Dream-diary, October 2018

October 2nd-3rd (Tue-Wedn) 2018 :- Dream : I was copy-and-pasting prophetic religious texts from the internet onto a document-file. {I had fallen asleep at my computer-desk while I had been doing just this.}

Later dream, same night : I was reading about a cure against an ailment, accomplished by ingestation of a substance which induceth the body to produce its own defense.

October 3rd-4th (Wedn-Thur) 2018 :- Dream : I was thinking about distinctions in terms applying to massaging distinct portions of the shoulder. Then a woman with whom I was already acquainted introduced me to another woman to whom I started mentioning prowess in massaging. While as yet in the praesence of the first woman, the 2nd woman promptly lay down prone; so I started rubbing on her back with my hands. {I do not recall ever praeviously having rubbed on the back of a woman in a dream.} [Then, while I was wondring to myself about distinct sensations experienced in having the shoulders massaged in various ways, and thinking to myself that I ought to have practiced more with massaging on my own shoulders in order to understand, by experience, such; I awoke.] {In a way, a woman did introduce me to another woman, yesterday (October 3rd) evening : for, after my first attempting to telephone, via her telephone program (on her "smart cell-telephone"), G.R.-and-his-wife-C.F. on their home-telephone [they did not answer the call] on the ground-storey (after my inquiring of the woman at the aedifice's office-desk there as to whom I ought to ask to use a personal telephone), telling her that I needed to find some of the digits of the cell-telephone to call, I accompanied her and the man who was with her (they, I found when we arrived via elevator, at their storey, and she with her key [perhaps a copy of his] opened his apartment-door, which apartment was different in # from the # which she had told to me as the # for me to visit in order for me to re-utilize her "smart phone", had besides separate apartments on the same storey) while in the process of my traveling to my own apartment's storey. So, when I came again to their apartments (first trying hers, and when I found that she was not in it, trying his, wherein she turned out to be; whence she and I went into her apartment so as to access again the same "smart phone", so that I called that # [but G.R. did not answer that call, either]. When returning to my own apartment, I sought out the home-telephone # of P.P. (who was the first woman, corresponding to the woman who in the dream introduced me to the 2nd woman), I returned to her and found that she was by this time in her own propre apartment (which had a "cats"-sign posted on outside of the front-door -- making her apartment into a variety of "cat-house" [slang term for "whorehouse"]), so I again employed her "smart phone", this to to call P.P. [but she did not answer the call; it was by this time about 7:30 P.M.]; I remarked that it must be too early, that arrival there was not until, usually 8 P.M. The next day (Oct 4th) early in the morning, I went to that woman's apatment, and with her cell-telephone called P.P. A few minutes later that morning the same woman from the 11th storey came to the door of my to tell me (she also came into my apartment to view the posters and house-plants) that G.R. had told P.P. that that he would arrive that morning to correct the 2nd computer (which he had on Wedn Oct 3rd given to me, with its drive exchanged/swapped from Linux to Windows), which happened. But the 1st computer was as of yet having its monitor-display short of shewing the task-bar; so, when I telephone-called (on the Skype-program that he had downloaded onto the 2nd computer that morning while he was here in my apartment) in the evening (Oct. 4) to him for advice, he instructed me to alter the pixel-display (which I had already by then had found that I could reach via right-click on the monitor's screen), then in the menu clicking on "Personalize") to 1200 by 700-and-some -- but by that later time I was too tired to do any more with the computer. So, after sleeping, the next morning (Oct. 5), I (after clicking for "Personalize", nextly clicking on the downward-pointing triangle before "Control Panel") corrected the pixel-display, rendring visible the taskbar (so that the computer's programs were available, including its internet-telephone Skype). Meanwhile, before he had arrived in the morning (of Oct 4th), I had been re-mounting (as I told him [G.R.], I had seen done by J.B. for the poster he mounted temporarily on the outside-wall of the auditorium at the State Museum, while the anti-bombing rally was being held within that auditorium on "Hiroshima Day") with putty-strips (which would naturally hold better on the stucco of my apartment's walls than it would on the smooth finish of the walls at the State Museum) the posters (such as, placed beside the window wherethrough clouds could be viewed from my computer-desk, the poster of faces-in-the-clouds of famous male singers who were deceased by when the poster was made -- which I happened to be in the process of mounting when G.R. had arrived at my apartment) which had been most persistent in falling off my apartment's walls when mounted with mere rubber-cement.}

October 5th-6th (Fri-Satur) 2018 :- Dream : I was participating in a discussion of medical cures.

October 9th-10th (Tue-Wedne) 2018 :- Dream : I saw, on public display out of doors, a sort of monument made of stone and/or metal, which had engraven on it a brief statement of advice (only about three words in length). I thought of enlarging that brief statement of advice by adding to it a longer written explanation; so I took out my ballpoint pen, I started adding to it (on an uninscribed aea immediately beneath the inscribed statement : but before I could finish writing that which I was in the process of writing on it, a man (whom I understood to be the owner of the business-establishment for which the out-of-doors monument was a public display) asked me what it was that I was doing. I immediately said to him that I was clarifying the statement; and I also said that I had experienced a dream [which I could remembre, and] which was pertinent to what it was that I was was writing as a clarification. He thereupon asked me whether I would swear to that dream -- without immediately answering, I thought to myself that he must be seeking for me to prove, by such an oath, the authenticity of the dream, and that he must be a genuine believer in the validity of authentic dreams. [While thinking this, and being in a sort of state of wondrement at my finding a person who was apparently advocating that practicably meaningful dreams ought to be written for public display on monuments, I awoke. I do not recall, offhand, my ever before experiencing in any dream, either my own recording in writing anything regarding a praevious dream, or of (in a dream) anyone else's advocacy of recording in writing anything experienced in a praevious dream. It might be added that, during this dream, I did not think of the fact that I might be dreaming as of right then; this is the usual case of when remembring a praevious dream -- the only exceptions seeming to be actual instances of dreams-of-false-awaking.] {N.B. I had, in waking-life during the praevious day, ingested a tablet (chewing it, as I always do with tablets, ever since my reading that unchewed tablets do not always disintegrate in the digestive system) of galanthamin (along my my usual daily dose, taken together, of Sodium superOxide Dismutase and 5-HydroxyTryptoPhan, which I now-a-days ingest along with the liquid propylene glycol for good absorption by the digestive system). Ingesting a tablet of galathamine hath not always (not even when ingested along with the other substances, which are said to be necessary in order to have likehood of resulting in remembrance of a dream) a resultant dream-memory.]

October 10th-11th (Wedne-Thur) 2018 :- Dream : I was reading about a distinction between chanting by males and chanting by females. {When I awoke, the album "Valaam Monastery Choir : Chants from Valaam", in the playlist "Mix - Valaam Men's Choir: Orthodox Shrines of the Russian North", was being played from the internet on YouTube.} {The evening praevious (Oct 10th) I had commenced comesting my food with Juka Red Palm Oil from West Africa, which is said to be rich in toco-trien-ols, the variety of Vitamin "E" which had apparently been deficient in my diet (and which is likewise known to be deficient in the diet of most persons outside the few tropical regions where it is adequately abundant in the few oily foods wherein this oil-soluble variety of vitamin may occur in adequate quantity. (The other variety of Vitamin "E", namely the toco-pher-ols, is abundant in many temperate-climate food-plants. Besides in African red palm-fruit, the toco-trien-ols are said to occurr also in annatto/onoto, a scarlet-color seed grown in tropical Americas, and eaten as a food-spice especially in Venezuela; I had been using this annatto/onoto seed as a spice in my food-vegetables, but had been somewhat distraught with the fact that is not particularly oily, and would not seem to be sold commercially anywhere in its oil form, likely indicating that only a very large quantity of it, comested daily, would be adequate for its toco-trien-ols. I had not been eating all that much of annatto/onoto seed because is flavor is quite forcible; African red palm fruit is much milder in its flavor besides being more oily.) It is noted that "the prevalence of AGA was 14.6% in African men and 3.5% in African women, which is much lower than reported in Caucasians." ("The Annual Changes of Clinical Manifestation of Androgenetic Alopecia". ANN DERMATOL. 2013 May; 25(2): 181–188. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3662911/) Such a difference in incidence is likely due to the higher intake of its toco-trien-ols in Africa; and it may be that toco-trien-ols are as useful in assisting with memory of dreaming as they are in protecting the health of the scalp.}

October 11th-12th (Thur-Fri) 2018 :- Dream : I was riding on the elevator, thinking that I was thus fleeing from being possibly pursued, when I came to a storey at which I wished to disembark, but the outer door of the elevator, into that storey, looked decrepit. Anyway, I did disembark, and went to the stairwell, where I noticed that I must be on the top storey, for the stairs led only downward. [Then I awoke.]

October 13th-14th (Satur-Sun) 2018 :- Dream : In connection with her describing that which our mother had experienced, my sistre stated that some persons, during the last three days of their life, experience a disconnection from sensory experience of the world. Nextly, I was alone, on the lower level of a bunkbed, looking from below to the upper level of that bunkbed, and at first wondring (while noticing something protruding slightly over side of the upper level of it) whether it could be that my father was on the upper level of it -- until I remembred that he had died, so that I thought to myself that he could not be there; I told myself that I myself must have set there whatever it was -- I figured then that it must be an empty bag -- that I was noticing protruding over that edge. Thereupon I felt as if I were somewhat disconnected from sensation in my limbs, as if I were perhaps floating upwards; but I thought to myself that it is commonplace that when a person hath been reclining without motion in the same position for a while, that a person's limbs cease to sense one's body's contact with anything. [Then I awoke. I was only about an hour since I had fallen asleep promptly after swallowing two tryptophan capsules while thinking to myself that, if they were to fail to put be to sleep, I ought to consume some lemonbalm leaves, along with some powdered ginger to assist digesting them.] {The day praevious, when I disembarked from my aedifice-of-residence's elevator and walked over to see what was in the cart for giveaway-items, a woman was walking at the same time with me to it; she saw that there were only two large empty plastic bags in it, but she remarked that they were "good bags", and took them.}

October 16th (Tue, during daytime) 2018 :- Dream : I was writing a contrast of differences between one geographic myth and another geographic myth. {I had fallen asleep at my computer-desk while puzzling how to state the difference between the Platonic attribution of Atlantis to a location in the Atlantic Ocean of the material world (on the one hand), and the Pauran.ik attribution of Atala to a reglon underlying the world (on the other hand).}

October 19th-20th (Fri-Satur) 2018 :- Dream : I was reading printed litterature which was explaining thast a pious attitude would miraculously obviate certain usual difficulties in recording such litterature.

October 20th-21st (Satur-Sun) 2018 :- Dream : I was at a junction of corridors, wherein there were other persons than myself at that junction. I had decided to return to my own personal living-quarters via the corridor which extended to my left; though it seemed to me that there might be another approach to my living-quarters through the central corridor. When had I walked for some distance through the left corridor without encountring anyone else (other than myself), I began to pass a man who was standing to my left in that corridor; but he grabbed my body, and made threatening gestures, so that I was glad to be able to get away from him without further incident; he seemed to be able to speak only Spanish, and as (upon his releasing his grip on my body) I hasted away from him, I thought to myself that he must have been making threatening gestures because that was the only way in which he could indicate to me not to continue in the direction which I had been proceeding in that corridor. I was retreating rapidly in the corridor, toward whence I had come; when I approached an obstruction which extended from the left side (which left side had been to my right while I had been walking in the other direction) of the corridor to the middle of the corridor; so I went through what remained open on the right passage through the corridor, thinking meanwhile to myself that it must have automatically partially closed after I had passed its location in the corridor only moments praeviously, and that this process of closing must have begun because it was already late at night. [Then, suddenly I awoke. I was sitting in my computer-chair; and it was no more that an hour of two since I had fallen asleep, being by now about 10 PM.] {This was the 2nd consecutive evening when I had eaten pumpkin-seeds imported from India. After the occasion when I remembered my dream on the praevious night (19th-20th), I had thought to myself that eating those pumpkin-seeds was apparently one of the necessary conditions (i.e., necessary foods) for my remembring the dream on the following night; and that I ought to eat some pumpkin-seeds every evening in order to have an opportunity for remembring a dream.}

Later dream, same night : I was downtown, when I saw G.R. and his wife C.F. there. They promptly went into an aedifice there to attend a religious service; I went in with them and attended the service with them. [Then I awoke. I had fallen asleep at my computer's desk. I had taken two capsules of trytophan earlier, when I had been unable to fall asleep upon awaking after the earlier dream; but did not fall asleep immediately, so I had sat on my computer's chair to read etymologies of divine names. {Reading these religious etymologies may have occasioned the dream of attending a religious service. The specific etymology which I had been reading was Strong's 4133 \mowt.ah\ 'bands' as probable source of the Old Persian name \Mithra\ (which is evidently cognate with Hellenic \miter\ 'headband'); I had in the past discussed Mithraism with G.R.. The last thing that I wrote before falling to sleep in the night (i.e., before the 1st dream of the night) had been to quote Mitra's marriage with Revati, and their having 3 sons -- a fact which I do not remembre having read praeviously.}]

October 21st-22nd (Sun-Mon) 2018 :-:- Dream : I was experiencing a dream which was in need of meaningful redorganization as to the very numerous personages and their functions; in the process of this being performed automatically in the interests of fairness in proprely repraesenting my own faction (which ought, by all fair rights to have been dominant) in quasi-political guise , however, [I rapidly awoke. I had been asleep about three hours as the time of my awaking; for it was about 4 AM, and I had gone to sleep well after midnight, perhaps 1 AM.] {When D.W. had been driving me to the SocOfFr meeting in the morning (Sun, 21 Oct), he had mentioned to me that he doubted that a single God would have the capacity of governing the complexity of the universe in any meaningful way; and I had immediately agreed (wherein I said that a tendency toward polytheism ought to supplant any sympathy for monotheism; forasmuch as monotheism is an attitude favoring tyranny as against democracy), and had added that this sort of point was never publicly discussed at any meeting of the SocOfFr of account of its lacking any very practical use; to which he agreed (but at this point in our discussion, we were entring the meetinghouse). The dream of the following night (21st-22nd) would seem to indicate that some sort of redorganization as to some sort of consensus on theology might be approaching to being tested out, at least tentatively.}

October 22nd-23rd (Mon-Tue) 2018 :- Dream : I was looking at the various rooms of the apartment wherein I was staying, and saw that each of those rooms abounded with cockroaches. I thought to myself that I ought to put poison in each of those rooms in order to eliminate the cockroaches. (Later in the same dream,) a woman was gently tapping on my left shoulder with her two fists separately, as a variety of massage. [Then I awoke. It was well before midnight, so I could not have been asleep more than an hour of so.]

Later dream, same night : I found inadequate a combination of sauces which I been taking, and therefore intended to change it.

October 23rd-24th (Tue-Wedn) 2018 :- :- Dream : I was viewing the playlists of chants which I had set my computer to play from the internet. [When I awoke, it was midnight; motet-chants were being heard via the internet (on Pandora.com) over my computer.]

Later dream, same night : I was making an effort to fall from the top of a tall aedifice, but persons were holding my body back by my feet. Soon, other persons were gone, except for a single woman (but we were as yet on the top of the tall aedifice); I was embracing her, and telling her that if we were to deliberately fall from here together, that we could go to heaven by dying thus. [But then, uncertain of quite what to do together with that woman, I awoke.] {I do not recall ever having experienced any such dream before : neither of telling anyone that we could arrive in heaven by voluntarily dying, nor even of thinking such a thought to myself. [Of course, I would not think any such thought when awake; that I could think (and speak) in such a way while in dream, would indicate that in the back of my mind, I was quite aware that it was a dream.]}

October 23rd-24th (Wedn-Thur) 2018 :- Dream : I was observing a method of categorizing deity-type by type of substance (apparently, medicinal only) whereof they are repraesentative. I was viewing a set of deities of one particular type, and noticing their mutual resemblance, while hearing an account of the distinctions among the particular actions of the medicines (mentioned by chemical name, instead of by species-and-part of herb) which they represent. {While being driven to the state-capitol aedifice, I was hearing G.R. tell his wife C.F, in response to her quaestion as to what their guru (the one in Tennessee) had said in explication of the nature of deities, namely, that they repraesent abstractions. The emphasis of shamanry, how-be-it, is on the curative capacities (in regard to ailments of patients) which are manifest in the various theriomorphic helper-divinities which have been recruited by the shaman's anthropomorphic guide-deity. (In Vaidik litterature, how-be-it, emphasis on curing of medical ailments is praeponderants only in the Atharvan Veda and in the samhita-s of the Ayus Veda : one category of medicinal herb of the Ayus Veda is that which is considered to be rejuvenative -- a category in accordance with the name \ayus\ 'age'; for, its intent is to overcome senility due to ageing.)}

October 29th-30th (Mon-Tue) 2018 :- Dream : I was viewing the internet; and was attempting to copy the URLs involved. [Then I awoke.]