Dream-diary, November 2018

Oct 31st-Nov 1st (Wed-Thur) 2018 :- Dream : I was viewing a record labeled "__ 20", which I considered to refer to "20 time-periods" (apparently, 20 days) earlier. [I awoke, sitting at my computer-desk, about 2 A.M..] {Cf. MesoAmerican \uinal\ time-cycle of 20 days.}

Later dream, same night : I was needing to redo one particular URL among several which I had praepared for uploading onto the internet (all such URLs involving pictorial subject-matter), this particular pictorial URL referring to p. 794 of book of illustrations. [I awoke, sitting at my computer-desk. I had fallen to sleep while viewing, on the internet, references to books of pictorial illustrations (photographs) depicting prostitutes at whorehouses in Japan; which URLS I was intending to add to my collection of erotic litteratures, and furthermore, to send for by interlibrary-loan in order to read a the accompanying texts describing the history of such types of whorehouses in that country.]

Nov 1st-2nd (Thur-Fri) 2018 :- Dream : I was reading printed litterature on Vitamin "E". {I had fallen asleep at my computer-desk while reading such articles (about Vitamin "E") on the internet, in order to gather information on neuroprotective qualities of tocotrienols, to upload into the remedies-and-nutrition subdomain of my website.}

Nov 7th-8th (Wedn-Thur) 2018 :- Dream : I sprayed fertilizer (i.e., liquified seaweed) for foliage on the tip of a small tree's branch, and when returned to view the result, that branch was already covered with flower-buds, so I thought to myself that I ought to spray the same fertilizer on all the branches of that tree, so that they would also soon become covered with blossoms. [Then I awoke. It was already past 6 AM, and dawn was coming.] {Yesterday (Nov 7th), when I was walking with G.R. and his wife C.F. through the state-capitol grounds (prior to out holding protest-placards in from of the capitol-aedifice), she was pointing out to me the various flower-buds which were appearing on certain bushes. He (G.R.) has given to me (along with a spray-can) the liquified-seaweed as fertilizer for foliage, and I had been applying it to the fruit-trees on the SocOfFr grounds this past summer, whenever I was watering them by hose.} [The night praevious, I had started ingesting damiana herb-powder in more abundance (two tablespoons-full per day, instead of one teaspoon-full : this increase was feasible due to arrival of a supply of it (from Monterey Bay Spice Co); I had ordered 2 one-lb bags so that I would not exhaust my supply again before a future order could arrive.]

Nov 10th (Satur during daytime) 2018 :- Dream : I was out-of-doors, when it began to rain. I started walking toward the nighest aedifice (which was closebye), intending to enter it in order to come out of the rain. [Then I woke.] {I had just (immediately before reclining to nap) been reading (in Mark Booth : The Sacred History, p. 56) about Reginn, whose name (in Norse) is similar to the German word \regen\ (cf. Regensburg in Bayern/Bavaria) 'rain'.}

Nov 11th-12th (Sun-Mon) 2018 :- Dream : I was out-of-doors, behind the apartment-aedifice wherein I reside (while awake), when I saw that the rose-bushes were tall and blooming abundantly. I immediately remembred that those rose-bushes had already been recently (to wit, in the waking-world) trimmed down to such a low level of that they had no remaining leaves, and certainly no blossoms. I thought to myself that, because it was quite impossible for the rose-bushes to have grown that tall so very swiftly, therefore some person or persons must have transplanted fully grown rose-bushes into the very sites whereat the shortened rose-bushes had been located; and I wondred what had become of the shortened rose-bushes.

Nov 12th-13th (Mon-Tue) 2018 :- Dream : I, along with other persons, was lnvolved with purportedly health-promoting substances, which appeared as white (ectoplasm-like) convolutions extending through the air around each of us.

Nov 16th-17th (Fri-Satur) 2018 :- Dream : I was viewing a series of events of public significance whereto satirical labels had become attached by the persons participating in said events; I myself had to decipher to significance of the labels, which were of some ingenuity. [The evening praevious, i.e., of Nov 16, I had commenced ingestation (which I am intending to continue, indefinitely, daily) of pairs of substances (received that day in a parcel via Amazon.com) which I had seen recommended (on website braintropic.com) as particularly noteworthy for enhancing cognitive abilities. Thus, this night’s dream may portend, thencforward, a noteworthy series of dreams entailing much ingenuity of social commentary on the part of the persons enacting such socially significant events. (The dream woke me, on account of the mental effort which I was making to understand the satirically exaggerated labels being applied to their own actions by public figures of note; the events perceived were occurring in such rapid sequence as to strain my capacity for interpreting the spoken labels. It was somewhat before midnight already, indicating the swift onset of effects from these renowned pairs of noo:tropic substances, those pairs being : choline bitartarate with inositol; and artichoke extract with forskolin. The rapidity of the events witnessed in the dreams, combined with the ingenuity of the understanding required, is most reminiscent to the very similar experience by me (more than a decade ago; experienced in a waking trance-state) which I was apparently praeternaturally put through in order to evade -- apparently by means of the ingenuity of the thought-process involved, which took me rapidly through a series of subplanes-of-existence wherethrough I was being put under praeternatural protections, in a mode such that the hostile spirit-forces of the government holding me hostage (i.e., the Confoederate-style government praevalent in the Deep South -- a type of goverment being upheld by vicious arrays of malevolent praeternatural forces) could not follow my spiritual nature through the benevolently protective fortifications; and thereby -- without assistance of benedryl, I succeeded in dodging the agonizing torture of muscular contortions imposed by the nerve-poison which had been administred to me. Because Cassandra Fralix had insisted that I go to be inducted into the “insane asylum”, and because in the praeternatural scene which I was viewing (which she gave as the reason for transporting me to that insane asylum), which was that the sun in the sky became black to my sight thereof -- which I knew was regarded in Bharata as the very highest of spiritual attainments, on a par with levitation of the material body -- I knew that I was then being upheld in a state of divine protection, whereof (in order to have demonstrated to me the intensity of such protection) I thought it fitting that I should be put, as victim of the Confoederate state, into a place-of-torture, so that by my participating in demonstrating to yet-other spirit-entities invisibly praesent (these spirit-entities being praesumbly denizens of this planetary system) the mighty powers which had arrived from some distant planetary system where miracle of rescue from torture and/or from death imposed by the vicious praetrnatural forces upholding the Confoederatia.]

Later dream, same night : I was with other persons at a highway-crossing over a ravine, and was warning them not to walk close to the edge (which had no railing) when walking across it to the other side of the ravine.

Nov 17th-18th (Satur-Sun) 2018 :- Dream : I was walking along a corridor within an aedifice with a woman, who was speaking to me. When we reached the end of the corridor (which opened into the out-of-doors), the woman paused to tell me that she was about to leave the aedifice. Then I suddenly kissed her on her lips, to which she remarked that I ought not to have kissed her. Wondring why she would say this (she was about in her fifties, so I thought to myself that a younger woman would not disapprove of being kissed), [I awoke.]

Nov 18th-19th (Sun-Satur) 2018 :- [I came (emerged out of a sleep-state) into an awareness of being awake, apparently out of a state of my body's activity (which had been navigating on my computer's controls into the contentless category "Games") -- with a curious memory of such navigating, though, if so, seemingly having been in a mental state of a "being spirit-possessed". Possibly by arriving at the category "Games", such a "possessing-spirit" was indicating its nature as a "reveller" (amongst the categories of "spirit-guides"), even the type (of "spirit-guide) so designated in Umbanda.] [It was somewhat before midnight.] {I do not recall ever, in this lifetime, having been praeviously in any state of (experiencing by body-and-mind) having been controlled to a spirit while I remained conscious; nor (that which had been occurring concurrently) of my willingly acceding to being thus bodily controlled (apparently amid a sense of "free-will" as though I were in consciously "free-willed" control). This would be classified as an intermediary state, betwixt "being passively controlled" and "actively controlling" my body (in particular, scil., my hands which were doing the navigating of the computer's controls). The non-intermediary state of my body's being totally "possessed" (which I experienced in conjunction with the woman L.E.'s being likewise totally "possessed") over the time-interval between immediately after sunrise and immediately before sunset -- the "possessing-spirits" who were occupying our respective bodies, deliberately choosing such a time-interval so as to symbolize the fact that, in some valid sense, living mortals are under praeternatural control by their respective sets of "spirit-guides" from immediately after their arrival into consciousness of "being in a material body for the duration of a lifetime", until immediately before their departure out of this current lifetime : a situation which can be described as the obverse of being (figuratively) "asleep" over the course of a lifetime, and not awaking until passing into death at the termination of the lifetime (this latter figurative description of the situation, being quoted in, e.g., one of the chapter-introductions Mark Booth : Sacred History, the chapter-introductions wherein I was perusing immediately prior to my falling asleep at my computer-desk).}

Nov 26th-27th (Mon-Tue) 2018 :- Dream : I was speaking to some man, telling him (on account of my thinking to myself, in that dream, that my sistre mainly, but perhaps also my brother S.A.R., is adequately willing to consider nutrition from an occult, mystical point-of-view [the basis for my considering thus being evidently the realization -- which I do manange to hold in the back of my mind while asleep -- that they were, alike to myself, exposed for many years (by our mutual parents) to an array of religious idols trusted in adhaerents of traditional religions, devotees whereof accept the natural domination, over the material universe, of non-material realities resided in by entities independent of the material universe]) that I must discuss with my sister and also with my brother the urgency of understanding the nature of nutrition. [Then I awoke.] {I had, just a couple of days praevious, sent for more of 3 substances of a nutritional character; after having just a couple of days praevious to that, sent for several dream-enhancing substances whereof I had exhausted my supply quite some time earlier, and to the lack whereof could be attributed my usual absence of any remembred dream from sleep. I had by then (i.e., by the time I had gotten around to re-supplying myself with exhausted dream-enhancing substances) been thinking to myself that my reading and continuous taking of notes (while also writing pertinent comments on these notes) -- namely from the book Secret Infuence of the Moon and from the book DMT Dialogues -- was making for an adequate occasion (of serendipity -- a destiny-provided collocation of circumstances) for my sending for substances proven to, under the appropriate conditions -- make for dreams replete with divine guidance as praepared by divine denizens of the praeternatural dream-worlds.}

Nov 26th-27th (Mon-Tue) 2018 :- Dream : I was aboard an omnibus traveling down what I thought of as Michigan Avenue (the street marking the division between "East"-labeled and "West"-labeled addresses in Chicago), and considering to myself that I must soon disembark as the omnibus is reacing my neighborhood. But suddenly I was at the point (in the route) whereas, as I saw, there is no further continuation of the Avenue, there being an east-to-west wall athwart what I had thought a continued route; and abruptly the omnibus veered to the right. I immediately went to the omnibus's driver, and said that I wished to disembark, and thereupon the omnibus halted. But, before I could disembark, the omnibus started again into rapid motion and would not halt any longer despite my remonstrances. I wondred to myself if the omnibus had become an "express omnibus", which would not stop again until it would reach whatever destination it might have, however many miles away. I said that I would have to take another omnibus in the opposite direction over the same route. [Then I awoke.] {The evening praevious, the computer's screen was giving only a black (i.e., blank) monitor-screen; so, after in the following morning checking (pressing inward) its various electric-power plugs to determine that they were all securely inserted, I went out and bought a new mice -- but found, upon trying out, that they were of no avail. A short time afterwards, however, the computer's monitor-screen was functioning normally. The computer had functioned as if it had a will of its own; and thus (as I told G.R. when I telephoned him over my internet-telephone to mention this incident) it had seemed to me, when it had abruptly praesented a black monitor-screen, that it had done so in order to dramatize that which was I reading (in DMT Dialogues) that the material world was (and is) under control of DMT entities who manipulate it according to their own mysterious designs.}

Nov 29th-30th (Thur-Fri) 2018 :- Dream : I encountered someone who was claiming that I was causing discomfort by advocating drinking beverages such as cleaver; but I replied by telling whomever was claiming that to ask persons who were were drinking this beverage whether they felt any discomfort from it. {Yesterday I was shewing the herbs (including cleavers and hops) which I had for boiling in order to praepare beverages, to a man who is a resident on the 4th storey of this aedifice of my residence, after he had told me that day (Nov 29th) of his suffering discomfort in his joints, and my giving to him as remedy the remainder to the South African bitter herb "Devil's claw" which I had bought to ingest for my own use before I had eliminated my need for this herb by (as I explained to him) my simply increasing the variety of spices and of culinary herbs which I have ever since been adding to any vegetable which I have been praeparing and eating. [I did start boiling one of those beverage-herbs, hops, and drinking its beverage (which I sweetened with pomegranate -- on tasting it I remembred that whenever I had used it in praevious years, it was always bitter if unsweetened) yesterday evening; quite possibly quaffing of such beverages doth enhance one's ability to perceive one's dreaming, so that I ought to be consuming them daily -- which I NOW am resolving on. The other foods which I am comesting -- especially the anchovy oil for the sake of its being the cheapest source of docosahexaenoic acid -- do seem to be strengthening my power to make and to keep resolutions such as to comest nutrients, the $100 which my sistre D.C. is now-a-days sending to me monthly is able to defray such expense. I had ceased to buy meat (i.e., fish) after I moved in with the woman of the E. family in GA at the termination of the Vietnam Aira (about 1975) : apparently my being thereafter away from persons in the Theosophical Soc (with whom I associated with constantly -- including by daily telephone conversations) was of detriment to my resolution to eat meat (oktopous, squid, and canned fish) which I had been comesting regularly while communicating with them in Ch.,IL.]}