Dream-diary, June 2017

June 1st-2nd (Thur-Fri) 2017 :- Dream : I was reading about persons' attaining psychokinetic powers, and was considering that by reading about this I myself might abruptly attain to such power. While considering this possibility, I was looking at the corner of my room, which (in the dream) had white cloths reposing upright against it, when suddenly the texture of cloth shifted to something seeming unworldly, and it moved by slumping somewhat : upon viewing this, I was gratified that I had begun to possess praeternatural power which I had thitherto lacked. [Then I awoke.] {I keep a white cloth (having its fringed crocheted, evidently machine-made to seem as if handiwork) hanging from upper level of the end (nighest to the corner of the room nigh my computer-desk) of the bookcase which is against the wall under the room's window. Some persons would employ such a cloth as a prayer-cloth, wearing it as such on the head. In the day I had spoken by telephone (a cell-telephone, brought to her by her social-workeress) to J.M., who in the process of telling me that she would like to marry me, but would have to wait another year, explaining at the same time that she was having sexual intercourse with a yellow man (his skin yellow-colored, she said) in her dreams, telling me to bring to her or to send to her 3 head-scarves each of a different color. The dream may have been implying that I could regularly witness unworldly textures and move such by psychokinetic power (in my dreams, at any rate), if I were to attach enough value to her sexual intercourse with an unworldly-hued man in her dreams.}

June 2nd-3rd (Fri-Satur) 2017 :- Dream : I met out-of-doors, on a sidewalk, a Negro man who was garbed in the uniform of a United-States Post Office employee. After mentioning to him something else, I said to him "I used to work for the Post Office myself in the 1970s; I would not speak to you if I had not worked for it." {Yesterday I walked for a block out-of-doors on the sidewalk, in the direction of, and almost as far as, the closest United State Post Office. (Seldom do I venture out-of-doors onto the city-sidewalk, unless it is to go, driven by vehicle, weekly to the food-store or to some function of the SocOfFr. I had, during the day's morning, however, been too late for the aedifice's omnibus to the food-stores, and was walking to the nighest city-omnibus stop, but then decided that the weather was too hot. Most Negroes in the world reside where the weather is hot all year.)}

June 4th-5th (Sun-Mon) 2017 :- Dream : I was apparently seated in a chair directly beside two men (also apparently in chairs) whom I knew from the local SocOfFr meeting (one of them being prof J.H.); and somehow the topic of how to select a spouse was broached. One of the two asked, "Can you teach the computer rules to marry?" [Then I awoke.] {While S.P. was driving me to the meeting (June 4th), I asked her how it was that prof. em. H.G. and his wife came to have such divergent opinions about religion; she replied that she supposed that they already had, when they married, some difference of opinion, which difference afterwards widened. He (H.G.) and his son have at times been testing how well low-quality computers can be enabled to function by interconnecting them. (Perhaps interconnecting computers could be regarded as similar to interconnecting different persons' opinions, including opinions between a spouse-couple.)}

June 8th-9th (Thur-Fri) 2017 :- Dream : I was reading a printed text describing functions of deities who praeside over human fate/destiny.

June 9th-10th (Fri-Satur) 2017 :- Dream : After hearing some sort of assertion about the benefit of passing on good will through treating others well, I was watching I was watching one man kissing another man's face, who then in turn kissed still another man's face.

June 10th-11th (Satur-Sun) 2017 :- Dream : I was going about in my largely residential area {not anywhere which I could recognize in the waking world, however}, and was noticing a tree here and there in the yards around the aedifices, which scenery (including the trees) I thought appropriate to the neighborhood. Soon afterwards, however, when I was again going about in the same area, I was rather horrified to see that the trees had all been sawn down level with the ground, which action I thought must have been performed so that the trees would not interfere with driving of motorized vehicles, which vehicles I thought had become more abundant, having praeviously (while the trees had been standing) found it necessary often to detour around the trees.

June 11th-12th (Sun-Mon) 2017 :- Dream : I was hearing a description of personal identity amid an incarnation-series. In a set of several of some four each, a person was listed, by paricular name, as one particular out of each of those.

June 14th-15th (Wedn-Thur) 2017 :- Dream : I was in our residential house {somewhatsimilar to my parent's house in P.O., Venez.}, my parents and any other residents (except for some woman whom I saw in it) having gone temporarily to elsewhere, when an unusually severe storm occurred; I was wondring whether the forcefulness of the wind had been praedicted; I was thinking that the wind was too powerful for my parents to travel through, so that they would have to wait until after the storm int order to return to the houuse. I was listening to the wind blowing strongly, when the front left window (that window being largely composed of colored pieces of stained glass) began to crack, and soon pieces of the stained glass began falling out onto the floor. I wondred whether the entire window would gradually disintegrate.

June 15th-16th (Thur-Fri) 2017 :- Dream : While she was climbing a tall stack of something (which I thought might be used as a tall bed), my sistre said that she had spent $10,000. Not knowing to what she might be referring, I thought that it might sound impolite if I were to ask how she had spent that much; therefore I, instead, in order to sound consoling, said, "Every thing costs something". [Then I awoke. I had been asleep only about an hour.]

Later dream, same night : I was reading a printed text about was for investigating the deities.

June 16th-17th (Fri-Satur) 2017 :- Dream : I was walking across the city-street (from the right side of the street to the left side, regarded in the direction wherein had been walking along the sidewalk); and as I reached the other side, with my hand I happened inadvertently to turn a machine (which was about as tall as I was) in such a way that a larger machine, which was traveling along that side of the road, happed with its hook to snag the upper part of the turned machine, the components whereof thereupon came apart, collapsing it. I wondred for a moment whether the driver of the larger machine would be able easily to re-assemble the smaller machine; but then I thought that I might be blamed for being the cause of that incident, so I hastened to entre the entrance-door of the nighest aedifice, of which, as I did so, I considered myself to be recognizing it as my aedifice-of-residence. Anyway, I hastened up the staircase of the aedifice, considering while I was doing so that I might be pursued by the machine-driver in a effort to hold me responsible for the smaller machine's having come apart into its components. Several storeys up, I noticed while I was on that landing of the staircase that the apartment whereinto its storey-door led had been left ajar, and was viewing the furniture within that room in order to determine whether it was a room of my own apartment. Thus viewing, I promptly decided that it was quite different from my apartment, and resumed climbing the staircase. I soon reached the top floor {the aedifice not having nearly as many storeys as that wherein I now reside}; and that top-landing opened into a chapel, which I considered to be the same chapel as I had been in with persons whom I knew personally, as of earlier in the same dream. Dozens of persons were now praesent within that chapel, where a religious service was currently in progress. [Then I awoke. I was able to remember more of this dream than I remembred of other dreams over the last several nights, perhaps because I made it a point to comest the several dream-enhancing herbs immediately after ingesting the dozen mostly Bharatiya-grown rasa-ayana herbs which I take every night just prior to lying down to sleep; instead of hoping to remembred to take the dream-enhancing herbs when awaking during the night (but usually, at such an awakening, forgetting to take them).] {The chapel in the dream perhaps was in that dream because on the evening praevious (i.e. June 16) I had spoken with the mulatto woman in apt 1601, following her down the elevator to the ground floor where she checked her mail, and back up it. She regularly is in attendance at this my aedifice-of-residence's chapel (holding Episcopal service), she being visible at such times because the chapel-door is left open. [I do not specifically remembre, off-hand, my ever praeviously, in any dream whatsoever, having entred into, nor seen, any religious service in progress, whether Christian or other; and if I ever have seen the interior, or even the exterior, of any religious chapel or church or temple, that must have been rarely, for I do not, off-hand, particularly remembre that sort of event, either (except for the incident, not many years ago, when I saw in what appeared to be the interior of a cathedral, a woman, alone except for me, which woman became transparent, and whom I therefore immediately addressed as "a goddess").] [Incidentally (speaking of a "religious service"), such happen to be part of the title of the piece of music which was playing (on Pandora.com), and which I saw immediately when I went to type this dream-record via my computer :- Vasily Titov : "Divine Service from the Orthodox Liturgy" in Fire of the Soul -- Choral Virtuosity ... Russia and Poland. Were the divine constructers of that dream aware -- due to their hearing it (though I did not, while in the dream) -- of the title of the music playing in the waking-world?]}

June 19th (Mon, during the daytime) 2017 :- Dream : I had been lecturing about psychology to a woman which whom I was acquainted, when she went out of room briefly. While she was out of the room, I happened to contemplate some idea which put me into a slightly visionary state of mind, so that I started seeing a visionary reddish dot in front of me. When she returned, I said (loudly enough for her to hear), "I see a pink -- reddish dot". [Then I awoke.] {I had been reading a book about psychology (The Julian Jaynes Collection) just prior to going to sleep in the morning; and about the praevious afternoon, I had been discussing with the woman (M.W.) on the 5th floor (who hath mentioned a number of times that she is left-handed) what I had read in an article ("Art and the Right Hemisphere") in the same book.}

June 21st-22nd (Wedn-Thur, early in night, when briefly fallen asleep at my computer-desk) :- Dream : In demonstrating something to me, a man said, "Look here, Frank!" [Then I immediately awoke. His addressing me by my name is highly reminiscent of being called to by my name while I am in the process of awaking; except that in the latter circumstance the dream hath already ended, with nothing of it visible, merely that voice's being apparently dreamlike; and, furthermore, in the latter circumstance, the voice is never (to my memory, at any rate; though it may be that the memory of the end of the dream hath somehow been obliterated) that of any personage who was in the dream. It may be added that I do not recall, off-hand, ever before having been addressed by name within any dream, nor been addressed by any other identificatory title in any dream : not even when the persons in my praesence and perhaps conversing with me appear to be persons known to me (relatives or friends) in the waking world. Neither do I recall, off-hand, ever addressing anyone in any dream by name nor by any other identificatory title. And though I have (quite rarely, only perhaps 3 or 4 occasions in my lifetime) seen a map having place-names, I do not recall, off-hand, any place-name being mentioned by anyone in any dream.]

Later, same night (about 4 A.M.) :- not really a dream : [When I closed mine eyen for only a second or two, I heard a voice calling, "Michael".] {This occurred within a not many minutes after I put in an e-mail order for the book What We Believe But Cannot Prove. NY : Harper Perennial.}

Minutes later, same night. [Then, again there seems to have occurred some minutes later, after falling asleep, some very curious dream, which I seem to have somehow forgotten abruptly upon thinking to write it down here, perhaps because I thought to relate these experiences to C.F.'s having, earlier in the afternoon yesterday (June 21st) having selected and listened to, one after another, music "radios" on Pandora.com. I had also during nthe night, while awake, copied, from the internet, weblinks to accounts of dreams about flying saucers, posted by the dreamers, along with weblinks of books (sold on Amazon.com) describing dreams about flying saucers.]

June 23rd (Fri during daytime) 2017 :- Semi-sleep without dream : I heard the clause : "... it's 1950".

June 23rd-24th (Fri-Satur) 2017 :- Dream : We (my father and I) were walking out-of-doors through a narrow passageway between aedifices : to the right the passageway was occupied by a staircase for ascending, in the direction wherein we were proceeding, into one aedifice; and the residual passageway was partially occupied by a piece of machinery which it would have been inconvenient for anyone to clambre over, with some open space (enough to squeeze one's body through) to the right of the machinery. Through that open space I began squeezing alongside the long but narrow piece of machinery (which occupied the meridianlike center of the passageway to the right of the staircase); I had expected my father to follow behind me, but instead he chose to attempt to squeeze his body through the very narrow passageway to the left of the machinery, a passageway partially blocked at its terminus (before the open area beyond it) by several looped cords. As I made my way out into the area beyond the machine, I was looking at my father, expected to see his pushing the loops aside, but instead he appeared to be caught by the neck on the loop closest to me. When I saw that he had become motionless, I reckoned that I needed to extricate his body by lifting aside the loop which was around his neck. As soon as I did so, I saw that he (whose body was remaining upright, propped between the narrow sides of the passage wherethrough he had been attempting to squeeze his body) was not moving his body, and therefore decided that he must have somehow been throttled by the cord into temporary unconsciousness. While I waited for him to recover consciousness, I could see his ongoing thoughts being diplayed sequentially, sentences being thus displayed one-after-another through several such sentience-displays, the final sentence (before his awaking from his stupor, and moving his body) being a display of the sentence which I had spoken to him before my realizing from his non-responsiveness that he must be in a stupor. I decided that he must have heard that final sentence of mine, and that, it having been the last of his connections with the waking-world before his succumbing to his stupor, it could be expect to arise again, in this occasion from memory, at the instant wherein he was resuming his connectivity with the waking world [I was supposing that the dream-world there was the waking-world]. [Thereupon, I actually awoke.] [The dream was unusual in several ways, one of which was to see displayed (hovering in the air beside the person whose thoughts they repraesented) the written aequivalent to hearing (i.e., a transription of) another person's thoughts; I do not remembre, offhand, having accomplished any such mind-reading on another person praeviously in any dream. This effect may be among the results of my continuing to ingest, over the same sequence of nights, the combination of dream-enhancing herbs along with at lest one memory-enhancing herb (Bacopa/brahmi).] {My sistre, and perhaps both of my brethren, have told me that about the final act of our father's before he was transferred (apparently on account of debility) to the hospital wherein he subsequently died not many days later : it was to have somehow squeezed his body betwixt his bed and the wall whereto it was adjacent, so that whoever found him there was surprised to find him in such an awkward strait.} {Furthermore, my currently reading a writing (namely the article ""Some Hypotheses on the Origin of Mind", in the book The Julian Jaynes Collection) by Julian Jaynes (an author very much disposed to label as "unconscious" various sorts of mental activities usually described as "conscious") may have resulted in a dream wherein I was witnessing displayed a situation wherein someone was thinking in sentences while appearing to be unconscious : this situation is, in the ordinary way wherein we observe it from the waking world, a dream of someone else's. Perhaps the dream was so constructed (by its divine dream-architects) as to suggest to me that the seemingly anomalous hypothetical situation frequently described by J.J., namely that where an "unconscious" persons is hearing-and-obeying commandments issued by some sort of deity -- that this situation is modeled by J.J. on the model of an unusual variety of dreaming.}

Later dream, same night : A woman was beside me; we were talking to one another. Then she uncovered her teats, and put a wide-meshed net over her face and teats. I remarked to her that in that way she looked pretty.

June 25th-26th (Sun-Mon) 2017 :- Dream : A woman walked over to where I was, and began speaking to me. In response, I simply made, with my lips, a kissing gesture (I had been in the custom of doing so when I formerly, some years ago by now, was residing on a insane-asylum ward having both male-residents and female-residents; for I dreaded that if I were forthrightly to ask a woman in words to allow me to kiss on her, she might both ignore me and also complain about my behavior to a woman-psychiatrist, who might thereupon somehow punish me). She asked, "Are you good at kissing?" I thought, due to this quaestion of hers, that she might next start kissing me, or at least ask me whether I would like to kiss her; so that I could then start kissing on her. So, I continued, without saying anyting, to make, with my lips, the same kissing gesture, hoping that my continuing to do so would prompt her to, at least, ask a quaestion (such as saying to me, "Would you like to kiss me?") which would apply specifically to herself personally; for, I considered that my kissing gesture ought to be understood (by her as applying to herself) as being an invitation to her. [Then I awoke.] [I do not tend forthrightly to say anything sexual to a woman in a dream; and, in a dream, I may expect any woman whom I never saw praeviously to take any such suggestive gesture as intended to apply to her sexually.] {I am not so very reserved now-a-days in waking life. In the praevious evening (June 25th), in the praesence of the man on duty at the front desk downstairs, the woman (a negress; one sometimes wearing much black lace, which lace I may remark of to her when I see it on her body) who is most often, among the residents, standing around there, said to me concerning another woman, one younger than herself (and apparently too young to be a resident here), the one (she, like unto the woman remarking, also being a negress, and rather slender) whom she noticed that I was looking at as she walked out of the front door to this apartment-building (I had been thinking, as she was walking out, that her body was rather slender; but I have sometime remarked that my own body is rather slender), that I am too young for that woman. I replied by asking her whether I am too young for herself; and immediately the man at the front desk said to her that I must want her (the woman who spoke to me). Then she said that I ought to find some woman for myself; I replied by saying that I have one, but that she is living too far away. She said that I ought "to caught a ride with someone"; I said that it is too much to have to go by bus. I have often asked the same woman (who was speaking with me) whether she would like to visit my apartment, and she hath hitherto always refused; so that by this time, I am thinking that it is futile to continue to ask her that same quaestion. It is seeming unpleasant to me to be so often rebuffed.}

June 27th (Tue during daytime) 2017 :- not a dream : I had not taken a niacin pill in years, so that when I saw a bottle of it (along bottles of other vitamins and a mineral) at a remainder-sale ($1 per bottle, usual costing at least $5) at the local Walgreen, and bought those vitamins, I did not remembre until taking a pill of the niacin, that it will flush/heat the body; it also produced a slight tingly effort. While my arms still felt tingly from this, I opened the book which I had been in the process of taking notes from, coming in that reading to the passage (which I had not read prior), "And then I was touched ... . And from that point outward I just tingled all over." (Louis Proud : Dark Intrusions, p. 75 : description of an episode of sleep-paralysis, the sort of topic which would be appropriate for relating to nutritionl supplements, since they can affect one's mental condition include that while one is asleep.)

June 29th (Thur during daytime) 2017 :- Dream : I woman was telling me that I had said that I was controlled by greed, but I thought to myself that I had intended to indicate that greed could take controll of someone if it were not restrained. [Then, pondering how to express this, I awoke.] {I had fallen asleep at my computer-desk while reading an article about persons working "in the Silicon Valley" for "tech companies" : https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/jul/11/hack-yourself-nootropic-drugs-upgrade-mind My opinion about such type of work would be, that it could cause persons to become controlled by greed if they neglect to restrain such greed. The topic of the article, however, was nutritional supplements which can affect one's mental condition.}

June 29th-30th (Thur-Fri) 2017 :- Dream : I was sprinting (pretty much effortlessly) through a subterranean passageway, which was slightly crooked.