Dream-diary, October 2017

Oct 4th-5th (Wedn-Thur) 2017 :- Dream : I had been thinking to myself, for some time, about how some region ought somehow to exemplify a direct repraesentation of actual transcendental reality, though no region was seemingly doing so. But then I started thinking to myself that this assumption might not be practically feasible; and at this point in my contemplation, when I looked down, I was surprised to see that there had been placed in front of me, by CaFr (she now standing beside this evident gift of hers), a large (some 2' in diametre) discoid metallic box (such as cookies or candies are commonly contained within), with perched atop it (as 2nd tier) a somewhat smaller (some 1-1/2' in diametre) square box (such as a cake is commonly contained within) : I took this to be a gift praesented so as to be congratulating me for my adopting a more practical way of thinking about feasibilities. {She had earlier that evening (Oct 4th) driven me and G.R. to the weekly protest in front of the state-capitol aedifice. The woman S.P. who regularly hath the duty of driving to the SocOfFr meeting on Sunday morningshath sometime recently brought a boxed cake to the meeting; CaFr hath in past years baked a cake for each of my birthdays (another such birthday of mine being due to arrive later this month); and I myself have sometimes in years past brought to the meeting a discoid metallic box containing cookies. I yesterday noticed a 2-tier arrangement of flowers (the 2nd tier being as yet buds for becoming flowers, growing out of its upper tier consisting of leaves + ae:rial roots atop the other -- the hitherto non-blooming -- stem of the orchid) of the orchid which had been praesented to me for my birthday just over a year ago by PrPr, she who is the usual alternate for driving me to SocOfFr meetings (and who while driving me will sometimes ask me about my interpretation of a dream); and I was thinking of calling her to mention this unusual arrangement to her. Incidentally, I had been left (when driven by CaFr) at the university library so as to pick up thence, arriven via interlibrary-loan, a book (which I afterwards shewed when I arrived at the state-capitol) entitled Communing Wirh the Gods, about interpretations of dreaming. The element of surprise (in seeing the gifts) could have been the result of a half-forgotten memory : for, when I began to take notes from the book, the following morning I was surprised to discover that I had already, years earlier, typed up notes from the first 3 chapters; but had apparently ceased because of my distaste for the author's too-frequent mention of the brain. But because Taoist litterature likewise maketh use of the 9 sections of the brain for that religion's attributions of such to the 9 Heavens, however, it may well be tolerable to cite the brain and its functionings, in the contexts of religions experientially based on dreaming.}

Later in the same dream : I was again thinking about the possibility of similar repraesentation, by some region of logical reasoning, of a direct repraesentation of actual transcendental reality. [Then I awoke.]

Oct 7th (Satur) 2017 :- not a dream : I received a # starting with the 1st 3 numerals all in sequence (112223132) as confirmation of purchase of a book (Man Across the Sea: Problems of Pre-Columbian Contacts, 1971) to which D.H.K. (prof. at univ. who gave most encouragement to me in mid-1960s) contributed an article.

Oct 7th-8th (Satur-Sun) 2017 :- Dream : I was reading litterature describing instances for phonetic variants of fundamental words in occult spells, and was endeavouring to discover by examining these instances, the principles whereon they were based; the variants all seemed to be abbreviations of full forms of words (all in Latin characters, but transliterating some language unknown to me).

Oct 8th (Sun) 2017 :- not a dream : I arrived at a # starting with the 1st 4 numerals all in reverse sequence (4321) as views of a 2-choir concerto by Bortnyansky.

Oct 9th (Mon during daytime) 2017 :- Dream : I was typing up a passage which I was copying from a book. [I had fallen asleep abruptly while typing up a copy of the passage (from the book, by Chanrles D. Laughlin, Communing with the Gods, p. 108) concerning how to "induce dreaming", including by "repeating chants"; with the comment being added by me that hearing chanting is able to induce in me dreaming of hearing chanting.]

Oct 14th-15th (Satur-Sun) 2017 :- Dream : I was heeding a list of health-foods being recited.

Oct 15th-16th (Sun-Mon) 2017 :- Dream : I was viewing an herb whereof it was said that successive lengths of its stalk could be made able to vibrate at successive frequencies when treated with a certain chemic substance. [Then I awoke.] {The mal>akiym were viewed by Ya<qob in his dream at Beyt->el [this being the family-name of a woman residing (alike unto myself) just-behind the aedifice's elevator for ascending-and-descending] as ascending-and-descending a "Ladder" which was evidently intended to repraesent (instead of the rope-ladder for clambring aboard a ship, such as my father often was required thus to do, and I did once when visiting his work-environs in the Delta-Amacuro, where music via quartz-crystals-containing rattles is de rigeur in local nightly performances by Warao tribesfolk) a musical scale : so that the successive lengths of stalk in the dream must have been intended to be taken as meaning rungs on that dream-"Ladder" of Ya<qob's. I had fallen asleep that evening (Oct 15th) when I had become too tired to copy the book-section for which I had already written (on an earlier day) a comment to that section, namely concerning the alleged "spiral staircase" (evidently the author must have been intending to signify "helical staircase", and had forgotten the distinction between a flat "spiral" and a corkscrew-shaped "helix", which is a frequent error in persons whose vocabulary, in regard to geometric structures, is itself woefully defective -- indeed, I have had, in my commentary, occasion to correct this particular author as to other errors in his technical vocabulary), namely on p. 128 [= 2^7, 2 to the 7th power, for the 7 notes of the octave] of Charles D. Laughlin : Communing With the Gods. Likely, because the author (Ch.D.L.) is in this passage of his book describing a dream of his, my own concealed dream-arranging personnel (divine entities operating in building-process for the unwitnessed theatrical-stage-setup background-arrangement of dream-scenery) were intending to inform me (indirectly, by way of this puzzle-like hint) that I was at that time operating within a dream which was of their own making : this litterary-style referencing of dream-lore was likely being praeferred to, and in lieu of, having dream-residing divine entities directly addressing me so as to inform me that I was under their care in my experiencing a dream. Now, I was apparently being prompted, in the course of that dream, to add to my commentary on that book-passage, the fact that my father (quite some decades ago, before I departed from him, and from my mother, in 1963 -- hereconcerning, do notice that another birthday of mine is due this month within a few days, and that I had commented yesterday evening, Oct 15th, that the woman-resident here whose obituary-style death-notice was displayed on the ground-flood office countertop, had been born just two months before myself in 1943) used quite frequently to comment that Negroes tend, via "national character", to have a better natural aptitude for music persons of any of national race. This "Negroid national-character" allusion is likewise in effect made by author Ch.D.L. in that p. in his statement, "In my dreams black people (usually strange females) almost always signal a message". It would bring to mind, as if a message, the repeated statement to myself (during the course of my conversations with her by telephone) by J.M., long-term patient at the state-medical-hospital, that music is necessary to be listened to in order to set the appropriate mood for sexual intercourse. Over the course of the latest decade and more, I would often, whenever calling her by telephone, leave the playing from my computer to be heard by her by way of the telephone, after at first in each such session talking with her at length -- this I would tend to do because it was she who had induced me to listen to music habitually every day by remarking favorably about any music which I would be playing for her to hear over the telephone, she insisting that I always having music playing whenever telephoning her. Now, it so happened that yesterday, Oct 15th, while I was being driven homeward by S.P. from the SocOfFr meeting, that I was discussing with her the nature of "angels" (mal>akiym); indeed, I was discussing them more, and she was responding to the discussion more favorably, than in any praevious discussion of them with her by me : this was due (as she told me) to A.K.'s mention, in that meeting that day, of "angels" as described in a humorous midras^.}

Oct 16th-17th (Mon-Tue) 2017 :- Dream : I observed that additional species of plants were being added to the list of ornamental plants commonly grown in gardens. {I have, in recent days, added more species of plants to the species of ornamental flowering plants the seeds whereof have been sown by me in the flower-beds planted behind the aedifice wherein I am residing; and have mentioned this augmentation to various local persons of my acquaintance.}

Oct 17th (Tue during daytime) 2017 :- Half-asleep : I saw, in capital letters, a name, which I did not recognize until I realized that a consonant + vowel had been omitted from the interior of the word; added, this would make it the name of a flower. {Later that same day, I noticed that many new sprouts were to be seen where I had, for the 1st time of mine, planted flower-seeds in the flower-bed.}

Oct 17th-18th (Tue-Wedn) 2017 :- Dream : I was viewing, at some distance, that which appeared to be a large dead plant which had apparently grown up an out-of-doors wall by clinging to the wall : I was thinking that it had been killed by its stem having been severed at its base; and I was saying to myself that it was horrifying to see large dead plants. {While I was in Ch., IL, before I left there in at the end of the Vietnam war, I had seen that the ivy which had long covered the out-of-doors walls of the aedifices at the U.ofCh. campus had been killed by their all being cut at their roots, and was rather dismayed as I thought this a disfigurement. More recently, a few years ago, the same was done to the plants climbing up the soil-holding-back wall (where the land behind it is higher) behind the aedifice of my residence; on my mentioning this to someone, I was told that this is done so as to stop plants from damaging walls.}

Later in the same dream : I was viewing a wrapped box, which I thought to be likely a commemorative offering, placed on what appeared to be a wrapped bed, in an out-of-doors grassy area; I was wondring just what these objects were intended as, and whether that area was dedicated for some specific commemorative function -- nextly, I asked, of two women who happened to be together in that area, what the use was of these things which were to be seen there. [Then I awoke.] Earlier in the same dream, I had been sorting through a collection of brochures stacked together, which collection I considered to have been re-arranged since the time I had seen the same collection of brochures praeviously. I was seeking a specific brochure in order to find in it specific information which I had seen in the brochure praeviously, but had not at that time written down any note for my use concerning that information. {I sometimes have occasion to be seeking for a specific one of them, through a collection of brochures (mostly maps) which I keep stored in a box in my apartment's large closet.}

Oct 17th-18th (Tue-Wedn) 2017 :- Dream : I was witnessing the exposition of an historical process expounding how for an original set of 10 white flowers employed in a certain widely-practiced caerimony, there were historically substituted different set of 12 white flowers employed in the later more intricate version of the same widely-practiced caerimony. {Possibly these two different sets of white flowers could have been intended as two diffent species of flowering plants which I have witnessed as grown in the ornamental flower gardens whereto I have been most exposed in recent years : that of the aedifice my residence (the purple-centred white blossom of the Althea tree) and that of (during one recent year) the formal garden of the state-capitol aedifice whereto I travel weekly (the white hibiscus, which is the official state-flower of Hawai>i). Each of these sets is associated a religious system emphasizing a sort of tower : the Hawai>ian towers (cf. the tower whence "Mi`l's uncle I`Th saw a misty island", Encyclopedia of Celtic Mythology & Folklore, s.v. "Milesians", p. 332a : which tower I have tended to compare with the tower reputed to have been constructed by MILa-raspa at the behest of his guru Mar-pa) for observation of white clouds believed in native Hawai>ian religion to repraesent the 10 Heavens, wherefor the Maori religion (in Ao-tea-roa 'long white cloud') hath substituted a system of 12 Heavens; and (in likeness to this observation of the misty) mt MISTI overlooking "the white city" (Natural Wonders of the World, RD, s.v. "Misti, El", p. 251b -- which I had been reading just the day before) of "white stone" (whereon a new name is written, Apokalupsis of Ioannes) and whereat "the native Incas built a temple atop the mountain", that Inca empire abruptly ending while the Inca's palaquin was being carried by nobles, much as (in myth) Nahus.a's reign abruptly ended while his palaquin was being reluctantly carried by unwilling nobles.}

Oct 19th-20th (Thur-Fri) 2017 :- Dream : I was floating in the air, just below the ceiling, along a lengthy hallway (not having any doors along its sides), while a woman was following along, beneath me, by her walking on the floor of that passageway while I was moving through the air along the top of it. I thought to myself that the woman's walking along below me was a helpful encouragement to me. {I had said (on the telephone) about a couple of days before to the woman C.F. (when she was encouraging me to obtain permission from the aedifice's staff to use a hose for watering the aedifice's flower-garden, instead of having to continue to wheel buckets of water for that) that I needed encouragement to accomplish anything.} When I arrived at a section of the hall (as I recall, where the passage turned to the right) wherein the ceiling was quite low, with a further low passageway just above it, I started to crawl into that low passageway, but the woman simultaneously was beginning to close that passageway, just behind me, so I backed out of it. [Apparently, I awoke then.] {I had left playing, from the internet, a playlist of Romanian Orthodox hymns, largely each sung by a woman. Many nights in recent weeks when I have left playing Orthodox chanting by men, I have not experienced much of any remembred dream; therefore, in order for me regularly experience some well-remembred dream, perhaps I ought, for at least some weeks consecutively, to leave women's singing of the hymns playing (instead of men's singing/chanting) while I go to sleep for the night.}

Oct 20th-21st (Fri-Satur) 2017 :- Dream : I was viewing a rectangular diagram, parts whereof, each rectangular, were labeled in writing typifying personality-types whereto persons could be grouped so as to determine their aptitude for functioning within an organization. As for the unlabeled parts of the rectangular diagram, I was observing a processes wherein further rectangular parts thereof could be automatically discovered, by automatic testing of feasibilities, both as to any further personality-types to be added, and also how such personality-types would fit together (thus indicating further functionable divisions to be added to the organizational structure). [Puzzling over the signification of this organization's structure, and over likewise its method for further development, I awoke.]

Oct 21st-22nd (Satur-Sun) 2017 :- Dream : I had apparently been driven, by other members of the organized group of persons involved, to an occasional convocation for that organized group, beikng held at a location in the countryside: and I had walked away thence to the main highway which I supposed would have to be traveled by their vehicles in returning to the city, apparently expecting that whenever the convocation would be completed, and the vehicles driven by members would be returning to the city, I would be noticed along the highway, and be picked up by some one of the returning vehicles. But then, I started thinking to myself that it might be that I would not be noticed thus, and that in order to be sure of being driven back to the city, I ought to return immediately to the convocation. While I was looking in the direction, along the highway, which I would have to take in order to walk back to the convocation, I noticed a small band of persons (both men and women) whom I recognized, walking across the highway to a place along the highway which would been in front of me if I were walking back (on the right side of the highway, which side I was then on) to the convocation. I figured that this band of persons had, alike to myself, been taking a stroll briefly away from the convocation, and those persons were now returning to the convocation, so I hastened to catch up with them. [Then I awoke.]

Oct 22nd-23rd (Sun-Mon) 2017 :- Dream : I was reading printed litterature which was describing various systems for interrelating the functions-and-aspects of consciousness : each of these systems I was deeming to be compatible with, and aequivalent to relationships among, categories of deities. I was perusing this litterature with the intent of discovering in -and-among such systems definite evidences of logical relationships amongst categories of deities, but because all of that litterature had been written without any actual references to deities, that I could not readily find anywhere within it any definite evidence of the sort which I was seeking, this lack becoming continuously frustrating to me. [On account of the perplexing character of such continuous frustration, I awoke.] {In the dream, I had been thinking of finding clear-and-evident matches-and-parallels of such descriptions of functioning of consciousness, comparable with descriptions of interrelations among personages of mythologies; and I was not being successful at finding any of these. In waking life, however, instead of seeking such direct similarities of consciousness-factors with mythologies, I am employing the much-more-direct method of seeking relationship of descriptions of functions of dreaming, such as to indicate the divine nature of the personages encountred in dreams. In my own personal case, as in the case of the Red Book recorded by Carl Gustav Jung, dream-personages appearing in dreams sometimes do declare themselves to be deities, and in other cases because of praeternatural aspects of their bodies (having a body which is glowing, or which is transparent), it can readily be deduced, during the dream, that such dream-personage is divine. It is frustrating, however, that authors about the functions of dreaming do, apparently highly deliberately, systematically omit mention of such evidences from their publications. Despite the vast number of instances, both in dream-experience records of classical antiquity, and in praesent-day recordings of dream-experiences, there are numerous accounts of witnessings and conversings with deities in dreamings (including in accounts of shamanry), yet most "psychologist"-type authors, in their published writings concerning dreaming, will either omit mention of all such accounts altogether, or else entitle their book (such as, in the case of the book Communing With the Gods) so as to make it seem from such a title that it must consist of discussions about deities manifestly appearing in dreamings -- yet, such a book is entirely lacking in any such mention (as though the author were intent on making a mockery of the book's title)! The real reason for such omission is glaringly evident : the author is either an as-yet-employed university-professor or a retired university-professor. University-departments of "psychology" (and even more restrictive, of "neurology") do not tend to permit their professors to mention (at least not in publications) any dreaming concerning deities, although university-departments of anthropology (at least in the U.S. of A.) do indeed tend to permit this; resulting in a sort of vast gulf separating university-departments.}

Oct 24th-25th (Tue-Wedn) 2017 :- Dream : I heard of a group of persons commonly employing the names of medicinal herbs as the names of the parts of the body healed by those herbs. (This employment must apparently have been made in order to encourage common use of such medicinal herbs against the appropriate ailments.) [Then I awoke.]

Oct 25th-26th (Wedn-Thur) 2017 :- Dream : I heard of a meditational technique which consisted of contemplating one's own human mind as if it were a hollow space within the brain of a monkey; and of someone whose success at this meditation occurred decades after having been in initiated into it. [Then I awoke.] {Yesterday evening (Oct 25th) I started looking at the book Alchemical Traditions : I looked at (and copied down) the book's chapter-titles. To-day (Oct 26th), I notice one chapter's title ("Reading as an Alchemical Process") which may have given rise to that dream. Among pictorial illustrations to Maya hieroglyphic writing, there is a monkey depicted writing (with a paintbrush); and in the 1001 Nights, there is a tale concerning a man who was transformed into a monkey who, although mute, retained the ability to write. Perusing the said chapter, we now notice its quotation (on p. 322), from The Ladder of Monks (Image Bks, 1978, pp. 81 sq) concerning the ladder [commonly understood to mean a musical scale] dreamt by Ya<qob, which dream I have contemplated as intended (secretly, by the covert author of B-Re>s^iyt) as a means of increasing one's capacity for hearing-and-witnessing angelic chants in the dream-world : a Maya aequivalent to this dream might be (in the Popol Vuh) the ascension into the sky (by means of a magically-growing tree) of the twin-brethren who were men but who, as that tree magically grew, became changed into monkeys. As for the hollow space within the monkey's brain, this could be a combination of the Qabbalist doctrine of s.ims.um ('withdrawal', so as to leave open a space, within the divine plenum, for a material universe); combined with the doctrine (in the Zohar) of 3 brain-enclosures (intended as medulla, cerebellum, and cerebrum).}

Oct 26th-27th (Thur-Fri) 2017 :- Dream : I was seeing a map shewing locations of various AmerIndian tribes in what afterwards became the United States of America, and was hearing of the plights of these tribesfolk when they unexpectedly became subdued by the United States Government. Then, the scene was shifted to where I was in a house in the countryside, along with two men, with whom I was not personally acquainted, in the same room as myself. Those two men seemed to be signaling covertly to each other : I suddenly thought that they might be about suddenly to take me into custody (by seizing me bodily). I resolved on forstalling this possible intent of theirs by unexpectedly escaping out of the house and sprinting away across the countryside. [At this juncture, I suddenly woke.] {In in praeceding evening (Oct 26th), I had been listening of two women-residents (whom I had brought together on the paved patio ouside, ostensibly to discuss dreaming, one of them, in apartment 1911, having been reading a book on lucid dreaming which I had lent to her; and other, M.Wh. often having mentioned to me her aptitude for serial-dreaming) of the aedifice of my residence; but they had started there into discussing the plight of the 1st woman's pet in her having to conform to strict rules for restraining pets, such rules having likewise having been remarked on by G.R. a day or so earlier when, in company with his wife, they had visited my apartment in order for him to correct telephone-call (from him) reception on the 2nd computer of mine (which 2nd computer he had just donated, a day or so earlier, for my use in my apartment of residence here). I was well-pleased with now being able to listen at all times when I am in the apartment, to music playing on, e.g., YouTube. I had been requaesting (both from G.R. and from H.G.) for some years any spare computer (of theirs) which either of them was not currently using; but neither of them had gotten around to making such donation until the woman in apartment 1911 had taken up her residence there shortly before, and had started visiting my apartment (where I had been availing her of listening to music on my 1st computer); so, I had started thinking of her as somehow bringing good fortune by somehow rendring other persons of my acquaintance amenable to my requaests. I ascribed such luck-by-amenity to the beneficence (toward me and toward my own spirit-guides) of her spirit-guide / guardian-angel.} {Perhaps the AmerIndian tribes (on the map in the dream) were derived from my having been shewing to her (who had said that one of her great-grandfathers was Cherokee) maps (in Joseph Campbell's multivolume Historical Atlas of World Mythology) of locations of AmerIndian tribes at places which were then historically being subdued-and-maltreated by the U.S. Government.}

Oct 27th-28th (Fri-Satur) 2017 :- Dream : I was seeing how a diagram resembing a rudimentary map could shew, by distinguishing within enclosed regions of black-and-white, local differences in attitudes, and that changes in such attitudes could be indicated by reversing these black-and-white distinctions within any such enclosed region. {M.G. had called me by telephone the praevious evening (Oct 27th), and had been, as usual for him, mentioning the differences (which he was regarding as drastic) among persons' social attitudes, how unexpectedly discordant and often derived directly from conventional social authority, such attitudes were, varying greatly from-person-to-person. I was replying by saying that the social groups could be rendred less discordant mutually in their attitudes by more emphasis on aisthetics (such as, exposing oneself to a variety of musics and of other arts) because emphasis on aisthetics could lead to its coming to replace conventional social authority, resultant thus in more-harmony-and-less-discord. I had in mind (while saying this) that such differences in social attitude (which may be simply distinguished as congenial or else non-congenial) could be indicated by a map-like diagram indicating regions (of small social groups) repraesenting such distinctions in attitude.} {Mayhap there may be some degree of praesciency in this dreaming, for the next day (Oct 28th) I was reading mention of "natural attitude" (in Communing With the Gods, p. 167) in the context "of time consciousness" (ibid., p. 166), as though a destiny to read of "time" could propell into a dream instilling aptitude for praescience.}