Dream-diary, February 2018

Feb 1st (Thur) 2018 :- not a dream : I mentioned (via internet-telephone) to P.P. my recent dream of my observing, from close-bye, a man's kissing on a woman's body; P.P. was pleased with hearing of this dream, and said that she was intending to visit with me in my apartment : her saying that she was pleased with hearing of such a dream did suggest to me that she would be willing to be kissed on by me (which action would naturally be accompanied by my reminding her of the kissing-dream, and perhaps also be praeceded by my undertaking a massage-session on her body, if she were willing at that time to have her body kissed on).

Feb 1st-2nd (Thur-Fri) 2018 :- Dream : I was writing a vocabulary pertaining to a particular piece of litterature.

Feb 2nd-3rd (Fri-Satur) 2018 :- Dream : I was at first viewing a cinematic shew of a warehouse being filled with black plastic bags (each already filled with contents of apparently cloths : I had earler in the dream witnessed the sourcing of these cloths, but had by now [in the dream] forgotten the details about this process) being, in rapid succession, dropped into it from above; and nextly I was within such an aedifice with such bags; but I was was on the bottom storey of it, noticed that its glass windows were shut, and took my exit thence by leaving the aedifice via a door opening onto the sidewalk outside. I realized that the warehouse's operators had witnessed my departure to the outside, and would be seeking to capture me (because it was against their regulations for any unauthorized person ever to have been within such an aedifice). Therefore, I started walking rapidly along the sidewalk; and noticed a very big vehicle apparently following me on the street; so that, in order to elude such pursuit, I dodged into a side-street to the right, and clambered up onto a tall soil area whence, because its top was higher than the street wherealong the big vehicle was in pursuit, I would not be visible to the occupants of that vehicle while it was in motion. I stealthily observed, from atop the tall soil, that the big vehicle did turn backwards on the same main street whereon it had been following me, thus indicating that its occupants realized that I was no longer walking along the sidewalk of that street. I was now (in the dream) planning continue my walking further in the same soil-region so as to continue to evade the possiblity of being any-further witnessed by occupants of big vehicle whence they were likely to continue to seek me in order to arrest me. [Thereupon I awoke.] {On Wedn, when G.R. was (together with his wife C.F.) visiting my apartment in order to correct my internet-telephone's reception (which was coming through unclear-sounding loudspeakers instead of through the headset -- it had started doing that when he had networked it with another computer which he had lent me so that I could use it to play music off the internet while I was using the computer which I already was using for all other purposes); at the conclusion of which session he had put that lent computer into a large black plastic bag (one of a manufactured-in-a-roll series which he had left in my apartment the praevious year), and took it with them in their vehicle. I also left my apartnent with them, for we were heading nextly to in front of the state-capitol aedifice for the usual weekly protest-holding-signs.}

[P.S. When I had put myself on a re'gime of 2 tablespoons of damiana daily, I promply noticed (each day) excessive execretory bodily function : soon, I was involuntarily passing faeces during occasions of my urinating; and I was involuntarily dribbling urine while sleeping. (Such events had likewise, at certain times, occurred some years praevious; but I had rectified then them.) I after a while realized that I was ingesting too big a dose of damiana; so I shifted back to one teaspoon per day, taken along with the other herb-powders -- this adjustment promptly cured the excessive execretory bodily function. I simultaneously resolved not to omit ingesting every day (I had been taking these about twice per week) the substances reputed to enhance (or, -- in most cases including mine -- to enable memorable dreaming : 5-HTP, Huperzine A, etc. These (pills) I resolved to take along with the other daily-ingested nutritional substances (co-enzyme, co-factor, vitamins, and minerals) in pill (mostly capsule) form.]

Feb 6th-7th (Tue-Wedn) 2018 :- Dream : Two women had been contesting each other's claim to the same man (as spouse); but one of those women already had erotic relationships with other men, so she was required to renounce her claim to the contested man. She was, however, also required formally to undergo a simulated public contest with the woman with whom she had been constesting that man, and was required to lose that contest in public as a formal rite for her renouncing her claim to him.

{Feb 7th (Wedn) 2018 :- not a dream : I recognized metaphysical (connected with subtle-world personal experience) connections which I had not-quite connected praeviously : that the distinction between Su-Meru and Ku-Meru (parallel with the distinction between A`s-gard and Jo,tun-heim), and/or the distinction between ordinary-sized entities (witnessed in dreaming) who look smaller when further away (as in the waking-world), on the one hand; and entities who look the same size regardless of distance (so that they appear to be taller than tall aedifices at a number of blocks distance; but only a few feet taller than an ordinary person at distance of a rod or of a chain) -- such distinction may rest upon being observed by them at a distance greater than the radius-of-curvature of the universe (reckoned in angular-mensuration of distance co-ordinate, commonly called 4-dimensional -- the angular measurement of distance from one's self always requiring to be supplied by some other observor distant from one's location the distance of the radius-of-curvature of the universe). I came to this realization after reading yesterday (in Puran.ic Encyclopaedia) of a characterization of naks.atra-incarnate goddess Revati -- she whom I had recognized, by means of my having read (more than half-a-century ago) her myth, when I saw here in the dream entred by merging into the dot of light (the sole light seen in the black field of darkness) while, without losing awareness while entring a dream. This would imply that the music (by the caran.a-s when instrumental -- as in the case of its being harkened-to by Revati --, by the gandharva-s when vocal) must connect one's self with the moiety of the universe located as a distance of greater than the radius-of-curvature of the universe. The expanded apparent size of anything witnessed at that distance must be magnified as as to fill whatever angular dimensions it may praesent relative to the location a [posited -- should be one's own spirit-guide] observor at that distance; so that the dream-universe is capable of praesenting the view of one's telepathic correspondent located thereat. Although the electromagnetic luminance itself, lowered by its diminution in its wave frequency to a frequency unable to travel through vacuous space -- lowered in its status from photon to phonon -- is now susceptible to being ingathered by whichever great-attractor it may be within the catchment-volume thereof; yet subtle signals emitted by subtle-bodied praeternatural entities (the only such entities pertinent would be one's own spirit-guides, inasmuch as spirit-guides of other material-bodied persons would exclude their own signals from being detected by irrelevant persons), so that one's different spirit-guides, abiding in different vibrational-planes, could have their own communications rendred mutually intelligible by their signals passing through the transformation-barrier at the distance of the radius-of-curvature of the universe. This transformation-barrier could possibly be the Loka-aloka (repraesented as a double-ring), and the resultantly transformed signals the Mahat (its A-vyakta repraesenting it non-intelligibility to irrelevant persons); incoming the signals would need to be filtred through (so as to be processed by) astral, mental, and causal communication-networks-of-divine-entities (the 3 dvipa-sets : 2-fold Pus.kara, 7-fold each 4 dvipa-s, and 2-fold S`aka) prior to being received by whichever of one's spirit-guides they may be intended for. As for the direction of change-in-vibrational-frequency, this change may be for subtle signals in the reverse direction from that for gross signals : gross electromagnetic signals lowered from photonic to phononic, but subtle telepathic signals raised, so that elemental spirits (abiding, rather shiftily how-be-it, in inorganic matter, similarly as mortal soul/mind/spirit beings abide in organic bodies) can have their communications received, if appropriate, by mortals' spirit-guides.}

Feb 7th-8th (Wedn-Thur) 2018 :- Dream : While I was in bed in a communal dormitory shared with other men, I started to think in terms of dread of what might happen to me after death. Soon, however, I thought to myself that such unpleasant dread was being caused by my neglect to think in terms of divine beings protecting mortals; and as soon as I started thinking in such terms, my dread vanished. I started thinking that in order to keep to the best attitude about the helpfulness of divine beings to mortals, I ought run through my mind such expressions as, "I love Heaven". [Then I awoke. I had been been asleep less than an hour. Just prior to reclining to sleep, I had been looking on Google Search at pictures of "female demons" and of "female devils / she-devils", which pictures apparently occasioned the thoughts of dread in the dream immediate afterward. Furthermore, while I was looking at those pictures, I was thinking to myself that if I were to induce a woman to cohabit with me, I would most likely (as per my intentions) tell her to invoke female devils to occupy (possess) her body so that they could enjoy themselves when I would tell her to pinch and bite on my body; and that (although I would be seeking protection afforded by such female devils) those female devils might not necessarily entertain the most favorable intentions toward me.]

Feb 7th-8th (Wedn-Thur) 2018 :- Dream : I was being instructed about relative strengths of different kinds of chemical bonds, with the distinction being shewn to me as analogues : one analogue being of a material piled adjacent to a piece of furniture, and the other analogue being of a material piled upon a piece of furniture. {I had been reading, while awake on perhaps the day prior, about chemical compounds formed with gold (where the chemical bonds tend to be quite weak) -- this reading was chapter 10 ("Colloidal Gold") of the book Alchemical Traditions.}

Feb 15th (Thur) 2018 :- Dream early in the night (just a few minutes after sunset) : While I was listening from just inside my apartment door-to-the-hallway, I heard my sister calling to me. Thereupon, the heater just above the bathtub (which was against the far side of the bathroom-wall) in the bathroom (which shared a partition-wall with the hallway, and was to my right as I stood beside my apartment door-to-the-hallway) began producing a musical sound, which I considered to be a praeternatural result of my sister's having called to me. Soon there was a knocking from the hallway on my apartment door-to-the-hallway, and when I opened the door, there stood my father and, behid him, apparently my siblings. I just then noticed an object which was somewhat blocking the entranceway into my apartment; I started to move it out of the way so that my relatives woud be able to entre easily. [Then I awoke.] {While I was abiding in the last house which I occupied in LV neighborhood of Ch, IL, I used to sometimes hear (in the waking-world) a vibrating sound issuing from my electric toaster (apparently from its heating-coils) when it was not heating and was not turned on (perhaps not even plugged-in) -- and this vibrating sound seemed to be vibrating in accord with my thoughts : I at those times considered such vibrating sound to be praeternaturally caused. I am now wondring whether the same (or allied) praeternatural influence which was then operating in my heater in the waking-world, hath by now transferred its site-of-functioning into a heater in the dream-world.}

Feb 17th-18th (Satur-Sun) 2018 :- Dream : I had been told that we were to go together temporarily to some out-of-doors location; therefore, I was thinking of taking with me items for use out-of-doors; in particular, I was considering taking with me other (than the pair I was then wearing) pairs of shoon for this. Then I heard by mother calling to me from outside the house, telling me that it was time to leave : when I thereupon opened the backdoor for departure out of the house, I saw a row of pickup-trucks (about half a dozen of them) with their rear-ends all facing towards the rear of the house wherein I was located. I realized instantly that they must all be the vehicles of various families of friends intending to drive together for the outing out-of-doors. Turning around to look within the room, I wondred whether I ought to take up their time by changing shoon now while indoors, or whether I ought simply to grab any pairs of shoon and take those shoon with me so as to change later. So, I went back to the open rear-door of the house, and called to her, asking this question. She answered, "Take them with you". Looking around within the room, I saw only one pair of shoon (other than the shoon which I was then wearing); but thereupon thought to myself that a single pair of shoon (other than the shoon which I was then wearing) would suffice for me to take with me; and was about to grab that other pair from off the floor, when [suddenly, I awoke.] {I had been recently reading (in the waking world) some traditional legend about a shoemaker; when I read it, I remembred the legend -- except for forgetting the fact that its main character was a shoemaker; and I was wondring why I had forgotten that particular detail, and was wondring whether and how that detail was related to the other features of that legend.} {The most recent occasion when I made any use of a pickup-truck was on the 2nd e'ening before new year's day (i.e., Dec 30th, 2017), when, from the rear of a pickup-truck parked in the parkinglot in the rear of my aedifice-of-residence, two men donated to me a pair of leather shoon along with 2 bags of clothing (which they said they had been intending to donate to a charity-organization, the Salvation Army or whatever) [such a donation of clothing in bags to me, in the same way, at the same location, on the same day of the year (and likely by the same 2 men) had likewise occurred a few years earlier -- though I did not remembre this fact until about the following day (Dec 31th, 2017)] : I now put on that pair of shoon whenever I fare forth from this aedifice. Another somewhat similar odd forgetfulness of a praevious event (the forgetfulness lasting while the event was in the process of occurring happened some months before that occasion, when a man in the evening (after the weekly protest-demonstration) accosted me at the Africans' enslavement monument at the state-capitol aedifice : he (somehow expecting to be allowed to stay wherever he was following me to, though I did tell him that he would not be allowed to stay) followed me all the way (some 2 miles), walking, to my aedifice-of-residence; only to be told by the aedifice's staff that he was not allowed to stay -- [thereupon I remembred that the same event had similary occurred a few years earlier, starting from the same monument, walking to the same aedifice-of-my-residence, and resulting in the man's (perhaps the very same man) being refused, by the aedifice's staff, any permission to stay] in this case, however, when I remembred the praevious identical event, I did so immediately when he departed the aedifice upon this refusal.}

Feb 18th-19th (Sun-Mon) 2018 :- Dream : When, aboard a chartred omnibus, we arrived at our destination, I began to pick up my herb-powder into order to take it with me. I noticed that much of the grey herb-powder had fallen out of its container; so I gathered-up that spilled portion also, putting most of it, by handfuls, within extra coat which I had with me. [Then awoke. I had not slept for long, no more than an hour.]

Feb 19th-20th (Mon-Tue) 2018 :- Dream : I was talking to a pet hound, while I was attempting to how by my tone of voice that I was pleased with it. {A days or two ago, I was (while on this aedifice's elevator with them) hearing the woman who, residing on the same storey as myself, was talking to her pet hound in order to keep the hound calm. I remarked to her that I would rather not have to talk so much to a pet in order to keep it calm.}

Feb 20th-21st (Tue-Wedn) 2018 :- Dream : I was viewing a diagram of 40 desirable personality traits, the diagram arrayed as an oblong consisting of 40 squares, being five squares wide across itself, and eight squares tall vertically of itself. It was indicated somehow to me that all these desirable personality traits were necessarily in order to make for a person of good character, and thus all of them necessary to be noted and tabulated, in a thoroughgoing way, in any person being evaluated for taking such a person into confidence as membre of one's group of intimate friends for interacting closely together. [Then I awoke.] {Just being going to sleep yesterday (Feb 21st) evening, I had been considering the 8 BodishVajra-yana traits (these traits are especially emphasized in rN~in-ma legends) which I had compared years earlier (at http://00.gs/8_cemeteries.htm ), and which I was as of now comparing with the 8 mountains (excluding the central mt Meru) in Ila-vr.ta. Because these are adopted by the various denominations (along with their designations of 8 outcaste goddesses, which could be correlated), therefore (because modern Bodish religious worship-practice hath also adopted the Taoist deities of the 5 elements), an 8 * 5 = 40 schematic diagram (such as in the dream) could conceivably be employed.}

Feb 22nd (Thur) 2018 :- Not a dream : While I was cutting and attempting to paste in my OpenOffice document titled "music,_trumpet--PLAYLISTS.doc", the cut refused to be pasted, "Control-Z" would not function, and the address-bar for URL refused to be altered (although highlighted) by the "Delete" key, and refused to be typed into. (I corrected this situation by "Shut Down" and Reboot, after mere "Restart" did not improve the situation.) When I started to think about the probable cause, it seemed that it was related to my activity at the state-capitol aedifice yesterday(Feb 21st) evening : I had then started (ending an at least two-months' gap for winter of inactivity from our rite, which when performed is intended to be observed by aristocracy-minded local divinities, a rite of circumambulating, countre-clockwise, that state-capitol aedifice with a halt at each monument so asto be eating, at each, the foods favored by the planetary deity in whose honor, according to FreeMasonic ritualism, each such monument (the most prominent of which monuments is distinguished by being topped with an obelisk emblematic of FreeMasonry) is dedicated -- adding (to this by-now routine of ours) circumambulation, the addition of the sequencing the the foods (partaken at each monument) in accord with the logical scheme for sequencing the planet Earth's geography, namely starting to the polar land-mass and continuing in the mountain-range process-of-formation (mountain-formation in process being indicated by active volcanoes and/or by frequent earthquakes) : [after Antarctica,] the Andes, Rockies, volcanic Nippon, volcanic Nusantara, the Altai, the T>ien S^an, the Himalaya-s, the Kaukasos, Scandivanian uplands, Alps, Balkans, mt Lubnan (Lebanon), the Yemenese highlands, Abyssinian highlands, etc. Also we added concurrently the discarding of empty food containers (already comested at home during the time-gap for winter), likewise deposited, in each receptacle, in the same geographic sequence; taking into account the region wherein each food-plant was first domesticated by humans (whenever different from where the plant eaten by us was grown).}

Feb 23rd-24th (Fri-Satur) 2018 :- Dream : While standing, I turned my body away from the woman who was standing close to me, so that she would not see that my genitalia were exposed. Soon, she was reclined in a bed with her eyen closed, lying on her side wearing only a nightgown, which was open in the front. I thought to myself that if she were reclined on her back, her vulva would be visible. Soon she did turn her body so that she was lying on her back, and her vulva was indeed not only visible, but even slightly open. I wondred whether she would even notice if I were to surreptitiously kiss her open vulva; so, I leaned over the bed so as to apply my lips to her vulva. [Then I awoke.] {There were occasions, decades ago, when I was viewing a woman (with whom I had not had any sexual contact) reclined nude in bed (one such woman reclined nude in bed with her eyen closed; another such woman tied down in bed naked in an isolated location in an insane asylum) : while I was viewing each such woman, I was thinking to myself that if her vulva were exposed in a posture (i.e., on her back with her legs spread) such that I could apply my lips to it, I would.}

Feb 24th-25th (Satur-Sun) 2018 :- Dream : I saw that I was somehow in a room which I did not recognize; and when, wondring where I was, I walked into other adjoining rooms of the same house, I did not recognize them either; and wondred how I could have gotten into a house of which I did not remembre anything. As I was starting to leave out of the house, however, a voice from, apparently, another room of the house, called out to me by my name ("Michael"), explaining to me that I had been driven to here from where I had been before. Then I remembred that I has last been at a place where I had participated in paying for an article needed by the group of persons, I paying by my using my bank-card, which, though it was not listed among the acceptible bank-cards by the agency selling the article, had been acepted to be usable for making the payment. I figured that I must have been driven, by our participants in this transaction, from that site to this house which I was not recognizing. I remembred that the article purchased was some sort of fixture for installing on the exterior of a house; so, I walked out of the house, intent on determining what I was to do to help install the article. I called out (to whomever I might be expected to assist at this), asking "Is this the place?" (expecting whomever I was to assist to know that I meant, "Is this the house on the exterior whereof the article is to be installed?"). Immediately a woman stepped out of the house; she answered, "Yes", and was holding in her hands what looked like an antenna (for television) to be installed atop a roof. I wondred whether it was to be installed on the lowest and most easily accessible part of the roof. [Then I awoke. It was dawn.] {The day praevious, I had experienced (in the waking-world) an experience somewhat similar, in that I was attempting to remembre what might have happened in regard to my bank-books. After not being able to find (on Thur evening) my bank-books (which I remembred having taking out of the filing-cabinet-drawer and leaving out on a piece of furniture, on on Wedn, so as to see it to remind myself to take it to the bank on Thur so as to determine whether I had plenty of money for going to the food-store to buy food on Fri, and whether there would likely be enough in the account, after that buying of food at the local store, for me to send via mail-order (Amazon.com) for any other foods (such as, bulk spices) prior to arrival of my next Social-Security check. Early Fri morning, I called (by telephone) G.R., and told him of this situation, asking him whether I ought to skip going on the omnibus to the local food-store, in order to inform the bank not to honor (in case the bank-books had been appropriated by some irresponsible person) any checks possibly written without my knowledge on that account. He told me to seek more thoroughly through my apartment for the bank-books. Not many seconds after I had finished this telephone call, I saw the bank-books resting in the open directing in front of where I was standing, on the sofa/couch (the one he and his wife had given to me when I had moved into this apartment-aedifice years earlier); I knew that I had looked directly at that site on the sofa a number of times while seeking the check-books, even searching (as I had done) under every item on that couch without finding them. I immediately telephoned G.R. again, and told him that elves must have removed the check-books and replaced them; telling him that even my sistre had told me (recently, via telephone) of our father's often, after in vain seeking a missing tool, soon finding it at a site where he had already sought it. (Our father had various times told me of this, as a repeated experience, himself decades earlier.) I had told my sistre (during that same conversation with her via telephone) that elves must have been responsible. Perhaps last night's dream was intended (as if a communication from the elf-world) to indicate (inform me) that something praeternatural had, indeed, been involved in my waking-world experience.}

Feb 25th-26th (Sun-Mon) 2018 :- Dream : I was reading through, in order to ascertain that I had put onto the internet a full and accurate account, my text describing, in particular terminology, feats of certain Hellenic mythic characters.

Feb 27th-28th (Tue-Wedn) 2018 :- Dream : A woman was telling me that she had arranged for another woman to come to me in order to have sexual intercourse with me. I started thinking to myself that the woman who had been invited to have sexual intercourse with me would most likely be, when she would arrive, annoyed to discover that I wish to consume very much time in kissing on her body; for, generally, women who are prostitutes do not wish to spend very much time with any particular man which whom they are to have sexual intercourse. [While cogitating on the likelihood of this result (of her simply becoming annoyed with me), I awoke.] {It was my repeated experience (in various cities, during the course of my life over the decades) that this was the general rule, viz., that prostitutes wish to be finished as soon as possible (in just a few minutes instead of extending over many hours) with any man whom they have arranged to have sexual intercourse. (I do not recall ever before contemplating this very likely difficulty in any dream, though it is possible that I may have done so in some past dreams experienced over the many years and decades that have gone bye.)} {This is why I would be likely to have such a dream at the current time :- I was recently (a few days ago) uploading onto one of websites (bizarre.00.gs) a page of weblinks on massage. I thought to myself while researching and writing the weblinks that actually the reason why massage is apparently so little practiced among married couples is that the wife wishes to be touched as little as possible by her husband, largely because such touching (massaging of the woman by the man) would tend to involve their simultaneously talking together about intimate topics, which neither would the woman care to participate in, nor would the man be readily able to think of anything worthwhile to say. The most worthy topic of discusssion would naturally be, : what opinion do divine entities have about human erotic lovemaking? How attentive are divinities to this human process? How significant are music, incense, spices and sweets, in an erotic context, to attracting attention from interested divinities? Do divinities enjoy being evoked, invoked, praised, etc. in the contexts of erotic activities by humans? (These topics are all virtually forbidden in a society dominated by atheist-materialist dogmata, and thus tend seldom or never to be discussed among conventional non-religious persons -- and whenever discussed among religious persons who are adhaerents of "mainline" religions, the discussion is typically that divinities [angels etc.] abhor all human sexual activity, and especially are disgusted with human kissing-and-caressing.)}