Dream-diary, July 2016

July 2nd-3rd (Satur-Sun) 2016 :- Dream : In a dim apartment at night, my father feigned being a ghost, leaning silently against my body when I went into the particular room thereof whereinto he had gone.

July 8th-9th (Fri-Satur) 2016 :- Dream : I was waiting in the evening at the junction of roadways, on the right ride of the road (along which our community was situated) leading off from the main highway, when a motorcycle turned onto, and drove along, that road from the from the main highway. I thought that this event might indicate that I ought to depart (with waiting any longer) by walking along the road toward our community, intending to turn off shortly, however, across a field which I had seen earlier to be a suitable place for spending the night. While I was thus walking, however, the night become so very darksome that I could hardly seen that I was continuing to walking along the edge of the road; besides wondering whether it might be dangerous to be walking so close to the roadway on a night so dark that vehicles might be neither able to notice me nor to notice the praecise course of the roadway. Thereupon, while thus walking, I happened to collide into what seemed to be the end of a fence denoting separation between the roadway and the edge of the field. I figured that this must indicate the beginning of the area which I had selected as suitable to lie down to go to sleep on; so I began walking into the field (the night being as yet quite darksome), to find a suitable place for reclining upon. [Thereupon I awoke, perhaps on account of lack of stimulation -- neither being able to see anything, nor, without seeing anything, having much of a notion of what to do while continuing to walk in the dark.] {Just before going to sleep, I had called by telephone prof. em. H.G., who hath taken an interest in promoting the riding on motorcycles (for cheap personal transportation).}

July 9th-10th (Satur-Sun) 2016 :- Dream : I saw a mechanical-electrical device attached to the wall, and in order to find out what its function was, turned it on. Immeditately, it opened itself, and revealed a large horizontal cylindre which began rotating with a pen marking on it. I surmised that it was recording a possible seismatic tremor, which, because it had been turned on, it assumed was occurring. I dreaded that I had inadvertently set off a false alarm, and sought to turn it off immediately in order to surcease the alarm. But at this point my body became unable to move, so that I could not proceed to turn it off. [Thereupon, I awoke.] {Just before going to sleep, I had called by telephone prof. em. H.G. (who, being a retired professor of physics, might well have taken an interest in such a device); and I happened to tell him that I thought that he had perhaps occasioned the immediately praevious (July 8th-9th) remembred dream, and that therefore my calling him again might occasion another remembred dream.}

July 10th (Sun during daytime) 2016 :- Dream : I was praeparing a writing concerning the etymon-word */diwos/. {This would be aequivalent to, in Latin, the word for 'rich' (and name for a rich man in a Latin Vulgate Euangelion kata Loukas 16:19-31 http://www.goodnews.ie/divesandlazarus.shtml) : cf. our family name /RICHards/ and the family-name /RICH/ of the man to whom my mother's 1/2-sistre is married.}

July 11th (Mon after 4 A.M., still typing after having typed, all night long, weblinks to upload) 2016 :- Vision with mine eyen closed : I saw a group of persons come off the vertical-hoist elevator after having traveled upward through the elevator-shaft aboard it, and I expected them to enter together one of the apartments on that storey in order to undertake a peculiar occult religious caerimony (which I had somehow been thinking of); but instead they went to the stairwell-staircase and started walking down it (which surprised me, as I wondred how and why they could have gotten off on the wrong floor). [Could the explanation have been that the floor which they sought was the 13th, but that it would have been regarded as unlucky for them to disembark directly unto a thus-numbered floor, so that they had to disembark on the floor just above it and then walk down one floor?] The last person I saw walk down it (I must have been at a vantage-point on the upper landing of the stairwell in order to view this) was a woman wearing a red dress. {I had, during the night just praeceding (i.e., July 10-11), read of Ya<qob's ladder, here depicted as a staircase, at : http://angels.about.com/od/AngelsReligiousTexts/f/What-Were-Angels-Doing-On-Jacobs-Ladder.htm . Incidentally, the first time in my life when I heard music in a dream was when I was walking down the staircase of a multistoreyed aedifice in the dream; and during last night I was reading on the same website several accounts of angels influencing both dreams and music : angels with dreaming http://angels.about.com/od/Angels-in-Dreams/fl/How-Angels-Can-Help-You-Dream-with-Purpose.htm and angels with music http://angels.about.com/od/AngelBasics/f/What-Are-Angel-Languages-How-Do-Angels-Communicate-Through-Music.htm . -- But as for the woman's red dress, this could referr to the "red ray" (one of the rays-of-creation), mentioned at : http://angels.about.com/od/AngelBasics/p/What-Are-Angel-Colors-The-Red-Light-Ray.htm .}

July 11th (Mon at 6 A.M. after having fallen asleep in my computer-desk chair) 2016 :- Dream : I, while aboard an omnibus, saw a man sprinting in the road alongside the omnibus, and remembred that he had praeviously indicated wishing to board the same omnibus, so I spoke out, expecting the driver of the omnibus to hear me, saying "Someone wishes to get on the bus". The driver must have heard me (though I thought to myself that I had not spoken loudly enough to be heard by the driver, and was intending to call out the same words more loudly), for he looked to the side of the omnibus, saw the sprinter, and stopped the omnibus to that the man could board it. [Then I awoke.]

Same day, early afternoon :- Dream : I was typing up an article on "near-death experiences". {That is what I was doing in the waking-world when I fell asleep in the computer-desk chair, immediately before this dream.}

July 12th-13th (Tue-Wedn) 2016 :- Dream : I was reading something about the usefulness of some species of tree. [Then I awoke.]

Later dream, same night : When a man who was supposed to be a panderer of prostitutes called out that any man who wished to have sexual relations with a prostitute should come forward, I was the only man who went forward. Other men who witnessed this remarked to each other that I was apparently too old to be seeking a prostitute, so I walked the short distance back my place. Then one of the men, thinking that I must not have been too old, or I would not have walked forward at the call, said to another man, as concerning me : "He is only 54 [years old]." But I myself knew that he underestimated my age, and that I am in my 70s; but I did not speak out in order to correct him, for I thought that if it were recognized (due to my own admission) that I am older than was regarded as appropriate for seeking a prostitute, I would be reprimanded for doing so. [At this juncture, I awoke.] {Although I have often participated in, or witnessed, sexual activities in various dreams over the decades, these seem always to have been conducted in complete silence, with discussion of the activities neither by persons participating in them, nor by anyone else in the dream witnessing nor observing the activities -- neither any approval nor any disapproval ever being vocalized by anyone in any way involved, nor yet vocal discussion of any attempt to engage in sexual activity. This dream may well mark the commencement of regular vocal discussion about propriey and/or impropriety of sexual activities and/or of attempts to sexual activites. It is curious that vocal discussion of sexual behaviour should commence (in the course of my drem-life) with a discussion merely of an attempt by myself in response to a vocal call or summons suggesting the possibility of sexual activity, rather than commence with a discussion of actual sexual activity, or of a situation wherein the feasiblity for sexual activity were quite manifest. In the dream being discussed, quite evidently only men (but no women) were praesent in the room -- perhaps indicating that in dream-life it is deemed more appropriate for any consideration (i.e., as expressed in vocalization -- I have as yet seen in dreams no written remarks about sexual activities -- such activities whether of myself or of any other persons -- none ever having been in evidence in any dream of mine, and certainly no pornographical materials, neither pictorial nor written, in any dream of mine) of sexual, or of erotic, activities, to be conducted among membres of one's own gendre, rather than in mixed company of one's own gendre plus the opposite gendre, or company entirely of the opposite gendre. [Incidentally, earlier that night (i.e., 12th-13th) had been the first time when I had deliberately sought out on an internet search-engine (in this case, Bing) instances of erotic videos purported of "talking dirty" during sexual intercourse -- and was slightly surprised at how very restrained (by the standard of comparing such with mine own thoughts) all such instances which I could thus find in sexual-erotic videos actually were -- none of the videos which I was watching-and-listening-to involved any vocal expression [I was seeking vocal expression specifically by the woman engaged in sexual intercourse with the man] of any craving for praecise sexual activities with any other persons than the immediate sexual partner being then engaged in sexual intercourse withal -- and no expression of any wish that local (and/or non-local) laws and/or customs were more permissive than they currently are in regard to sexual activities. This restraint is praecisely in accord with the actual sexual life which I have experienced (and have read about in various erotic autobiographies, such as the late-19th-century-ChrAira English-language autobiography My Secret Life), none of which [insofar as I ever heard or saw, either in my own personal experience, or in the published personal experiences of other persons] involved any fervent declarations, made while engaged in sexual intercourse, that the international, national, or local laws-and-customs concerning sexual behaviour ought to be more permissive than they currently are, nor any declaration that persons (whether in couples or in larger orgainzational groupings) ought deliberate to flout the established law-and-custom by arrantly defying the police, defying the judges, defying the politicians, and defying the ploutokrats who rendre commandments to the poiticians.}

July 13th (Wedn : late morning, but while I was as yet asleep) 2016 :- Dream : I heard it said that there had been idols, including an enthroned idol, in a room of group of rooms wherein we now were. I asked for its praecise location, and was told. I was looking instead at an oddly-shaped bannister-like form in a room, wondring about its function. [Then I was awoken by the internet telephone's ringing : when I realized that it was the telephone which was producing the loud sound, and got to it so as to answer it, it ceased ringing. When I tried (repeatedly) calling the same telephone-number back, there was no response -- as is the case with initially-unanswered advertisement-calls over the cell-telephone; although hitherto there have been no advertisement-calls received via the internet-telephone (although they are more frequent than all other types of calls combined over the cell-telephone). ... Half-an-hour (or so) later, when I tried again calling-back that telephone # on my internet-telephone, the call was answered this time, and turned out to be a requaest to me to arrive there ("Able SC", at 136 Stonemark Lane, nigh Piney Grove & Fernandina Rd) for an interview in praeparation for my receiving D.A.R.T. free (from the city-government) omnibus-service.]

July 15th-16th (Fri-Satur) 2016 :- Dream : I was looking at various playlists of music on the internet, with the intention of choosing, from among them, weblinks to add to my website of music. {This is an activity wherein I am muchly engaged during my waking-life.} [When I awoke, the "March of the Templars" (perhaps my favorite among the marches) was being played from the internet, on the playlist "Mix - Valaam Men's Choir: Orthodox Shrines of the Russian NorthYouTube", which for some months hath been the playlist which I most often leave playing when I retire for sleeping.]

July 22nd-23rd (Fri-Satur) 2016 :- Dream : I was approaching a person beleived to be hostile, when I suddenly found myself alone. I assumed that such person must have been assimilated to myself, and that any oddity experienced thereafter would repraesent the residual hostility. I noticed, successively, several odd circumstances, and applied my conjecture to each of them. [Then I awoke. It was well-prior to midnight.]

July 23rd (Satur during daytime) 2016 :- Dream : I was out-of-doors, walking down a series of wide concrete staircases, and, after each, across a connecting series of wide concrete terraces; while continuing to view, at a distance, an architectural rise at the last of them.

July 25th-26th (Mon-Tue) awoke in the morning to a slight tapping-rapping on my apartment-door, too faint to have been able to wake me if it had not been praeternatural. I had awoken similarly in the morning a few days ago, and had then thought to myself afterwards that this effect, which would seem to be an alternative awakening to that involving awaking while hearing one's name being called by a praternatural entity, seemeth to have commenced immediately subsequent (the very night subsequent?) to my having described, during my speaking (a week or so ago) via the telephone to prof. em. H.G. (who had, with his wife, moved to across the river from Augusta, GA, upon his retiring from teaching physics at the Univ of SC), my often having been awoken by hearing my name being called-- sometimes by a voice which I did not recognize, and sometimes by a voice imitating G.R.'s, and sometimes by a voice imitating his wife (C.F.)'s. These sort of events I had described to H.G. via telephone immediately upon his mentioning (in the course of my discussing spirit-mediumship with him) that a person may hear a preternatural voice resembling that of someone else known to the hearer. I had decided (when contemplating the event -- after my having heard for the 1st time the non-voice sound summoning me while awaking from sleep in the morning) that it was very likely that one of H.G.'s spirit-guides, functioning in co-operation with spirit-guides of kin-relatives of his in his native-home district (of praevalent spirit-mediumship religion somewhat to the northeast of the state-capital in Ohio), had decided to start shewing to me their powers in being able to shift the praeternatural sound heard by me while awaking out of a dream, shifting it from a praeternatural voice to a praeternatural tapping-rapping on my apartment-door. (Spirits have often communicated with living mortals by producing knocking-sounds as signals in response to quaestions being posed to them : this process is apparently more eath for such spirits to accomplish than to generate a direct voice in the air in response to a quaestion.)

July 28th (Thur during morning of daytime) 2016 :- not a Dream : [This realization we recount here because it is likely that it was essentially provided during the immediately praeceding night's [unremembred] dream, and/or during that night's provision of [alternatively or additionally unremembred] dreamless sleep. But it is likely to have received its motivating input during the evening (i.e., of July 27th) praeceding, when (if that be when the requisite input was received) it could have been that the spirit-guides of a woman (M., in 806) with whom I was then conversing may have (perhaps by telepathy) imparted the information to my spirit-guides, with a recommendation that they set up within my svapna ('dream') and/or sus.upti ('dreamless sleep'), during the ensuing night, a mental patterning whence the mental pattern would automatically transmute itself, during the waking-state in the morning ensuing, into the resultant realization.] {The realization referred to is the paradox (paradoxical nature of the fact) that the direction-of-payment (i.e., any determination of who is the payee and who is the payer or payeress) is indeterminate (even though the fact that is payment is made may be indubitable) ­in the case of the sort of sexual prostitution involving payment in currency consisting of endurance-of-smarting (instead of in currency consisting of cash-money). In the one possibility, an exposition of the direction-of-payment could be that the man, by his enduring (prior to the event of sexual intercourse) of smarting of his body on account of its being bit and pinched by the woman (in order for her to be willing to allow the forthcoming sexual intercourse), is (as payer) tendering such endurement of smarting as payment to the woman (as payee). But in the other possibility, an exposition of the direction-of-payment could be that the woman, in her going to the effort of biting and of pinching on the man's body, is creating an indebtedness (on his part) to her, which indebtedness is to be paid off by his consenting to the sexual intercourse which she is demanding (on her part). In both of these possibilities (for alternative understandings of the direction-of-payment), the mode of sexual intercourse may well be identical : so as to displease no one (neither to displease the man, nor to displease the woman -- such potential displeasure being in either case the automatic result of the sexual energy's being suddenly exhausted by orgasm), the sexual intercourse may be non-orgasmic, involving instead the man's kissing of the woman's feet, hands, buttocks, navel, nipples, and face (cheeks, forehead, eyelids, etc.); the man's licking (repetitously inserting his tongue into) the woman's anus, urethra, ear-apertures, etc..; and the man's massaging the woman's buttocks (by squeezing them), mammaries (by jiggling them), ribs (by rubbing them), etc. It may be added by way of explanation that a major reason for not seeking suddenly to exhaust the sexual energy would be that, along with (and as a consequence of) exhaustion of sexual energy, must ensue a diminution of [aisthetic, or appretiative] sensitivity to joy imparted by music, by perfume, even by sweetness of flavors or any other ordinary aisthetic sensibilities. Enjoyment of mystic contemplation (including contemplation of the significations of occult meanings) may, however, remain on an aequally high level even after orgasm -- but there will be an overall immediate decline [at least in some regards] of mental energy, in some circumstances leading to an increased need for sleeping. It may be commented that by evading orgasm, attention may be kept on the bodily functionings (such as of the woman's body-parts being massaged), which will in turn help to hold in mind the mental imagery associated with them (i.e., with the various body-parts), and thus with the microcosm (body-parts collectively contemplated as such) in correlation the macrocosm collective (set of structures in the universe as a whole), a contemplative attitude productive of progress in metaphysical understanding of occult symbolisms, including of plane-of-existence, of their subplanes and interconnections. Because the man will have an inclination to expound these matters during any time wherein he is involved in sexual intercourse with a woman, he will feel grieved if not doing so at any such time -- and it would seem, in keeping with likelihoods of historic evolution of human culture, that language was [among humans -- but not among other species, all of whom tend to be far less occupied by sexual matters] in the first instance invented (some hundreds of thousands of years ago) praecisely so that each man-and-woman couple would being able to evade feeling grieved, such evadence being feasible by invention of erotic vocabulary, with enough grammar (perhaps at first expressed by gestures) to make for apt and pertinent communication of meanings and of purposes. The woman's speech to the man -- spoken in between her bitings on his body, often during her pinchings on his body so as to emphasize whatever she may be saying -- is typically occupied with statements to the effect that she, alike to all woman, hath a great contempt for men generally, and will tolerate them without hurting them too drastically physically only so long as they keep on pleasing her continuously by kissing, licking, and massaging her body, by providing her with sweets, with perfumes, with music, etc. etc. Hearing a woman say these sorts of things during sexual intercourse is pleasing to man -- though at other times, such as when he is busy with bringing to her sweets, exposing her to perfumes, adjusting music for her, etc. etc., she need not be quite so extravagant with uttering declarations of her ongoing intent to hurt all men as much as at all feasible for her to accomplish.}

July 28th-29th (Thur-Fri) 2016 :- Dream : While I, in a room within a house, was viewing it from a few feet distant, under a small table a bucket-like container having water in it overturned of its own accord, deluging the floor of the room. I considered this a indication that I must be in possession of telekinetic powers. [While considering this possession as a fact, and wondring how to tell about it to other persons, I awoke.] {I had, for the past couple of days, wondered how a couple of small puddles of water (noticed at different times) on my kitchen-floor had originated -- not seeing any source for the water (which in one case appeared repeatedly at the same site), I wondred whether some praeternatural factor were involved.}

Later dream, same night : (This was a particularly long-lasting dream of my undergoing continuous levitation, impressionally the longest in recent years. During the entire dream I remained in the close vicinity of other persons (who were all standing, the entire process being located indoors), I hovering somewhat above the floor at varying altitudes, I all the time while thus hovering remaining in variable a sort of seated posture, with my legs somewhat crossed. Starting out with the levitating, I was hovering such that the level of my head was two to three feet higher than the level of the head of any person beside me; but later in the dream at somewhat lower altitudes, such that my head was mostly on the same level to a foot higher than the level of the head of any person beside me; and during a brief span of time my head was a foot or so lower than theirs, but during this brief span of time my attention was involved in seeking to elevate my altitude, which was for a short while only inches from the floor, such that I thought that my levitating might not be noticed by persons in my vicinity, a status which I sought to overcome by rising higher. I noticed that crossing my shanks closely together resulted in my rising to higher above the floor.) I spent much of the time speaking to one person after another : while in the entire process of levitating, I was eathly able to move my location about, so that I could speak to one-person-after-another, all of them standing on the floor of what must have been quite a large room. I was somewhat surprised that no such person standing beside me ever spoke spontaneously to me about my levitating, nor made any remark concerning my levitating to me even when I was speaking directly to any of them and evidently had the attention of whomever I was speaking to; nor did any one them whom I was nigh make any remark about me to any other person nigh -- but this lack of particular interest (in my levitating) on the part of bye-standers hath been a feature all my dreams of levitating that I have ever experienced (so far as I remembred) over so many decades. I evidently was not aware, during the dream, that it was any dream, for I remarked to a bye-stander in it that I had acquired such ability to levitate on account of my not caring about events of "this world" (meaning, "the material world"), but instead cared about the "other world" (meaning, "other than the material world"). {Just before going to sleep that night, I had put onto the internet, for my first time, an internet index-page containing weblinks largely to accounts of levitation -- with weblinks for sections of books, quoted, concerning the levitating weikza of Burma : all of whom are persons who either definitely died leaving a mummy, or whose body supposedly vanished from the coffin whereinto it had been placed. I had praeviously put onto the internet section of books, quoted, of similar events from Taoist lore, but the Taoist lore was about historic events, all human experiencers whereof had died centuries earlier, whereas the Burmese litterature concerned events muchly more recent, largely witnessed by as-yet-living persons.} {Handel's "Messiah" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZTZRtRFkvk&index=27&list=RDBt0srHszhxs must have been playing in the waking-world during this dreaming; it was an hour into it when I awoke, I having left the playlist (whereon it was) playing before going to sleep.}