Dream-diary, April 2017

April 1st-2nd 2017 :-Dream : A woman, who was being repeatedly induced to move along by another woman, kept on repeatedly sitting with her legs open and with her naked, spread-open vulva exposed; I kept on viewing her vulva, and I likely more than I have that of any other woman in a dream; and this situation of being notably different from my usual life, muchly intrigued me while it was happening. (I did not touch, nor speak to, either woman, however; nor did either of them particularly acknowledge my praesence, although I was standing directly beside them.) [It hath seemed incongruous to me hitherto, that I have seen so very less of women 's vulvae in dreams than I have seen photographs of them in recent years on internet photographic-pornography websites.] {Just before going to sleep this night, I had for the first time in months eaten some Synaptolepis kirkii, which I had recently received more of by mail-order -- bought on E-Bay website (it not being available on Amazon.com). Also, during the praevious day I felt more relaxed and thus comfortable than I usually do (or perhaps ever have, in memory of recent years), with the effect enhanced by music playing constantly; this effect I ascribed to my having eaten some lemonbalm the day before that (the effect that I had noticed each of the several times praeviously when I had eaten some, having been that upon eating -- in bigger quantity -- it immediately before going to sleep at night, was that I did not waken until the following afternoon); so therefore I resolved to eat some of it each day henceforth. It is highly likely that the woman who was exposing her vulva in the dream, was doing so because she felt emanating from my dream-body the relaxed, comfortable effect of it which may have been lingering (though not then felt by me) in my praesence : if so, it is likely that with my continued regular ingesting of lemonbalm (along with similar herbs), that women will be regularly exposing their spread-open vulvae to me in future dreams.}

(Later dream, same night :) I wa speaking to a group of persons, consisting of a man and two women, telling them (without realizing that I was at that time asleep) that I had recently drempt of a different group of persons, likewise consisting of a man and two women. At first I said that the dream-group looked similar to this (suppposedly waking-world) group; but then, upon my remembring better, I corrected this statement, saying that the man whom I had seen in the dream resembled a man whom I knew in the (supposed) waking-world (-- though actually that man whom I thought I had seen in the waking-world was likewise simply another one whom I had seen earlier in the dream).

(Yet later dream, same night :) I understood that whoever was breaking into my residence via the front gate had been seeking to break into it for quite some time. Just as the gate was broken off from its foot, so that it was being swung open from its hinges above, I hastened away from it, through a sucession of chambers, going at length in through a door having a turning lock on its interior; however, while I was turning the lock so as to lock it, whoever was pursuing seemed to be forcing the door at the same time. But as I pressed against the door, whoever was on the other side relented, and I succeeded in finishing turning the lock.

Apr 2nd-3rd 2017 :-Dream : Someone familiar to me (recognized as known to me in the waking-world, though I did not then realize that I was asleep) called the contents of a box of mine "illegal" : when I looked to those contents in order to perceive what they were designating thus, I saw that those contents consisted of small packets of psychedelic herbs which I had obtained by mail-order on the internet. {This dream would be derived from a memory of such thus obtained in the waking-world. I had been wondring, in the waking-world, what had become of (when I was required a few days ago, by the aedifice-manager, hastily to repack various food-type substances of mine into plastic boxes) a certain box of packets of psychedelic herbs which I had obtained (from Maya Ethnobotanicals in Holland) by mail-order on the internet. (After writing the foregoing, I searched diligently for such, and located them repacked into a plastic box placed on the wooden shelf in my smaller closet.)]

Apr 4th-5th 2017 :-Dream : I was reading about dream-inducing herbs.

Apr 5th-6th 2017 :-Dream : I was reading about dream-inducing herbs.

Apr 9th-10th (Sun-Mon) 2017 :-Dream : I was in a large room with other persons : we all were practicing making a humming sound simultaneously, apparently intended to producing a resonance-effect. When I stopped producing this humming (which I was doing with a continuous /N/-sound, which I praeferred over using a /M/-sound), I could hear that whoever else were as yet doing humming were doing so without using any noticeable phonetic speech-sound. Then I departed out of that room, going into another room, where I was alone. Soon, however, I decided to return to be with the other persons; and while I was walking back, I saw a man walking down a staircase; but as soon as he saw me, he turned and started walking back up that staircase, which I took to mean that he had been coming specifically to find me so as to bring me back the the room to be with the other persons. [Then I abruptly awoke.] {I heard human speech, which I found was coming from YouTube, which I had as usual left playing. The speech -- which I on inspection found to have just started, and which had apparently awoken me (by being ordinary speech instead of chanting) -- had immediately followed after a chant ("Cu noi este Dumnezeu") in the playlist Cantari ortodoxe (all in Romanian), which is one of the longest-playing of the Orthodox largely-chant playlists on YouTube.} {Just before reclining to go to sleep on the floor in the doorway between the two main rooms in my apartment, I had been copying (via cut-and-paste), from the internet, sections of reviews of the book Money-Driven Medicine, together with reviews of the cinema based on that book (so that I could put these onto my medical subdomain website panakeia.00.gs) -- perhaps the dream-scene-arranging deities were pleased with my taking an interest in these (book, cinema, and reviews), and were indicating their being pleased by inducing me to hear the sort of singing which I myself (who could not do propre chanting, for I had not ever practiced doing any while awake) could easily enough participate in. I had not (to my best recollection) ever before participated in doing any sort of singing in a dream. I had the day before (at the SocOfFr meeting) been reading mention of uttering /OM/ [which is characterized by humming of its final /M/-sound -- whereas /N/ could be the final letter of the Cymry version of a pranava, namely /AWEN/] in the book Wicca 2000 by Patricia Telesco (which book I had not read before, despite having the book for years); and at the same meeting I had lent the book Saints and Madmen to P.P., who often hath driven me to and from the meeting. I had also noticed that that book by P.T. is replete with visualizations, which in major traditional religions are mainly done by Taoists; so that I wondred at what a blend of different religious practices that which now calleth itself "Wicca", is by now : though she quoteth sayings all written by traditional European authors, she also invoketh an Astika Vaidik goddess (Sarasvati, goddess of books) by name; so that I had been wondring whether Taoist-style visualizations (including reading about them, in a context of combining religions) would conduce towards experiencing meaningful dreams -- and this may be the case. The book is purported devoted to worshipping "Gaia", but the Hellenic goddess of that name is apparently not known to have been worshipped in classical times -- I thought that the traditional worship of any goddess with etymologically cognate name would needs referr to /Jayis.t.ha/ (a Vaidik goddess), supposedly implying a praehistoric */Jayis[a]/ [> proto-Hellenic */Gayiha/], which could relate to the <arabiy letter-name /ZAY/ (/zayit/ 'olive-grove', though in historic times olive is, instead, a fruit of Athene's [-- who, I now add, is also owneress of the palladion, a 'shield', cited as a meaning for <ibriy /ZAYin/, also perhaps borrowed from */Jayis[a]/].}

Later dream, same night : Alone, I was thinking to myself that events in general cannot happen unless they are praedestined; and that, in particular, a woman is, more than a man, the instrument through whom any event which is praedestined to occur must happen, since, whereas a man is willing to have sexual intercourse with any which woman, yet nevertheless that the sexual intercourse will not take place unless the woman is willing. {The most well-known deities of fate, namely the Moirai and the Nornir are all female; though I did not think of this example in the dream. Somehow, I am (and perhaps most other persons are) less able to think of (and in terms of) mythology during dreaming, perhaps because I so seldom mention mythologies to anyone while awake.}

Apr 10th-11th (Mon-Tue) 2017 :-Dream : While the numeous denizens looked on, I declared that I would disclose the divine nature through which there would come about the final victory of communism : then I rose up from the floor into the air within the room; and remaining thus aloft, I moved hoveringly through the air downward the open staircase connecting storeys within the aedifice, and exiting out of the aedifice into the out-of-doors, where many persons were viewing me as I was remaining aloft. Then I descended so as to pluck up from the ground a child whom I knew, saying that I would carry that child upward even to the clouds, to show, for all to see, how by the divine nature the final victory of communism would come about; then, holding in my arms that child, I soared aloft through the air in the out-of-doors, while being observed by the multitude of persons watching there. [Then I evidently must have awoken; and soon remembred this dream so as to write it down.] {The day praeviously (Apr 10th), I received by mail-order from the postal delivery-man the parcel containing the powdered dried longevity-promoting, health-producing herbs (namely, Convulvus pluricaulis, bhr.ngaraja, Nardostachys jatmansi/jatamanasi, and brahmi/Bacopa monnieri) used in Ayus-veda which I had sent for via Amazon.com; so that just before reclining to sleep in the doorway betwixt rooms of my apartment, I ingested not only the powdered dried longevity-promoting, health-producing herbs which I had received in a parcel some weeks ago and had been consuming each nychthemeron (namely, Evolvulus alsinoides, wild-yam/Dioscorea villosa, gotu-kola/Centella asiatica, and as`vagandha/Withania somnifera), the oxygenating herb (thus resembling cocaine of coca tree) Rhodiola rosea while I had received via mail-order a couple of days before yesterday, and likewise the ones which I received yesterday. These altogether -- being the principal herbs thus employed in the various provinces of Bharata/India -- to please the deities praesiding in the various religions of that country sufficiently that they could start confirming my piety (forsuch are, in effect, the eucharistic herbs of such a complex of religions) that those deities ought to start providing me with confirmatory dreamings. [I also yesterday received in the same parcel the plug-adapter for my telephone-headset, the praevious adapter wherefore had failed a couple of weeks earlier; so that I was now able to telephone once-again prof.em. H.G. and G.R., which I did that night before praeparing a gallon of yoghr.ta in the insulated water-keeping-warm container bought for me about a week earlier by G.R.]}

Apr 11th-12th (Tue-Wedn) 2017 :-Dream : Out-of-doors, a young woman was telling me that she had, on behalf of someone else, viewed two apartments which were available to be rented, and that she was intending to view a third apartment. I said that I could go with her while she was viewing that apartment. Then she embraced me (both of us standing, clothed, out-of-doors); while she had her arms around my thorax, I put my hands against the upper sides of her legs, thinking to myself as I was doing so that she might be offended if I were to put my hand on her buttocks instead (though I would have preferred to do so). Then, as yet embracing, she said, "I must go now". I thought that she meant that she was about to leave without me, so I was thinking to tell her that I could go with her. [Then I awoke; it was well-before midnight. I had fallen asleep sitting at my computer-desk.] {In this case, I had, because fallen asleep unexpectedly, not taken the usual substances usually taken by me to enable (supposedly, but usually without effect in recent months) remembring dreams. It would seem that ingesting the full complement of ayus-vaidik health-and-longevity herbs is able (at least for me) to produce more of an effect on dreaming (even two nights later; for I had not as yet taken those herbs that night, having fallen asleep while typing : I noticed upon awaking that the falling asleep had been so abrupt that it been while I was in the process of making a hyperlink, with its latter part made only -- apparently starting to highlight from its right end and highlighting merely to the left end of that line, and when abruptly fallen asleep having automatically clicked to complete the hyperlinking, with perhaps a divinity who had momentarily taken possession of my sleeping bodynot knowing where I had intended to start that hyperlink on the latter part of the praeceding line, and therefore not proprely finishing the highlighting there) than is ingesting the full complement of herbs specifically advertised as enhancing dreaming. But after awaking, I did ingest both such sets of herbs.}

Later dream, same night : I was viewing a clothed couple, the woman of which was reclined on the floor on her right side, while the man of that couple was reclined pressing against her body , with his face against her right cheek, and his tongue protruding so that its tip was touching the left corner of her mouth. It seemed odd to me that they would, while praesumably as yet awake, be content to remain reclined in such a posture, without immediately proceeding to any further sexual activity. [Wondring how a couple could be content with this, I awoke.] {Perhaps this apparently incompleted action on the part of this couple, was intended to explicate the incomplete action in my partially highlighting typed text in the abrupt falling asleep earlier that night, so that I would realize that my typed record of that experience was incomplete -- I had not as yet realized that my body must have become posssessed by a divinity in order for them, i.e., my material body's (through mediumship on the part of the possessing-divinity) having completed the process albeit in a form so botched that I could afterward detect that process which must apparently thereupon have transpired. [Incidentally, it would make at least as appropriate sense to designate as "mediumship" the activity performed by the possessing-divinity, as it would be to designate as "mediumship" the activity performed by the possessed material body, which is a wholly passive instrument not knowing that it is performing any activity. Here, the relevance in terminology of the term /mediumship/ could be contemplated in analogy with the functions of the "middle voice" in Hellenic and in Samskr.ta grammars, having two distinct applications depending on whether a transitive, or an intransitive, verb be involved -- wherein the terms "transitive" and "intransitive" may be taken as analogues "one's being in a trance" and "one's not being in a trance", respectively. It is also fairly evident that I (and anyone else who might be into this praedicament by means of any such sequence of falling-asleep-in-conjunction-with-activity-to-be-completed-by-an-arriving-possessing-divinity, succeeded by the immediately-subsequently-dreaming-after-awaking-without-realizing-this-implication) would not have had available the mentally-mediated acuity, unless having ingested a sufficient variety of mental-compraehension-enhancing herbs (such as I by now am nightly ingesting, in the way of those recommended in ayus-veda and in its canonical commentaries).] In fine, the dream-couple's posture might be intended to denote, in the man's having the tip of his tongue forward from behind along her left cheek to the left end of her mouth, that a supraconscious implication at the tip/end of conscious understanding may be involved in such deduction-process as may be involved in compraehending relationships betwixt divinity-mediumship performed by a divinity in possession (even if only momentarily) of a sleeping mortal's body, as distinct from, and contrasted with, those relationship which involve divinity-mediumship performed by a divinity in possession of an entranced-but-not-sleeping mortal's body.}

Apr 14th-15th (Fri-Satur) 2017 :-Dream : I had arriven alone at the waiting-room on the top storey of the aedifice, and was intending to take out-of-doors to ferment itself the substance requiring this. I decided that I would not be detected by other persons if I were to take the aedifice's internal staircase (instead of the elevator) downstairs to the ground-level, and therefore I went ahead and did this. There was no one else on the ground-level, and I could see through the windows that it was night outside; so I immediately exited the aedifice, going out onto the external platform and thence down to city-street the via the external staircase, considering that in the darkness I would not be seen anyway from within the aedifice. [Then I awoke. It was a couple of hours after midnight.] {I had left fermenting the yoghr.ta which I was praeparing that night, when I had fallen asleep in the chair at the computer-desk. I remembred this, saw that it (the yoghr.ta) was satisfactorily completed, and took it into the refrigerator.}

Apr 15th-16th (Satur-Sun) 2017 :-Dream : When I was being shewn, apparently on a computer-monitor, instances of how the already-consumed mental energies of music could be congealed into a form useable again for further being again consume for further music; and I myself practiced, apparently on the computer-monitor, making such a setting for further such instances of already-consumed mental energies of music. [Then I was awake, and it required some moments of atttempting to remembre my dream, before this memory arrived, at first seemingly distantly.] {I had the days before been wondring to myself how to construct a mental analogue, to be manipulated via spiritual means, for the contractive congealing (within a solar system, activated by the sun; and within a galaxy, activated by its quasar) by means of the existent gravitational force-field, of the already-expended expansive elecromagnetic energies. The resultant dream (the ilk whereof I surely would not have experienced, if I had not been regularly ingesting the various Bharatiya herbs known to be effective in enhancing thought-processes) was apparently intended to suggest that the mental components of music are to be considered in order to achieve some understanding along this line (of congealing, for recurrent use, of dissipated mental energies).}

Apr 17th-18th (Mon-Tue) 2017 :-Dream : I decided that I had by then accomplished my objective in locating medicines needed for exotic purposes, and that from then on I could continue to concern myself only with, instead, the ordinary medicines which I was myself using routinely. {In the waking world, the two medicines, namely pantethine (able to eliminate obesity) and DGL (deglycyrrhinated licorice) Plus, which I had ordered for two other persons in the local SocOfFr, had arrived the day prior; so that I did not have any pressing need to locate medicines for local persons other than myself.}

Apr 18th-19th (Tue-Wedn) 2017 :-Dream : We were consideringthe quaestion of whether herbology had actually undergone a decline, and came to the conclusion that there hath been no actual decline, but instead merely a feigned praetense on the part of its practitioners to have withdrawn their faith in it.

Apr 23rd (Sun, during daytime) 2017 :-Dream : Two men (who were officially assigned to that sort of task) had arrived to take away from my apartment, for disposal elsewhere, a human skeleton. When they had packed it in their customary way for transport thence, I noticed that their arrangement seemed to me somewhat undignified, not having put the skeleton into a hard container (though they did have with them a hard plastic container, they had packed into it some other materials instead) which could to a suitable degree resemble a propre coffin, so I thought that I ought to remark about this to them before they were to depart with the skeleton. Therefore I said to them, "Wouldn't it be more dignified to put the skeleton into the hard container?" [Then immediately I awoke.] {I have often been somewhat shocked at the practice in some places of a so-called "green burial" -- advocated by some in, e.g., the SocOfFr --, one undignified aspect (so it would seem to me) whereof consisteth of, so I have heard, of deliberately putting the cadavre, for interrment, into a non-durable wooden (of even less-sturdy) container. Furthermore, a couple of days earlier (Apr 21) the headline of the local city newspaper had been "Dozens of Dead Pets Found in Apartment".}

Apr 23rd-24th (Sun-Mon) 2017 :-Dream : I was viewing, on the internet, various photographs of the vulva of women, when somehow I came to be (while as yet viewing such photograph on the internet) in the praesence of women who were discussing the subject and commenting to me about my interest in such photographs. [Then I abruptly awoke. I was sitting in my chair at my computer-desk, having fallen to sleep there while viewing, on the internet, photographs of the vulva of women, such as, at http://labiaminorafun.tumblr.com/archive and http://largelabiaconnoisseur.tumblr.com/archive and http://lusciouslabialikes.tumblr.com/archive . It was not much later than I had fallen asleep there.]

Apr 25th (Tue late morning) 2017 :- Dream : While the water was flowing from the sink's water-faucet, I attempted to turn it off by turning it clockwise, but that action instead unscrewed the faucet's handle. Therefore, I hastened (while the water-level in the sink was approaching overflow-level) to screw it back on by turning it counterclockwise; after which I was able to turn the faucet off. The water-level was by this time above the level of the countertop, but a rim around the countertop had hindred any overflow. [Then I awoke.] {Immediately before falling asleep in my computer-desk chair, I had read of a medicinal herb which seemingly required a large amount of water to be ingested with it : "soaking the ... plant in water overnight and then drinking the water in the morning. However, there are several people who avoid using this remedy, due to the ... very large quantity is required for oral intake, which could be a bit difficult". http://www.home-remedies-for-you.com/askquestion/3682/what-are-the-benefits-and-side-effects-of-babchi-oil.html During last night (24th-25th), I had fallen asleep without taking the usual complement of powdered herbs mixed into water; and when I awoke in the middle of that night, I was so praeoccupied with moving the fermenting yoghr.ta (which had completed while I was asleep) from its hot-water praeparation-container into the refrigerator, that I again forgot to take the powdered herbs. (Growing yoghr.ta-bacteria can remind me of growing herbs, and thereby divert me, from ingesting herbs, to reading on the internet about cultivating herbs.) Also, a day or two earlier, a woman-resident in this aedifice was telling the woman at the main-floor desk how she had had difficulty in turning off in toilet water-input-hose, and had to aim the hose into the bathtub before she could turn shut it off; and that she was panicking was this was happening. I remarked to her that it is easy to panic (for, I had likewise been in a quandary when the same sort of gushing hose had escaped from its clip in the bathroom of my apartment a few years ago).}

Apr 25th-26th (Tue-Wedn) 2017 :- not a dream : When I ate my dream-enhancing substances (Synaptolepis kirkii etc. etc.) before midnight, I decided to leave them (upon the yoghr.ta-fermenting plastic container in their plastic box; and with, atop that plastic box, the Nr.ta-raja metal idol -- usually kept in the kitchen in a clear plastic display-case on a trivet in front of two small framed deity-pictures from Bharata ) in the kitchen -- overnight (intending to please the psychedelic's deities), with the fluorescent electric light left glowing there : I wondring whether the deities would that night vouchsafe some peculiar event in order to demonstrate their approval. Responsefully, there soon occurred an electrical outage (temporarily darkening the neighborhood) due to a tree's (across the narrow curving street beside the apartment-aedifice in the forested lot said to be owned by a local politician, LaVentis) falling across Blossom St onto the electrical power-lines : this event was a repeat of that which had similarly occurred a few years earlier, likewise at night, the tree which had earlier fallen having apparently stood directly beside the one which now fell. Curiously, the power-failure happened at the very time when I had just written down the particular names of the more expensive ($35 and $36) bottles of myristoleate, and was about to write down the name of the less expensive ($15) bottle, all of them for sale at Amazon.com. When (after the electric power resumed), I started down the elevator; it stopped for the then-waiting woman (MWinslow) for whom I was intending to buy one of the more expensive ($36) bottles; and she not only boarded it, but also went outside to see with me the downed power-lines, and to then tell me of said politician (about whom I afterwards remembred she had already told me on the occasion when the same event --now repeated -- had occurred a few years earlier).

Apr 26th-27th (Wedn-Thur) 2017 :- Dream : I was in that which I considered to be my sistre's former bedroom in P.O., Venezuela (but as I now consider the appearance, in the dream the windows were higher from the floor than in the waking-world version); she had moved out, and I could see that it was raining outside the windows, which had, extending as tall as themselves out-of-doors, green-leaved plants having single round blackish berries{, similar to those of the Solanum nigrum about which I had been reading immediately before falling asleep at in the chair at my computer-desk}. I was, from inside the room, by means of the handle, reeling-shut the glass shutters outside the windows. [Then I awoke.]

Apr 27th-28th (Thur-Fri) 2017 :- Dream : I sought out appropriate music to play from the internet; and also sought out on the internet herbal cures. {In the waking-world, I had had to put on music to play from the internet on (for the 1st time overnight; having praeviously always used YouTube instead) https://play.google.com/music/listen#/sr/1000+years+selected+chants+of+russian+orthodox+church , because it would not play (for the 1st time; apparently due to Adblock, on Opera browser) from YouTube (YouTube for some months now having its own way of being listened to for pay without advertisements). I had, after awaking in the night, begun seeking out Ayus-vaidic herbal treatments against Herpes simplex; but soon

became sleepy again, and so reclined to sleep again.}

Apr 28th (Fri during daytime) 2017 :- Dream : I was looking at printed lists of ailments cured by certain herbs. {I had been looking at lists of ailments cured by certain herbs on the internet just before I fell asleep in my chair at my computer-desk.}