Dream-diary, December 2017

Dec 2nd-3rd (Satur-Sun) 2017 :- Dream : Having in mind my relatively wretched state of mind owing to my lacking any woman with whom to have sexual intercourse, I was saying to persons with whom I was acquainted that, despite my opportunity to walk about in scenic architecture, I was nevertheless in a miserable state of mind. I did then take such a walk through the uninhabited scenic out-of-doors archiecture. One such scenic walkway adjacent on one of its sides (the right side when entring it) to an enclosing wall, I had stepped out into, when a vehicle occupied by those persons with whom I was (in the waking-world) acquainted, drove bye; then suddenly I realized that the walkway was perilous due to the very deep drop adjacent to its other side; so I was carefully holding only handgrips on its adjacent wall (on my left while exiting) while I was cautiously walking back out of it. Then I was walking on top of a scenic mineral formation, which I noticed was more irregular now that when I had seen it most recently, so I figured that persons had just re-arranged it. I was also clambering over a formation composed of an agglommerate of white, black, and red ellipsoids, seemed pretty to me. [Then I awoke. When I looked at my computer's clock, the time was praecisely midnight (00:00), which seemed curious; as curious as had been the geological formations in the dream.]

Later dream, same night : A woman was at my apartment, with a bin into which she had been putting what I saw were waste-articles to be discarded; but I dreaded that she might be about to gather she own possession which she had at my apartment, in praeparation for her moving out.

Dec 3rd-4th (Sun-Mon) 2017 :- Dream : I was, with other persons, inside an aedifice. We were in a hallway, just outside the toilet-room, which had the door, into it, already open; and I could see that within it were, though mostly males, also a few females; it seemed strange to me that both gendres would be using the same toilet-room. Then, into that toilet-room, the group of persons (who were all males) among whom I was standing, all entred, together, that toilet-room, which thus became so very tightly crowded that I could not advance toward the the toilet-stalls (which were all located, as usual for public toilet-rooms, in the rear of that room); so that I was that I started thinking that it would be quite some time before I would be able to approach any toilet-stall. I was thinking of suggesting to the men who were standing tightly around me, that we advance toward the toilet stalls, several of which were unoccupied; but I noticed that no one in the room was speaking, and thought that it was likely considered impropre to speak to other persons while in such a room; so I remained stuck in the crowd of men, without speaking. Then, suddenly, without any person's moving, there appeared at first to be a much wider gap between the crowd in the middle of whom I was stuck, and the rear of the room, so that I figured that some of the men in the crowd would start advancing forward, so that I would promptly no longer be stuck without being able to advance toward the toilet-stalls; but then it suddenly instead appeared that there was no other end of the room, for we were all now in a hallway, instead. I began thinking to myself that it had been because of our all following restricted conventions of behaviour, that the immobility of our being crowded together without advancing, had been miraculously eliminated. [While I was marvelling at how the principle of persons' collectively following restrictions of their social behaviour could lead to sudden miraculous alleviation (vanishment) of their collective immobility, I awoke. (Awaking due to marvelling at a principle would be akin to awaking due to wondring about a principle, which hath been quite a frequent cause of my awaking out of dreams in recent weeks and months or perhaps years.)] {Perhaps this shift, viz., from my awaking due to my wondring at a principle, shifting to my awaking due to my marvelling at a principle, was caused by my reading (yesterday, namely Sun, in the SocOfFr meeting) about the shift which occurred in the official society (such as, among judges in law-courts) from explicating unexpected sudden ameliorations in health of sick persons, from an explication in terms of divinely-instigated miracles (induced by saints, whose existence was denied by the Puritan regime), to divine divine "Providence" (existence whereof was affirmed among Protestants and their officialdom, including Puritans). This shifting I had been reading about in the book George Fox's 'Book of Miracles' (pp. 16-17); which book I furthermore lent (while the public mutual-greeting rite was in process) to the same young man as who had, years before, at an informal group summoned by me (at the resdence of H.R. and of his wife R.R.) to discuss dreaming, spake at such great length in describing one of dreams; he finished reading praefaces of it at that meeting.}

Dec 8th-9th (Fri-Satur) 2017 :- Dream : I was praeparing to make a compilation of herbs commonly combined with a certain specific herb in order to obtain particular curative results. [Then I awoke. It was immediately before midnight.]

Dec 9th-10th (Satur-Sun) 2017 :- Dream : I was discussing, with a man, herbs useful for curing ailments.

Dec 11th-12th (Mon-Tue) 2017 :- Dream : I was publicly asserting the need for practicable application of occult techniques; thereupon, while I was walking in a populated area, I was surprised to come upon an out-of-doors booth operated by two women, devoted to that which I considered a public advertisment of a feasible solution of the same principle : they had on display, in print, a list of various slightly-variant titles for the principle, which in their titlement thereof was apparently an oracular technique for operation of a public oracle. [Then I awoke : by the time I could induce the computer's monitor to display a screen having visible content (a difficulty which hath been occurring on each of several successive days : until now overcome by a single restart of the computer which I was employing for this function of typing this document-file, but on this occasion requiring several restarts of the computer, possibly because I had on this occastion not at first lowered the screen-display, which had been of the playlist on YouTube of the chants which I had left playing from the internet overnight), it was a few minutes after mid-night.] {This dream-scene is somewhat reminiscent of the dream, which I had experienced some years earlier, of a collection of out-of-doors booths, each publicly adveristing a distinct and different conventional religion.}

Dec 12th-13th (Tue-Wedn) 2017 :- Dream : I was looking at a large (perhaps a foot across its shell) bivalve shellfish, when suddenly its split itself in twain : both of its moieties, however, continuing to live.

Later dream, same night : I had located an organized group of persons advocating what they apparently described as a policy of "sexual freedom; but while I was staying among the group in order to observe the actual advocacies and practices within the group, it appeared that it was advocating and practicing homosexuality instead of prostitution. The leader of the group, a man, was insisting that I remain within the group and engage in its practices; but I was telling him that I would rather depart. I was somewhat unsure of whence I had come to this group, and of whether I ought to return to whence I had come thither, or whether I ought instead to continue seeking some other group of persons more in agreement with what I myself would praeferr to advocate (to wit, prostitution). {This dream is a fair repraesentation of the praedicament of what is to be found in this country : an abundance of easily-located organized groups of persons advocating homosexuality, but no public advocacy of prostitution -- despite the easy accessibilty (via the internet) of a vast variety of unlocatable (neither addresses nor telephone numbers publicly displayed) actual photographs and videos of scenes of heterosexual erotic practices, yet nevertheless seemingly absolute secrecy as to actual locations. [Curiously, there is a parallel in the lack of definite locatability of sites visited in the dream-world -- dream-sites visited typically lacking any information as to addresses of those sites, and thus not informative as to how to locate and to communicate with them while awake.]}

Dec 17th-18th (Sun-Mon) 2017 :- Dream : I was reading about nutritional supplements.

Dec 19th-20th (Tue-Wedn) 2017 :- Dream : I discovered that by visualizing together the written forms of the names of the two tribes along the north coast of Hispania, commencing at the northwest corner of Hispania, this procedure would automatically result in disclosure of the mysteries of the 3rd such tribe. I deemed such discovery of great practical utility, and therefore was describing it to some man, when [suddenly, I awoke]. {The district northwest corner of Hispania is Gallaecia, named for its Gallic denizens, who had immigrated thither from Gallia - perhaps the motive of that immigration was the same as that which kept drawing large numbers of pilgrims thither from Gallia until advent of the Black Death forced discontinuation of religious pilgrimages. The 1st tribe-name (along the north coast of Hispania is \Artabri\, the 2nd is \Astures\, and the 3rd is \Cantabri\. Whereas continent-dwelling western Europeans typically peregrinate to CANTaBRia, CANTerBuRy is the destination of pilgrims in England; the Canterbury Tales are noted for (in the "Miller's Tale") mention of how a man kissed a woman's "queynt" (euphemism for \cunt\); and last evening (Dec 19) I heard, for perhaps the first time out-of-doors in public, a woman telling a man, "You can't suck my ass". In Cantabria is the reputed tomb of hagios Andraios (st Andrew, Santander), a name perhaps reflecting (in this way resembling the names of other personages in the Eu-angelia) a name occurring in the Towrah, to wit, Strong's 6063 \<aner\; or else \ANDREW\ could repraesent \<ANDUWR\ 'fop, dandy' (DMWA, p. 802b). The Cross of St Andrew, figured as the national flag of Scotland, is identical with the Hawai>ian sign of kapu (tapu, taboo), so that access to its otherwise-forbidden mysteries would be available apparently only to someone attired as a fop/dandy : the caerimonial ecclesiastic attire of an episcopos (bishop) may be regarded as foppish/dandified.}

Dec 20th-21st (Wedn-Thur) 2017 :- Dream : Out-of-doors, I was urging a certain woman (who resembled one known to me, namely the one keeping the indoors-plants watered, in my aedifice-of-residence, so that MCs whom I considered her to be), but she was not indicating her approval; so that I expected her to continue disapproving. Then, however, she suddenly approached me with indication of her consent; and, promptly, I was kissing her face.

Dec 21st-22nd (Thur-Fri) 2017 :- Dream : I considering the distinctive qualities of herbs located in a garden just beyond a low wall from where I was contemplating them. {The flower-garden (including a few esculent herbs) of the aedifice of my residence is raised-and-restrained by a low retaining-wall.}

Dec 24th-25th (Sun-Mon) 2017 :- Dream : Discussion of particular medicinal qualities distinguishing various species of a group of closely-interrelated harbs.

Later dream, same night : (also about herbs)

Still ater dream, same night : I was hearing of a medicinal herb to which many persons are allergic; while other persons are allergic to other herbs taken against the same ailment. {Yesterday at the SocOfFr meeing, J.H. was telling me that he is allergic to the rind of mango-fruit, though he is able to eat the pulp of the same fruit without such reaction.}

Dec 26th-27th (Tue-Wedn) 2017 :- Dream : It seemed strange to me that such a wide variety of pf plant-species were assigned to the "Kanda" genus. {In the past evening (Dec 26th), while awake, it seemed stange to me that such a wide variety of of plant-species were assigned to the Ipomoea ('morning glory") genus.}

Dec 28th-29th (Thur-Fri) 2017 :- Dream : That which was being considered MCs a group of spirals (which I somehow thought of as flower-petals) within a distinct a quadripartite enclosure. {The similar flower wherewith I am familiar (by our having a instance of this liana, growing on a horizontal trellis in our garden at PO, V, in the early 1960s) would be the "crown-of-thorns" "passion-flower" -- called "Maypop" (with egg-shaped fruit) in the southeast U.S.A. (where, afterwards, it grew around our trailer in B, GA; as well as recently at our meeting-house here in C, SC). Because with this flower, its petals are hanging helices : therefore (Hel. \helix\ being cognate with Lat. \salix\ 'willow') the signification could allude to salicylic acid praesent in blood-thinners (such as, aspirin, originally an extract of willow-bark) which are anti-coagulants (and therefore must not be taken by persons susceptible to haimorragic stroke), so that the "blood of Christ" could be suggested -- an explanation (of the blossom's name) which had not occurred to me while I was residing in residences surrounded with these flowers. [The woman M.Wh. residing in this aedifice told me recently, while I was locating herbs useful against her personal ailment of clustre-headache, of the tendency among her kinfolk to be susceptible to haimorragic stroke. I have continually been requaesting of her to impart to me a capacity (such as is hers) for serial-dreaming; and have been recently been suggesting to her to accomplish this feat through her requaesting of her spirit-guides that they conferr this capacity on my spirit-guides. This dream of mine may be an indication of success in this project on the part of our respective spirit-guides.]} {"Aspirin-induced asthma, also termed Samter's triad, Samter's syndrome, aspirin-exacerbated respiratory disease (AERD)" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aspirin-induced_asthma) could be a further reason for associating "passion" (flower, fruit) wih crucifixion : for, besdes possibly resulting from asthma, asphyxiation is caused by crucifixion.} {One reason why some religious orders may advocate vegetarian diet : "Dietary ["low levels of"] salicylic acid may be partially responsible for the health benefits of a plant-based diet.[36]" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salicylic_acid#Dietary_sources citing https://nutritionfacts.org/2011/10/04/inflammation-diet-and-vitamin-s/) In Italian cuisine, for salicylates "major food sources are tomato-based sauces", but they are also praesent in (http://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlelanding/2011/fo/c1fo10128e/unauth#!divAbstract) MURTIlos 'myrtle'. Is this why a "Tri-MURTI" came to dominate religion in BHARATa? If named for BERAT in Albania, then the former control of Albania by Italia (with its praedilection for tomato-sauce) could be pertinent.}

Later dream, same night :- Seemingly in contrast to the praevious dream that night, another dream but with its two design-features inside-out : That which was being considered was a quadripartite centre surrounded by a group of spirals. {This could repraesent a man.d.ala. It could also perhaps aequally-well repraesent a spiral-armed galaxy whose elliptical core-orbit (of stars around the galactic quasar) might be diagrammatically repraesented by the rectangle enclosing that ellipse, and divided into 4 compartments by major axis and by line-segment (aequal in length to the minor axis), through the ellipse's focus, at right angle to that major axis.}