Dream-diary, August 2017

August 5th-6th (Satur-Sun), 2017 :- Dream : I was in an aedifice, listening to singing, the sound whereof could be heard coming from outside; I remained standing at the window wherethrough that singing could be heard. The song was quite familiar to me. A woman came, from within the aedifice, to beside where I was standing at the window. She began describing, aloud, that song which could be hear coming from outside the aedifice. Realizing that she was about to mention the name of the woman whose biography was being lauded in the song, I realized that I ought to express that I knew the song too, so I said concerning the woman being praised in the long, "It is the woman Ness, Nessie." {The only being whom I known in the waking world by that name, oddly enough (and do not in waking life know the song which I somehow was familiar with in the dream), is the reputed monster in Loch Ness, Scotland.} [Then I awoke.] {I had, as customary, left on, playing in the waking world, from the internet at Pandora.com, chanting : it was now on "Divine Service From The Russian Orthodox Liturgy", by Titov. The evening before (i.e., Aug 5th), just before going to sleep, I had subscribed to pay the monthly fee which had, as of recent, begun to charged (viz., the fee had been increased, and required an agreement in order to have it itself paid, automatically, out of a subscribed listener's bank-account) for listening continuously (without its stopping to require a confirmation of the listener's as yet being there to listen to it) to the music playing itself on Pandora.com (: the fee had been raised from $4 to $10) : subscribed-to without the listener's having to pay the additional charge for the 1st 6 months of the increased-price subscription.} {I had, yesterday evening, realized that the reason why I had not remembred any dream in recent days, was very likely that I had been neglecting, over the past week, to add nutmeg to by other dream-enhancing herbs when combining them for ingestation (and I seemed to remembred that, praeviously, while I had been remembring my dream nightly over recent months, I had been including the nutmeg). Therefore, I began including the nutmeg (and without ginger, for the nutmeg could serve in its stead), expecting to begin remembring dreams nightly henceforward; and this proved to be the apparent remedy.}

Aug 6th-7th (Sun-Mon) , 2017 :- :- Dream : A group of persons was praesent, each person wherein was supplied with accoutrements (such as, wearing multiplely-pronged crowns reminiscent of flower-petals) repraesenting multiplicities within a system similar to Kun.d.alini Yoga.

Aug 9th-10th (Wedn-Thur) , 2017 :- Dream : I was copying, from the internet, information concerning a psychedelic herb.

Aug 11th-12th (Fri-Satur) , 2017 :- Dream : I was with other persons, when I noticed that one standing woman was nude (everyone else there being clothed); I figured that she was standing nude while everyone else was clothed, because would like to have her body felt on, so I walked over to behind her, and started feeling with my hands on her naked buttocks. Later in the dream, I told some woman (who was clothed) that earlier that day I had been feeling on the body of a woman who was nude. [Then I awoke. I had been asleep only an hour or two, and it was well-before midnight. Earlier that evening I had (while awake) been discussing dreaming with the woman M.W., while we were seated on the bench beside her apartment-door. Perhaps, the intent of the dream was to suggest to me to tell her of some of my sexual dreams (none of which have I as yet mentioned to her). Incidentally, my walking over to a woman was was standing nude and then feeling on her naked body is bolder behaviour than I regularly had years ago, when if I were to see a nude woman in a dream, I would simply stare at her, figuring that she would not wish to have her body touched.]

Later dream, same night : I was walking up two sets of stairs in order to reach an apartment; the sets stairs were strewn not only with clothing, but also with what looked to me to be the leaf-remains of some psychedelic herb. While I was climbing the stairs, I heard someone call out, mentioning that a psychedelic was on the stairs. Also, while I was climbing the stairs, I heard someone else climbing them behind me. When I entred the apartment, that someone else also entred the apartment along with me, and turned out to be a woman. [Then I awoke.] {I had been partaking (after my awaking from the 1st dream of the night) of leaves of Salvia divinorum, which (according to what may be read on the internet) are often spat out after having been held in the mouth (though I swallowed the leaves after hoilding them in my mouth). I experienced no effects (other than perhaps feeling a little tipsy) from the herb; but it can be read on the internet that many persons do not experience its effect until after having ingested it on several occasions; and that some other persons never do feel any effect from it, regardless of however many occasions they do ingest it.}

Aug 12th-13th (Satur-Sun) , 2017 :- Dream : I was prasesent at a discussion of telepathic power in plants. {Now that I am ingesting Salvia divinorum every evening, I am beginning to experience that wherefor it is renowned for producing, namely, participating in philosophical discussion in dreams.}

Aug 16th-17th (Wedn-Thur) , 2017 :- Dream : I noticed several automatic failures to achieve a spiritual connection with any conjectured source of spiritual power, which failures I decided to ascribe to neglect to restate the conventional phraseology in the guise of alternative phraseologies; but I was begining to wondre whether the alternative phraseologies which I was proposing to employ would be adequate, simply on the basis of their non-conventionality, to overcome whatever the automatic restrictions from achieving spiritual connection with any conjectured source of spiritual power; I thus being in a process of wondring whether some more elaborately-constructed phraseologies might be needed in order to achieve a spiritual connection with any conjectured source of spiritual power, which connection I was merely conjecturing to be possible. I was beginning to wondred about the feasibility of achieving, through a sequence of conjectured possibilities, any discernable connection with any source of spiritual power, which source, I was beginning to suspect, might depend, for constructing any access to it, on a very high degree of reliance on the principle of achieving it by means of elaborating the nature of the phraseology involve in describing the nature of conjecture in general. [Then I awoke.]

{This process which I was reflecting concerning could well, if sufficiently explicit, become structured in the form of an overt assertion of a possibility achieving noticeable spiritual power through construction of phraseology detailing the likeness of metaphysical jargon to whatever the basis of spiritual power may in its own right be manifestly existent. In order to approach this, it may be necessary to the non-conventionality (in terms of that which is conventionally expected to be achieved through the construction of metaphysical jargon, namely no actual access to DISCERNABLY miracle-working powers) of an expectable to accomplish NOTICEABLE success in such by means of assertion of feasibility of access to EVIDENT miracle-working abilities -- especially through means of describing in one state-of-awareness what may be the connection between mind and substance in another state-of-awareness. I was, as of yesterday evening (Aug 16th, while being driven to-and-from the SocOfFr meetinghouse by R.L.G.), in a process of mentioning (to him) how it may be necessary to describe variant states-of-awareness (or "states-of-consciousness", or however else they may be described) : THEREFORE, IS (intending thus a quaery), mayhap, a proneness to failure in communicating to another person (example : to himself) the basic importance of emphasizing actual experiential passage to-and-from various states-of-mind (or otherwise described : universes, worlds, and that ilk), largely or in some measure due to neglect to construct a sufficient variety of nigh-synonyms (to be used in metaphysical-style description), which may vary considerably in their connotations, when such connotations be explored in the context of experiential acts-of-passing into-and-out-of the varying states-of-awareness? Quite incidentally, I would not be in the midst of a mood intent on dealing with contemplation of this philosophical quaestion, if I were not, by now, every day ingesting a sufficient quantity of Salvia divinorum, an herb known to dispose the mind of the ingester thereof, to contemplating metaphysical cruces with a view to resolving their aspects of capacity to evolve further understandings. Anyway, I was (while being driven, much as I do when speaking via telephone) mentioning (as not unusual for my behaviour) the feasibility of employing mythologies in multiple figurative modes -- as descriptive of material sciences, as descriptive of mental status, and thus as a method of finding connection between material sciences and any sciences-of-mind.}

Aug 17th-18th (Thur-Fri) , 2017 :- Dream : I was in a large flying ae:roplane, and I could see another large ae:roplane flying alongside it. Soon the other ae:roplane was flying behind the ae:roplane which I was in. It was now dark, but there was light shining onto a portion the sea of the sea whereover these ae:roplanes (including our own ae:roplane) were flying; I surmised that the light was being beamed onto the sea by the ae:roplane which was flying behind ours. Soon I saw the light was now covering wide areas of the sea, and surmised that there may be multiple ae:roplanes flying behind ours, each of which ae:roplanes may be beaming a separate beam of light onto the sea below. {Cf. the multiple light-beams illumining the ocean according to R.c Veda 1:19:7 : describing the Marut gods as those "Who with their bright beams spread them forth over the ocean in their might" (http://www.hinduwebsite.com/sacredscripts/hinduism/rigveda/maruts_1.asp). [I had not read this passage when I experienced the dream; but I came across it the next day (Aug 19th) in the process of seeking a possible set of aequivalents to Maori god Maru and to Italic god Mavort-/Mart-.]} [Then I awoke, perhaps due to my beginning to wondre about the validity of such speculations. It was immediately after midnight.] {Because of my having long regarded the Bodish phrase \>od gsal\, commonly translated 'Clear Light' (whereof there are said to be 3 varieties : the 'Clear Light of Sleep' witnessed during dreamless sleep, the 'Clear Light of the Path', extracted out of the dreamless-sleep world into the waking world and therefore witnessed while awake, and the 'Clear Light of Death', witnessed at death and beyond by whomever had attained the 'Clear Light of the Path') would appear in the guise of transcendent luminous clear fluid, alike to a swimming-pool which is illuminated at night by electric lights; so this dream may have been intended to display praecisely how the 'Clear Light of Sleep' can likewise be witnessed in an ordinary dream. Perhaps there is some technique for transferring the illuminated ocean witnessed during dreaming, out from the dreaming state-of-awareness into the dreamless-sleep state-of-awareness -- would such technique include describing such dreaming to respectable persons of one's intimate customary acquaintance in the waking-world, so as to be able to obtain assistance from their spirit-guides for my spirit-guides in order that the transferral be accomplished? Moreover, I am convinced that I would not have been divinely conducted into such a dreaming, if I had not ingested Salvia divinorum immediately before going to sleep for the night.}

Aug 20th-21st (Sun-Mon) , 2017 :- Dream : I was walking up a not-fully enclosed (having merely waist-tall walls along each side) staircase; and while I was doing so, I was watching a woman climbing a another parallel, separate, similarly not-fully enclosed staircase to my right. But then I suddenly could not see her on that staircase; and when I reached the top of my staircase, I noticed that her staircase terminated abruptly at its top with no entrance-way into anywhere, but instead being blocked by another wall. I thought that such a staircase seemed quite peculiar, and immediately resolved to walk up it in order to discover whether it was really all that peculiar, or whether the low, waist-tall walls which surrounded it on each side concealed some passageway into elsewhere. To accomplish this investigation, I descended the staircase which I had been ascending; and walked, on the ground-level, over to the closest upward-ascending staircase in that direction, which staircase, I figured, would likely be the same one as that whereon I had been watching a woman ascend; though I could not be sure that it was, because I had to walk around a corner of the aedifice in order to find it; and, from the vantage-point of there, the staircase up which I had been walking was no longer visible. Wonedring whether it was the staircase which I had been viewing earlier, and whether it was even relevant to the staircase which I was seeking [, I awoke.] {Once, some decades ago, I experienced a peculiar dream, of my walking up a detached staircase (having waist-tall walls on both sides) standing in a desolate region having no other architectural structure within the range of my view; when I reached the top of that staircase, I saw that it had a platform (enclosed by three walls, one on each side and one in front), so that it could not serve as anything but as a platform whence to observe; and meanwhile a woman started walking up the same staircase, starting from the ground. After (abruptly, at that point in the dream) I awoke from that dream, I remembred that I had seen, within the last few days before then, in a book about India, a photograph of a site in India having similar free-standing staircases each terminating on top with a similar platform, all such staircases being (according to the photograph's caption) built centuries ago, before the invention of telescopes, and intended as naked-eye observatories for viewing the stars. The pertinance of any such a dream to current events would be that to-day (Aug 21st 2017) is the day scheduled for viewing the only ocean-to-ocean, traversing the United States of America, total solar eclipse in 99 years : and note also that in Christian art-symbolism a lamb (intended as the Lamb of God, and accompanied by the True Cross) is stated to be visible in the disk of the sun, while 99 in number are stated to be the sheep which (according to the parable in the Gospel) did not go astray, while the 100th sheep (the lost one) was being sought. The non-straying 99 sheep I have for decades considered aequivalent to the Vaidik 99-armed (it, incidentally, being quite peculiar that anyone in any mythology should have an odd number of arms) god Urana ('ram'), who is god whose name is curiously cognate with the Hellenic god's name \Ouranos\ ('sky; heaven'). Praecisely matching \Ouranos\ the name (in the TNaK) Strong's 767 \>oren\ 'ash-tree'. Having the same meaning ('ash-tree') but an different phonemic would be the Eddic (Old Norse) hero's (1st mortal man's) name \AskR\ (husband of 1st mortal woman Embla 'Elm', a name curiously resembling \emblem\); and the name of the son of Aineas (whose name is, incidentally, cognate with Skt \enas\ 'sin' and thus with Pauran.ik hero's name An-enas 'no sin'), namely \Askanios\ (featured by Vergilius in the "edible tables" motif), which name is (as though it were a Bi-thunian name) apparently derived from the name \Askanias\ of the lake beside which is the 'victory' city Nikaia, wherein were held so very many empirewide synods of the Imperium Byzantinum (for the Hellenic Orthodox Ekklesia). With the name of maid Mariamne/Marian (latter name praeferred, in Romance nomenclatures, over \Miryam\) being evidently contained in Bi-thunian tribe-name \Marian-dunoi\ (where \-dun-\ would be Keltic, and also perhaps Thraikian, for 'town') -- a tribe partisan on behalf of do[h]oloi/servi 'slaves', reminiscent of laws afterwards passed, on behalf of do[h]oloi/servi, by Byzantini imperatores -- so that the statement, by gubernator provincialis Plinius that Christianitat- was rife amongst servae/do[h]olai (and, praesumably, among servi/do[h]oloi) in Bithynia, would seem pertinent.}

Aug 22nd-23rd (Tue-Wedn) , 2017 :- Dream : I was witnessing an exposition concerning to man (god) personifying planet Mercury. {This god, in litterature of Bharata/India, is Buddha. A person achieving esoteric realization of understanding by means of observing this planet is known as "Buddha". In modern-day astronomy, there is considered to be an ainigma as concerning a feature of the orbit of this planet, namely the anomalous praecession of the perihelion (and likewise, of course, the aphelion) of this planet, which aenigma is supposedly connected with its close proximity to the Sun -- because of its being (figuratively) only "a [single] stone's away" from the Sun, a discoverer of a solution to this aenigma is known, in modern-day astronomy, as an "Ein-stein" ('one [a single] stone'). Curiously, this dream ensued promptly after the collective observation, by denizens of this city of our current residency, of a "total eclipse" of the Sun : astronomical eclipses being ascribed, in astrology traditionally in vogue in Bharata/India, to a doing by the head of decapitated god Rahu, whose name, in its extended form \Rahula\ (depicted in Bodish Vajra-yana illustrations as omnividently covered with eyen manifesting his dharma-aks.a : similar to Argos Pan-optes, perhaps for *Arges Pan-optes 'flash all-eyed', indicative of the swift-as-a-flash attainment of instantaneous bodhi) is noted as the name of the son-and-[according to Vajra-yana] heir of the current buddha. One is tempted to aequate the head of decapitated god Rahu with the head of Ioannes Baptistes, whose heirhood (to praecedence -- cf. praecession of the planet's aphelion -- over the disciples of Ioannes Baptistes) is ascribed (by Clement- [in Latin 'placid status of the weather', a weather-status idoneous for, among other activities (\kriya\ in Skt, also the name of a variety of yoga, the variety wherein, while residing in a subsurb of my natal city Alexandria in the District of Columbia, I was excluded by the initiator from my being initiated into, in his statement reminiscent of that by Ioannes Baptistes concerning the non-idoneous nature of the proposed baptism by him of Iesous Khristos), viewing events in sky; German \hold[er]\ 'mild' (scil., e.g., weather)] of Alexandria (in Aiguptos) to Simon (<ibriy \S^iymown\) Magos (Magian, as though Persian, in Skt \Magha\) the disciple of Dosi-theos (["the free] 'gift of God' [is aeternal life through ..."]). If the Magian connection be actual, then (through association with fane-door depiction of solitary head of leonine god Kirtti-mukha 'Renowned mouth') relevance would be demonstrated with "lion of the tribe of Yhuwdah" (= le[w]on Kle[w]onaios 'lion of Renown' at Nemee, L&Sh:LD) in Apokalupsis of Ioannes. As for etymology of \cle-ment\, because *\-h-\ and +*\-gh-\ tend to be lost in Latin, its Skt etymon may be \s`lagh\ ('[reflexive] vaunt, boast; [active] coax, flatter'), suffixed form *\s`laghs\ > \s`laks.\ 'slippery, smooth' (sometimes descriptive of speech, 'kindly, gently' : which would be a signification applicable to the weather). The Skt word \s`rava\ (*\s`lawa\, cognate with Hellenic \kle[w]o-\) 'renowned' would be employed as if it were a passive form of \s`lagh\, thus 'vaunted by other persons'; this grammatical passivity guaranteed by the \-n-\ in \Kle[w]onaios\ (\-n-\ being the regular passive-participle morpheme in Skt).}

Aug 29th-30th (Tue-Wedn) , 2017 :- Dream : I was witnessing a description of the importance of a plant noted for its stalk, which plant was said to thrive beyond a great mountain-range. {The plant so described is likely to have been intended as the pineapple, which is noted for its stalk (atop which the plant's single fruit will grow), and which (when considered from the viewpoint of South America's Pacific coast) flourisheth (in its historically original habitat) in the Amazon river-basin beyond (viz., to the east of) South America's major mountain-range, the Andes. The plant is important in the religions of many tribes indigenous to (at least) the 3 Wayana (Guiana) countries and Orinoco river-basin, in that amongst such tribes, the plant's fruit is involved in occult rites intended to bring about, in cases of warfare, devastation and destruction to any aggressors; and therefore, on account of dread (on the part of potential aggressors) of potential retaliation against them (would-be aggressors) by such occult means, any potential aggressors are most usually deterred from actualizing any aggressive tendencies (thus resulting in inter-tribal peace being usually maintained).} {I had, in the past few days, described to local persons (including to at-least one other resident of this aedifice wherein I reside) the local SocOfFr's at least one's-year's-duration activity of growing and harvesting of kumara ('sweet potato'), a plant likewise important in religious rites for ceasing warfare and promoting peace. Was last night's dream indicative that I ought to emphasize, at least among persons who are already interested in promoting peace, the existence (and significance) of plants employed in religious rites (and, therewith, expounded in mythologies) traditionally employed, in various nationalities and tribes, for promoting international peace-and-goodwill?}