Dream-diary, December 2018

December 1st-2nd (Satur-Sun) 2018 :- Dream : I was explaining to a man (who was himself somehow involved in expounding, to the public, the nature of religion) 1stly that even male deities are involved with female deities which must be thought of whenever worshipping, and 2ndly that the deities are pleased to have the idols repraesenting them placed into enclosed boxes (which I understood to be models of temples) -- I was demonstrating this to him by my puting an idol into a closed box and them taking it out of the box -- which enclosing boxes which are models of temples (as I was thinking to myself) which, morerover, are intended (I had in mind) to suggest the mysterious nature of the deities involved. I nextly said to that man that the deities also are pleased to have humans eat food in their praesence (for, I had in mind religious eucharists). As this point in time, the idol wherewith I was demonstrating had some tomato-sauce around it; so, I said that deities are pleased for humans to have tomato as the food eaten in their praesence (for, I had in mind that tomatos were formerly said, by persons of European descent, to be poisonous -- on account of the tomato's close resemblance to fruits of plants containing DMT substances {: I a couple of days earlier mentioned by telephone to G.L.R. that the book DMT Dialogues from which I was taking notes, stated repeatedly that deities of DMT are the basis of religions generally}). [Then I awoke. When I first looked at my computer's clock, it was 5:55 -- reminiscent of the state-highway numbered 555 passing nigh unto the SocOfFr meeting-house which I attend on Sundays.]

December 2nd-3rd (Sun-Mon) 2018 :- Dream : It was officially announced that communication with the goat-humans was about to be eliminated if no local human were to volunteer to be a liaison agent to maintain such communication. I immediately volunteered to be such an agent. {This dream may be comparable with, or related to, the announcement made in yesterday's SocOfFr meeting that there was a governmental deadline, only few days away, for membres of the general public to file a written objection against a govermentally-instigated proposal (being managed through the "Homeland Security") to degrade the status illegal immigrants.}

December 3rd-4th (Mon-Tue) 2018 :- Dream : The woman who had accompanied me had gone into a chamber nigh, whence I could hear her emitting sounds evidently indicating that she was being increasingly overcome by some sort of obstructive influence. I was reclined on a large bed, and was calling out to her, saying that I was endeavouring to come to her assistance; while I was somehow finding difficulty in rousing myself from the bed whereon I was reclined. I thought to myself that I must be somehow enchanted at a distance by whatever it could be that was directly affecting her. In order to assist myself in rousing myself, I kept talking to myself, saying that I was making an effort to overcome whatever was hindring my effort to venture to go to the rescue of the woman of whom I was hearing must evidently be in need of help. After some short while, by my contiunually talking about my need to rouse myself, I manage to stand up in the bed whereon I had been reclined -- by that time the woman whom I was seeking to rescue had become evidently unable to emit further sounds -- and I quickly stepped off the bed onto the floor, and walked to and into the room-chambre whence I had heard the woman emitting sounds of distress. It was dim in that room-chambre (just as it had been in the bedroom wherein I had been reclined), and I could barely discern that, on top of a large bed were reclined a number of human-sized pupa-like rounded forms, which I figured must be persons reduced to that condition of dormancy (similar to the state of dormancy of an insect-pupa). [Then I awoke.] {I have often thought to myself that membres of the general public are constantly being overcome by legally-imposed regulations and prohibitions so as to become effectively incapable of independent action; I concurrently tend to think that I myself am under fewer and less restrictive regulations and prohibitions, so that I am in a position to rendre assistance to other persons who are in need therefor-and-thereof.} {Because before falling asleep I had been taking notes from the book The Secret Influence of the Moon, it is likely that the pupae noticed in the dream had a lunar reference, such as to the cicada (a beetle : all beetles metamorphose via the larva's becoming a pupa), namely Tithonos, a husband of moon-goddess Selene.}

December 4th-5th (Tue-Wedn) 2018 :- Dream : I was out-of-doors downtown when I noticed in the evening-sky at a distance that rain was commencing to sprinkle, and thought to myself that I had neglected to bring an umbrella. I wondred whether I would have time walk to shelter somewhere before becoming soaked by the rainfall. [Then I awoke; it was a little after 9 PM. I had fallen asleep at my computer-desk, and felt somewhat refreshed by my brief nap.] {Dreaming of rainfall is an event of seldom occurrence for me.}

December 6th-7th (Thur-Fri) 2018 :- Dream : I was walking about in a storey of an aedifice, viewing the rooms and remarking about them. Showing to me a room-corner having in it a large metal device, someone told to me that meetings must be held every day with each of the security personnel. [Then I awoke.] {Just before reclining to sleep, I had read mention that most spirits appear armed with "metallic blades" (DMT Dialogues, p. 76).}

December 8th-9th (Satur-Sun) 2018 :- Dream : I was reading about two species of spice, both of which were commonly grown along roadways. I was viewing the photographs of these roadways in the litterature : one road was graded, but the other was double-tracked (i.e., two ruts made by an automobile driven on a grassland).

Later dream, same night : I was reading about two varieties of a taproot-vegetable.

December 9th-10th (Sun-Mon) 2018 :- Dream : I was in a room with several other persons, including a woman who had with her a large sawtoothed sword. When, one-at-a-time, all the other (than myself and that woman) persons had departed out of that room, I thought to myself that the remaining woman might at any moment assault me therewith, so I backed up out of the room. [Then I awoke. It was midnight. I had fallen asleep at my computer-desk.]

Later dream, same night : I was viewing a large wallmap-of-the-Earth, whereon was indicated the expected orbit around the Earth of a future satellite intended to launched soon. {Latin \serra\ can signify either 'mountain-range' (a type of feature prominent on a physiographic world-map), or 'a [toothed] saw' (such as was prominent in the earlier dream during the same night).}

December 10th-11th (Mon-Tue) 2018 :- Dream : I was reading about the sweet-potato plant.

December 12th-13th (Wedn-Thur) 2018 :- Dream : I was about to copy-and-paste the URLs of certain websites concerning the particular spices whereconcerning I was compiling a bibliography [when I suddenly awoke].

Later dream, same night : I was reading about a particular kind of oil needed for ingestation by patients suffering from a particular ailment, such that if those patients be deprived of access to that oil, they die.

December 18th-19th (Tue-Wedn) 2018 :- Dream : I gave two flat containers full of liquid milk labeled "Goat Milk" to P.P. She looked at their labels and put them into her refrigerator. {I have, on certain Mondays, been giving two containers full of liquid milk (which I receive for free each month in the food-box from Harvest Hope) to the woman residing in the apartment on the other side of the elevator from my apartment, on 10th storey of my aedifice-of-residence. {I may have had goat's milk in mind on account of the infant Zeus's having been suckled by nanny-goat Amaltheia in the cave of Dikte in Krete.}

December 20th-21st (Thur-Fri) 2018 :- Semi-awake : I was repeatedly viewing (bye-way of eyen-closed vision) a moist brown powdre. {I had during the morning praevious (Dec 20) been mentioning (via telephone to G.R.) that in the afternoon praevious (i.e. Dec 19), while we were standing with protest-signs on the sidewalk in front of the state-capitol, I had been describing to his wife C.F. the various spices which I have been including in the sauces for my foods (both that which I cook, of the vegetables from FoodShare, and also the canned beans and canned fruits from HarvestHope), mentioning that I am intending to make sure to include clove and possibly nutmeg along with the usual other spices (anise, fennel, etc.) added into the sauces for food. I also made sure to tell to G.R. that J.E. had once said to me, when I brought clove-powdre to the SocOfFr meeting when he happened to be attending it, that he ought to include clove in his diet, despite its not being eaten in India. [Therefore, the moist brown powdre which I viewed visionarily must have been intended to be clove-powdre moistened with lemon-juice (wherewith I moisten the spice-powdres spooned atop the sauces for my various foods). After awaking (hours before dawn), I realized that the dream may have been intended to suggest to me to add powered clove to my sauce for damiana (which I usually ingest in the morning, while I am alert enough to think of what ingredients to add either to the damiana itself, or to the other powders to combine into a sauce for the damiana), in order to eliminate its unpleasant flavor; and when I tried this addition, it functioned quite well.]}

December 23rd-24th (Sun-Mon) 2018 :- Dream (after ingesing galanthamine in the evening) : I was reclined in bed (in the dream; though I was assuming that I had awoken in bed), when I felt a praesence (pressed against my body) to my left side; I deemed it to be a spirit, and when I thought to myself that I ought to ignore it, I no longer felt its praesence. [Then I awoke. It was past 3 A.M.]