Dream-diary, March 2018

Mar 1st-2nd (Thur-Fri) 2018 :- Dream : I was arranging a sequence of my planned activities to be in accordance with symbolism of the planetary deities, organized by days of the week.

Mar 2nd-3rd (Fri-Satur) 2018 :- Dream : I was being instructed in conventional rules for categorication of procedure as to whether it was or was not permissible, in regard to who would or would not be permitted to arrive from abroad so as themselves to undertake such procedure.

Later dream, same night : I had been observing an example of another procedure which I regarded as too dangerous to be undertaken, some method of making observations from atop a ship's tall mast. Soon, I was on the ground-level, describing the foregoing procudure to a standing woman at a counter : she was awaiting the arrival there of some sort of merchandise-commodity to be dealt with by her. I was also mentioning to her, as an instance of undesirable task, some sort of work which In had done involving putting fragments of tobacco-leaf into one's mouth. [Then I awoke.] {I had, while awake in the praeceding morning, decided (after having attempted on a number of praeceding days to find a time, and a position in sequence, for this among other activities) when to ingest the small quantity (1/4 of a teaspoon, mixed with water, fruit-juice, and yoghurt in order to quell its bitterness) of damiana-powder which I (alike to anyone else who might be wishing to ingest it sufficiently frequently to obtain a dream resultant thereby) had decided that I must find some convenient time to ingest daily. I had decided upon the morning of each day, to ingest it within the series of nutritional substances (in the forms of pills and of herb-powders) which I ingest each day. Also, yesterday I did seek out on the internet information on Turnera diffusa ("scientific name" for the herb commonly called \damiana\, an herb aboriginally ingested by membres of tribes in Central America) -- which I then found to be quite fully described (including internet-links to "scientific" confirmations) as to its curative value (including against many bacterial ailments) in an article apparently quite recently put onto the internet, namely "The 11+ Benefits of Damiana" at https://mybiohack.com/blog/damiana-turnera-diffusa-aphrodisiaca-legal-high . This information I then (yesterday, Mar 2nd) uploaded onto my own website, panakeia.00.gs. I also meant to send links to this article to various relatives and persons known locally to me, but my e-mail hosting company (mail.com) seemingly had just altered their displays in such a fashion that I could not find such persons' ("Contacts") e-mail addresses on my logged-in form of the company's website. [Later, the next day (Mar 3rd), I realized that that website may not have been altered; for, I never customarily use it for sending e-mail anyway, but instead use GMail.com.] Also, though I may have determined a satisfactory time of day (the evening and/or night having been found by me to be unsatisfactory times, inasmuch as at those times I either altogether forget to take the damiana, or feel too sleepy to attempt to take it); but I as yet have been usually forgetting to put into my mouth (to be held there as a quid, much as some persons do with tobacco-leaf) leaf-fragments of Salvia divinorum. This Salvia divinorum is necessary in order to impart a philosophical quality to dreams, to endue such quality into the ilk of such.}

March 4th-5th (Sun-Mon) 2018 :- Dream : I was considering how to arrange for my use a set of videos of chants already on the internet. {Just before going to sleep, I had been in the process a doing a similar sort of arranging for a page of weblinks to music on YouTube.}

March 5th-6th (Mon-Tue) 2018 :- Dream : I was mentioning that the several bag of materials which I had with me contained merely particular varieties of stones which had symbolic meanings for the occult project wherein I was involved. Then someone swathed in whitish cellophane, thus apparently (as I remarked) disguised as a ghost, walked into the room : this turned out to be a woman actress of sorts, who, having discarded the swathing, was seen to be clad in red-and-green plaid clothing. {The day before, while awake I had been viewing, on the internet, a length of plaid cloth for being made into tartan-clothing.} When she departed, she soon was traveling along the countryside roadway in a carriage pulled by horses. I sprinted alongside her rapidly-moving carriage at the speed of the horses' motion, calling out to her that I had, as one of my occultly-acquired miraculous powers, the ability to pace along at high speed. {This is a reputed Bodish miraculous power.} Then I lost track of the carriage; backtracking in an effort to find it, I noticed that another roadway had separated off to the right of the direction which we had been following the roadway -- but while looking down that other roadway, I did not see the carriage, and figured that it must have traveled out of sight by now. Somehow I was in was seemed to be an entrance-hallway (foyer) in front of a door into the interior of a residence; there a pet hound had grasped my hand in its mouth, apparently to deterr me from entring that door. Turning around, I noticed still another pet hound in what I had taken to be the exit-section of this foyer. On my going out from the residence, however, I found myself alone in a small area enclosed by walls; on the opposite side of this enclosed area I noticed another door, which when I entred led only into a small room having in a person-sized statue, which I assume to be that depicting a saint {The day before, while awake, I had been viewing, on the internet, a person-sized statue of the Taoist saint "Sir Diamond".}, with this small room being the shrine for veneration of that saint. [Then I awoke.]

March 8th (Thur) 2018 :- Not a dream : I resolved to eat wild-turmeric (partly on account of its pleasant flavor) with all my foods, including fruits (along wherewith I eat yoghurt), and began doing so. A short time later that morning, while I was speaking (by telephone) with P.P., she (of her own accord) began asking me how much turmeric she ought to ingest. (This co-incidence did seem to confirm my resolution to eat turmeric with all my foods henceforth.) I also decided on ingesting damiana twice daily.

March 10th-11th (Satur-Sun) 2018 :- Dream : I was in a walled-in racetrack-area, and was think of lying down on the ractrack as a signal to persons outside of it; but did not do so, because I dreaded that a racecar's driver might not notice me, and therefore might not evade me, if it were to arrive on the racetrack while I were lying within it. [Then I awoke. I had been asleep only about an hour.] {I had not been able to remembre any dream for the couple of nights praeceding, because I was leaving Pandora.com playing (instead of YouTube, which had by then become subject to advertisements which, if not clicked on, halted any playlist), and the only choice of a chant-station which I had made for myself consisted of motets, which always failed (apparently because simultaneously distinct melodies are always incompraehensible to the dream-world's guiding deities) to make for a remembred dream (despite my ingesting damiana). But I had, for this night (and thereafter), added to my available choices (on Pandora.com) the "Russian Orthodox Chant Radio", which did promptly make for a remembred dream.}

March 15th (Thur, during daytime) 2018 :- not-quite a dream : While reclining in the process of falling to sleep (i.e., in a hypno-pompic state), the sudden sound of my telephone's ringing jarred into view (while mine eyen were closed) the appearance (via synaistthesia) of a scene (lasting only about a single second of time) of scattered green dots. [For me to see any color other than plain white, or a shape other than an irregular white splotch, under such a circumstance of noise-induced visual synaisthesia, is quite unusual. For that matter, for me to experience any noise-induced synaisthesia in any other hypnopompic circumstances other when in the process of falling to sleep during a SocOfFr meditation-session, is likewise unusual. {The aedifice wherein I am residing to-day sponsored-and-celebrated a party honoring St Patrick, for which party the residents were encouraged to wear green.}]

March 15th-16th (Thur-Fri) 2018 :- Dream : I was alone, sitting on a bed in a bedroom, when I noticed that an open bag (on another piece of furniture in that bedroom) was moving around, and so I figured that there was an invisible spirit in it, causing it to move. So, I walked over it and picked it up : it felt as though it were somehow inflated with air-pressure, even though its top was open; I took this to be a confirmation that it indeed had an invisible spirit in it. When I set it down on my bed, it promptly moved away to another part of the bedroom. But then, while I was as yet seated on the bed, I heard beside me, from just above the bed, a woman's voice speaking. I realized that this was another spirit, a female one, and so I spoke to her, saying : "I will fuck you -- first in the cunt, and then in the mouth". [But then I awoke. I had been asleep only about an hour.] {I had, of course, been hoping that as soon as I said that to her, that her body would become visible and tangible, so that I would be able to do to her as I had offered to do. I was a little disappointed that I woke instead. Just prior to going to sleep, I had I had been looking at website http://thiaoouba.com .} {When (as soon as I had written about my dream here) I went to the ground-floor to tell (to anyone at the desk) about this dream, the woman Sh.W. (apt 301) soon arrived, asking me to provide for her the remedy against sciatica; so I brought the ALCAR-and-ALA, went to her apartment, and fed some of each to her -- and I promised to feed some of each to her every day (she suggested each morning).} {A likely factor in bringing about such a sexual dream was my having quite recently started to culture (and therefore to imbibe in quantity) kefir. Kefir originated in the Kaukasos mountain-range region (including Qartwel), in contrast with yoghurt, which is mainly ingested in Bharata.}

March 18th (Sun) 2018 :- not a dream : After speaking (in the early evening) with G.R. (on the telephone), telling him that I, for philosophical reasons, would rather not have an identity [something which I do not remembre having told to him praeviously; and I explained therewith that I was telling this because my ingesting the herb damiana made me eager to tell my most personal thoughts], and afterwards (in the late evening) reading on the internet (in the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy, article "Hadot") that the Christian monks (who, of course, all had abandoned their mundane identity) were continuating the Platonic ideal of livelihood; thereupon, when I checked my wallet (wherein I had been carrying my identity cards), it was empty. [I began wondring whether the fairies had relieved me of identity-cards as a boon to me.]