Dream-diary, February 2017

Jan 31st - Feb 1st (Tue-Wedn) 2017 :- Dream : I saw, in print, mention of "lilacs". [Could this imply that the fragrance of lilac could assist with remembring dreams?]

Feb 1st-2nd (Wedn-Thur) 2017 :- Dream : I experienced, at least twice, wearing of peculiar weaves of clothing, perhaps in connection with mention of effects of drugs. [This could imply that wearing of peculiar types of clothing while ingesting dream-promoting herbs could more definitely produce an effect from those herbs.] {The evening praevious, I had taken care to eat several spices (cardamom seed, anise seed, peppermint leaf) just after the dream-enhancing herbs, in hope that the combination taken together would result in a remembred dream : though I had eaten spices along with foods during the day (as I do each day, usually hitherto without, however, experiencing any resultant remembrable dream), I now figured that the dream-deities involved might wish to witness my taking both categories of herbs together, perhaps so that they could praesent such evidence of my complying with divinely-instituted rules to another (specialized-to-performing-certifications) categoryof deity, so that this latter category could certify this compliance on my part before I would be provided with a suitable (remembrable) dream.}

Feb 2nd-3rd (Thur-Fri) 2017 :- [Dream] : [Possibly providing some instruction regarding what to do when awake.] {After waking well before daybreak, I decided that I ought to eat spices just before eating the dream-inducing herbs; but, just as I was about to reach for the first such spice, the neon light in the kitchen flickered off and back on (something which it otherwise never hath, to my memory, done before this), and then soon likewise another time or two. I considered that this might have been a signal (via gremlin) that dreamworld-constructing deities were pleased with my decision to eat spices immediately before each time I eat whenever I eat dream-inducing herbs henceforth.} {I also decided to include Bacopa monnieri among the substances I ingest with potassium bicarbonate. After taking it, I did have some further thoughts about the relations betwixt negative and positive varieties of entropy : that the negative entropy-forming process would be constantly operation within quasars (so-called "black holes"), such that there ought to be a constant accumulation (via construction of highly stable gravitic structures, in intricate patterns of gravitational standing-waves) of negative entropy therein, such as to be aequal to the positive entropy being accumulated outside of the quasars. Furthermore, I considered that whereas living beings, via the negative-entropic features of biotic biochemic structures, constantly generate negative entropy even within material substances organized by electro-magnetic energy; in contrast, there might exist, within quasars, living beings whose biotic structures grow by means of likewise countermanding the general environment (of negative entropy), namely (in this case) by accumulating positive entropy in their own biotic structure. Yet furthermore, I considered that, because all events even including even every quantum of negative energy (gravitational wave) and of positive energy (electromagnetic wave) must be so organized and arranged as to provide meaning and purpose to the universes (all of them, both composite, impure material-universe, and non-composite, pure immaterial universes), wherefore of necessity all seemingly "positive entropy" processes must be simply mechanisms of concealing (via encryptment-codings) of information containing the well-hidden secret meaning-and-purpose of those universes; whereas, to the contrary, any "negative entropy" processes would be mechanisms for reading out (and thus consuming) such encrypted information, using that information, in the meantime, as if blueprints (but in biochemistry instead of in mechanical devices), in and for building and constructing biotic biochemic bodies. [All this first came to mind, largely before dawn, the morning of Feb 3rd.]}

Feb 3rd (Fri) 2017 :- Not a dream : After receiving by UPS my mail-order for dried leaves of "hierba santa" (an Aztec ritual herb having fragrant leaves), I immediately went outside, at the rear of the aedifice, where a flower-garden is located -- and thereabouts, along the length of the flower-garden, but not coming from any specific plants, was a strong odor of fragrance (never there otherwise). I immediately was reminded of how (early 1970s, in Ch., IL), immediately upon arriving back at my apartment from having a blessing conferred on my house by the priest (the one who replaced J.C. who had exorcized me and Sh.D. separately, I hearing "I will kill you, m.f., I will kill you dead", and she hearing "I am a saint" -- these voices each vanishing upon being exorcized) at the shrine of the Holy Order of MANS, each of the 3 crucifixes (on 3 different walls on the downstairs level of my 2-level apartment) was redolent with fragrance (though nothing else there was redolent, and I never put any perfume onto any crucifix, nor anything else, there). I assumed that, just as an angel (at the beck-and-call of the priest) must have put praeternatural perfume (the fragrance whereof endured, without diminishing, until the arrival at my apartment of a couple, namely those from T.C., MI, whereupon the fragrance suddenly vanished); so likewise a similar event may have occurred here (though here-at the fragrance did not last, fading in minutes).}

Feb 11th-12th (Satur-Sun) 2017 :- Dream : I read that a certain herb hath within it a substance called "anguillis" (which I then took to mean 'little snake'; though, as I now see by consulting Lewis and Short, actually /anguilla/ is 'eel' in Latin; /Anguilla/ is now [though I did not think of this during the dream] also the name of a northeastern Caribbean isle), and read some further details about this, and was wondring about it. [Then I awoke.] {I had [while awake] recently read that Chinese immigrants to the southwestern part of the United States of America often ate rattlesnake-meat, despite the fact that (as I had earlier read elsewhere) the "snake oil" employed in Chinese medicine is made of the fat of (not any land-snakes, but instead only) water-dwelling snakes. "Eel" (which is the name of the of the Old English runes), however, is not a snake, but instead a fish.} [I had not remembred a dream in more than a week; and because I had remembred few in recent months (despite my continuing taking, regularly, galanthamine [which would seem to have ceased to provide dreaming for me, so that I am discontinuing it], sinicuichi, zacatechichi, African sea-bean, et al.), so that I therefore had recently sent for more of two dream-enhancing herbs (both which I had used up my supply of, even months earlier), Silene capensis and Synaptolepsis kirkii, of which, the first arrived yesterday (Feb 11th), so that I ate some, which resulted in this remembred dream.]

Feb 16th-17th (Thur-Fri) 2017 :- Dream : I was reading accounts of indications which had arrived in a different state of consciousness (of persons who had experienced such), which had been in each case shifted into while the experience (apparently in each case a dream) had been in progress, in order that by such readings I might make an effort to discover their possible significance for the circumstances of my own life. [I awoke while I was puzzling about whether any patterns could be detected which might suggest possible recommendations for altering my own plans for my life.] {This sort of system of accounts would be akin to "archetypes" variously discovered as disclosed by peculiar dream-experiences in, e.g., Jungian psychology. I had so happened that a few days praeviously, I had read of Carl Gustav Jung's own personal account of his experiencing (as I did decades later in a suburb of the District of Columbia, without having read of his account) an astral-resembling projection (which in my case was a dream whence I awoke) to a vantage-point (in his case a good 1000 miles, in my case perhaps a hundred miles) above the isle of Ceylon. After I had awoken from such dream, I considered it as expository of the symbolic signification of the geographical meaning of /serendipity/ (/Sarandip/, another spelling of the place-name /Ceylon/), though I did not have that signification in mind while the dream was in progress.}