Dream-diary, November 2017

Nov 1st-2nd (Wedn-Thur) 2017 :- Dream : I was listening to a violin-duet, and was, while thus listening, contemplating the two violin's music as the two complementary divine processes manitaining the orderliness of the universe. [(Apparently as the result of my enthousiasm for this metaphysical contemplation,) I then awoke (about 2 A.M.), and was hearing what sounded like the very same violin-duet being played, via the internet, in the YouTube playlist "Mix -- Sobor -- Liturgical Hymns of the Orthodox ...", namely, in "The Four Seasons" (uploaded by AnAmericanComposer) by Vivaldi. It is likely enough that I was, while asleep, hearing every musical note being played in the waking-world, and coming through into the dreaming-world from the waking-world.] {There may be somewhat of a co-incidence in that yesterday marked the day of most significance in the litourgical kalendar (at least thus-regarded in Mexico, where the Day of the Dead is regarded as a festival continuated from a similar festival in the Aztec litourgical kalendar), namely All-Souls' Day; and that (at least according to my brother S.A.R., whose name's initials match those of his natal country) our father's favorite type of instrumental music was violin-music (which likewise he played professionally himself, during the Great Depression of the 1930's, in the Philharmonic Orchestra in New York City). I had been wondring, yesterday (Nov 1st) -- while I was walking to-and-from the state-capitol aedifice in order to be praesent there for the weekly anti-war protest being held by the group, whom I met at, and saw depart from, their parking-spaces thereat (and remarked there to G.L.R. that I was eating pinenuts at the monument there marked with metal figures of pinecones evidently commemorating the pine-torch night-procession in honor of Dionusos the wine-god, directly across the street from the Episcopal cathedral for wine-eucharists) -- whether I would encountre, as a result, anything reminiscent of our father. (But, surely, I would not be awaking in timely fashion so as to hear the appropriate music being played on the internet in the waking-world, if I had not been regularly ingest the several necessary dream-enhancing herbs, namely : Synaptolepis kirkii, Silene capensis, zacatechichi, and (most pertinent to hearing music in dreamings) sinicuichi. [Speaking of the wine-festivals to Dionusos, I had a day earlier been reading, on the internet, that the last of the "Ox-Herding Pictures" in the Chinese sequence, namely, that involving wine-bibbing, had been modified so as not to include anything so potentially seductive, for the Japanese version of this sequence. (I had been writing comments, to be posted on the internet, apropos of the cow-riding dream quoted, from Laughlin 1976, p. 34, in Communing With the Gods, pp. 186-7.)]}

Nov 4th (Satur during daytime) 2017 :- Dream : I was reading a printed book concerning religious beliefs-and-practices. {I had just fallen to sleep while reading, on the internet, from the book Shaman of Oberstdorf (concerning occult religious beliefs-and-practices in mediaeval Switzerland).}

Nov 6th-7th (Mon-Tue) 2017 :- Dream : I was observing a formal praesentation-arrangement of spices, which was intended as a religious rite.

Nov 8th-9th (Wedn-Thur) 2017 :- Dream : I was hearing an account describing distinctions between spiritual, and mundane, achievements.

Nov 9th (Thur during daytime) 2017 :- Dream : I was hearing a description of types of dreaming.

Nov 13th-14th (Mon-Tue) 2017 :- Dream : It was being publicly demonstrated, diagrammatically, that thorough rejuvenation of one's body could not, as of yet, be achieved, simply because most of the necessary processes were, as of yet, unknown. {I had not, over the most recent few nights, been able to recall dreamings, which, by experience, I had in recent months and years, done best at achieving whenever I would leave Slavic Orthodox chanting playing from the internet. Over the most recent nights, I have been seeking to obtain the same result, however, from leaving the Qartwelian Orthodox chanting playlist playing on YouTube through the night -- which it seemed ought to function as well as Slavic Orthodox chanting, inasmuch as the chant-style is identical : both slower-paced (and thus more dream-like) than typical Hellenic Orthodox chanting. It would appear that I am, by now, beginning to achieve that result.}

Later dream, same night : I was traveling, in an automobile, along a highway in the countryside, and could see that the roadway in the distance, in the direction whereinto I was traveling, was quite misty. After a while, our vehicle entered, while moving along a rise in the roadway, the misty region; I heard persons (apparently in the same vehicle as myself) remark about the density of that mist. I thought that our vehicle ought to evade driving through the mist, namely by driving off the roadway : at first I thought of making the vehicle go to the left of the roadway, but when I realized that to do so might be dangerous in traffic, I nextly decided on the vehicle's going to the right of the roadway. [Then I awoke.]

Nov 16th-17th (Thur-Fri) 2017 :- Dream : I was thinking to myself (without recognizing that I was then dreaming) that, although enhancement of dreaming is usually described, in litterature, as achieved through eating particular foods, yet nevertheless techniques of contemplation are likewise necessary in order to achieve the sought-for result. [Then I awoke, apparently as a result of my pondering the resolution of this problem for achievement of a feasible result.] {Just shortly before my going-to-sleep for that night, I had been discussing, over the telephone, in separate telephone calls, 1st to G.R and imediately afterwards to H.G., the fact that although I was often ingesting the herbs recommended for enhancement of dreaming, I was not achieving an effect of the dreams' scenery-and-setting as anything particularly dramatic nor impressive; and that in past epochs of my life I have nevertheless occasionally achieved (without doing so in a particularly sustained fashion) dreams the scenery-and-setting whereof I did (whenever experiencing them) indeed regard as dramatic-and-impressive. I cited my occasional past dreaming of being aboard a flying ae:roplane, or aboard a flying rocket-ship, or on a high bridge above a river or a canyon, as instances of such duly dramatic-and-impressive scenery-and-setting; and added that (beside such experiences of viewing from a height) dreaming of, even from a ground-level, mountains or canyons could lifewise be impressive as suitable for viewing in dreaming. H.G. was encouraging me (perhaps because I had at other times mentioned this to him as a technique for improving one's dreamings) that I ought to observe, via YouTube, cinematic repraesentations of the sought-for-in-dreaming sorts of scenery; and I was agreeing.}

Nov 18th-19th (Satur-Sun) 2017 :- Dream : I was reclining on the upper level of a bunk-bed, on the lower level whereof a certain woman was intending to sleep during the approaching night. At the same time, while she was standing, with the upper half of her body unclothed, on the floor beside that bunk-bed, I was saying to her that from my vantage-point, I would be able to look at her while she would be reclining on the lower level of that bunk-bed; but she said that such would not be suitable. Thereupon, while I was as yet reclining on the upper of two mattresses stacked (seemingly for a loftier vantage-point) upon the upper level of the bunk-bed, I felt that somehow my body was forced (perhaps by means of the uppermost mattress's becoming tilted) off from the upper level of the bunk-bed, onto the floor, which by my standing upon, I could see that the same woman was now reclining on the lower level of that bunk-bed; and that she was indicating no objection against my reclining with her on the lower level of it. Somehow I understood that she had usually been reclining during each night with another man on the same lower level of the bunk-bed, though he was not in that bed with her at that time. Therefore, I said to her that I would praefer to recline on the side (the left side, as viewed from the foot of the bed) facing the wall, so that the other man could then easily recline in that level of the bed along with her and me, without having to climb over both my body and her body in order to reach the far side of the bed, facing the wall. Then I immediately did climb over her body, taking my chosen position on her level of the bed. Now under the bedspread with her, I noticed that her body was already nude, so that she was evidently ready for immediate sexual intercourse. Without my saying anything further to her, I then (using my hand to direct it) thrust my penis into her vulva, while thinking to myself that this activity was quite casual indeed, more so than I would have expected it to be; and that her accepting any man's penis into her vulva while recining in bed with him much be a regular routine for her; though I thought to myself that at this juncture of events, it would have been more interesting for her to have been somewhat clad so that I could have needed to speak with about my intent to insert my penis into her vulva, and of need to move aside any clothing of hers into order to do so. [While contemplating the praeferability of the alternative of discussion, with a woman, for the sake of delight in such a discussion as praeparatory for the forthcoming sexual intercourse, I abruptly awoke.] {Curiously, I do not seem, on past dream-occasions of my sexual intercourse with a woman, to have had my mind praeoccupied with the thought that discussion with a woman of forthcoming intercourse with her would be more delightful than skipping that praeliminary. Furthermore, this lack of such praeoccupation was always likewise the case in my waking life, even for as many decades as I lived; for I seem never -- even during waking life -- to have discussed at length any of the mechanics of sexual intercourse with any woman (that is, neither discussed it prior to proceeding with it, nor discussed it during the process of performing it, nor even afterwards); and neither did I discuss at length with any woman (neither with any prostitute with whom I had sexual intercourse -- and there were many such prostitutes --, nor with any other woman with whom I cohabited -- and there were such, over a period of decades) how very pretty her body, and the various portions thereof, appeared when exposed naked. And even more curious, such sorts of discussion were quite meagre and brief in the sorts of erotic litterature which I used to read (decades ago -- such as that 19th-century book, the anonymous autobiography The Secret Life, a description of the male author's erotic life, mainly in cities in England) -- instead, the author (of the same book) would repeatedly mention various insurmountable details interfering with enjoyment, such as the lack of good visibility during episodes of prostitution in cities before street-lights were installed, and the need on the part of the prostitute-women who would not wish to be recognized afterwards during the daytime, to evade the city-lights after they were installed; and likewise the extreme brevity of any such erotic encountres, seemingly always lacking in leisurely foreplay, as well as lacking in any leisurely erotic discussions with the women-prostitutes. A major context for engaging in any of such activities (leisurely erotic foreplay, and leisurely erotic discussions between a man and a woman) would, of course, be spirit-possession in erotic situations; for, assurance that any spirit-entities were adequately being erotically satiated to whatever extent might be pleasing to them, would needs be ascertained, including through detailed discussion thereof (discussion by intended, and/or by experienced, mortal hosts to be occupied by the immortal spirit-entities) : much as any other accommodations (such as, music-performance, foods, etc. etc.) need to be discussed, and arranged for, so as to accomplish any successful spirit-possession activity, whether African-loa style or whatever else may be organized by mortals for the pleasure of immortals.}

Nov 19th-20th (Sun-Mon) 2017 :- Dream : I was given the task of finding my way out of a tall edifice, to the top storey whereof I had ventured, without by complication altering the occult effect of the route which (with much assistance from persons I understood to be quite knowledgeable in such matters) I had been directed to take to arrive thereto : therefore, when I witnessed a way open straight downwards, I leapt into that gap, through falling straight downwards for hundreds of feet, landing without impact on the ground-floor. Soon, I was contemplating how each gesture whereto I had been auctoritatively (authoritatively) enticed by my guides as to my behaviour, was so calculated (by such guides) as to induce the praecise motion needed in order to contribute to accomplishing the needful effect of most proprely balancing the appropriate constituents-of-behaviour to achieve a praeternatural effect as planned-out in detail by them. The needful constituents-of-behaviour had been exponded by them to me as patterned from, as it were, oppositely charged (as if positive and negative) components of energy-like function. An instance of such enticing-of-my-behaviour was (so I thought) my right-hand's being held by one of them, so that when at that moment I saw that we were being suggested to acknowledge some external event, I did so by saluting with my left hand, which I realized that I would not be doing if my right hand were not being held. (The implication was that whenever I had to some negative-energy function -- such as acknowledging as auctoritative some persons extraneous to our own chain-of-command -- I would have to be guided as as to do it with reversed symbolism, such as to shew distaint for reactionary adversaries.) Soon it was, furthermore, being explained in quite some detail, to me, that the very vocabulary which had been employed to inform me about the mysteriously pertinent behaviour of persons, had been most carefully selected to as to induce the right effect, including the most appropriate mousicological connotation. The last words of such explication were "The alteration of \throop\ to \thrum\ ...". [But, at this this juncture, apparently wondring what was the signification of \throop\, I suddenly awoke. On having written this, I wondred what time time could be; on looking at the computer's clock, I saw (for the 1st occasion this nuit 'night') that it was "03:58", a # resembling 358, my rural-route address-# for some 10 years at B., GA (which # through those years had identified as referring to the 3rd of 5 regular geometric solids, that having 8 facets).] {This sort of detailed account of needful vocabulary (such as, mousicological terminology to make for appropriate emotional attitude) would, in effect, be a continuation of the praevious night's dreaming's contemplation of the appropriate erotic manner of emotionally guided-and-guiding disquisition. I may calculate that a factor in achieving such night-to-night continuity in the instructive nature of the dreaming, would be partially due to my surrreptiously invoking, in order to secure their co-operation, the spirit-guides of the woman-resident (M.Wh.) of this my aedifice-of-residence, she who is frequently expounding her method of securing night-to-night serial-dreaming -- a method which I figure could not directly function for me, but could be indirectly activated by my fervently calling upon her dream-assisting spirit-guides. (This activity of mine would needs remain surreptitious so long as she would not acknowledge, outright and in-so-many-words, the praesence-and-activities of such dream-manipulating spirit-guides of hers.) [Another ritualistic FACTOR may be my continued employment, in recent weeks, of "control-Z" computer key-board-combination for erasures of erroneous typing, a cleaner method than the "highlight-delete" method which I had thitherto been employing for such erasures : the dream-world itself is much-concerned with clean erasure of memories, so as not to leave obstructive memory-residues of discarded temporary thought-constructions (which may resemble scaffolds to be removed after architectural aedification 'building-process'). As if analogue, in the s`ulba-sutra-s all brick altars are meant to be deconstructed after a single ritual-employment; and one's own discarded material body is to be (at death) deconstructed by being cremated.]}

Nov 22nd-23rd (Wedn-Thur) 2017 :- Dream : I was reading an account describing definitions of terminology for different varieties of dreamings. This account seemed to me difficult to understand, despite my attempt to visualize what I was reading. [Then I awoke. It was several hours before dawn. I had left a long playlist of motets ("Motet. Chotki. 160 videos") playing from the internet, in hopes that my listening to motets during my dreaming would be conducive to my remembring; in contrast to my not remembring my dreams when I had left playlists of largely instrumental music playing during recent nights, when I was unable to remembre dreaming, such forgetfulness being apparently due to the interference of such instrumental music with my memory. Regardless of my finding instrumental music simulating while awake, it is apparently not appropriate for dreaming. (I had been leaving playing from the internet the playlist "Classical assorted. orincorr. 216 videos", which consisteth of chants for sections of the Catholic mass, set to much-ornamented classical-style music; which I like to hear for mental simulation while copying, while awake, notes from a book, to be put onto the internet -- but which never-the-less is not suitable for playing while asleep.) The particular one of the motets playing when I awoke had been uploaded by Preston, the family-name of a woman who often driveth me to the SocOfFr meeting on Sundays, and who on a recent Sunday had told me (in response to my saying to her that I liked motets and madrigals) that she liked them also. (Perhaps my awaking during the playing of a motet uploaded by someone of that name was intended -- by the praeternatural entities controlling the dream -- to remind me to ask her to comment more about her liking for motets. An invisble local divinity, in the waking world listening to the music from the internet, and looking to computer-monitor to see the name of the uploader of the music-piece, could easily signal to dream-world-residing entities so as to indicate to them some name-related reason for causing me to waken at that moment.) Yesterday (Nov 22nd) I had been playing from the internet other playlists of motets, while eating foods; thinking to myself that voice-motets (and/or madrigals) might well be the music most suitable for listening-to while eating.]

Nov 26th-27th (Sun-Mon) 2017 :- Dream : I was reading an account describing a series of words of metaphysical significance, all commencing in \Hol-\; but these lengthy words were unfamilar to me, and I wondred concerning them. [Thus wondring I awoke. It was after midnight.] {It may well be that the initial-letter consonant \H-\ was intended to suggest both (distinguished only by absence from it, or praesence over it, of the diacritical dot -- in <arabiy writing) \h.-\ and \h^-\; and that the medial-letter vowel \-o-\ was intended to suggest both (diphthongs in <arabiy writing) \-aw-\ and \-ay-\. The several possible etymological root-words could be \h.awl\ 'year' (DMWA, 4th edn., p. 253a), \h.ayl\ 'strength' (p. 253b), \h^ayal\ 'ghost, phantom' (p. 310a) : thus possibly referring to a strong phantom whose apparition is annual (a ghost appearing on the same day of the year, each year; as is the case in certain castles). "Annual ghost tours" are mentioned, including on my birthdate Oct 22 (date of origin of the universe in archbishop Ussher's Episcopal-church chronology/kalendar) including at the Castle in Beaufort (https://eatsleepplaybeaufort.com/annual-ghost-tours-coming-to-downtown-starting-october-13th/). The internet-search for "castle" + "annual hauntings" (and likewise for "castle" + "annual ghost") will feature Preston Castle, instead.} {If \h.awl\ be cognate with \Cola\ (in D.awida southern Bharata), then there may be a relevance of his priest Mudgala (PE, s.v. "Cola", p. 188b), who declined a flight (via vimana) to heaven "after enquiring about the conveniences and luxuries of heaven" (PE, s.v. "Mudgala III 1)") -- praesumably because ongoing activities there are excessively repetitious-and-unvaried. Is \mudgala\ 'bean' related to \mudgara\ 'hammer'? -- cf. the "hammer and tongs" mentioned (GM 150.h) with Amukos the brother of (GM 131.3) MUGDon, whose name (related to\aMYGDALon\ 'almond' GM, vol. 2, p. 401a) should be cognate with \MUDGALa\. The other Mugdon is father of (DCM, s.v. "Mygdon 1.") Koroibos ('fool') who founded (DCM, s.v. "Coroebus 1."), when carrying of the oracular tripod from Delphoi, some city nigh the city Megara (in isthmian Megaris) -- the latter's name being identical with that of "Megara in Boio^tia", whereat Aktaion "slept on a stone near a fountain" (John O'Neill : The Night of the Gods. London : Harrison & Sons; Bernard Quaritch, 1893. vol. 1, p. 121 -- citing Pausanias 9:2:24 https://books.google.com/books?id=GEsWAAAAYAAJ&pg=PA121&lpg=PA121&dq=)? Cf. the dream experienced by Ya<qob while sleeping on a stone (B-Re>s^iyt 28:11) at Luws. 'almond' (which, however, he idiosyncratically labeled "Beyt->el"), where "the spring of water was near" (Louis Ginzberg : Legends of the Bible, p. 166). Artemis had "been seen naked by" Aktaion, who (according to Agaue, in DCM, s.v. "Pentheus") was involved with (DCM, s.v. "Actaeon") Semele. The legend of the seizure of the Delphic tripod by (DCM, s.v. "Coroebus 1.") Koroibos was apparently transmuted into a tale of the seizure of it by (GM 135.c) Hera-kle[w]es; so that the trinity of gods adored at Guthion (Gythium, GM 135.d) must have formerly included, instead of Hera-kle[w]es, Koroibos (whose name may be cognate with Old-English \hearpe\ 'harp'; which would be appropriate, for , the cults of the other two gods in this trinity, to wit, Apollon and Dio-nusos, likewise prominently included music).}

Nov 27th (Mon) 2017 :- not a dream : The most recent (to-day) upload of mine onto the internet consisted of 100,943 bytes (by luck : I did not arrange the #), matching my birth-year 1943. It (the upload) was my notes on chapter #9 of Communing With the Gods.

Nov 28th-29th (Tue-Wedn) 2017 :- Dream : I was viewing, for one such playlist at a time, repraesentations of music-playlists by rows of objects. [Then I awoke; it was after dawn.]