Dream-diary, July 2017

June 30th - July 1st (Fri-Satur), 2017 :- :- Dream : I was in an (apparently out-of-doors) area wherein various persons were standing separately, each one individually doing something intended to be interesting to whatever observers might take heed. I noticed that one woman was softly singing some sorts of aphorisms. I next noticed a woman who was holding on display several (about four) small (each a bit less than a foot in each of its dimensions) placards, each having printed on it (at least one of them being in more than a single style of type-print) a different sort of aphorism, of various lengths of type. I figured that if I were, upon reading them, to see one which were particularly pleasing to me; that on requaest to her, I likewise would be welcome to stand there holding that particular placard. When I started reading the one which she was holding furthest to my left (her right), I saw that it was a characterization of the nature of a trance. While I was reading through it (it consisting of about three sentences), I noticed that reading it was putting me into a dazed state of mind (i.e., a sort of trance); so I thought to myself that it would be more help for me, instead of my requaesting to hold in on display for any passers-bye to view, for me to continue, myself, to view it while she was continuing to hold it; expecting (as I was by then) that my continuing to stare at it (it somehow by its wording keeping me in such a dazed state-of-mind that I could not quite make out in my mind the meanings of its phrases, though the type was clear enough and all the words were in English). [Thereupon I abruptly awoke. It was already daylight.] {Yesterday (June 30th) afternoon, when I walking into the ground-floor waiting-room (wherein several women-residents were seated, as is usually the case), the woman (negroid) on the couch asked me (I was holding two books) what the book was about. I shewed her the cover with its title Mysticism (by Evelyn Underhill); and nextly, I shewed to her the table of contents (with her holding the book); upon which she remarked that she did not know "such long words"; and she added that she did not know the meaning of the title -- so, I told her that it was a Greek word, and that persons reading such books would be expected to know much Greek and Latin. About a day earlier, I received in my mail-box the book What We Believe But Cannot Prove, consisting of a series (anthology by various writers) of aphoristic-like statements -- I had sent for that book from Thriftbooks.com, sending for it the evening of the day (Thur, according to my account with Amazon.com) when in the afternoon while both Mr. R. and his wife Mrs. F. were at my apartment while a book (Tell Me, Pretty Maiden) arrived via a delivery-person at the door and Mr R. received it for me : I thought that his receiving it for me was coincidental enough that it might bring about a further co-incidence for me to buy another book the same day (I had not bought from Thriftbooks in about two years). Each week, of course, I am on Wednesdays with persons holding placards (posters, each bigger that the ones in the dream) on display in public; and these posters anyone can hold who is there, including sometimes any passer-bye who may admire them.}

July 1st (Satur evening), 2017 :- fallen half-asleep : [I was seeing, in my "mind's eye",] from behind, a bikini-clad woman whom I supposed to repraesent, and/or to induce, the advent of trance. A sort of shadow rapidly darkened on her back. [Then I suddenly awoke.]

July 4th (Tue evening), 2017 :- not a dream : Abiding here in Columbia, SC, named from Chr. Columbus, one would expect often to find some # resembling 1492. The last time that I ordered from Amazon.com, the total (by sheer chance) was $40.92 (one of the two items being a brain-nutrient reputed -- according to it blog on Amazon.com -- to yield vivid dreams, i.e., wherein discovery of a New World [dream-world] might be made); and to-day, while I am listening to the firecrackers exploding and listening on YouTube.com to U.S. Union-Army songs from the Civil War, I notice that the 492 persons have subscribed to the uploader (Horton). Homespun Songs of the Union Army, Volume 1

{One of the phrases in this song is "In the beauty of the lilies"; and among the plants in the aedifice's flower-garden are two blooming spider-lilies -- they may have been alluded to by a dream which I experienced several nights ago (but somehow forgot that day to record), wherein there in front of me, close to eye-level, were two large spiders (the bigger of them of the size of a full-grown tarantula -- I had also been reading on the internet about the fungus causing that which in Italia is known as the "Tarantula Dance").}

July 7th-8th (Fri-Satur), 2017 :- Dream : I had just transferred to a different location, in a different neighborhood within a city, my own place of residence and therewith my intended set of social contacts with environing persons and the housing of their business-concerns. I was describing, to a close-bye neighbor, whatever I was aware, through my praevious knowledge of reputations, of certain of the neighboring establishments and their personnel. Soon afterwards I was undertaking visits to the personal residences of persons who were each a local author, all distinguished for their reputation of high personal character : this I was undertaking in order to notice the architectural features of these residences and , therewith, of the features of their residential neighborhoods. The last of these I approached via its external staircase to the landing at its entrance-door; and as soon as I reached that entrance-door, out rushed a huge hound of off-white color, which I figured must belong as pet to the family-in-residence, the character of which human family I figured would be refleted in the behaviour of their pet. When the pet, having rushed bye me onto the staircase, then turned toward me, it appeared so diffidently tame, that I realized that it would wish to be petted by any visitor, so I began doing so. Soon, elsewhere in my doings, I shifted to, instead, a contemplation of related abstract qualities, each of the nature of benevolence; and during the process of my contemplating each of these, I would detect that each of such qualities possessed a consciousness in its own right, the relationship among the traits of whichever consciousness I was, furthermore, in the process of detecting. [Then I awoke.] {After having, two days earlier, received from a mailman the two packages of nutritional supplements and herbal powders which I had ordered from Amazon.com (costing some $160 total, about the most expense I have ever received on a single occasion by mail-order), I had forthwith partaken of each supplement (included being, from LifeExtension, magnesium-L-threonate) in the daily amount recommended on its label; but experienced no remembred dream during the ensuing night. Therefore, the ensuing day, yesterday (July 7th) I realized that the recommended amounts of (including among them acetyl-L-carnitine) bulk nutritional supplement-powders (stated in fractions of a teaspoon) were too small, so I increased the amounts ingested that day (and resolved to ingest regularly thenceforward), resulting in this relatively well-remembred dream. The highly social content of the dream (as usual in my dreams for recent months) is due, however, to the damiana among the specifically dream-enhancing herbs which I have been continuing to ingest twice weekly.}

July 13th-14th (Thur-Fri), 2017 :- Dream : I had been talking with a woman; so that, when soon each of the women lay down, clothed, on the floor, each of them wherever (on the extensive floor of the large room) she cared to, I chose to lie down alongside that particular woman (whom I had been talking withal), with my body pressing against hers, and in reversed position, so that I could embrace her legs with my arms. [Then I awoke. Only in recent months have I begun to be typically talking with a woman in my dream; and I do not recall, offhand, praeviously lying alongside a woman in reversed position in a dream. I did not habitually or customarily typically be in the practice of lying in that reversed position, either, with any of the several different women with whom I used to cohabit in the waking world in past decades. Somehow, I did not have enough of a liking for any of them, for me to be inspired to do so -- the requisite liking being absent on account of none of them having manifested interest in any of the same subjects-of-interest as I myself had a liking for -- such as, foreign customs and foreign practices, history of languages and history of religions, descriptions (in science-fiction or in religious litteratures) of remote worlds and of remote landscapes; and none of them ever (in those past decades) brought up for discusssion, in the routine course of anything, the subject of supernatural, or of praeternatural, entities or beings (such as might be brought up for discussion on the basis of readings and/or of personal experiences or one's self or of other persons personally known or known by hearsay).]

July 14th-15th (Fri-Satur), 2017 :- Dream : I was reading printed litterature describing, in standard format, various spiritual attainments, including detailing the drugs useful for achieving each of these attainments.

July 15th-16th (Satur-Sun), 2017 :- Dream : I was participating in standardized sequences of activities, each sequence intending to repraesent, publicly, some religious system. There seemed to be some controversy, however, as to whether these sequences of activities adequately served any purpose. [While pondering the controversy, I awoke.]

July 16th-17th (Sun-Mon), 2017 :- Dream : I was watering potted plants out-of-doors. One of the items that I watered before noticing that it was not a potted plant, was a wooden post. Next I was watering a potted plant which was in a barrel largely filled with gravel; I happened to water that particular potted plant so much that the water which I had put into the barrel had its level above the level of the pot; which my brother S.A.R. noticed along with me; so ; I poured the water out of that pot, and moved the pot to where it was reposing on a higher level of the gravel withn the barrel. [Then I awoke.] {Yesterday (the 16th) while I had been watering the potted plants (some whereof had their compost covered with gravel) in the SocOfFr meeting-house, I watered one of the plants (the only pot among those each with a hole in its bottom, which was was not reposing within a small barrel) too much, so I had to put its pot into a spare serving-bowl.}

July 17th-18th (Mon-Tue), 2017 :- Dream : I was told that whenever I would die, my cadavre would be "burned up". Thinking to myself that I would not like to leave behind a decaying dead cadavre, I replied that "I would rather have it be that way" (meaning, namely, for it to be burned up), anyway. {In my sorting-out of religions by types, I had now (just before going to sleep) considered that MesoAmerican indigenous AmerIndian religions are of some 3 types, one of those 3 being repraesented by the Huax-tec god of cremation, whose name is translated into Az-tec as \Xiuh-tecuhtli\ 'fire-lord'; besides the Anahuac god \Itztl-acoliuhqui\ of volcanic obsidian; and also the Pacific coast tribal goddess Tlazol-teotl.}

July 18th-19 (Tue-Wedn), 2017 :- Dream : I was alone in my abode (early in the morning), thinking about going to my sisters' place to visit her, when my brother, who had been at our sister's place, arrived thence. I asked him whether our sister was up yet; he replied that she had already left by automobile. Soon I was with him at a place where he was lying on the floor with a woman, and was talking with her. I noticed that her breasts were exposed, though he was not handling them nor otherwise touching her body. There was chanting playing audibly, which chanting I said sounded pretty, and wondred that neither of the two of them had been making any similar remark to one another about the chanting. I looked at the small device whence the chanting, which had now stopped, had apparently been playing; it was now displaying, on its small screen, a cinematic scene of several men; I thought to myself that the chanting had sounded, however, as though it had been performed by a group of women. Then another man arrived at the place where we at were, and started talking with the same woman, the two of them now being at about a rod's distance from my brother, who seemed to have relinquished the woman, for the time being, to company with the man who had arrived. [Then I awoke.] {In the waking world, I had left playing, from the internet, the "Sacred Anglo-Flemish" Station on Pandora.com; I noticed, after I had woken, that it was then, having continuously playing, the album on Missa "De Plus En Plus" by Ockeghem. It was as yet playing in the waking-world, although the chanting had ceased in the dream.}

July 21st-22nd (Fri-Satur) , 2017 :- Dream : I was in a room of an apartment when someone (it sounded like a man) was singing outside the door into the apartment, and attempting to entre it by pushing on it while it was slightly open. I pushed on the door, attempting to close it, and told the woman behind me to push on me, which she did. Later, a small (a few inches in diametre) flying saucer appeared (in response to a gesture of mine), with its landing-side facing the wall, a few inches from it. When I noticed that my tapping with my right hand on it caused it to increase in size, I continued tapping on it rapidly, and it continued to change size, alternating growing larger (to about a foot in diametre) and smaller. Then I tried tapping on it rapidly with both of my hands, alternating them; it did then grow somewhat larger, as much as about 3 feet in diametre. {I had set the Byzantine Chant Radio playing on Amazon.com in the waking world; that may have been the factor enabling the result of a remembred dream, after two nights without one.}

July 24th-25th (Mon-Tue) , 2017 :- Dream : I was contemplating that if I were not adequately to regret my failure to achieve understanding about the ultimate nature of existence, that I would as a result be after death in worse circumstance. After thinking this to myself for a while, however, I decided that the reverse consequence would result : namely that the only way that I could be worse off after death would be for me to blame myself for any imagined failure to compraehend the ultimate nature of existence; and started wondring to myself whether I may have already caused worse circumstance for myself after death by falsely imagining that I had inadequacies in understanding. [Puzzling about this whether I could correct this misunderstanding adequately to spare myself worse circumstance after death, I awoke.] {I had, about the day praevious, been discussed by G.R., via telephone, the perfected nature of humanity which was destined to result shortly, as a result of the joyous attitude which would be praesent in everyone as soon as good nutrition, ingestation of spices (such as cinnamon and the like, which produce an overjoyed state-of-mind), and music, all become adopted not only by this entire world's population, but also likewise, by parallel development (enabled by universewise subconscious telepathy), on all other planets as well. I had, in the past Sunday (July 23rd), offered to G.R. (and he had accepted some then) damiana herb, explaining that it is able to make for better-socialized dreaming, and hath already done so for me. Other helpful factors were by leaving Byzantine chants playing from the internet through the night, and my eating, when I awoke before midnight, the various dream-enhancing herbs.}

July 25th-26th (Tue-Wedn) , 2017 :- Dream : I was attempting a different-from-usual method for uploading, onto the Internet, more recent (revised) versions of my document-files than the versions currently on there. This method, which I was unsure would function, was intended to upload, in a single action, all the revised document-files together. [Then I awoke.] {This sort of endeavour would be somewhat similar to my plan (intended to be performed in the waking-world) of uploading, onto intended multiple subdomains, the excessively large quantity of files which I, as of yet, have on a single subdomain (texts.00.gs). The similarity would be that a large number of files would be dealt with in a single action.}

July 26th (Wedn) , 2017 :- not a dream : Oddly, when, I sending for (via my computer) a book by interlibrary loan at the university-library, when I copied-and-pasted the book's title, that title did not registre on the requaest-form, but instead a list of nearbye libraries (which list was also on the same page which I had copied-and-pasted from). I left the requaest as it had been set up thus (knowing that the ISBN and OCLC #s would suffice) when I sent it in. (Incidentally, the book's title was Spirit Talkers, by Lyon : so, I assumed that spirits had manipulated my copy-and-paste; and told G.R. this assumption of mine, by telephone. This occurred before I walked to the state-capitol aedifice and back later that day.)

July 27th-28th (Thur-Fri) , 2017 :- Dream [experienced when I had been asleep for only about an hour] : I [dreamt that] I had woken from sleep in my dim apartment, and was hearing a woman's voice speaking to me, from what I assumed to be the lavatory of my apartment, which was located (so I assumed) in the chamber, which I could see the door into, nigh the exit door from my apartment, and just to the right (when looking it that direction from within my living-room) of it. [There is a walk-in closet at that location in my waking-world apartment.] I wondred to myself how she had managed to entre my apartment in order to use the lavatory, and walked over to it to see her; but, to my surprise, she was not in it. I continued to hear the woman's voice speaking to me, and by now assumed that she must be just outside the exit-door from my apartment, which I then opened in order to see her. When I had opened the door, I could, surely enough, see someone or something in front of my door, in the hallway, but so very blurry that I could detect no details, and realized that it must be the subtle body of some female praeternatural entity who had arrived in order to visit me. I wondred whether her body was tangible, and therefore thrust both of my hands forward into the region where I could see her blur-body. I felt her grasp my hands, and was gratified that she had made an effort to indicate that her subtle body was tangible, and therefore I said "Thank you!" [Then I awoke.] {I do not recall any praevious dream wherein a blur-bodied entity had a tangible body (that could be felt); and any praevious dreams of any blur-bodied entity, if indeed I ever experienced any such dream in the past at all, must have been exceedingly rare (for I do not off-hand remembre any). {Never-the-less, I have in recent months been reading of entities, including ones having tangible bodies, which are encountred during sleep-paralysis (i.e., when waking into a temporarily-paralyzed bodily status).} {As in all other recent occasions when I could remembre a dream, I had left the "Byzantine Chant Radio" playing on Pandora.com.}

Later dream, same night : I was in the process of traveling within the United States, and was apparently in some omnibus-station. Some man who was a fellow-traveller was advocating to go nextly to some particular town, but I demurred. Soon, I was by way of a portable telephone (whereof I was borrowing the use), discussing with someone else with whom I was well-acquainted, the feasibility of my setting up a retail business for the sale of food. I was saying that I could not be sure that any particular food which I might choose to sell would be bought by customers. [Later in the same dream,] I was at a refectory where, because I was deficient in money to pay for food, I was eating left-over portions of food from person's trays at a desk beside the throw-bin. [Then I awoke.] {In the waking world, I knew yesterday (July 27th) that I was so lacking sufficient money in my bank-account, that I could not afford to travel to-day (July 28th) with other residents of the aedifice wherein I reside, to the food-store. I thought it a little odd that I had put my name on the list of persons who were to be driven on the aedifice's omnibus to the food-store.}

July 29th-30th (Satur-Sun) , 2017 :- Dream : (forgotten) [Then I again briefly was falling semi-asleep, then (while in the process of awaking), I heard a woman's voice say, "I don't feel free up here, Frank."] I had been (while awake just earlier in the morning) been reading the myth of the birth of Huitzilo-pochtli, where before he emergeth from his mother (Coatl-icue)'s womb, his mother is describing to him the approaching army, led by another woman (Coyol-xauhqui), intend on slaying mother-and-son : so that which I heard, uttered by the woman's voice, could fit the myth. The phrase \up here\ could refer as well to the mountain-top whereon the Coatl-icue was ensconced with Huitzilo-pochtli, as it likewise could refer to my apartment on the top floor of this aedifice.}