Dream-diary, May 2017

May 2nd-3rd (Tue-Wedn) 2017 :- Dream : I was in the process of copying from a printed list of curative herbs, which I noticed consisted partly of genus + species name, and partly of vernacular names (including /nutmeg/). [Then suddenly I awoke. It was a few minutes after midnight.]

May 2nd-3rd (Tue-Wedn) 2017 :- not a dream : After (firstly setting-up for myself a Paypal account, which I had not possessed for some years, but now needed in order to make a payment to Webring.com, which had praeviously for quite some years allowed payment by bank-cards without such an account) ingesting the usual dream-enhancing herbs and the sleep-inducing herb, I felt to go outside the apartment-aedifice; and then to go across the street to the bank in order to find whether I could sense anything about the nature of banking : and when I crossed the street, walked to in front the main doors of the bank, there decided to walk praecisely the length of the bank (along Harden), and started; then suddenly I felt faeces starting to ooze, even though I had not felt anything indicating this priorly, and had not eaten anything that might induce such an effect. (Nor than anything like this happened to me in years.) The oozing sensation ceased just as I, having finished walking the length, started across the street back to the aedifice, where, when returned to my apartment [about 5 A.M. by the clock, I having slept some since the praevious dream that night -- do note that the /nutmeg/ in the dream could be referred to the common practice of drilling a hole into a nutmeg, inserting quicksilver, and sealing it in; quicksilver being notorious for mechanically clinging to gold], I realized that deities must have caused the momentary effect in order to confirm the Aztec religious assertion that gold [which is often kept in bank-vaults] is truly the faeces of the deities. I had generally disregarded this assertion, partly because (as I stated in the most recent meeting of the SocOfFr -- so as to comment on an offhand allegation by some male member there that Jesus Christ could not have been divine, but must have defaecated and urinated like any ordinary mortal --) that at least some Gnostics are quoted as alleging that, because Jesus Christ was divine, though he ate food, he did not defaecate.}

May 3rd-4th (Wedn-Thur) 2017 :- Dream : When, I did not immediately see the publication-data of book which I was perusing, a woman took the book out of my hands, and herself began seeking those data in it; but when she did not promptly find those data in it either, I said to her, "Let me look; I can find; I do it all the time." But, nevertheless, on my taking the book out of her hands, my viewing each of the first few pages likewise failed to locate the data. [Then I awoke.] {In Hellenic-and-Latin antiquity, the publication data, such as the author's name and book's title, were typically allocated to the end of the book-scroll (or end of the book's final scroll); which made the task of finding them a somewhat onerous one. The praevious day's (i.e., May 3) evening, in my mentioning, via telephone, to prof.em. H.G. the title of the book wherefrom I was about to start taking notes, I mentioned its publication date, which was recent (2015); mentioning that I tend to take notes out of recently-published books. Then, I did look up in WorldCat the publication-data of a book which he was telling me to look up on the internet so as to obtain it from a library; and along with it I found also (as I mentioned to him in the telephone-call) several other books (eventually including, still later, one just published last year) discussing the one which he was having me seek. Then, immediately after having ended the discussion with him, I did put in (on the university-library-account of G.R., with whom, along with their respective spouses, H.G. used, so long as H.G. and his wife used to reside in this city, to go to, taking me also along, a restaurant whereat they would carry on a group-discussion of whatever they had been doing) interlibrary loan-requaests for those.}

May 4th-5th (Thur-Fri) 2017 :- Dream : I was reading a printed discussion of the Mo,kkur-ka`lfi 'muck-calf (of leg)'. {I had fallen asleep at the computer-desk while reading about this at http://fornleifur.blog.is/users/5c/fornleifur/files/richard_cole_golem_thor_19714.pdf and commenting.}

May 6th-7th (Satur-Sun) 2017 :- Dream : I was suspended by a rope having its noose around my waist, and realized that I would not be able by my own effort to free myself from this situation, which I understood had been brought about by my sistre. I was speaking aloud, expecting that she would hear that which I would say (though I did not see her) : I said that this was painful (though it was not noticeably so, I was fearful that it might become thus) and that I wished to be released. [Then I awoke. I seemed to remembre having dreamt the same sort of dream shortly before (and even of having experienced that sort of dream several times shortly before); but am by now doubtful that that was a true memory.] {Before I left my parents in 1963, my sistre used to tease me for her amusement, including sometimes trying tickling me, which seemed uncomfortable whenever I happened to be ticklish. As for anything suspended, I have no memory of having ever been suspended in any such manner, neither when awake nor in any dream; though before I left my parents, I certainly occasionally saw an object suspended by a rope, such as a pin~ata which when blindfolded we each (myself and siblings) attempted to hit. But perhaps the status of being suspended is from a more recent memory of having read something similar, such as the Sumerian myth about the mortal husband (Dumu-zid/Damuzi/Tammuz) of goddess In-anna being suspended from a wooden frame above the throne of netherworld-queen Eres`-ki-gal, who considered him to be a sort of trophy when he came to her queendom to be held in place of In-anna, who after voluntarily arriving had been publicly exposed (to her chagrin) as a captive. A Hellenistic version of this myth (with Persephone instead of Eres`-ki-gal, and with Adonis instead of Dumu-zid) described Persephone "to have fallen in love with the beautiful Adonis who also had to share his time between Earth and Underworld" (Grimal : Dictionary of Classical Mythology, s.v. "Persephone"), but I have thought that this could not be quite accurate, for Eres`-ki-gal was already married to god Ne-uru-gal (later called Nergal); I have thought that, instead, Dumu-zid could have become aequivalent to a gigolo for her. (My sistre, before I left my parents, used to say that she approved of women's having gigolos.) Anyway, this gigolo-status would not seem to have been a Sumerian institution, but may have been Hapirti (<elamitic) and/or Anatolian or whatever.}

Later dream, same night : I was in a multi-storey aedifice, where I resided in an apartment. I was walking via staircases to other storeys, so that I noticed that the top storey was split so that the right side of the storey was accessed via its own staircase, and when I went to there, I noticed that it was occupied only by young women, though no one complained that I was exploring.

May 9th (Tue, during daytime) 2017 :- Dream : I saw my parents naked together in bed : the head of the bed was to my right, and my mother was in the middle of the bed, with my father on the far side of the bed. After they had pulled the sheet of the bed over themselves, then I lay down on top of the sheet, beside them. [I apparently then awoke, for without seeing anything, I was thinking about how to induce my sister into some sort of sexual relations with me; but I heard a voice (evidently alluding to what I was thinking to myself) saying, "Don't pull that trick!" : this voice surprised me, and I abruptly opened mine eyen and found myself awake, seated in the chair (wherein I had fallen asleep) at my computer-desk.] {I had fallen asleep while I was typing, quoting from the book Champions of Buddhism, and had been about to type (from p. 224) the passage "the earth goddess known in Thailand as Mae Thorani (... "mother earth")." [This "mother goddess" must have been the source of my dreaming of my mother. The infant Zeus, Rheia "gave ... to Mother Earth" (Graves : The Greek Myths 7.b); and when he became an adult, Zeus "threatened to violate" (Graves : The Greek Myths 13.a) his own mother Rheia. Afterwards, Zeus tricked his own sistre Hera into having sexual intercourse with him (Graves : The Greek Myths 12.a) : which must have been the reason why the voice was admonishing me not to trick my sistre.]} [While typing the foregoing, the word /into/ (after the word /sister/), when I typed it, somehow transferred itself over to just before the /pp/ (in the phrase /apparently then awoke/); likely being moved by some gremlin so as to call my attention to the commencement of a word with /pp/, which is characteristic only of Maya words : perhaps this was done so as to indicate to me that this the divinity was aware that at the most recent meeting of the local SocOfFr, I had mentioned my having viewed, during a state of sleep-paralysis ensuing immediately on awaking (decades ago, in Ch., IL, perhaps on my bed on the upper storey of my 2-storey apartment), the ceiling covered with green Maya hieroglyphic writing. Another praecipitating factor to the word's moving may have been the description ("Wresting the Arbatel – and the case of the missing stars August 23, 2016" https://www.quareia.com/news/ which I read just about yesterday) of typing's having been praeternaturally repeatedly moved-about in computer-files which were quoting from the 16th-century ChrAira Arbatel of Magic. When I had read this passage and noticed that it concerned constellation Auriga (which is established to honor Murtilos -- Graves : The Greek Myths 109.l), I thought it co-incidental that I had cited this myth just a few days praeviously in a writing of mine to be put onto one of my internet-websites, and thought it an indication of my having being guided by a spirit-guide in the direction of mythology pertinent to gremlins who move-about computer-typing.]

May 13th-14th (Satur-Sun) 2017 :- Dream : I was indoors in a room occupied by persons with whom I was somehow acquainted; and it that room was an empty tub resembling a bathtub. The tub reminded me of some brief, momentary, partial visions which I had been experiencing recently in that general vicinity; so, I commenced to tell to the persons praesent of those visions. I said that I had seen absolute black darkness to about the depth of that tub; and had been seeing dark shades of grey at higher levels. I mentioned that I had seen such sorts of visions out-of-doors along the sidewalks of that particular city-block. I could remembre that the visions had been associated with local persons with whom I had been acquainted, having been experienced when I had been walking along with them along the sidewalk of a block out-of-doors there; and that I had wondred briefly about the significance of such. [Then I awoke.] {It might be that the brief partial visions of darkness could be related to the obscurity of my wondring the evening praevious (May 13th) of the tenuous connection between the ayus-vaidik rasa-ayana herb Desmodium gangeticum, and the fact that (as noted in "Trout's Notes on the Genus Desmodium". http://troutsnotes.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/D2_2004_Trout.pdf) that that herb contained 5-MeO-DMT, which is elsewhere described as praesent in (and readily available in quantity from) the skin-secretions of the gigantic toad indigenous to oases in the Sonoran Desert. This species of toad may be not only relatable to the toad swallowing (according to the Popol Vuh, in order to accelerate delivery of the message) the messenger-flea, but also relatable to the prickly-skinned (prickles to repraesent secretion-droplets?) opened-mouthed apparent toad-god swallowing 2 gods (messengers?) in Codex Borgianus Mexicanus, p. 39 : with the visionary darkness reported in my dream surely symbolizing the blackness of the body (in Codex Borgianus Mexicanus, p. 40 : covered with eyen, and thus perhaps aequivalent to Argos Pan-optes) of the solar-jointed god whose joints are being pierced (treated against arthritis?) by 9 priests. I had the morning before (i.e., May 13th) sent via Amazon.com for some myristeolate (the only known cure against arthritis).}

May 14th-15th (Sun-Mon) 2017 :- Dream : I had apparently been reading praedictions that the government might soon arrest persons known to be of liberal/radical sympathies. Then, it occurred to me that the day for such praedicted arrests had arrived, and I thought to myself that I ought to call by telephone my parents in order to ask them their opinion as to whether I ought to leave out of my house and to go elsewhere in order to evade possibly being arrested. But while I was thinking this, I heard men talking to each other just outside my house, indicating to me that it was likely that the government agents intending to arrest me had already arrived, so that it would be futile for me to telephone anyone to ask whether I ought to depart from the house in order to evade being arrested. And I furthermore thought that, nevertheless, I might be safe from being arrested if I were simply to remain inside the house, for government-agents might not break into the house in order to arrest me. Soon, somehow my brother and two women with whom I was familiar were inside my house; one woman said something like "I saw ghosts while I was approaching this house." Then the other woman said to her "Do you mean these "ghosts"?", pointing to the window; and when I looked out of that window, I saw three men (whom I took to be snooping government-agents) crouched just outside of it. [Then, in some dismay, I awoke.]

May 15th-16th (Mon-Tue) 2017 :- Dream : I was reading a printed text until I arrive at the word /propiety/, which I thought must be a misprint for /propriety/. [While pondering this, I awoke.] {/Pro-piety/ could well mean 'in favor of piety'. I had recently (while awake), when typing, typed /propiety/ where I had intended to type /propriety/, and regretted that I had to correct the spelling, inasmuch as favoring religious piety is more beneficial to social ethics than is promoting mundane (viz., saecular government-established, aecular government-promoted) conventional so-called "propriety".}

May 16th-17th (Tue-Wedn) 2017 :- Dream : I was within an illuminated room, when suddenly the room tilted; its illuminated ceased; but in its stead the room (with I thought must be occupied by some other person) across the corridor became illuminated. Then suddenly that room became dark and; and I was waiting, expecting that some sort of illumination would be soon visible. [Then I awoke; I had slept only about an hour, so that it was now about 2 hours before midnight.]

Later dream, same night : When, although I had been led, by the man who was then-ruling head of the government, to expect to occupy a prominent position in the forthcoming government, when that change was effected, I was again omitted from any such position (and not certain that even my personal liberty would be continued under such a shifting circumstamce) : therefore, I decided upon making use of my own access to miraculous abilities , to depart from the centre-of-government by ascending on high in the sky. This I commenced, initially hovering aloft in the air under the dome of the room being used as centre-of-government : my slowness of action was being assumed by an assistant (who had volunteered for my behalf) to be due to difficulty in acting more swiftly; but (to allay such a supposition) I remarked aloud that I was delaying purposely. Soon I found myself out-of-doors, and while as yet hovering aloft, I was additional moving above the landscape at a goodly speed, which I was explaining (to my assistant whom I was likewise transporting aloft) this ongoing action. [Then I awoke; it was barely past midnight.]

May 17th-18th (Wedn-Thur) 2017 :- Dream : {{not saved!!}}

May 19th-20th (Fri-Satur) 2017 :- Dream : I was viewing a local map, which I considered to repraesent the area wherein I was traveling, in the vicinity of a capital-city in Canada {I had the day before, i.e., May 19th, while awake shortly before going to sleep, copied the expression "Ottawa, Canada" from Strange Electromagnetic Dimensions, p. 215}, including a lake adjoining that city. Afterwards in the same dream, in order to evade some praedicament, I was walking down a stairway connecting the various storeyes in an aedifice; considering while I was doing so that anyone resenting my attitudes concerning this praedicament would be hostile and could be attempting to pursue me. Then, while doing this, I heard, from a higher level on this staircase, the voice of a man saying something, apparently to and about me : which voice, I thought, must be that of a hostile pursuer. Therefore, I greatly increased the pace of my descent down the staircase, sprinting down the staircase while holding the handrail to my right, and swiveling my body at each turn in this swift descent. Soon I reach the bottom of the staircase, and saw that it was closed in by means of a shut door {as is the case of the bottom of the staircase in most aedifices}; I immediately grasped the doorhandle, was relieved to find that it readily opened; and continued my hasting into a populated part of the aedifice at the ground level, figuring that whoever my pursuer might be, that person could not, by now, even locate me. [Then I awoke.] {I did, on one occasion months ago in this aedifice of my residence, hear a man (without his even seeing me) say harshly something threatening at me (after I had pressed the doorbell to his apartment while seeking to find the Congolese-ancestried woman who had resided, on the 6th floor, therein -- on one occasion she had visited me in my apartment, but was then telling me to buy some beer for her, but I refused, remembring as I did how detrimental wine had been to the woman (the one from El., IN, who was being shunned by her own Mennonite kin on account of her having married, outside their sect, to a man who afterwards died, dying -- as I heard from her brother when we went to visit him and his wife once -- after the couple had moved westward to CA) who had been cohabiting largely with me decades earlier in Ch., IL --; but whom I had last heard her say that she was about to be evicted from the aedifice; as this event with the doorbell indicated, she must have already been evicted --, upon pressing which doorbell and receiving no prompt response, I had walked away from and was beyond the kink in the storey's hallway) after I was, however, out of sight in the hallway. On hearing that, I hasted into the hall, and upstairs to my own apartment.} {Yesterday (May 19th), a different woman (one who had been driven, in the aedifice's omnibus, that day along with me to foodstores) currently residing on the 8th floor in this aedifice wherein I am, invited me into her apartment, which I then visited, to shew to me her paintings which she herself had painted.}

May 21st-22nd (Sun-Mon) 2017 :- Dream : I was walking along that which had been formally designated as a pilgrimage-route (altogether a few thousand feet long, with shrines spaced a few hundred feet apart {thus similar in length to the Via Dolorosa with its Stations of the Cross, though I did not think of such a parallelism while in the dream}) having as intended (as of then, largely protective) shrine-stations it, such shrine-stations each intended as commemorative of aspects of the atman ('self'), arranged in a sequence similar to, and able to be regarded as, correlative with the sequence of cakra-s to be visited in the practice of kun.d.alini-yoga {though I had this parallelism only vaguely in mind during the dream}. The first few of these shrines had already been established by groups of human volunteers, and were thus already functioning, as I observed at the shrines to be visited by pilgrims, namely where collective rites were already being performed, which rites could be attended by any persons venturesome enough to travel such an intended pilgrimage-route. I saw by means of some manner of official repraesentation that, beyond the already-established shrines, the immediately following one was intended to be symbolized by a human statue having its head so turned around as to be facing toward that statue's rear {a type of figure depicted in some deity-sequences painted on the walls in royal tombs of the New Kingdom of TL-MRJ (Aiguptos) -- although I did not think of this parallelism during the dream}. This I regarded, because of its impossibility to be accurately practiced as a yoga-posture, as something too incompraesensibly odd for me to attempt to set up any functioning shrine thereat; so, I went on to the following (the next in sequence beyond it) intended site for a shrine, and saw that was intended to be symbolized by a human statue having its head turned forwards, but with its neck so curved as to extend upward and then somewhat backwards from the shoulders, and nextly so curved above that as to extend upward and somewhat forward as far as the head, which would be facing forwards in the ordinary human manner {this recurved neck thus resembling that of a swan -- though I did not think of such parallelism during the dream; nor did I think then of the mythic swan (hamsa) serving as vehicle to be ridden by one of the divine anthropoid membres of Tri-murti, namely Brahma, who is often said to be somehow aequivalent the "brahman" which is a transcendental aspect of atman}; I decided to stake a claim to establish a shrine thereat, inasmuch as the posture could be rather feasibly repraesented in yoga by simple upward-and-downward flexions of one's neck. Beyond that location, I decided to continue to walk along the designated pilgrimage-route in order to observe any possible further locations of intended shrines, and to see whether anyone else had staked claims to them and how any such stakes were being repraesented in any structures and/or rites already set up at the sites. Walking thus along, I soon saw that very next such intended site was occupied, and that it had at its location a large book-tome (intended to explain the philosophy of such particular shrine-rite) labeled on the book's spine with a title resembling "Parasmaipada", the term for the middle (reflexive) voice in grammar of verbs; which title I thought appropriate, inasmuch as it aptly described a function of the atman in a practical way. The rite which had be established for that shrine was similar to the archery-practice in Dhyana/C^>an/Zen (whereby the human archer is to stand with arrow's nock inserted in the bow's strung string, and the string drawn but not released. {This might be somewhat contrasted with the so-called attention-diverting "release" technique performed in psychokinetic "spoon-bending", mentioned at (which I had perused shortly before going to sleep the evening praevious, May 21st) Jack Houck : "PK Parties". http://www.jackhouck.com/pk.shtml } I went through with that site's praescribed rite, aiming the arrow set in the strung, taut bow's string at the narrow space left open betwixt two of the several books standing together (one of those twain books being the one aforementioned; and each of those books apparently intended to repraesent a particular station along the intended pilgrimage-route). Having done that, I then walked along the remaining pilgrimage-route, which, apparently, beyond that site recurved so that the route could end nigh unto its beginning {much as is characteristic of the cycle for "circulation of the light" in so-called "Taoist Yoga" (as described by Charles Luk)}. [Having viewed the remaining such sites, I awoke.] {Perhaps the pilgrimage-route was suggested (to the dream-deities who plan and arrange the theatre-like setting for one' dream) by my having mentioned two days praeviously the "Sorrowful Way" pilgrimage-route in Yruws^alem (walked along by me, in company wikth my parents, when I was a child in the early 1950s) to the woman who had fastened, on the external side of door into her apartment, a painting painted by herself, depicting a cross with a red cloth hung along its crossbeam; and yesterday (May 21st) evening having read (in Martha Beckwith's Hawaiian Mythology, p. 34) of the "long streamers of white cloth" suspended from the ends of crossbeam of a cross carried in a pilgrimage route.} {Incidentally, according to Gospel according to Mark 15:21, the cross was carried by Simon Kurenaios (Strong's 2956), that district Kurenai:ka now being called Barqah ('levin'); and I was yesterday evening speaking (by internet-telephone) to prof. em. H.G. about the levin-smitten persons, many of whom had therewith gained praeternatural ("psychic") abilities, as described in the book Strange Electromagnetic Dimensions.}

May 27th-28th (Satur-Sun) 2017 :- Dream : A woman showed to me a large (2 or 3 feet long) melonlike fruit. Later, a woman, perhaps the same one, shewed again the same kind of fruit (perhaps the same one), but this time it appeared to be cooked. I asked her whether these were cooked vegetables, and she said that it was, and told me that it was a mawato, a name which was not then familiar to me. I thought to myself that I may have been told the name when it had been shewn to me uncooked, and that if so, I must have forgotten the name because of the name's having been unfamiliar to me. After being shewn some other sort of food, [I awoke]. {The long melon in the dream was curiously reminiscent (though lacking the indentation and the stripes) of the similar head of the Hopi deity "Patun~ the Squash katchina", as I saw it depicted in a book which my parents had (before I left them) in P.O., Venezuela : all such illustrations in that book being copied out of Jesse Walter Fewkes : Hopi Katchinas, this particular one appearing on plate LII (facing p. 116 -- a # reminding me of a former-residence address of mine, 1116 Barry Ave in Ch., IL).}

May 28th (Sun during daytime) 2017 :- semi-Dream [I was in the process of faliing asleep, and was visualizing the written words (as "[word] + [word]", with the plus-sign included) which must logically have accompanied the reasoning-process involved in the awkwardness of author (L. P.) of Dark Intrusions (on p. 15 of that book) in mis-stating the factors involved in sleep-paralysis; I having just typed (in my notes from that book) that he "must have been in some manner of trance (perhaps in some glamor cast on him by dream-spirits) when he indited the foregoing."] : I heard C.F.'s voice calling out my name, "Michael!" [Thereupon I immediately awoke.] N.B. This episode is highly dfferent from all praevious episodes of my hearing my name being called by a praeternatural spirit-voice : for, whereas all the other episodes thereof have always occurred during my awaking from sleep at the end of a long sleep-with-dream (i.e., during hypnogogic status) which had not been W.I.L.D., this, thus-far-unique, episode occurred while entring into sleep (i.e., during hypnopompic status). A contrast may be may as against how I have hitherto associated (though spaced decades apart) the voices (a single voice at each particular episode, but always identifiable with, that is, sounding similar to, the voice of either G.R. or of his wife C.F., or else of some unidentifiable person) heard while awaking : with the voice which I once heard (perhaps in Ch., IL; if so, the same place as mentioned in my comments on the dream for May 27th-28th) of the same person continuing to talk to me after I had awaked, as had been talking to me in the dream immediately before I awoke. The element to be contrasted would be how might might set up and association of the voice in this day's Wake-Induced Lucid Dream : with the enormous goddess (hundreds of feet tall, standing nude beyond a pond or lake) whom I viewed immediately upon fully entring a W.I.L.D. (some four decades ago, perhaps in Ch., IL), whom I prompt after awaking out of that dream identified as the enormously tall heroine Revati who is distinguished as having heard the music being performed by caran.a-s (divine musicians) in the court of god Brahma (name derived from etymon */Mraghwa>/, variant of */Margha>u/ etymon of name of Morpheus the main god of the dream-universe).}

May 28th-29th (Sun-Mon) 2017 :- Dream : It had been indicated that a certain horse was to pull a cart to somewhere for some particular reason. While I was waiting in a hallway for a horse standing in front of a cart to start pulling it, I noticed that it was not harnessed to the cart; and then, the horse started walking away from the cart along the hallway, walking out of sight as the hall turned to the left. Meanwhile, I suddenly dreaded lest the horse become dangerous and return in order to assault me, so I retreat backward through the hallway to my own room of residence, went into that room, and closed the room's door. Soon I abrupt floated upward (realizing as I did so that I must be dreaming) from the floor of the room, automatically assuming with my body a horizontal posture, facing downward (in which position I noticed that the floor appeared to be covered with a light-blue carpet) . [Wondring what would ensue nextly, I awoke.] {In the evening praevious (May 28th) I had been reading (in Louis Proud : Dark Intrusions, p. 16) a depiction of a nightmare by a scene of "Floating above ... is the ghostly head of a ... horse."}