Dream-diary, August 2016

Aug 1st-2nd (Mon-Tue) 2016 :- Dream : While I was standing nigh, a woman, who was also standing, picked up a plastic gallon-jug (the same kind which I used for praeparing yoghurt within, now-a-days using powdered milk combined with water, poured by a small pitcher into jug) and drank directly from it; and then she immediately remarked (speaking to a man, whom I understood to be an organizer of this offering of food as a social event, and who was standing beside her) to the effect that it was convenient to have it available wherefrom to drink. I understood that she was a guest of the group of persons sponsoring the social event. I thought of remarking to her that other persons would be using it to pour their drinks from; but while I was wondring whether it would be considered rude of me if I were to make such a remark to her (the man to whom she was speaking making no such remark), I awoke. [It was just past midnight.] {On the Sunday just praeceding, we (SocOfFr) had, for the first time in years, gone to a public county-park (S.Sh.) for our meeting : as usual for such social events, each person attending was invited to bring food so as to share it with other persons attending; I had brought (among other foods) some yoghurt (mixed with ginger), but in a container smaller than the gallon-jug.}

Aug 2nd-3rd (Tue-Wedn) 2016 :- Dream : I was listening to instrumental music. [Then I awoke.] {The music which I heard when I awoke was very similar to that which I had been hearing in the dream. I had left the music playing from the internet, on YouTube : it was in the playlist "Symphonic Metal Compilation -- Francisco Miranda" -- at 95/130 videos, namely "Q-Factory - A Wounded Soul (Choral Rock)", its lyrics (in Italian, posted) describing [translation into English] "dreams" concerning "Angels, adepts"


Later dream, same night : Someone was telling me that a mole on my shoulder ought to be removed; but in order to refute to possibility of its being a malignant tumor recent grown there, I said that I believed that I had been born with it aready on my body. {I never have had any such mole. The fable of a man's having a mole on his neck which his wife (when she was talked into doing so by the Devil) attempted to cut off while he was sleeping, is told in Zorah Neale Hurston : Mules and Men (1935), where I read it in the last few weeks.}

N.B. : Thus I experienced two dreams in the same night, both involving litterary references to dreams/sleep! I had been recently telling (by telephone) H.G. and G.R. that I would like to have dreams wherein angels would make their appearance : so, instead of their fulfilling this requaest in the form wherein I had put it, they instead indicated their faculty for connecting the dream-world with the waking-world by referring in the dreams which they controlled to that which I was-hearing / had-been-read in the waking-world. [This would happen if (and only if?) there were divine entities (spirit-guides) abiding within my body (praesumably the material one) which were able : (1a) to induce me to play a playlist of songs containing one having lyrics about angels in dreams; (1b) to awaken me at the moment when this particular song was being played; and (2) could appear in a dream referring to a Diabolic folklore-fable in a book written by the authoress of Their Eyes Were Watching God -- apparently to suggest to me that they (divine entities, namely my spirit-guides involved in these control-mechanisms controlling me) are closely watching me -- substituting (as the person being watched) "me" for "God" -- which could be their (the divine spirit-guides') mannerism for disclosing a guise for significance of the aequation "atman (one's self) = brahman (the divine nature pervading and controlling the universe)". The aequation is thus explicated by them (spirit-guides) as effectuated by their needful praesence-and-activity in order to maintain a meaningful (i.e., made-and-kept meaningful by ongoing series of events arranged by them) connectivity betwixt atman (experiential self -- experiencing both waking-world and dream-world) and brahman (events-as-experienced in both waking-universe and dream-universe).]

c. Aug 8th (Sun during daytime? or rather Mon) 2016 :- Dream : I was typing corrections : each time that I completed the corrections, further errors appeared in my typescript, repeatedly, somewhat exasperating me, who was beginning to wondre how this repeated appearance of further misspellings could be possible when I had each time been diligent to correct existing misspellings. [Then I awoke.] {The music-piece playing when I awoke was "Dark Code - From The Ashes (2015)" : could the word /Code/ indicate a non-understood spelling, which might result in a dream of continual misspellings?}

Later dream, same day : I was arranging an already-existing music-playlist for own use by making efforts to seek-out more possible instances of similar playlists. [Then I awoke.]

c. Aug 8th-9th (Sun-Mon? or rather Mon-Tue) 2016 :- Dream : I was naked, in bed with a woman, also naked, whom I understood to be cohabiting with me, but she being unwilling thus far throughout the cohabitation of ever having sexual intercourse with me. I was sitting naked on top of her naked body, I being seated upon her pelvis, with my legs stretched forward, my feet being at her shoulders, while I was begging of her that she consent to some form of sexual intercourse, but she steadfastly refused, telling me, in effect, that I ought to be ashamed of asking her for such an activity; and I thought to myself that if such were her praeference, I ought to desist, for at least the time being, from such a request. As soon as I thought thus, her body vanished, leaving me sitting alone, in the same posture, on the bed. At this juncture of events, I heard the sound of someone walking outside the house, and it seemed from the direction of the footsteps that whoever it might be could be entering the house. I was concerned that it might be someone intent on entring and succeeding in doing so (as if it were someone intent on punishing me for requaesting sexual intercourse with the woman). [Then I awoke.] {I had fallen asleep at the computer-desk shortly after having ingested various dream-enhancing herbs. In the evening praeceding (i.e., Aug. 8th or rather Sun Aug 7th?), I had been speaking by telephone with R.Sh. the drummer; and later that night (Mon Aug 8th?) had recognized and begun typing-up the sequential aequivalence, to the Meso-American 9-night (or 9 divisions of the night) sequence, of the musical-instrument sequence, ending with "drum", on the right panel of the Garden of Earthly Delights triptych.}

Aug 9th-10th (Tue-Wedn) 2016 :- Dream : I was hearing the names of various groups of persons which promoted spiritual powers.

Aug 11th-12th (Thur-Fri) 2016 :- Dream : I was in a room, raised somewhat above the level of the outside-ground, and covered on three adjoining sides by windows (thus being alike to the cockpit of a very large ae:roplane, although this similitude did not come to mind during the dream) : through this connected series of windows, I was looking out at a wide expanse of brown uncultivated soil, devoid of plants and with nothing else living in view, and no architectural structures nor any other noticeable distinctive feature. While viewing this featureless field (which was located something like a hundred feet or so below the level of the room wherein I was standing), I realized that no such scene could be witnessed whence I resided or normally visited in the waking-world, and that therefore I must be asleep. Once I realized this fact, I thought that I was obliged to warn the dream-deities who would naturally be somehow praesent and observing the scene along with me, that they must take care not to be misled (as I had been thitherto) into imagining that this location-and-scene were any part of the waking-world : thus, by warning them, to protect them from any deleterious consequences for us if they were to continue to mistake (as I had thitherto been doing) the dream-world as if it were the material world. Therefore, while I continued to look out through the mutually-adjoining windows on three sides (or rather, on the front side, and on the forward-portions of the two adjoining sides) of the room, I continuously spake aloud, addressing vocatively the dream-deities, warning them in this fashion. [I do not recall having ever before (viz., in any praevious dream) thought of warning dream-deities assumedly praesent about anything; nor even of having addressed (apostrophizingly or however) dream-deities assumed to be praesent without being noticeable; nor, indeed, of having (deliberately or otherwise) prayed in any dream of mine.]

Later episode in same dream : I was looking at a small (about two-inch on each edge) somewhat cubical, apparently manufacured, object which I was holding : while I was viewing it, its front surface (which had thitherto been devoid of any design) suddenly sported a design; and while I gawked at such a wondre as a design to be suddenly displayed without any known cause, the design suddenly shifted to a different design, and did so repeatedly, every few seconds, until by my contemplating (wondring) what could be the possible cause of such a display which I could not recall ever having witnessed before, I realized that I must be asleep. After my realizing this, the design morphed into the design (though as yet only a surface-print, not composed of any solid substance such as of metal) in the picture-aequivalent to a metal clasp along a the middle portion of a side, and overlapping with the two adjoining sides, of the object. [Puzzled at this praesentiment's being only a surface-print of a clasp instead of being a functional metal clasp (I thought of the metal clasp along the edge of a book, intended to keep the book closed), I awoke.] {Could this be a reference to a prophetic book?}

Aug 18th-19th (Thur-Fri) 2016 :- Dream : I was considering a written list which I was viewing, consisting of sets of recordings, each set concerning some particular person. {These could be regarded as similar the the lists which I have written up, each list of a particular genre of music, and each list consisting of sets of recordings, each set by a particular music-orchestra.} Later in the same dream : stooping over the headboard of the bed whereon she was reclined, I was kissing the forehead of the woman J.M. whom I have so often (in the waking-world) travelled to visit (I confined my kissing to her face, thinking as I did that other parts of her face would require more of an effort for me to reach); and was also talking to her about the fact that I was kissing her face. [Thereupon I awoke.] {This dream is unusual in that I knew (in the dream) the identity of the woman whom I was kissing; whereas, typically in my dreams of my kissing some woman, I have not known the identity of the woman, such woman being in such dreams any which woman who happened to be standing around when I happened (spontaneously) to think that I might enjoy kissing a (any which) woman -- nor have I typically spoken to a woman whom I was kissing in a dream.}

Aug 20th-21st (Satur-Sun) 2016 :- Dream : I was with a group of persons among whom the 2-word sentence "Kurie Eleison" was being chanted repetitiously, with the tone of the sentence shifting with each intonement of it. Only one woman was intoning the chant for the most part, with the other persons participating mainly only in the final repetition in each sequence, which final repetition I also participated in chanting. [Then I awoke.] {The same 2-word sentence "Kurie Eleison" was being chanted repetitiously, being played on YouTube from the internet at Divna Ljubojevic~Aksion Estin ♫ Kyrie Eleison ♫ ( ORTHODOX†CHANNEL† ) in the playlist Mix - Valaam Men's Choir: Orthodox Shrines of the Russian North YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QR3Y5hDncn4&index=16&list=RDBt0srHszhxs In this recording, the chanting is likewise being performed mainly by a single woman.}

Aug 21st-22nd (Sun-Mon) 2016 :- Dream : I was asked (by a woman) whether I thought that a pig's body was empty. (I then remembered that I had earlier in the dream I had heard someone say that pigs' bodies are empty.) {This is probably an allusion to pig-skins' being inflated in order to be used as large playing-balls for certain team-sports -- but whether that may have been intended, I did not think of that allusion in the dream.} I answered that it is not. Then the same person assered that a pig's ribs are hollow. {This is probably an allusion to extraction of a woman (named /H.awwah/) out from a rib (one of >adam's) -- but whether that may have been intended, I did not think of that allusion in the dream.} I thought to myself that bones generally are filled with marrow. {Although I did not remembre this in the dream, there is a Muslim belief that h.uwriy [litterally meaning 'free'] women (the ones in the description of after-death existence) are said to have their bodies transparent except for the marrow within their bones, which marrow is then visible. This description could be derived from exegesis of the reference in B-Re>s^iyt (2:21-22), such that it is deduced that the woman H.awwah, having been generated from the marrow-of-rib only must be visible in that portion of her body only, the other portion of her body all being so aithereal as to be transparent. (In this exegesis, the descriptions of Gan <eden ('Garden-[of-]Delight') in the Towrah are all assumed to apply to post-mortem existence, souls-of-the-dead being assumed to return thither.)}

Aug 22nd-23rd (Mon-Tue) 2016 :- Dream : I favored certain secret societies whose membres used peculiar emblems, and considered that I ought to have copies of their emblems in order to shew that I sympathized with their intentions. {The day praevious, I had asked a woman what was the significance of the peculiar emblem printed on the T-shirt which she was wearing : she told me that it was for the Eastern Star.}

Later in the same dream : One woman was demanding of another woman that the latter do certain things in a particular (conventional) way; so I went behind the first woman and inserted my arms around hers so that she was trapped thus, telling her that she ought not to insist to another woman (the latter woman remaining there and observing me do and say this) do anything in any particular way. [Then I awoke.]

Aug 30th-31st (Tue-Wedn) 2016 :- Dream : I heard it mentioned that someone had, when formerly a young child, stood on the mother's feet : I wondred why this had been mentioned.

Later dream, same night : I man with whom I was talking happened to mention that he wished to kiss me. I was thinking that he may have been intending to use any such action as the beginning of an outright homosexual (involving genitalia) act; so I immediately walked away from him. {Perhaps, however, this mention of men kissing each other may have been imitated from the admonition (addressed to men) to "greet the brethren with an holy kiss" (which I happened to read again recently) in one of the Epistles of the New Testament, wherein it is merely a conventional greeting and not the commencement any homosexual episode involving genitalia.} Later in the same dream : realizing that I had earlier been asleep, I was telling that remembred dream of mine to someone. [This was the first night, over more than a week, wherein I could remembre anything of a dream, despite the fact that I had been each night (on some nights immediately prior going to sleep, and on other nights after awaking in the middle of the night) ingesting the dream-enhancing herbs (galanthamine, sinicuichi, etc.) which had praeviously (praevious weeks) generally sufficed for me to have a remembred dream. During the praevious day (i.e., Aug 30th) I had spoken with my brother (when answering the telephone-call from him, I not having been able to reach him in telephone-calls which I had attempted in recent days), describing something of recent remembred dreams of mine, the ones containing dream-persons who were chanting : mentioning to him that my seeing the dream-persons who were doing the chanting had been a recent-weeks' development (and most recently, my being able to distinguish the words being chanted in Hellenic), the chanters remaining out of sight and their words unintelligible in the various occasions when I did hear chanting in a dream in the months praevious to such. In the evening immediately prior to going to sleep, I did ingest also (before taking the dream-enhancing herbs) first some spice-seeds (anise and cardamom) and next a little of h.armalah-seeds, hoping that this might be effective in enabling my body to retain enough of any of the dream-enhancing herbs as so to result in a remembrable dream. In case this (h.armalah-seeds) might be critical (needed) for my experiencing remembrable dreams, I also (before going to sleep) did write down -- taping it to my computer-desk -- with colored highlighter-markers a note (on an index-card) to myself to "remember to ingest h.armalah before (prior to) galanthamine & sinicuichi". One reason why I had usually been neglecting to ingest h.armalah was that (as I was reminded by recurrence of the same sensation again on this occasion) it is productive of a harsh/rough sensation of mind (a slight headache-like effect) -- but I did, on this occasion, upon noticing that sensation, also ingest melatonin-pills, which thereupon did promptly put me to sleep -- and by the time I awoke the next morning, that somewhat unpleasant sensation had vanished.]