Dream-diary, September 2016

Sept 5th-6th (Mon-Tue) 2016 :- Dream : [Without my realizing that I was in a dream,] Someone was telling me to the effect (or, at least, such is that which I understood that person to mean) that dreams arise from mental attitudes of a person who is dreaming; so, I was protesting (in the dream) that any dream is its own world and that it therefore is arising from itself. [While thus protesting, I awoke.] {The person's giving an erroneous explanation of dreams must be derived from, on Sunday (Sept 4), S.P.'s (while she was driving me) having denied that dreams occur in another world; though I at that time did protest (by my saying that in a dream one is in occupation of a dream-body which is different from a material body) against her having alleged that. I did thereupon tell to her that when I had, at some praevious SocOfFr meeting stated that in dreams thoughts occur in other than the material brain, other person there had claimed that in dreams thoughts occurr in the brain of the dream-body; so, upon by having told that to her, she was asking me who that particular person was. But I had been so exasperated as the persistence of that person's claim that thoughts occurr in the brain, that I had not bothered to record that person's name, nor had arranged for any further continuation of the discussion after the meeting. I did, however, tell her that thoughts do not occur in the brain, but rather in the same space of the universe which is being experienced by the thoughts.}

Sept 6th-7th (Tue-Wedn) 2016 :- Dream : {Similarly to the dream of the praevious night,} [Without my realizing that I was in a dream,] I was protesting against someone's systematically oversimplifying philosophical mis-explanation of circumstances of human existence. That person's mis-explanation used only 3 metaphysical components to existence, whereas my explanation used, besides those 3, another, a fourth. {I had, in the day praevious, mentioned in a writing of mine, Turiya ('4th') as an existential state of the universe (when mentioning consciousness as experiencing of the universe's existence). A few days before, I had mentioned to H.G. (prof. em. in physics) the 4th dimension of space as the only known way of keeping the universe without the bounds of intelligible finitude (as as to hindre explanation of space from diverging into unintelligible infinitude), to which he replied that he was aware of the 4th dimension's being employed for that purpose. I had decided to mention his to him on account of my long-term experience of difficulty in holding to any logical way of imparting a natural (and critically needed) restriction of the universe's space to a logically necessary finitude, namely by a mirror-like repetition of the same space indefinitely with repeated re-entry of the same space from the opposite direction. [While writing this, I have arrived at the thought (metaphysical hypothetic understanding) that perhaps the reason for mortals' loss of memory at death (or before redincarnation of the same mortals) may be (or must be?) the deities' (who evidently are capable of erasing mortals' memories) becoming exasperated by mortals' usual failure to hold to a logically adequate means of restraining their understanding of the existence of actually existent space within some mannner-or-mode of logically-required finitude.]}

Sept 7th-8th (Wedn-Thur) 2016 :- Dream : I saw, at the end of a word which occurred at the end of a sentence, ending typed line of mine : several typed characters which looked as though they did not belong; so, I thought that I ought to compare with the printed text whence I had been quoting in typing. Then, however, I noticed another instance in my typing of the same sort, namely, of several characters different together which did not belong, likewise at the end of a word which occurred at the end of a sentence (and line of type). But thereupon I suddenly thought to myself that, rather than my having mistyped several different characters in two places nigh to other in my typing, it would more likely be that I was dreaming of the extra sets of characters which did not belong. [At this musing thus, I thereupon abruptly awoke. It was, as yet, in the middle of the night.] {This is likely to be the first time that I realized that I was probably asleep in a dream, as a recognition by means of noticing an incongruance in type-characters (whether in my own typing, or in a printed book).} {At least one of each set of characters at the end of a word, was a character other than a letter of the alphabet. At least one of such characters seems to have been an asterisk; and because of the prominence in Sumerian writing of the asterisk-shaped character, which in that writing is both a word for 'star' and a determinant-character indicating the name of a deity (the word for deity being /dingir/ : perhaps a compound consisting of <arabiy /diynah/ 'faith' + Samskr.ta /giri/ 'mountain', implying a "mountain-moving faith"), therefore this set of characters may indicate a category of star (and where a non-letter character other than an asterisk may be involved, then some astronomical object other than a star -- whether a planet, a galactic nebula, or whatever -- may be indicated) as an abode of intelligent beings (whether abiding in the material plane, or in a subtle plane-of-existence). Because each such set of characters would seem to have contained two alphabet-letters, this may indicate that each category of astronomical object was categorized into some 10-to-20 categories, each such category being subdivided, in turn, into some 10-to-20 subcategories.}

Sept 13th-14th (Tue-Wedn) 2016 :- Dream : I was to praepare yoghurt, using one of the boxed contents among several boxes which came in a larger cardboard box. {When (while awake) I praepare yoghurt, I often use a the powdered milk coming in a bag among the mostly-boxed contents of a larger cardboard box, arriving monthly from the government-sponsored Harvest Hope giveaway-program of free food to the indigent.} {Incidentally, during the past several consecutive nights when I lacked a remembred dream, I had been playing from the internet during the daytime video-playlists (from YouTube, which I generally play from the Chrome web-browser with YouTube along with AdBlock, which is permitted on Chrome although not permitted on the Opera web-browser) of music other than ecclesiastic chants (for, though I would be switching to ecclesiastic chants immediately before my reclining so as to fall asleep each night, merely putting on ecclesiastic chanting for my sleep-periods was not sufficing to induce any remembred dreaming). Therefore, yesterday I mentioned (in a Skype internet-telephone-call to prof. em. H.G.) this lack of a remembred-dream effect, which lack had (as I then remarked over the telephone-call) been evidently been caused by my neglect in evading to be playing ecclesiastic chanting during the daytime; and I therefore was at that time thereupon resolving to be playing (i.e., as the only music playlists to be listened-to from the internet) only ecclesiastic chanting during the daytime (in addition to leaving such long playlists -- to be of sufficient duration so as to endure through the night, the playlist must usually be a "YouTube Mix" -- to be turned-on to continue playing during my sleep-hours). So, when yesterday (Sept 13th) I did confine my listening-to of music-playlists to ecclesiastic chanting, this confinement did result in a remembred dream -- when I awoke from the remembered dream, however, the item-series on said "YouTube Mix" was just as-of-then (it was about 3 A.M.) shifting from ecclesiastic music to non-ecclesiastic (symphonic-metal) music : this indicated that the divine controllers of my dreamworld were intending that I notice their intent in choosing that moment to awaken me, so that I would at that juncture switch out of that playlist to a playlist which would be, again, of ecclesiastic-chanting content.}

Sept 14h-15th (Wedn-Thur) 2016 :- Dream : I was reading a printed description of certain set of music-playlists of songs on the internet, the playlists in the set being distinguished by certain differences.

Sept 15th-16th (Thur-Fri) 2016 :- Dream : I was reading that a woman, described as silver-haired, had assembled a certain music-playlist non the internet, but that a similar music-playlist on the internet had been assembled by a different woman. [Incidentally, shortly before I went to sleep, the Dreamweaver-program had, while I was using it to upload music-playlists onto my internet-website, suddenly ceased to function; I thereupon called (on Skype) prof. em. H.G., and told him this, mentioning that the error-message for Dreamweaver mentioned that if had "stopped responding" and asked me to close that program; and that that program, however, was refusing to close. After completing that telephone-call, I next noticed that I was unable to connect, by means of the search-function (Google Advanced Search), with any site on the internet, although that search-function had, until then, been adept at thus connecting on the Opera-browser even when the Opera-browser had been unwilling to connect with any internet-website by any other means. I had, however, discontnued using Opera on account of its refusal to allow AdBlock to be used on it meant that I could not effectively use to to listen to music-playlists on YouTube. I was now using the Chrome-browser, which I realized must be responsible for the sudden failure of Dreamweaver. Intent on putting the InternetExplorer website-browser into operation instead, I found that I could not connect with it (any more than with any other website) by means of Chrome, so I turned instead to my stand-bye website-browser, Netscape, to do so; and as soon as I had InternetExplorer installed and functioning, I tried again to close Dreamweaver, and was now successful, but instead of attempt to use it any further, went instead to the two music-programs (which I had been using before my download of the AdBlock program had made YouTube available without its advertisements, and the subscriptions to which I had been keeping on paying for never-the-less, because they are cheap enough) : firstly, Last.FM, and then (because I found out, although I had forgotten this, Last.FM is lacking in antique musics) Pandora.COM, which was adept enough at playing a-cappella motets under the rubric "polyphony"; which I soon re-discovered (upon awaking later in the night) pauseth any playlist after a while of inactivity of the computer on the internet. Realizing that this situation would be less-than-satisfactory for providing music from the waking-world into my dreaming-world, I determined to use (via InternetExplorer) some other service (one which will not pause on account of no internet activity) to access a-cappella motets (which, as I was saying to H.G., may better please the controllers of the dreaming-universe than monophonic Eastern-Orthodox -- Slavic and Hellenic -- chants which I had been leaving turned-on and playing, while I would be asleep and dreaming, on YouTube via the Chrome internet-browser).]

Sept 17th-18th (Satur-Sun) 2016 :- Dream : I was involved in an effort, not as yet successful, to change human society for the better. [I had had a more definite memory of the dream than this when first awaking, but the memory of its contents largely slipped away while I was in the process of thoroughly awaking, despite my various efforts (attempted at stages in the process of awaking -- but praecisely what those efforts consisted of, memory of that also largely slipped away) to retain thorough memory of it. The night before last a similar process occurred; and at that time, the memory of the dream so completely escaped while I was awaking that I was left, out of it, nothing able to be written of. Is the dream-world expecting me to conduct some particular rite while awake in order to impart to me (i.e., in order for me to impart to them some definite spermission for the dream-controlling deities to direct me into) some intent to perform in the dream-world some particular activity, bringing with that activity a privilege for the resultant dream to be better-remembred?

Sept 18th-19th (Sun-Mon) 2016 :- Dream : I was concerned with the systematic labeling of items making up a playlist on the internet : I was viewing two different methods for this, and was wondring about in which circumstances which method would be used.

Later dream, same night : I was reading a writing wherein a man was stating that he had sexual relations with another man, and that the similarity of between their sexual organs was admirable; this odd and curious way of description suggested to me that the writing was a fiction intended to amuse a reader : and when I reached the end of that essay, I saw that its promotion was ascribed to "FAKE ENTERTAINMENT", a name which I understood to be a fictitous spoof.

Sept 21st-22nd (Wedn-Thur) 2016 :- Dream : Out-of-doors, flood-waters were rising.

Later dream, same night : In order to visit a museum, I (while carrying a pair of trousers which I was intending to don), within an aedifice, walked up a single-flight, quite a tall (several storeyes tall) freestanding (with open air to both sides of it) staircase (a freestanding staircase being praesent within, nigh unto its entrance, the local state-university-library); while I paused to sit for a while on that staircase (with the trousers draped over my bare legs), several persons (mostly women) passed me in their walking on (some walking up and some walking down) the staircase, until (while as yet on the staircase) I donned the trousers, finished climbing the staircase, and, at the top of the staircase, entred the museum. The museum consisted of several rather small rooms, each room containing antiquated (19th-century ChrAira) machinery and (similarly antiquated) household-equippage. {The contents of the museum were somewhat similar to those in the local waking-world Museum of Science and Industry.} [When I awoke, the memory of this dream slipped away, but soon I remembred it by making a prompt effort to do so.]

Sept 22nd-23rd (Thur-Fri) 2016 :- Dream : I was somehow assigned to participation in a group consisting of three woman and myself. The three woman were standing in the room, each woman clad only in underwear (panties and brassiere). I figured that they would not object if I were to feel in their bodies through their clothing; so I walked over to each woman in succession, applying my right hand (to the rear and front of the panties-clad parts of the women's bodies :) first to the buttocks and next the pubis of each woman, moving my hand with a circular swirling motion so as to be massaging. After treating each woman in this way, I repeated by doing the same thing again to each woman in succession, this time taking a longer time swirling my hand on (the rear and front of the panties-clad parts of the women's bodies :) each woman's buttocks and pubis. [Thereupon I awoke. I had been asleep only half an hour -- having lain down to go to sleep a little after 2 AM, and awaking a little after 2:30 AM. (I do not seem usually to develop dreams so soon after falling asleep.)]

Sept 24th-25th (Satur-Sun) 2016 :- Dream : I was reading a description of features of what I was under the impression were various states-of-mind, including of dreaming. [Then I awoke.]

Sept 26th-27th (Mon-Tue) 2016 :- Dream : I was reading a description of three categories of music, together with a description of three types of person, one each of which types was characterized as praeferring one each of those categories of music.

Sept 27th-28th (Tue-Wedn) 2016 :- Dream : I was reading an account of how the Government of England actually secretly controlled, within its empire, various putatively insurrectionary organizations. [Then I awoke. It was shortly past midnight.] {My father used to often mention (particularly before I departed to the United States in 1963) how modern governments, in all known cases of putatively insurrectionary organizations (including such insurrectionary organizations as have labeled themselves "anarchist"), have always secretly controlled such organizations through the leaders' of such organizations always secretly being (since before the commencement of each such organization) hired agents of the respective governments, in all such cases the secret-government-agent leaders always being instructed by the respective governments to induce their self-styled "anarchist" followers to perform some manner of illegal actions so that those leaders can thereupon betray them to the governments in order to have those followers all arrested, tried in court, and convicted of breaking the law. Continuing quite a few years after I had come to the United States (in 1963), I would read of such cases, beginning with that of the Molly Maguires (whose membres were Irish coal-miners in West Virginia in the mid-19th century ChrAira) and continuing with various other similar cases, even unto our own times. In the more recent cases, the leaders (though they may be imitating in various ways various organizations set up by secret government hireling-agents) have not always betrayed their followers to the governments, but have contented themselves (and their governments) by inciting such illegal activites as have led to those organizations (such as the "Students for Democratic Society") withdrawal (after perpetrating some illegal act, in the case of the S.D.S. the bombing of the policeman-statue in Haymarket Square -- the statue commemorating police slain when what is believed to have been an identified government-hireling-agent's having tossed the hand-grenade into the police's midst, resulting in court-conviction of numerous protestors) from promoting any further public protest. (The Weatherman leader -- whose name is reminiscent of that of Mt Weather [intended refuge for government-agents in the circumstance of extensive rioting in DC] in VA nigh its border with WV -- is likely to have been a government-hireling ordered to incite others to perpetrate some illegal act so as to induce any perpetrators to retire into hiding and thus to organize no further protests; but because Weatherman's identity as a government-hireling-agent would have to be disclosed in any court-trial, the government chose not to blow this cover, but rather to retain the cover so as more effectually to discourage any further nationwide anti-government protesting.)}