Dream-diary, January 2017

Dec 31st 2016-Jan 1st (Satur-Sun) 2017 (well-after midnight) :- Dream : I wished to soar to a lofty altitude. Promptly I began, by grasping with my hand something which I knew was about to soar aloft, thus rising with it from the ground of the seacoast, and thereupon moving through the sky over the sea. [Then I awoke. When I arrived at the computer to write this, the 1st words I noticed were "a star in the sky" (lyric from the beginning verse of Xandria's "Forever Yours" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzJUPU5sSsU&list=PLGKLP4NhhxYNRua0DpfrAdYKWm9RfP0qj&index=43). Was the dream-world aware that that song (uploaded by someone going by the name "...Dream"; with lyric displayed in typescript; added as #43 -- 1943 being my year of birth -- to a playlist) would be arrived at when I, upon promptly awaking out of a "dream" about being "in the sky", would reach the computer; and thus timed sending an appropriate dream accordingly?]

Jan 7th-8th (Satur-Sun) 2017 :- Dream : It was expounded that official society had just recently become more accomodating to the practical needs of the populace. I witnessed what I understood to be instances of this improvement : on two occasions while I was traveling via public transportation, at two omnibus stops while I was aboard, I heard women-passengers, who were boarding the omnibus there, remark that they had been informed that the omnibus had just then started to pick up passengers at those stops, and that praeviously they had not been allowed to board at those locations. {Over the last several weeks, the African dream-inducing herbs which I had been ingesting had been causing me so much insomnia that in order to sleep, each night I needed to take 5 to 9 melatonin capsules (5 mg each), so that on account of so much melatonin I was usually unable to retain any clear memory of a dream. Last evening (Jan 7th), however, I began consuming only adequate amounts of two sleep-inducing dream-inducing herbs (namely jyotis.mati seeds and mugwort leaves, the latter boiled to make into a beverage) which I had recently received by mail-order -- so that I fell asleep easily without melatonin. I would intend to do likewise hereafter.}

Jan 9th-10th (Mon-Tue) 2017 :- Dream : My sistre had typed (in an unusual curvaciously decorative font), along with an explanation of why she had typed this, a list of specialized computer-programs (none of the names whereof were familiar to me) capable of being used for listening to recorded music -- some of the names of these programs she had typed in bold type. I was reading the list, which was typed on a piece of paper remaining as yet inserted into the typewriter around the typewriter's roller [, when suddenly I awoke. It was, as yet, several hours before dawn. I had not eaten any of the sort of dream-inducing herbs which require melatonin to enable sleeping; but instead only the Artemisia and Celastrus.]

Jan 11th (Wedn during daytime) 2017 :- Dream : I heard a clicking, as if by fingers, and thought the sound to come from the fingers of a person in the waking-world who had thus woken me. [But when I did thereupon immediately awaken, I saw that no other person was present, so that the clicking must have been part of the dream.] {About the day before, I had read on the internet (and quoted on my website) a myth of the origin of the banana-plant from torn-off spirit-hands. (cf. "hand" of bananas -- individual banana resembling a "finger "--, these being Bantu terms.}

Jan 11th-12th (Wedn-Thur) 2017 :- Dream : I was saying to someone that not only do similarities in languages indicate that there was an original language, but also that, to persons, there can be, and are, divinely given (according to those persons' peculiar circumstances) particular words which they thereupon use. [Then I awoke. Perhaps the logical reasoning involved in describing historical etymology, was enough to have jarred my mind into awaking.] {I had taken Bacopa before going to sleep; I had figured that my absence of memory of a dream on certain recent nights (such as, of Jan 10th-11th) had been due to my neglect to take Bacopa along with the mugwort which I have been taking care to brew for myself each evening on recent days -- and I had mentioned (in a telephone-conversation with G.L.R. on Jan 11th) that absence's being caused by that neglect. I had also figured that my experiencing a remembred dream during Jan 11th (when I had fallen asleep at my computer-desk immediately after having had the aforementioned telephone conversation with G.L.R.) had been occasioned by the dream-world's divinity-denizens' having been pleased with my mention to G.L.R. of the result of my neglect (because I had forgotten to do so); for, that mention had been made with the intention of strengthening my future remembring (instead of forgetting) to take the Bacopa each night immediately prior to, and just as faithfully as is (by now) my resolve to continue brewing, for my own quaffing, of some mugwort each evening. The content of last-night (Jan 11th-12th)'s dream, as being on the subject-matter of historical etymology, was likely to refer to G.L.R. (as the correspondent in the telephone conversation during the day before, i.e., on Jan 11th) -- forasmuch as G.L.R. customarily introduceth me (such as, to persons not praeviously acquainted my accomplishments) as knowledgeable in linguistics.} {I had also, in the course of that telephone-conversation with G.L.R., mentioned that my eating [the seeds of] a certain herb (Celastrus paniculata) was causing (as had become evident) the development of sores on the soles of my feet (sores which, as I said, were somewhat similar to those caused, likewise on the sole of a foot, by the MAO-inhibitor in the African rue which I had formerly been eating), so that I would have to cease from it (just as I has ceased from African rue), by not taking it any longer with the mugwort which I would continue to brew.}

Jan 12th (Thur during daytime) 2017 :- Dream : [While in the process of awaking, I felt as though, while my body were remaining in a reclining posture, it were rotating on its long axis.] {It so happened that, earlier (about noon) during that day, I was reading about the etymology of the word /whirl/ (American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Appendix "Indo-European", s.v. "kwerp-"). [Because in Latin /kwe-/ can derive from /c^a-/ (Latin /que/ 'and' = Skt /ca/ 'and'), therefore the etymon may instead be /c^arp-/ : Skt /carpat.a-/ 'lying flat against the side of the head', which could refer to a 'pillow'; such as, the stone-pillow for Ya<qob at Beyt->el, when he witnessed (in a dream) mal>akiym climbing-and-descending a ladder (now-a-days supposed to be a rope-ladder used for boarding ships when not docked). Ya<qob applied to oil to that stone slab, thus indicated that it was intended as a hone : cf. the hone donated by Bo,lwerk 'bulwark, viz., the sides of a ship above the upper deck'. Application of a hone, as pillow, to the ears, could signify (figuratively) a sharpening of the sense of hearing (as, the twain ears beside the sharp knife must suggest in the scene involving various musical instruments, in Hieronymos Bosch's triptych), as would be involved with ear-amputator Simon (Strong's 7889 /S^iymown/ perhaps for 8082 /s^amen/ 'greasy') Petros ('stone') when attempting to walk upon water (figurative of an attempt to play a musical instrument "by ear" -- which must require a conductor to rescue such an attempt). Anyway, my body's horizontally rotating (as if on a spit for a barbecue, when turned by the spit's handle) in the for the dream could easily refer simply to the hurdy-hurdy's having its wheels rotated of by means of a handle (as depicted in Hieronymos Bosch's triptych).}

Jan 12th-13th (Thur-Fri) 2017 :- Dream : [While in the process of awakening, I heard by door-bell resounding : I said (though that time I was perhaps as yet asleep) "Who is it?", but there was no response as I became awake. In this sort of case, when the sound (whether of doorbell's buzzing, of fingers clicking, or of one's name's being heard as called out to) -- which is ostensible cause of awakening -- is occurrent, no scene is visible, as if the experiencer were already awake (with eyen as yet closed), but the sound's being heard is an indication of remaining (at that moment) in the dream.] {Later, during Fri (the 13th of Jan), while describing over the telephone (in speaking to J.M.) the process of this mode of becoming awake, I realized that because the entire process is discontinuous from the events of the dream (with neither the dream's location nor the dream's characters being involved), and is apparently located in the scene of the waking-world : that it must surely be stationed in the waking-world, and thus involve sensing of praeternatural entities whose location (at least as of then) should be in the waking-world in some other subplane thereof (such as can be sensed while under the influence of a glamor, or while astrally projected).}

Jan 14th-15th (Satur-Sun) 2017 :- Dream : I was thinking of the advantage in opening a double subject-matter (i.e., under two simultaneous words) on a search-engine on the internet, in order to find information sufficiently specific. [I had taken pills of Bacopa monnieri extract (of glycosides), and had been been doing so (usually along with some dream-enhancing herb) for the last several days. Apparently that herb is helpful in producing a thoughtful, logical attitude in one's mind, about how to accomplish effects sought. It would appear that because the effect of bacopa on dreaming (dreams about thinking to one's self about what may be an efficient procedure for doing, while alone, some intellectual work) is largely different from the effect of damiana on dreaming (dreams about communicating with familiar persons about doing procedures together, collectively), it may be praeferable to take them alternatively (instead of together), at least until well-acquainted (by experience) with the effect of each : subsequent whereto, they might be taken together in order to procure an effect of planning (and/or effectuating), in conjunction with other persons, a social event involving logical reasoning in the event's functioning (such as, social discussions of metaphysics).]

Jan 17th (Tue) 2017 :- not a dream : [Evidently as a result of my combining Bacopa monnieri with dream-enhancing herbs (Entada rheedii, etc.), although dreaming may not be recalled, connections with understandings may be inserted into the mind during sleep in a fashion developable into hypotheses of physics (including astrophysics) while ensuingly awake -- perhaps abetted by spirit-guides of professors of physics to whom I may be mentioning such insertions. {While considering (and mentioning by telephone to prof. em. H.G.) the fact (as I had written and put onto one of my internet websites long before) that because photonic energy's effects (of heating and expansion) are contrastable with the opposite effects (of chilling and contraction) characteristic of extreme gravitation (within a so-called "black hole'), therefore gravitation may be treated as "negative energy"; and (which I did not tell him), because negative relative to photonic energy, therefore a subtractive effect might be detected in gravitional waves' effect on electromagnetic waves, diminishing (for gravitational waves of a time-frequency similar to that of the electromagnetic waves affected) the amplitude of those electromagnetic waves; which diminution might be experimentally confirmed.}

Jan 18th (Wedn) 2017 :- not a dream : [I received by mail-order yesterday (the praevious day's, Jan 16th's attemped delivery having failed, perhaps on account of my being in a sleep-nap when the delivered arrived -- as I mentioned to the deliverer when this-time successful) and began swallowing DMG (dimethyl-glycine, a supposed cognition-enhancer).] {Think in terms of the fact that while a comet be moving (in its orbit) away from its perihelion its orbital motion is decreasing in velocity (in accordance with maintaining aequal areas swept out, as measured from its major focus the sun), i.e., decelerating, that such deceleration could conceivably be ascribed to a subtractive influence (thus as if by an antiforce, but directed only along the comet's orbit, thus as if at right-angle to any subtractive force-field plausibly centred at the minor focus).}

Jan 21st-22nd (Satur-Sun) 2017 :- Dream : I was watching, and simultaneously listening to, several persons chanting together. Afterwards, when the last of those persons was about to leave the area, I (on account of my having heard tell something about what she had been otherwise doing) rubbed with my hand the back of one of them, who was a woman (and whose body was clothed, so that I was rubbing on her back through her blouse). Nextly, another woman, who somehow was now standing immediately behind the one whose back I had just rubbed, said to me (apparently reprovingly) that it had been her own back that I had rubbed : I replied that it appeared to me that she had been behind the other woman (though also with her back turned toward me), so that it seemed to me that she had had her neck turned around so that she could be facing me. [Thereupon (I apparently being puzzled about how she could claim to have been involved in having been touched by me) I awoke.] {Before going to sleep, I had taken care to eat a bit of each of the dream-enhancing herbs [except for mugwort and verbena, neither of which seemed to help produce dreaming for me, even when boiled in considerable quantities] which I had praesent (most of which species I had bought some months before, by mail-order from Maya Ethnobotanicals in Holland; also angelica and spikenard; and also, from African Trade, voacanga; and also damiana). To assist in my falling to sleep, I had taken capsules of both melatonin and valerian, figuring that when I would take both of them, that the total quantity of pills required for falling asleep would be less than if I were to take only either one of them; and this proved correct, for I fell asleep with only 3 pills of melatonin and 2 of valerian, whereas praeviously it had been requiring 9 or 11 melatonin pills to put me to sleep. I had figured that with fewer sleep-inducing pills having to be taken in order to fall asleep, I would be able to remember a dream (which I had not been able to do before I had received the valerian and had been taking so many melatonin pills); and this proved correct.}

Jan 27th-28th (Fri-Satur) 2017 :- Dream : I was (while talking to some woman, whom, however, I could not then see) facing away from the wall atop a tall ladder (which, I was saying, had 49 stairs, i.e., rungs) which was leaning against a wall, and considered it to be too dangerous to walk down it. As it was saying that it was too dangerous to go down, it (as though the ladder itself understood what I was saying) started slowly sliding forwards and downwards, so that I could see, and said, that soon it would be flat on the ground, sparing me from having to walk down it. [Then I awoke.]

Jan 31st-Feb 1st (Tue-Wedn) 2017 :- Dream : I was, using my computer to do so, uploading onto the internet. [Then I awoke; it was before midnight.] {Uploading onto the internet is a more intricate process for me in using Microsoft Expression-Web than it had been in my having used Dreamweaver to do so; a process sufficiently intricate as to make for my experiencing dreaming thereconcerning.}