Dream-diary, September 2017

Aug 31st - Sept 1st, 2017:- Dream : I was aware that in order to accomplish some feat, that feat's praesiding deity would need to be communicated withal; and that the appropriate deity was of opposite gendre from the grammatical gendre of the common word for that feat. [Then I awoke; the time was approaching sunrise.]

Sept 1st-2nd (Fri-Satur), 2017:- Dream : I was reading a printed account of translations, made into Russian (including a map shewing the locations of the towns in Russia where the translations were published) by several different persons (including a list of such translators names, and what writings, with their titles in English, each of the translators had translated). [Then I awoke; the time was approaching sunrise.] {During the praeceding evening (Sept 1st), I had compiled, from the internet, "Oneirogenic Nutritional-Supplement Combinations", to put onto my website dreams.00.gs. It had been years since I had put any such compilation onto the internet, and it appears that several substances which would somehow assist dreams to be remembred (including description of how such substances could function), had been discovered during the interim.}

Sept 2nd-3rd (Satur-Sun), 2017:- Dream : I was in the process of typing up, in order to upload onto the internet, a compilation listing supernatural events of a particular nature.

Sept 3rd-4th (Sun-Mon), 2017:- Dream : I was successively viewing, with an intention of eventually ingesting them, the various herbs able to influence dreaming; they being so arranged by category that I was viewing each category (of such herbs) separately. All such herbs were already dried. [Then I awoke.] {The type of dreaming which I have been experiencing each nychthemeron (thus far) this month, I would ascribe to my now-customary regular ingestation of Salvia divinorum, which is (just as reputed) quite able to induce dreaming of a philosophical nature : because the main sort of philosophy wherein I take interest is (as of currently) the nature of dream-enhancement by means of herbs and by means of those herbs' guardian-spirits, such are the dreams which I have been experiencing. I have found that it is not even necessary to ingest the Salvia divinorum every nychthemeron in order for it to keep producing a continuing effect.}

Sept 4th (Mon, during daytime), 2017:- not a dream : I heard (while I was seated at the computer-typewriter, copying from p. 232 of Louis Proud : Dark Intrusions; about to copy the statement "Gradually ..., he began to remember ... fragments of ... inexplicable experiences.") a praeternatural voice saying, "Reality is different from the way it looks."

Sept 4th-5th (Mon-Tue), 2017:- Dream : Having considered the effect of a certain primary chemical substance on emotional moods, we were due to check out the effect of a compound of that substance on emotional moods.

Sept 5th-6th (Tue-Wedn), 2017 :- Dream : I noticed that no woman was accompanying me, and remembered that earlier (in the same dream) there had been some woman who had been stating that she was intending to undertake a sexual relationship with me. I then noticed a woman who was standing at the edge of a paved area picturesquely overlooking a valley, and told her about this. Immediately she started kissing me. I was thinking, while she was doing this, that she may have started kissing on me because I had used the expression "fat cat", for I figured that the expression was a slang one indicating to her certain persons whom she admired (though now that I am awake, I figure that what had incited the woman could have been the resemblance of \puss\ 'cat' to \buss\, the French for 'kiss', cognate with Spanish \besar\ 'to kiss'). [I do not remember anything further, so I apparently awoke at this point; it was about 3 AM.] {A couple of days earlier, I had read (on p. 239 of Louis Proud : Louis Proud : Dark Intrusions) in a description of events (in what was evidently a dream of false awakening) experienced by Whitley Strieber (whose name, incidentally, had been asked by my brother S.A.R. about a day ago when I was citing, over the internet-telephone, this chapter of this book -- did this quaestion of his somehow praecipitate this dream?) : "the man behind the desk ... In normal English, ... asked Strieber why he brought the cat along. ... Strieber was then told that the cat needed to be put to sleep temporarily. ... It instantly went to sleep." [Very seldom, during a dream, is there any witnessing of anyone else sleeping in the dream; still less often, of anyone's being put to sleep temporarily within any dream. When I had earlier, while taking notes from the book, read this, it did not occurr to me that this was a rare sort of dream, so I had omitted the passage from my note-taking : but now that my dream hath caused me to read again this passage and thus to impress me with its rarity, I am adding this passage to my notes from the book, to be uploaded onto the internet.]}

Sept 7th-8th (Thur-Fri), 2017 :- Dream : I was hearing instrumental music for a while. [Thereupon, I awoke. The music which was then playing (having been left on, playing from the internet on Pandora.com) was the album "Music of the Night" by the Trans-Sylvanian Orchestra (playing on "Trans-Siberian Orchestra Radio").]

Sept 8th-9th (Fri-Satur)had been involved in moving, to a different location in their own world (a subtle plane-of-existence?), the counterparts of a set of objects which had not been moved to a different location in the main world (material plane-of-existence?); now, much time later (many weeks later?), in order to make practical use, in the main plane-of-existence, of the difference in their relative locations, I was being involved in setting up a correspondence (communication?) of the same set of objects in the main world, with their counterparts in the correlated world. [Then I awoke; it was well-after daybreak.] {This is a technique concerning which I have not quite read of in occult litterature, but which ought to be practicably useful. In potential effects (for practical use in communications between corresponding sets of objects thus offset in their relative locations in different plane-of-existence), it would be slightly analogous to making use, within the material world, of altering inductance-and-capacitance to achieve radio-transmission. Applicable to being a development from the praevious night's dream, however, it could relate to possible detection in the dream-world of the shifting an album played by one orchestra to the internet "radio-station" assigned to another orchestra of similar name (names of both orchestras, in this case, \Trans-S...\). Nigh-coi:ncidences in names might well be both originated from, and contributory back into, some stock-of-capacitance for subconscious telepathic communication between planes-of-existence (repraesented by states-of-consciousness, such as between the waking-state and the dreaming-state); while the stock-of-inductance could be the shift consciously made. In this way, synchronicities of events could be partially explainted by way of (analogy with alternating electrical current in radio-transmitter circuit involving inductance) conscious-into-subconcious and thence subconscious-into-conscious communicatory interconnection between states-of-awareness residing in distinct planes-of-existence.}

Sept 10th-11th (Sun-Mon), 2017 :- Dream : I was reading a printed account about a particular species of "hidden (secret)" medicinal herb.

Sept 13th (Wedn), 2017 :- not a dream : About the day (11th) before yesterday, I uploaded mention of William Buhlmann (in Dark Intrusions, pp. 260-1) to a website of mine (weird.00.gs). Yesterday (12th) I uploaded (to the same website) weblinks including to other books by the author (Kurt Leland, who on his website recommendeth the writings by William Buhlmann) from whose book on divine inspiration of classical music I had already uploaded. I was playing to-day on YouTube a classical music-piece lasting 1:11:11; it took me to another music-piece which I also played lasting 1:43:.. . The Olympia "E-Z Read" coil-measure which I have is designated as 11'11" and also as 143".

Sept 13th-14th (Wedn-Thur), 2017 :- Dream : I was praeparing to upload on the internet a comparison, which I had typed, of two accounts of particular medicinal herb.

Sept 14th (Thur), 2017 :- not a dream : I arrived at a YouTube video ("10 DEMONS WHICH FRIGHTENED ...") having "14,293 views" (my internet telephone # ending in -1429).

Sept 14th-15th (Thur-Fri), 2017 :- Dream : I was thinking to myself that although time must be described as if it were non-cyclic, it really is : that the requirement not to describe it as cyclic is the result of the lack of feasibility of describing lack of continuity of events between the end of the total time-cycle and the commencement of the time-cycle; that the description of this is that which cannot make sense. Then suddenly I started floating up off the ground, at the same time floating forwards above furniture; I knew that I was in a dream, and that the levitation in the dream was caused by my contemplating this incongruity in feasible description of the lack of continuity of time at its end-point. I thought to myself that whenever in a dream I will return to contemplation of this fact, I shall then again start levitating in such a dream, and that knowledge of this could suffice to induce levitation in any-and-every dream henceforth. I began thinking to myself that the reason why in the past I have so seldom levitated in a dream, is apparently because I had not contemplated this logical incongruity, concerning the inapplicability of description of sequentiality to the necessary discontinuity. [At that instant, I awoke. The capacity of producing this effect in future dreaming is, how-be-it, dependent on memory; and a dreaming mortal's ongoing memory is subject of being constricted by functioning of networking committees of divine dream-arranging divinities/entitities. In recent year, beginning immediately after the dream wherein I was repeatedly informed by a dream-entity, in that dream, that that which was being experienced was, in fact, a dream : apparently there is some quite adequate reason for the networking dream-arranging committee of divinities to constrict/restrict a dreaming mortal from beginning to wondre whether or not a dream in in process; perhaps this may be because the dream-entities who are deputed to such a task (the task of being required to inform me as many occasions in rapid succession as may be necessary in order for me to accept this fact) are currently unavailable -- perhaps my repeated spoken (in the dream) denial of the fact that I am in a dream may set up a situation for a security-breach in my dream-world's connection with the waking-world : hostile forces (praeternatural entities, praesumably those abiding in the waking world, and detailed to function as spirit-guides on behalf of ploutokratic familities owning military-weapons-manufacturing industrial-factories -- and/or spirit-guides detailed to close lackeys of such families) would be able to penetrate through the security-system protecting my dream-world, such penetration able to occur simply because of my repeated denial. Could a similar security-breach be possible on account of my contemplating the indescribable nature of the connection between end-point-of time and beginning-point-of-time? How could I ascertain this possibility, both as to whether or not it could exist, and (if it could) what factors could lead to its development, and (in practicable terms) how those factors could be circumvented, whether during the process of the dreaming itself, or in praeparations to be accomplished while awake? And furthermore, if this may not be possible, then could such contemplation be employed as a defense to strengthen vulnerabilities in the security-system protecting my dream-world? And if so, praecisely how?] {Incidentally, this dream occurred only about on the following night after I wondring about the out-from-material-body projection undertaken by Kurt Leland (as described by him in his book Otherwhere, nigh the beginning of "Part II", on p. 57) -- by means of an "intense dot of light" (\bin.d.u\ in Skt) orbiting his body in a plane perpendicular to the body's axis. Such bin.d.u might be one of the microcosmic "planets" such that each of them is "fed" by a distinct and different ray emitted by the microcosmic "sun" (which is a jewellike object at the solar plexus). If so, then the bin.d.u witnessed by Leland might be a form of god Skanda (god of planet Mars); for, Skanda is said (in the Puran.a-s) to have circumambulated the solar system by walking around one of the ring-shaped dwipa-s ('continents' : namely, by circumambulating Kraun~cha 'curlew') -- and such travel is much-reminiscent of travel during projection/transvection.}

Sept 16th (Satur during daytime), 2017 :- Dream : I was reading printed litterature about a serpent which somehow repraesented music. {I had happened to read of the basilisk earlier in the day, so that such may have been intended by the dream. I had not read of any association of the basilisk with music, but now have found mention of (Bartholomaeus Anglicus [13th century CE] (De proprietatibus rerum, book 18) -- Medieval Bestiary, s.v. "Basilisk" http://bestiary.ca/beasts/beast265.htm) "the serpent that is bred in the province of Sirena", where the Seirenes goddesses famed for their singing may be intended. According to Asenath Mason : Necronomicon Gnosis (p. 153), "Azathoth, the blind god," is a source of flute music; and the basilisk can be controlled "with flute music because then the basilisk starts dancing". https://books.google.com/books?id=n8bx1BYdjgUC&pg=PA153&lpg=PA153&dq= [The basilisk is said to be chicken-headed, and so likewise, according to Gnostic litterature, is god Iao (Hellenistic spelling of \Yhowah\ or "Jehovah"). Where the basilisk is said to be frog-bodied, this would referr to the Holy Ghost ('Holy Breath'), whose activity in "blowing hot and cold" alike to a Protestant preacher is much-matched in the self-inflation of a bullfrog; and where the basilisk is said to be serpent-tailed, this would referr to God the Son : for, "As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so shall the Son of Man be lifted up". This allegory is not unlikely the product of anti-Christian Renaissance-authors. Their sympathies can be observed in the statement that the basilisk is caught on a rake, meaning that persons who, due to their activities, are known as "rakehells" are able to set us free from the evil of Christianity.]}

Sept 16th-17th (Satur-Sun), 2017 :- Dream : I was reading about medicinal cures.

Sept 17th-18th (Sun-Mon), 2017 :- Dream : I was contemplating a wide variety of idiosyncratic expressions employed by a wide variety of persons, such that those expressions may all be indicative of some variety of spiritual achievement/attainment by the persons using such expressions. The expressions (so I realized) needed to be provided with instances of such persons' correlated behaviour in order to certify, in each case, that some variety of spiritual achievement/attainment was indeed praesent. Thereupon, I started following (by participating in) scenes involving such behaviour (which could involve unexpected activities) on their part; that last of such scene involving a woman who walked into a aedifice through an entrance into it which I had not expected her to entre by way of; then she immediately walked into the women's restroom (which I had not expected either), upon the wall outside of which I immediately saw a praeternatural momentary vision of (in transliteration) the name Ba<al Shem T.ob ['owner of the name good'; I taking care to pronounce the retroflex phoneme], which I understood to indicate (because of the H.asidic habit of secrecy) a hidden/secret significance to her behaviour. {After awaking, I realized that the word \t.ob\ could well be intended in its <arabiy sense of 'medicinal; medic', and thus could be consonant with my own waking-state behaviour of locating (on the Internet) herbal cures for various ailments.}

Sept 18th-19th (Mon-Tue), 2017 :- Dream : I was for some duration of tme watching two women, both lying nude on a bed, upon which bed they were engaged in tribadic activity : one woman was reclining nude, supine on her back, with her mouth being employed to kiss on the body of the other woman. I suddenly came to realize that the woman who was supine on her back, with her vulva exposed, might well be so pleased with this tribadic activity of hers, that she might tolerate if I were to start kissing on her vulva. I immediately went to where she was supine nude, and started in at kissing on her vulva; and, surely enough, this kissing of her vulva by me, she tolerated without demurr. [But very soon I awoke.] {I do not recall ever before my having witnessed tribadic activity in any dream (despite my having viewed scenes of such very often, over a period of years, on computer-monitors). Very likely, this dream was occasioned by the fact that during the daytime praevious (i.e., Sept 18th) while I was speaking by telephone with G.L.R., I was telling him that by this my speaking to him on the topic of my intention to requaest of the woman-resident (M.Wh.) in this aedifice who hath often mentioned to me her extra-ordinary facility of commencing each dream at the point (in dream-events) where the previous night's dream had terminated, I expecting my mention of this intent to him (G.L.R.) to be capable of instilling a resolve into me to requaest of her that she specifically assist me in inducing my spirit-guides to appear manifestly in my dreamings, therein announcing to me their identities as such. When in the past I have shewn to him pictures of a pair of woman engaging in tribadic activity, he did not complain nor protest.}

Later dream, same night : After several persons had finished eating at tables, and at left, on the plate of each of two such, a stack of somewhat ornamented cookies was left. I started to eat from each stack, but then stopped temporarily, and when I returned the stacks were not there; I figured that someone else may have discarded them. {In the middle of the night, I had gone downstairs, and noticed some food left for anyone else to pick up, in a cardboard box; I took some, leaving the residue, telling myself that I could after daybreak bring to replace this food some other food which I did not care for (namely, wheat) . When afterwards, after daybreak, I brought down the food, however, the woman working at the desk was ready to discard it, and told me that the food remaining overnight had already been discarded; so, I brought back mine, and retrieved for myself the discarded. I had not praeviously retrieved food discarded here at this my aedifice-of-residence; and the episode reminded me of how when I had arrived in the city at least 20 years earlier, when obtaining to eat food in a dumpster, I had been seized and held prisoner by the state-government for some years.}

Sept 20th-21st (Wedn-Thur), 2017 :- Dream : I was praesented (apparently by a committee investigating possible relationships to situations involving subversive political activities) with a series of photographs whereof I was to separate the ones involving myself myself from those not involving myself : viewing these photographs one-by-one, I determined that not even a single one involved myself. Later in same dream : situations were being described (also apparently investigating possible relationships to situations involving subversive political activities), whereof I was to distinguish the ones involving myself myself from those not involving myself : hearing of each of these, I determined that not even a single one involved myself. [Then I awoke. It was slightly before 3 A.M. I had realized while making, duirng the dream, the separations involved for consideration, that all my activities were such as to be conventionally considered as occult/mystical, instead of as political/subversive.] {During the evening praeceding, I had been while speaking to to G.R. by telephone (before being driven to the protest holding signs in front of the state-capitol aedifice), just as I had in other recent telephone-conversations, emphasizing that I had always taken care that any categorizations describing the subject-matters of my websites would not be mistaken as political/subversive, but instead as innocuous descriptions of weird occult situations. After arriving home from the protest, I called H.G. to mention to him that some of the discoveries by physicists could easily be taken to apply to potentialities of application to occult manipulations of political events, but that physicists had always taken care to state any discoveries to which such interpretation is possible, such a vague statement as not to have any noticeable applicability to any subversion of politics.}

Sept 23rd-24th (Satur-Sun), 2017 :- Dream : Upon my hearing the conventional titles of several varieties of spiritual attainment, I was thinking to myself that, what may sound as if it were the greatest attainment, would not necessary be that. [Then I awoke. It was an hour after midnight.] {I was noticing yesterday, that the woman M.Wh. here in this aedifice who is frequently asserting her achievement of serial dreaming, could hardly (although serial dreaming may be rare) therewith have achieved a lofty attainment, for she was describing her mind as troubled with relative trifles concerning mundane matters. When I was telling her that to way for being free from trouble of mind would be to contemplate heavenly perfection especially in one's dreamings, she was saying that the contents of her serial dreaming were consistently mundane instead of heavenly; trifling instead of sublime, being required by other dream-persons to perform routine work on their behalf, instead of philosophic contemplations in the dreaming. She hath frequently been mentioning her own bodily limitations, during to persistent bodily ache (in her spine); while I was telling her that she couled be consistently free of any such trouble simply by obtaining miraculous help from the religious Orders of Angels of Heaven, but that in order to obtain such help it is necessary to uphold a philosophy glorifying heavenly perfection.}

Sept 25th-26th (Mon-Tue), 2017 :- Dream : Several men were each, sucessively, declaring aloud a list of clans of particular tribes (in the format __ clan of __ tribe) which would be acceptable to each of those men : I somehow realized or supposed that it was being tacitly understood that each such clan had its own herb peculiar to it, all such herbs producing peculiar effects upon being ingested, and that both the declaring person and the governmental official to whom the declarations were being recited knew of such herbs, and that what was being requaested of the government was to supply any of such herbs to whomever was reciting any such declaration. The man was latest in reciting his declaration was particularly lenghty in the list of clans which he was reciting, most or all such clans being stated to be a single tribe (some stated to be "local"), the tribe-name being "Yamaha". [I thereupon awoke. A litany was being recited [S`ri Gan.es`a As.t.hottara S`ata-nama-vali https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1qleiqaS_s&list=PLqKfO8peuae0Bzp2KpC8YIJt-baAUcGPk&index=12 12/34 in playlist "Vedic Mantra Chanting" by Mystica Music], each name being followed by what was then sounding to me as "yamaha" (though it was more likely intended as "namaha" for \namah.\, i.e., \namas\ 'homage').

This litany was of deity-aspects rather than of clans in tribes (though the evening or so praevious I had been mentioning to match country-name PWN-t, PUWNiym clan in tribe Dan); the name "Yamaha" is Japanese, and the local tribe-name being alluded to would be Yemasee (Yamasi) [Samskrta \s\ being regulary altered to \h\ also in Persian and in Minoan "Linear B"], the same word as Yucatec Maya \Yamazi\ or \Ah Yamas\ in the Books of Chilam Balam ('priest-leopard', the name of a Maya seer who reputedly praedicted the future) -- praesumably, on the basis of "dream-interpreter" : Strong's 6622 <ibriy \patar\, cognate with not only 6604 city-name \Ptowr\ (home of Bil<am), but also with (DMWA, p. 813a) \fitr\ "thumb and ... index finger", i.e., the traditional Eastern-Orthodox gesture of benediction (perhaps originally a mudra for obtaining knowledge of a dream, such as H.am may have while awake, obtained, exposed, disclosed from his sleeping/dreaming father Nowah.).}

Sept 27th-28th (Wedn-Thur), 2017 :- Dream : I was typing up an alternative method for nutritional supplementation. {This was dreamt after I had awoken after midnight to take notes from the internet about nutritional supplementation; and after doing this for a while, had again gone to sleep.}

Sept 28th-29th (Thur-Fri), 2017 :- Dream : I was praeparing a typescript on factors involved in otherworldly spiritual communications. {I have, in the waking-world over the last few weeks, been taking notes from a book on spirit-mediumship, Spiritualism in Nineteenth-Century New Orleans. Also, yesterday (Sept 28th) evening I lent out (to P.P., when she was driving me home after -- for the 1st occasion of this duty of mine -- watering fruit-trees at local SocOfFr grounds) a book proving mainly postmortem survival, including the feasibility of spiritual communication with the dead, namely Arthur S. Berger & Joyce Berger : Fear of the Unknown : Enlightened Aid-in-Dying. I had received (via via mail-order) the book later on the same day that it had been announced to me by G.R. that P.P.'s then-husband M.J. had suddenly died (of heart-failure : he had been refusing to accept from me heart-rescuing carnitine powder, just as he had in the past refused -- and his wife P.P. likewise refused on his behalf --, to accept from me a packet of the heart-redeeming herb Leonurus cardiaca). I had brought the same copy of the book to his memorial service (at local SocOfFr meeting-house), attended by numerous living kinfolk of his.}