Dream-diary, January 2018

Jan 3rd-4th (Wedn-Thur) 2018 :- Dream : When I saw that a half-naked woman (unclad above her waist) had ventured out of her apartment into the hallway (leaving open the door into her apartment), I immediately walked over to her, and told her that her being out of her apartment half-naked was an indication that she was seeking sexual relations with men. Hearing this, she immediately walked into her apartment, leaving open, however, the door into that apartment, and remaining sparsely clad; so, I walked into her apartment and was continuing the talk to her along the same line. [Then, however, I awoke.]

Later dream, same night : I was in a room with a half-naked woman (unclad above her waist). We were both standing; and as I approached her, she did not walk away nor shew any sign of disapproval of my approach to her : therefore, I started kissing her face. After I had been kissing various parts of her face for a while, [I awoke. I was pleased that she had not resisted nor shown any dispproval, and thought to myself that my success in this 2nd dream might well indicate that I would often be undertaking sexual activity with some woman in many of my dreams during succeeding nights henceforth; and if so, this would be rather some change of habitual activities during dreaming, for in recent years (and recent decades) I have relatively seldom experienced erotic dreams, hardly ever more than once in a single night. I was considering that this may now be more feasible on account of my having shifted in recent weekss to putting spices (clove, nutmeg, anise, fennel, cinnamon) besides yoghurt (plus lemon-juice and vinegar) in all my foods (having, for a long time, done so with ordinary foods, I had in recent weeks taken to doing so with herb-powders, and in recent days with also amino-powders and with pill-nutritional-supplements). I had taken to doing this on account of my reading that various spices and vitamins (taken also with sources of nutrition) were helpful for the body's ability to absorb nutrients. I am figuring that ample nutrition is likely to be needful (among other actions) in order to experience sufficiently interesting dreamings, including erotic dreams.]

Jan 5th-6th (Fri-Satur) 2018 :- Dream : I was listening to a man's describing his ro^le in renovation (by means of successive replacements) of stocks (kept for possible emergency in case of sudden calamitous loss of crops) of samples of seeds of food-plants. {This sort of description might be related to the legend of storing 7 years' harvests of grain-seeds to provide against 7 years' failure of crop-harvests, as in the dream by Par<oh as interpreted by Yowsep (according to B-re>s^iyt) : in this way, it would be among the dreams, several whereof I have experienced during recent weeks, concerning the mythology relating to dreaming.}

Jan 6th-7th (Satur-Sun) 2018 :- Dream : I was viewing a representation of structure of nutritrive substance.

Jan 8th-9th (Mon-Tue) 2018 :- Dream : I was reading about nutrition.

Jan 9th-10th (Tue-Wedn) 2018 :- Dream : I was reading about a computer-program for updating weblinks on a website. Later dream, same night : I was reading about a another computer-program.

Jan 12th-13th (Fri-Satur) 2018 :- Dream : [Each occasion -- a good half-dozen -- when I woke during the night, I remembred a dream, all such dreams being of my viewing and selecting, on my computer, written statements concerning occult religion; in each case, I was endeavouring to organize such statements so that they would be mutually cohaerent in order for me to upload onto a website of mine. The 1st of such dreams involved much uncertainty as to procedure (a portion of the writing which I was attempting to select being blacked-over, so that I was unsure as to whether it was usable), but thereafter the dreams became more certain and facile as to litterary procedure. I was becoming pleased at the plainness and straightforwardness of that which I was reading, inasmcu as it seemed to be implying that any spiritual technique could be functionable, provided merely that it were performed with sincerity.] {Yesterday during the weekly protest at the state-capitol aedifice, I was telling G.L.R. that a wide variety of spiritual techniques were functionable. He and his wife C.F. had recently returned from TN, where they had undergone a yoga-session; so that I was alluding the fact that bodily-posture yoga was one such available spiritual technique. Adscititiously, I had been contemplating that the various spiritual technique would tend to apply (in one-to-one correspondence) to the various divine geographical regions whereinto the divine dream(-and-trance)-worlds may be divided, so that any divine region may be visited, depending on which spiritual technique is being employed.}

Jan 21st-22nd (Sun-Mon) 2018 :- Dream : Looking at whatever was upon my desk (which, incidentally, was much bigger than the one I now use), I did not see my computer upon it, but instead an empty place where I thought my computer must have been immediately prior. I figured that the computer must have become invisible due to its vibrating praeternaturally. [Then I awoke. The Orthodox chant-playlist "Psalmodies" was playing on YouTube, apparently at the 17th item ΜΙΚΡΗ ΠΑΡΑΚΛΗΣΗ ΑΠΟΣΤΟΛΟΙ ΕΚ ΠΕΡΑΤΩΝ-ΕΚΔΟΣΕΙΣ ΣΑΙΤΗ.mov; I start as the 11th of the playlist] {Incidentally, this was the first night (in a succession many nights) that I was playing a playlist, due to the computer's frequently praesenting a black screen on the monitor intermittantly for many days in succession; it had just been corrected a couple of days praevious by my following the advice by G.L.R. (who had, more than once, come to my apartment to correct the computer from its black screen) to replace the computer's monitor with the monitor from the other computer, which computer + monitor he had given to me not many weeks earlier. I had meanwhile in recent days started into ingesting a pill (or twain) of B-12 each day, in hopes that this would cure the gout which had been afflicting (only at night while I was reclining to sleep) my right big toe for more than a week. This regular pill-ingestation was successful in promptly ending my gout, as of about two or three three days ago. I was pleased to discover that the lack of remembred dreams of mine was due merely to my not playing to chant-playlists, for so many nights. I had been asleep less than an hour (about 1 AM, after I had sent for, via Ebay, at [by chance] exactly 00:00 midnight, for the 1st time, the rejuvenating herb bakuc^i/babc^i.}

Jan 24th-25th (Wedn-Thur) 2018 :- Dream : I was reading information which I had uploaded onto my website concening menaquinone. {I had been discussing this information at the protest yesterday in front of the state-capitol aedifice.}

Jan 27th (Satur during daytime) 2018 :- Dream : I was noticing that whereas I had stored a large amount of my belongings on the upper storey of an aedifice, on the other side of a closed door on the same storey, another family had stored a large amount of their own belongings. I was thinking of asking that family whether either myself or themselves would have any ongoing use for any of the objects stored by the other family. {A couple of years ago, I was assisting in moving objects stored by A.K. in a rented storage-space on the upper storey of storage-aedifice; other persons had their own belongings stored in rented adjoining storage-spaces; all the interiors of which storage-spaces could be easily viewed, inasmuch as the partitions between them (as well as the separations from the hallway) were all made of chicken-wire.} Soon my mother happened to ask me, "Would you like to have another printing-press?" I replied to her with the quaestion, "Do you mean, like the one which I used to have?" {I must have had in mind the mimeograph-machine which I used to have (and on which I occasionally printed copies of some writing of mine) in apartment in the Swedish neighborhood of Lakeview (a part of the city of Ch., IL) about 1973-1975; I seem to recall that it had been given to me by H.Sch.. It must have later been disposed of by my parents when they eliminated most of my belongings which I had left in storage in a rented storage-space when I moved out of that state.} Looking at the inside door, I noticed that it somehow had on it, nigh its handle, stuck onto it a substance which was apparently tahini, which I then scraped off with my fingers. {Yesterday (26th) I had bought (at R.Market) an lb of ground tahini, and had started eating up the remains of the praevious lb of tahini. Later yesterday, I had mentioned, by telephone, to G.R. an advertisement for food-items for sale at Aldi : he told me that he sometimes shoppeth there for food-items which he said are very cheap there, the most recent whereof he had bought being "jungle peanuts".} [I had (remembred) this dream (after a couple of nights without remembring any) because I had (before going to sleep at night) eaten (with water and honey, forasmuch as it is bitter) about a tablespoon of damiana herb each night for a couple of consecutive nights. It is apparently necessary to eat it every night in order to have remembred dreams, which are (with that particular herb) mainly about persons familiar to oneself (such as, about one's kin).]

Jan 28th-29th (Sun-Mon) 2018 :- Dream : When I went to the bank intending to do something concerning my account there, I was immediately ushered out without having any opportunity to do anything with my account; and when I went back into the bank the same result recurred. Then I figured that the bank-personnel responsible for this must have assumed that I could not possibly already have any account there because my overcoat was somewhat soiled. {In the waking-world my overcoat, not having been washed in years, is somewhat soiled; C.F. had recently told me to wash it.}

Later dream, same night : I was, from close-up (a foot or two away), watching a woman (not fully nude) experiencing having various exposed parts of her body (arms and belly) being kissed-on by a man whom I assumed to be her regular husband. While this was happening, they did not speak to each other; neither of them spoke to to me; nor did I speak to either of them, though I was quite close to them so that they would be noticing that I was watching them. {Bharata is about the only country in EurAsia wherein women traditionally go about, now-a-days, in public with their belly-midriff exposed -- and yesterday (28th) while was at the SocOfFr meeting I was, as often thereat, among persons one couple of whom used to reside in Bharata.} {I have seldom, during dreaming, observed another couple (i.e., other than myself with some woman) engaging in any sexual activity.}

Still later dream, same night : While I was walking in a long hallway, I notice that the 2 other men walking in the same direction as myself were walking on the right side of the hallway while I was walking on the left side of it : I thought to myself that I was unnecessary to walk on the right, for no persons could be seen approaching on the left side of the hallway. But it happened that immediately afterwards the hallway turned at a right-angle to the left, and as I approached it suddenly a man stepped out from around the bend in the hallway into the hallway-section whereein I was walking, so that I paused and thought to myself that I ought to go to the right side of the hallway; but before I could do so, a lengthy column of men started, one after another in rapid succession, likewise emerging from around the bend in the hallway, so that I kept my own body pressed against the wall in order that none of them would collide with me. Suddenly I saw that I was in the forward section of a recessed nitch in the wall (which I was pleased withal, thinking of the foresight of architects to construct such a nitch for the convenience of persons contravening the usual rule for which side of the way to walk on), and that another man was likewise standing in the backward section of that recessed nitch; I thought to myself that he must have, alike to myself, have been walking on the left side of the hall. [Then I awoke.]

[Having not experienced (at night) a remembred dream after ingesting (on the evening of the 27th) a tablespoon of damiana (though that amount did result in some very vague, almost-remembred dreaming), I decided (on the morning of the 28th) to increase my daily dose (of powder) of that herb (ingested in the evening just before my reclining so as to sleep) to 2 tablespoons; this increased amount did result in the above-described remembred dreaming.]