [Then I awoke. That sort of padlock having a mechanism needing to be slid into place before the padlock could be pressed shut was, of course, more intricate than ordinary padlocks to which we are normally accustomed.] {There was a locking mechanism which had to be slid (by hand) into place before it could be locked (also by hand), on the door of each gaol-cell at the gaol where I was awating trial in Ch, IL -- oddly, I once watched the mechanism sliding itself into place and locking itself, both which actions I (even while they were happining) deemed to be praeternaturally performed by invisible divinities : futhermore, while I was showering to when entring the gaol a horizontal rainbow completely surrounded by body (not, perhaps, quite possible by the laws of refraction of light -- no other rainbow showed up then or later in that or any other showerroom there nor anywhere else ever in my life --, and even my leaving out of custody was odd : when brought to court handcuffed, I simply slid the handcuffs off from both of my hands and walked out of the courtroom although my case had not come up). Evidently my dream last night was intended by its makers-and-arrangers to indicate that they, now residing in my dreamworld, had been with me in gaol there (it was during the Vietnam War, sometime in the early 1970s). The woman who appeared in my dream last night was (in her true function as goddess able to manipulate personal situations in the material world) praesumbly invisibly performing miracles in the gaol at that time over 4 decades ago. Do note that yesterday evening I copied down passages (from blog-threads on DMT-Nexus website) written by men describing their being visited by the Salvia divinorum goddess named "Princess" : in the primary account (for the commencement of a thread) the goddess was seen as oddly variegated, thus ("the most beautiful woman who appeared to have a subtle body made of light, almost like a rainbow" https://www.dmt-nexus.me/forum/default.aspx?g=posts&t=76637 ) thus similar to my gaol-rainbow -- and along with my copying this I resolved to use the method of preparing my Salvia divinorum in the way which always leadeth to praeternatural effects (and without which praeparation, ingesting it cannot produce an effect). Is the goddess who is in charge of Salvia divinorum the very same divine person as appeared in my dream last night? If so, that (namely, my failure hitherto to ingest it after activating it by propre praeparation) could be why my waking life hath been so very sparse on miraculous visions in recent decades. This could also be intended to inform me that I am to-honor-and-to-worship primarily (i.e., as my is.t.adevata) the goddess of Salvia divinorum.}

May 10th (Thur during daytime) 2018 :- Dream : I was viewing a diagram repraesenting something like electrical connection via the sea itself for communication between two seaside localities.}

Later dream, same day : I was noticing a connection necessary with another live herb, growing to my left.

May 11th (Fri during daytime) 2018 :- Dream : I was typing-up a bibiliographic reference on alchemy".

May 16th-17th (Wedn-Thur) 2018 :- Dream : I was conceptualizing (imagining the general likenesses of) types of plant-spirits, considering each type to exist in 4 varieties, each of these representing distinct species of plant-spirit, these 4 being conceptualizated symbolically as though they were mutually reversed and/or mutually upside-down versions of one another, even though all versions were understood to be frontward-facing, standing right-side-up in actual appartions of each variety. {This was the 1st dream experienced since my beginning to ingest Salvia divinorum leaf drenched in a sodium-fluoride solution (which I had selected in the form of Crest-brand mouthwash), as I had recently read on the internet website DMT-Nexus (article "Can Salvia Be Orally Active ??" https://www.dmt-nexus.me/forum/default.aspx?g=posts&m=75874#post75874) to be able to activate the psychedelic/entheogenic substance in that species, which, when ingested otherwise (i.e., without any substance to activate it), usually will have no noticeable effect -- indeed, ingesting it had thither to typically been having no noticeable effect on my dreaming. Therefore, I concurred with my resolution to continue ingesting it always drenched in a sodium-fluoride solution.}

May 21st-22nd (Mon-Tue) 2018 :- Dream : We were temporrily in an aedifice the denizens whereof were understood to be under praeternatural influences, such that if their behavior were intensely observed and responded to, some supernatural benefit would result for whomever would thus observe and respond. It seems that all the denizens of that aedifice were women. While, along with the other persons in my group, I was quite slowly walking through the rooms wherein such women under such praeternatural influences, I took care to observe those women's behaviour very closely, and noticed that it was highly peculiar, the women all moving their bodies into odd reposing postures on the floor (there was no furniture in any of the rooms), and I was taking care also to make, on my own part corresponding gestures, so that the invisible spirit-entities which were controlling the women would realize that I was noticing the women's movements, and would conferr some sorts of benefits on me as a reward for my paying such heed. One woman in particular, who was standing and was unclad on the upper half of her body, attracted my attention (on account of her being half-naked); therefore I spake to her, offering to suck on the nipples of her exposed breasts. But then, as I was about to start doing so, additional nipples began to appear on her abdomen (as if she were a cow), and these extra nipples must have containe (so I thought) some particular praeternatural power, so that I began to suck on them instead. Then I stopped to look at her body again, and I thought to myself that it might well be that the nipples with which she had started might be more important and praeternaturally powerful so as to be able to conferr benefits even more, and that the cow-like nipples may have come into existence only so as to allow me to indicate by my choosing the women-type nipple to suck on, that I realized that women were naturally more intelligent, and therefore more spiritually powerful, than cows. [Then somehow the dream shifted. Anyway, it is unusual for my dreams to contain a woman who is nude or even partially so. If ever I see any woman thus, I figure that she is inviting me to some sort of erotic contact with her (even if she is not speaking to me), and that she is wishing for me to respond sexually to her.]}

May 23rd-24th (Wedn-Thur) 2018 : :- Dream : I was climbing on several ladders.

Hypnopompeia :- While reposing half-asleep (around 1 A.M.), I heard a ringing of my door-bell, [which fully awoke me; promptly I answered saying to source of the sound that I knew that it was divine. I answered the summons by going the door, and being aware (by deducing) that its motive would likely be to make to wonder what might respose in the Great Beyond; thus recalling to memory the past dream of false awakening when, upon wondring what might reside beyond my (simulated from the waking-world) apartment, I was intent on seeking out any contrast of the dream of false-awakening as distinguished from waking-world features.]

May 25th-26th (Fri-Satur) 2018 : :- Dream : I was reading about substances composing nutritional supplements.

May 26th-27th (Satur-Sun) 2018 :- Dream : I was reading, in printed litterature, about epithets of various deities and about meanings of names of various deities, and, while thus reading, was considering how each of these names and epithets could be sorted and classified.

May 27th-28th (Sun-Mon) 2018 :- 2 separate instances (separated by being awake) of Dream : The 1st dream indicating a sort of unit of content (amounting to about a paragraph of written text) for uploading onto the internet, accompanied by an integer-multiple of that unit (as amounting to several paragraphs of a different sort of written text) for uploading onto the internet. These indications mentally impressionalistic (in visualizations), and were inclusive of their texts.

The 2nd dream apparently intended to explicate the 1st dream, indicating (by way of analogy) two different types of living plants, one (the simpler) type being a floating (which I have seen in the Orinoco river-delta) water-plant (thought of as if a hydroponic wandring-jew, though the type of water-plant which can really float (due to having air-containing organ-tissue) would be more appropriate, accompanied by a a more ordinary plant. {I had described in the afternoon of the daytime praeceding (i.e., May 27) to P.P. (while I was visiting at her house and eating a combination of food left-over from that which I had brought to the SocOfFr meeting, with what food she was offering me -- vegetables she at first offered raw, but then cooked after I explained to her that neglect to cook vegetables would permit the anti-vitamins to remain in them) that a -vegetable food commonly eaten in eastern Asia is the stem of a waterlily, able to grow erect by maintaining its upward-buoyancy by means of air-containing hollows (which floatation-mechanism I had not read of, but deduced from seeing dried specimens of stem-sections sold for food). Of course, I had in mind the umbilical-cord analogue of the waterlily-stem growing out of the navel of Nara-ayana, who is afloat sleeping on the waters which cover the cosmos in the otherwise inert e`poche' (as written with its French accents) interval betwixt two active kalpa-s : which waterlily-stem would be the Astika aequivalent to the long sacred-ritual (kus`a or darbha) grass growing out of the navel of a buddha, as witnessed by him during his dream of his body's being of enormous size, extending from the Hima-alaya mountain-range (serving as pillow for his head) even unto the Rama-setu (serving as his footstool). [\Darbha\ must be from *\dharbha\, cognate with county-name \Derby\, the carriage "with a fringe on top", such fringe possibly aequivalent to the sacred-grass. This Hina-yana navel-grass may somehow be an aequivalent to the stem of the waterlily whence (according to the highly-reputed visionary type among the vaipulya-sutra-s of Maha-yana) is born (from its blossom) whomever may become redincarnate in any of the so-called "Pure Lands" (of the dhyani-buddha-s).}

May 28th-29th (Mon-Tue) 2018 :- Dream : On feeling a sensation that such was now feasible, I was practicing to acquire praeternatural power; and soon, upon testing this ability, found myself able to open cabinet-drawers (without touching them), simply by pointing all my fingers at them (whereupon they slid themselves open). I thought of publicly displaying such power, but promptly realized that to do so would needlessly dissipate the power, which I would need to conserve for my obtaining a favorable situation after my eventual death.

May 29th-30th (Tue-Wedn) 2018 :- Dream : I was in a room wherein a woman was standing nude, with no other persons praesent. She purposely turned her back to me, so I realized that she intended me to commence erotic activity with her body by my feeling on her buttocks, which I therefore did (by my walking to where she was standing, and my squeezing on her buttocks with my hands. Having performed this for a brief while, I walked to just in front of her, kneeled there, and commenced kissing her vulva. After I had been performing this for a brief while, she said to me, "Thank you"; which surprised me to hear her say (for, oddly, neither I nor an woman with whom I had ever been carrying out erotic activities withal, in any situation which I had experienced in the past -- a length of time extending over some 5 decades -- had ever spoken to me about it, neither during contact of our bodies nor afterwards [though there once was in the women's room of the insane asylum which kept both men and women locked up together in Ch., IL, a woman, named Debbie Grans, who before the end of the Vietnam war, did speak to me just as, with her naked, I was getting into position to commence kissing on her vulva, saying to me something like, "You don't have to do this", to which I replied, "I like to", whereupon I began kissing it, and continued doing so until the female staff arrived into that room so as to surcease our erotic activity], and which, I thinking it exceptionally polite of her to say this, I was muchly gratified that she would say to me. Then immediately another woman arrived, and the two of them commenced walking together away from me. I, figuring that the two of them would be walking to whereever they were residing together (and wishing to know where that was, so that I could whenever convenient, engage in more erotic activities in the future [do note that never had I in any past dream followed, after erotic activity with her, any woman to find out where she resided after we had engaged in such acitivity -- though such omission had been, apparently, due to be fact that I would always somehow awaken during the activity]), was following them by walking behind them. {The evening prior (i.e., on May 29th), I had put in the merchandise-order (from Amazon.com) for the articles (namely, empty capsules and liquid shellac) for praeparing enteric-coated capsules for swallowing substances which could produce psychedelic effects (viz., well-remembred memorable dreaming, in a consistent fashion, regularly whenever ingested), by means of bye-passing the digestion (destructive to such substances) otherwise occurring by acids in the stomach; for by reserving the substances undigested to go into the gut, they could there, in a non-acidic environment, exist so as to be absorbed by action of enzymes (produced by beneficial bacteria residing in the gut) and thus entre one's blood-stream after being absorbed through the walls of the gut. Evidently the dream experienced by me had been provided -- including the dream-women's having been sent so as to congratulate me for my accomplishment, in the waking-world, of what is needed for my achieving of dreams wherein I shall have the opportunity to communicate with the organized government of the dream-universe, so as formally to petition such government to rectify the government of the waking-universe -- at least on the planet of my current residence, if not also even far indeed beyond it -- which would include government both political and oikomonical, both social and financial.}

May 30th-31st (Wedn-Thur) 2018 :- Dream : I was rewriting and redorganizing some of my internet-weblinks on occult connections for improving their practical usefulness.