Dream-diary, March 2017

Feb 28th-Mar 1st (Tue-Wedn, after midnight) 2017 :- Dream : While I was walking along the sidewalk, G.L.R., who was driving his automobile, stopped it on the roadway adjacent to where I then was, and as I was watching, said "Hop in the car", which I then did. [Thereupon I awoke.] {The afternoon praeceding (i.e., Feb 28th), I had walked to the state-capitol aedifice and back (leaving there as I habitually have been doing, every couple of months, food-containers whence I had eaten; depositing them nighest to each monument in accordance with that monument's symbolic significance : correlating each monument's features with a deity of planet/weekday, thus with a food as per symbolism; in the sequence of the weekdays). I had thought (something which I had not thought of in praeviouus years) that February's uniqueness in having so few days might render its final day of adequate symbolic significance to have that day-of-the-year of more interest than any other year-day to the deities so that they might be better please with some symbolic act on than day than on any other among year-days; and dream-deites seem to have confirmed this by providing me with a relevant dream, inasmuch as G.L.R. hath been (ever since G.W.B.'s invasion of Kuwait) the main advocate of visiting the state-capitol aedifice's grounds (known as Richardson Square) weekly. All these years, I have been thinking to myself (without hitherto mentioning this of any of the other protesters who visit there weekly) that, if this be actually an anti-war protest, it ought be be held on the day of war-god Ares/Tiw instead of on the day of thief-god Hermes, who is (as Good Shepherd) often in statuary art repraesented carrying a lamb and is more similar to the demigod crucified "between two thieves").} {Immediately upon my arriving at the state-capitol, I felt chill and put on my coat; and promptly upon leaving, I felt hot again, and removed my coat (all while the temperature being in the upper 70s F, so that to feel chill was an anomaly) : could the chill have been influence from goddess Psukhe (whose name would mean 'chill')? Goddess Psukhe collected (according to myth) wool left by sheep on briars (I residing, while in Ch. IL, on Briar Place), and splashed oil on the face of the sleeping god Erot-; reminding of the mgillah "thou anointest my head with oil, my cup [krater] runneth over [with phenas 'foam' of sura 'beer']", and also of goddess Selene with the sleeping demigod Endumion, where /-dumion/ may be cognate with Altaic (Manchu etc.) /tumen/ 'tenting-place', similar to the meaning of <arabiy /manzil/, which is also 'reposing-place' mansion for moon (Skt /mas/, but cf. /mans/ 'cooked meat' in archaic Skt -- the moon being designated 'cooked head' in Maori) at each asterism).}

Mar 4th (Satur, during early morning shortly after dawn; I having fallen asleep at my computer-desk after having been awake and typing notes -- from the book Fairies : Real Encounters with Little People and inserting into these notes parallels from the Classic of Mountains and Seas -- since the wee-morn hours of darkness after awaking not long after midnight) 2017 :- Dream : While I was on the staircase facing downstairs, I felt a force pushing against my back, so I said aloud (to whomever might be pushing me without my being able to see whom), "Don't make me fall down the stairs"; then (after I had repeated this petition several times, because the pressure from behind did not cease), I remembred that there had been no one behind me in the apartment upstairs, and therefore I figured that it must be a deity who was pushing at my back, so I said several times aloud (because the pressure from behind did not cease), "It must be a deity behind me".} [Then I awoke.] {My most memorable dream about my being on a staircase (experienced decades ago, while dwelling in a different city from the city wherein I now am) involved hearing music while climbing a staircase connecting the storeyes of an aedifice; and while (also decades ago) I was awake and dwelling in a group-home (for former insane-asylum inmates) in C., GA, I heard tell that the blind woman resident (who often played a small musical keyboard instrument which could imitate several ordinary musical instruments) therein had pushed, causing to fall down the stairs, the woman resident therein who was over 90 years of age. The latter, however (who used to tell that she had, before becoming so superannuated, formerly used to read fortunes by means of playing-cards, for other persons), was not severely injured. Was this last night's dream of mine intended to indicate that both events (the earlier dream and the waking-world fortune-telleress) were somehow mutually related?}

Mar 4th-5th (Satur-Sun) 2017 :- Dream : I was mentioning to someone else about redincarnation, mentioning about how with each person's alternation of being dead with being alive, and one point in time one particular person may be alive while another person is dead, whereas at another point in time the latter person may be alive while the former person is dead. [Then I was suddenly awoken by a telephone-call from P.P., asking whether I needed to have her to drive me to the SocOfFr meeting to-day in the morning.]

Mar 5th-6th (Sun-Mon) 2017 :- Dream : I was discussing categorization of ethnic litterature concerning dream-experiences. {I had been, while awake, describing to P.P. (while she was driving me to and from the the SocOfFr meeting) the effect of discussing dream-experiences.}

Later dream, same night : I was in a dim room, apparently with people reclined on its floor and on its bed, when I saw something which appeared the size of a rabbit, and which moved leftward and forward (as viewed from where I was on the floor) from the floor beside the wall onto the bed; but when I looked carefully to see whether it was as yet on the bed, I could not see it there, nor could I see any people in the room either. [Then, while puzzled at this, I awoke.]

Mar 10th-11th (Fri-Satur) 2017 :- Dream : I was in the kitchen with the light on there at night, and was thinking of returning to my bedroom; but when I realized that in order to go to my bedroom, I would need to walk through my living-room (which was dark), I also realized that I would be frightened by walking through a dark room, because I had been thinking about ghostly spirits while I was in the kitchen; so I desisted. [Then I awoke at my computer-desk, where (after waking earlier to eat in the kitchen at night) I had fallen to sleep at night while typing quotations from a book about real fairies (Janet Bord : Fairies : Real ... .).}

Another dream, apparently the same night (This dream I remembered suddenly (and in two successive remembrings), apparently after remaining awake for some 3 hours after I had awoke from the dream about being unwilling to walk through a dark room lest I become frightened : this latter dream may have occurred earlier in the night than the dream about being unwilling to walk; or it may have occurred later, with any memory of awaking from it being expunged from memory.) : (1st remembring) I was on an ae:roplane's wing, somehow looking into the wing's jet-engine (which did not occupy the full breadth of the wing), which was mounted atop the wing. I thought that the ae:roplane must be flying aloft, but I felt no wind; which I immediately realized was anomalous, for an actually flying would produce a sensation of enormous wind its wings. Then, instead of deducing that the ae:roplane must not be flying, I instead deduced that I must be dreaming! (2nd remembring, which arrived when the 1st remembring seemed to be fading) : I was within the fuselage of an (perhaps the same) ae:roplane, which was flying aloft. Looking down through an aperture (slightly to the right of where I was) in the floor of the fuselage, I was seeing some sort of bluish streamer (which was catching the wind), which while I was looking at it fell off, so that there was no obstruction to my seeing the land thousands of feet below. Nextly, I noticed another such open aperture (slightly to the leftt of where I was) in the floor of the fuselage, wherethrough I likewise could seeing the land thousands of feet below. Nextly, I noticed a woman (with whom I was supposedly acquainted) seated to my left within the fuselage, she, however, not having any apertures in her part of the floor. I thought to myself that any woman would be frightened by seeing the ground so very far below where she was located (even though the apertures were too narrow for an person's body to fall through), and that it would require a man not to be frightened by such a view. [That was as far as the dream extended.] {I had, in recent days, been mentioning to someone (perhaps by telephone) that the sort of dream that I seemed to like the best, but which I had not experienced in years, was the dream where I was crossing a bridge between two cliffs, wherein the metal bridge itself had in its floor many apertures through which the ground (hundred of feet below) could be seen. I had started thinking on the topic of this sort of dream while I was wondring whether I had been altogether reasonable to think it odd that when the young woman who was (in Ch., IL, in the early 1970s) residing in a multi-storey apartment-aedifice for persons who were just discharged from the local state-operated insane asylum, took me out with her onto the metal fire-escape (perhaps through the floor of which, and certainly over the sides of which, could the seen the ground several storeys below) attached to the side (facing a courtyard opposite from roadway) of that aedifice -- as the alternative (chosen by her) to going into the apartment which she shared with another woman-resident -- as though she expected that I would regard that sort of lofty perch as a scenic site for kissing and making love. (The fact that she did not explain that that was her motive in bringing me to there -- i.e., her taciturnity in not discussing the desirability of such a scenic location for any sexual activities -- was what discouraged me, I being accustomed to having the grandeur of scenery being expounded by anyone leading anyone else to it. [Is this a basic difference between females and males, that females like having a male expound to them the anything display to the male by the female? I, since then, came repeated into situations where a female (whether I had already been making love [sexually] with her or not) would show me something (usually an artistic painting instead of out-of-doors scenery) and expect for me to comment on it. At the most recent episode of the weekly protest-demonstration in front of the local state-capitol aedifice, I brought with me a book whose title (Door in the Air) was apparently the inspiration for a painting painted by a woman (who claimed to be guided by her "multiple personalities" -- which seemed to me a shockingly undignified terminology for the minor divinities -- usually called "spirit-guides" -- which guide persons' conduct, for I figured that I would be divinely punished if I were to have further communication with anyone who declined to call a deity /a deity/, even if that person were not divinely punished nor divinely blamed). C.F. said (at that protest-demonstration) that she remembred the painting, which when we saw it years ago I did not know the litterary source thereof (and the painteress refused to expound when I inquired from her as concerning what that source might be). Anyway, "door in the air" and "aperture in fuselage of ae:roplane aloft" seem to be similar topics, one able serve as model for the other in the construction-plans utilized by dream-constructing deities.}

Mar 12th-13th (Sun-Mon) 2017 :- Dream : My brother S.A.R. had me lie down : I was lying on my left side while he placed his hand on the bed behind me as if to indicate to me not to lie on my back; but when I asked him whether I ought to lie on my back, he said "yes" and removed his hand from the bed behind me, so that I did them lie on my back. Thereupon he lay his body over mine and commenced kissing my face. I thought that odd, and wondred whether perhaps he had no one else (that is, no woman) to kiss on. While he was kissing on me, I suddenly remembred that earlier in the same dream, a woman had been kissing on my face (apparently while she and I were both standing, however). It puzzled me that I should have forgotten and then suddenly remembred the woman's having done this, and wondred who she had been and what had been the circumstances. [While wondring on this, I awoke. It was about 6 AM (as yet dark outside), and I was sitting in my chair at my computer-desk, where (just before falling asleep in it) I had been wondring about whether the Samskr.ta word /lat.a/ (meaning 'clothes' and especially 'worn-out clothes') had any relation /Lowt.an/ whose son S.ib<own ('multicolored') might have been associated with the multicolored robe of Yowsep, who after losing that robe (to his brethren -- hence my brother in the dream) was afterward grasped by means of his coat by Powt.iypar's wife on the occasion when she attempted to force him into sexual intercourse with her; so that he fled coatless from her (similarly to his having lost his robe to his brethren). Of course, the New-Testament epistle injunction "Greet the brethren with an holy kiss" would have been intended to act-out ritually some similar myth-dream.] {The day before (i.e., Sunday March 12th), while S.P. was driving to or from the SocOfFr meeting, I suddenly realized the solution to a conundrum of the New Testament gospel, which solution I IMMEDIATELY told to S.P., who, immediately after my telling it to her, said that she had not heard that explanation prior to this; and then I immediately said that I had not read it anywhere, but had thought it out myself. (Praesumably, deities restricting one's thinking-out of conundra had been restraining my thought from solving this before this day because of further consequences which would arise from knowing it, and had now released me from that restraint, which release I assumed (and continue to assume) must have been due to my achieving "worthiness" (arhant-tva in Skt) for coping with further consequences of this : such achievement being evidently due to my beginning the morning of that day (or was it the evening of the day prior?) to ingest these pills in combination : the Chinese herb ginkgo and therewith the Hindu herb Bacopa monnieri, both being highly reputed traditionally as thought-enhancers. And as for the conundrum, it was as to why Iesous Khristos refused to proclaim himself to be divine, and why the Kuriokos had to await Paulos (re-named, according to Robert Graves, after Aemilius Paulus governor of Kupros/Cyprus) to proclaim the kenosis. This I explained to her, first in terms of Markionism (originating in Paphla-gonia [< *Bhabhla-gon 'Bible's origin'] the homeland, earlier, of Kunik/Cynic philosophy); and nextly in terms of disclosure of soul-redemptive nature of the kenosis-doctrine; and to her, thirdly, constrasting this with Valentinian theological doctrine of the divine nature's laughter ringing from the welkin over the crucifixion-scene of Iesous Khristos betwixt twain. Anyway, I said to her that according to the Kuriakos, salvation was impossible without knowing that Iesous Khristos is theos, and that he himself did not know that and therefore had to go (as is written in the New Testament) into Hades, namely via being crucified; but that Paulos afterwards redeemed him thence by proclaiming the kenosis.}

Mar 17th (Fri, during daytime) 2017 :- Dream : I was traveling with my own relatives, when, at one point, they went ahead of me through the wide lobby of a public aedifice; and, though I had expected to encountre them again when I emerged from the far side of the aedifice, they were at that time nowhere to be seen. Shortly afterward, after I had somehow become reclothed, I was in public, and I saw that I was wearing pants the outer layer whereof was white and frilly, which I then considered would be appropriate for a woman but not for a man; and when I removed that layer in order to remedy the situation, I noticed that, as for the clothing under it, though long enough, it consisted of separate strips hanging downward and thus not properly covering my legs, which were exposed between the strips; unlike the clothing of the other persons roundabout, whose clothing was conventional and not in strips. Soon afterwards (apparently somehow properly clad again), as I was walking along a countryside road (with no automobiles nor even any other persons in sight), I came to an upright door occupying the roadway, and, upon my looking at it, noticed that it was so labeled with two states' names ("Georgia" and "Carolina") as to indicate that it apparently marked the boundary between the two states; and therefore I expected (but did not see) a human border-guard inspecting travelers. {Incidentally, in the waking-world there is no actually open-countryside border between those to states, the Savannah river instead constituting the border between the two states.} Slightly earlier in the dream, I was looking at a map of the border between Georgia and Alabama, and I was looking to see (but could not find) Opalika, Alabama, on the map, which indicated, however, Columbus, Georgia. Somehow, while I was looking at the map, it was in two separate sheets, one showing the names of the towns on the Alabama side of the river, and other one showing the names of the towns on the Georgia side of the river. But somehow, except for the name of Columbus, Georgia, on the right side of the southward-flowing river on the map, the other towns' names did not seem familiar. {While I was residing in Georgia in the waking-world, I used to wondre whether -- similar to where my brother S.A.R. used to reside Silver Spring, MD, being named for its mica -- Opalika were named for any opals there, and I remarked a couple of days ago to woman wearing a milky-looking pendant stone (in my aedifice of residence here) for her necklace, that it reminded me of a opal (my mother used often to wear an opal-pendant necklace before I left my parents in 1963).} {It would b noteworthy that place which I saw on one of the in the dream was where I resided in the waking-world, whereas the places which I had only heard of then but did not visit, including Phenix City (whose name seemed intriguing to me because it was reminiscent of Lebanon wherein I resided as a child, with my parents), Alabama, were not present on the dream-maps. Once, while in GA I started out in the roadway toward Phenix City (though, because of the the meaning of its name, I dreaded having my body soon reduced to a bloody cadavre if I were to reach it :: much as in one of the Best Loved Poems of the American People, the author of that poe:m had been thinking of visiting Carcassonne, but never did -- in order not have body reduced promptly to a carcass [a French-and-Italian word], apparently). I had a similar foreboding about Silver Spring, because of its meaning's resemblance to one of my given names, which foreboding seemed to be confirmed by my brother S.A.R.'s never inviting me to visit him there (which absence of invitation I at that time ascribed to a praeternatural spirit-guide of his who must have known the boding).}

Mar 18th (Satur, during daytime) 2017 :- Dream : I saw a woman standing, wearing a short dress which on her sides reached down only to her waist, with a triangular flap extending downward to cover her pubic area; without my speaking to her (nor her to me), I approached her, pulled up that flap of her dress, and began kissing on her pubic region (which was without hair). {I had, after awaking early in the morning well-before dawn, eaten more each of the 4 powdered herbs (Evolulus alsinoides, Dioscorea villosa, Centella asiatica, and Gotu kola) which in recent weeks I have been eating some of each every evening just before reclining to go to sleep. I had not praeviously additionally eating more of each after awaking in the night (about 2 AM), but did so on this occasion in order to determine whether doing so would promote my promptly falling asleep again. I, indeed, fell asleep again, but not so very promply, having been reading and typing in the interim (falling asleep again a little after dawn, and awaking again at noon). Apparently, this sexual dream was occasioned by my having eaten a little more of each of those herbs after awaking at night (to piss, as usual : I used to have to awaken at least twice each night to piss, but this awaking hath become only once each night now that I have been partaking those 4 herbs, in water, each evening) : I had not experienced any sexual dream in a number of weeks, and in recent months had often been going through intervals of several consecutive days without any remembred dream. I had been somewhat dismayed over those months of the intervals of no remembred dream, and especially about the dearth of sexual dreams (all of which I am fairly sure, if not absolutely certain, to remembre, inasmuch as they seem quite interesting while they are happening -- those dreams and dreams of being in some lofty place atop a skyscraper-aedifice, or in a flying ae:roplane, or else floating in the air well-above the tall aedifices, being the dreams which seem particularly exciting while happening, and therefore surest to be remembred upon awaking). I have been wondring quite much over recent months (and, indeed, pretty much throughout my lifespan) how to be sure of having a dream interesting/exciting enough each time when sleeping so that it could be sure of being remembred; and this method -- namely, of partaking twice each nychthemeron, i.e., both each evening and each night, of the herbs proven (in Bharata/India) to promote rejuvenation -- may well be the very way to achieve this : so that I am now resolving to continue henceforward to do so (it is well within my current financial means).} {I actually (after consistently forgetting thitherto to partake of that herb during the early daytime) praepared the evening prior by laying out, conspicuously, Silene capensis in the kitchen so that I would remembre to partake of it early in the morning (when it is recommended to be eaten "without other food" -- which I have been understanding to imply with alkali, viz., potassim choloride) : seeing it there, when I walked into the kitchen after awaking in the night, somehow emboldened me to take an additional portion of each of the other 4 herbs -- could the spirit governing the herb itself have been helping to embolden me action thus? The herb is unmutilated (not pulverized nor shredded), so that it would thereby more recognizable to the spirit governing it, who would thereby have incentive (otherwise perhaps lacking) to assist me making my decisions as to what herbs to partake of, when it is laid out visibly.}

Mar 19th-20th (Sun-Mon) 2017 :- Dream : I saw water flowing into the underground through a metal ring, which I was informed repraesented the circumstances of "Alastor". [Perhaps it repraesented his abrogated marriage (GM 111.p); and although "his vengeance does not appear in the myth" (GM 111.5), it may have been exercised post-mortem, by his ghost, upon his slayer, who (if contrary to Robert Graves's suggestion of the father-in-law, Klumenos -- for it must instead have been Alastor's brother Peri-KLUMENOs who hovered about KLUMENOs) was (DCM, s.v. "Odusseus", p. 318) Odusseus. This vengeance may have been accomplished by the ghost's occupying the body of Telegonos, who thereupon (after a "required year", GM 171.k) inherited his father's wife Penelope, while Telemakhos inherited his father's other wife Kirke (a name cognate with /circle/, cf a ring). The perdition of the crews of the ships of Odusseus at Tele-PULOs is reminiscent of the demise (when PULos was invaded by Hera-klees) of 11 (including Alastor -- DCM, "Neleus", p. 304b) of the 12 sons of Neleus. (The 11 of 12 allied cities (the residual one being Falisci of the Aequi, distinguished from Falerii of the Opikoi) could be an Etruscan sequestrational parallel. Likewise the Roman -- but of Etruscan provenience? -- signs of the zodiac were, according to Manilius, 11 in #, omitting Libra; lest Justice be blind.) Therefore, there should be a parallel vengeance by the ghost of Alastor by his likewise occupying the body of the slayer of Hera-klees, namely Philo-ktetes, whose "foot by a snake ... hidden in the long grass ... of Chryse" (DCM, s.v. "Philoctetes", p. 365a) may have the exit-way of this ophidiomorphic-exiting vengeance-ghost.]

Mar 22nd-23rd (Wedn-Thur) 2017 :- Dream : Alone in an apartment, I had placed a horizontal row of dots of water along a wall; but when I looked into the doorless shower-stall chamber, I saw on its side wall (to my left) already another horizontal row of dots of water, which, I thought, must have just been placed there by some supernatural entity in imitation of mine, so as to spare me the effort of making such row there myself. Therefore (in order to draw the attention of that supposed supernatural entity), I continued standing in the same place as I was then, and looking at and nextly around the periphery of that row, including at the shower-stall's rear wall, though I did not entre the stall to see its right-hand side wall, intending thus to draw the entity's attention by acting as though I expected to it be hiding just out of view in the right-hand part of stall. [Thereupon I awoke in my chair at the computer-desk.] {Just before falling asleep, I had last looked up the word (/<alaq/) for 'leech' in <arabiy, it being cognate with the <ibriy word /<aluwqah/ 'vampire'; as likewise with the word in <arabiy for 'Burning Bush'. I knew that praeternatural entities were believed (praesunably witnessed) by mediaeval <arab persons to haunt the public bath (h.ammam). Because vampires are believed (and experienced as a guise of some persons who do so, one of whom, from Massachussets, described to me while we were serving as recruits in the Army training-centre in New Jersey about 1961, his doing -- in his dreams -- this; though I refrained from mentioning to him my Transsylvanian father's mother's concern for this sort of vampirism which she used to mention to me in Manhattan) to suck blood from sleeping persons.} {This dream did induce me to consider more carefully the other naks.atra-figures corresponding to the "Blood-sucker" one mentioned in the Garud.a Puran.am, and thus find symbolic parallelism : it could be with a "blood-sucking capitalist" (the working class being as oblivious to this as if asleep); for, the cognate /algha/ is 'profit' in Samskr.ta -- but I now recall having found this etymology some years ago.}

Mar 25th-Mar 26th (Fri-Satur) 2017 :- Dream : I looked backward to see whether any groups of hostile persons were approaching, that is, whether they had noticed that after I had reached the city street-corner well-ahead of them, I had turned to the right and would now be about a block ahead of them to the right of the city-street whereon they were walking. The first pair of them apparently did not notice where I then was, for they continued in the same direction, one some distance ahead of the other. But the 2nd pair of them must have notice me, for they turned at the street corner whereat I had turned, and were headed toward me, one man ahead of the other. Because I was then close to the house which was my abode, I hastily entred it, and attemped to lock the front door from within by turning the deadbolt, but it refused to turn; so that I was wondring whether I would succeed in turning it before either of them would arrive at the door to force it open. After multiple attempts by me at turning it, it did turn. Relieved at this success, I started up the staircase toward the storey whereon I resided. [Then I awoke. It was as yet almost 2 hours before midnight. The day praeviously, about noon, the aedifice-manager had given me a notice of lease-violation, requiring me to tidy the apartment within a week in order to evade an eviction-notice. I had promptly begun doing so, and was most-of-the-way through this by now. A few months ago, a woman residing in this aedifice (the negroid woman, having a Congolese countenance, who after my repeated asking of her, partly by my telephone-calls to her in her apartment and partly by my requaesting her repeatedly in person, including at the door to her apartment, which she would open but would on those occasions refuse to have me entre it, did visit me once in my apartment; but she then requaested me to go immediately to obtain beer for her, which I refused to do, telling her that she ought to be satisfied with music and food instead, and saying to her that I was willing to pay her, in-lieu-of with cash, by allowing her to bite and to pinch on my body; which alternative she immediately rejected; and a man who was another resident of this aedifice whom I told about this demand of me on her part, then told to me that he had heard that she was diseased with AIDS, which she had apparently obtained by prostituting her body) was telling various persons residing in the edifice, including me, that she had similarly received a notice of lease-violation requiring her to tidy the apartment (and then therewith she did admit me into her apartment to show to me that it looked by then adequately tidy, which it did so look to me); but afterward the aedifice-manager must have be satisfied with her efforts -- she had her belongings put into closed boxes by the time that she admitted me into her apartment to show me that it by then was tidy; so that I am likewise hastening to put my belongings into closed boxes (whereof I already had aplenty, ones wherein I had, along with many of the aedifice's other residents, been receiving monthly, from Harvest Hope, dried and canned foods), along with cleaning the apartment wherever needed, mostly in the kitchen.]

Mar 26th (Sun, during daytime) each occasion when I repeatedly attempted to place an internet telephone-call (to, supposedly the same woman), I encountred an indication that the recipient had enlarged the telephone's content of identity. [Then I was awoken at my computer-desk by an incoming telephone-call on my internet-telephone.]

Mar 27th (Mon, at dawn, having already woken, partaken of dream-inducing herbs, and fallen back into semi-dreaming) 2017 :- Semi-dream (without having a body in it) : I was thinking of obtaining some sort of nutritional supplement, and saw a store possibly having such, but then passed beyond that store. [Then I woke. Perhaps this may have happened at dawn because the evening before I had re-read a comment that goddess Us.as is sister of Bhaga.] {Perhaps this semi-dream may have been a reminder to me that I have yet to seek and to buy an herb which I recently read of (which I not not read of praeviously) as used Bharata/India to promote thought-and-health. Another factor may have been that yesterday I spoke (both at the SOfF meeting and afterwards by telephone) to PP; she often hath mentioned that dreams can indicate to dreamers forthcoming events in the waking world.}

Mar 27th-28th (Mon-Tue) 2017 :- I read of a specific song, which I thereupon attempted (vainly) to find on the internet. {I had left (overnight in the waking-world) playing from the internet on YouTube, the longest playlist ("Top Tracks") of the band Therion; it was, when I awoke, on the song "Dark Venus Persephone". [According to Ovidius, "Persephoneia" was sexually seduced by "the charioteer of heaven", she having travelled aloft in a "rounded chariot" wherein she "cut the air with her feet" (http://www.theoi.com/Khthonios/Persephone.html); the which action might relate to my dream some nights ago of my being with a woman in a flying ae:roplane, which was open to the air on each side of my feet.] [A connection of this goddess with sleep is that her sleeping body is "licked" by a "drakon"; much as a woman's body is licked by a dragon summoned to a sacred cup-shaped hilltop in Yaqui occult rite : perhaps this "cup" may be aequivalent to the "rounded chariot", and intended to repose as tea-cup on its tea-plinth similar to a round-profiled "flying saucer" of Chinese tea-caerimony mystery.]}